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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, Wondering if anyone has come across either of these dilemmas before: 1. JOINT OR SEPARATE APPLICATIONS FOR DAD / KIDS My wife is Australian and I am a UK citizen. We have lived together in UK since we met in 2008, we married in 2013, and have since had 2 kids (born in UK with UK passports only). - I'd hope a spouse visa shouldn't be a problem for me (been married a while, I'm healthy, no police record, professionally educated etc). Processing time showing as 18 months (75%) - I'd hope the kids shouldn't have a problem getting citizenship by birth (given their mum is Australian). Processing time is currently shown as 5 months (75%) - Does a joint app become more complicated or take longer? options I can see are: (a) Kids and I all apply together under a single 309/100 visa application with both me and the kids named as applicants. (b) I could do my own 300/100 spouse visa app, with my wife doing separate citizenship apps for the kids at the same time - presume we'd need to declare this on each app somehow. A bit worried this could get messy? (C) We could do the kids application first and wait until granted before lodging my application. This would avoid confusion, but delays me starting my application while we wait for the kids. 2. OTHER CITIZENSHIP One of the questions for my wife is whether she has citizenship of any other countries. She has applied for but not yet granted UK citizenship (by ancestry). Im hoping we can tick the no box for now but change it at a later date if necessary - unless the answer gets locked in? I wondered whether to include some commentary in the bit about future plans ie we want to get to a point where all of the family unit have both UK and Australian citizenship. Does that sound like a good approach? Any info on experiences of others would be much appreciated. Thanks Ali
  2. vdM family

    Ancestral visa

    Hi has anyone applied for a U.K ancestral visa in the last few months, I have a few questions.
  3. Jackboots

    Help tracing ancestry ..

    Just wondered if anyone on here would know how to trace an ancestor from the uk turn of the last century and if you did find them how would you obtain a Birth certificate or marriage license ( who would you apply to for this .. the council ??) .. also would it have an address on do you think as to where they came from ? they emigrated to Australia after the war .. any help thanks .. i have looked at the english census .. thats my first start .. :rolleyes:
  4. OK, so now I have your attention a serious question. How many Aussies have looked all the way back into their ancestry, from the very first settlers. I guess this is a generational thing as a lot of Aussies are fairly new arrivals, could be wrong though. But if you have links back to the first settlers have you tried to look into your past. And no, I am not trying to start yet another heated debate, I only ask as I am extremely interested in all things Australia and in particular its history and the very first settlers who must have met many a hurdle and obstacle. Another reason I ask is that my sister in law did my family tree a few months ago and it turns out my ancestors, well some were from Germany:shocked:. Anyway was just wondering if any of you have done this sort of thing. Was your great great great............granddad one of the many convicts who were sent to Australia those many years ago, you never know one of your ancestors may have been Ned, (such is life) Kelly. There were many convicts shipped to many different reasons, even nicking a slice of bread. But Australian history is unique in the world, and it would be fantastic to read some factual stories about your ancestors. I know over here we have 'Ancestry.com, and I would imagine there is something similar in OZ. As I said, not trying to start a ruck, I am genuinely interested in peoples lives (i.e. bloody nosey) some would say:embarrassed:. But because it is such a young country it may be easier to trace your roots. Looking forward to the posts. Cheers Tony:wink:
  5. Guest

    Ancestry Visa?

    I hope someone can please help....... Does anyone know if UK Ancestry visas that say "Multiple" under number of entries are still valid to enter the UK if you have been back in Australia over a year? It is valid until 2013 so I am guessing it is? I once heard (only hear say) that it is cancelled once back in Oz, but I can not find anything to actually support this? Many Thanks V