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Found 17 results

  1. Reading a report that most users have vast amounts of apps installed but only use on average ten a day, how many do you have and use on a regular basis also which is the got to app in your arsenal?
  2. Fyrish

    Is this amount of info normal?

    We started our visa process in Sep 2009 with an agent, 176 WA. There have been a lot of hurdles along the way, hubby working abroad, no apprenticeship papers as company folded but has never been a problem workwise, TRA being declined 1st time, no references from previous employers, new baby etc. I am wondering if we are having to submit the same amount of info as everyone else... just curious.. We couldn't get a police check done for the country he worked in so submitted a character declaration. Agent thought we would then get a decision. CO wanted another one done as DIAC had changed the reference. Agent then thought this would be the last piece of info needed......We have now been asked to submit Form 80 - detailing all work since leaving school (there have been a lot) and all travel in last 10 years. Is this the same for everyone?
  3. Guest

    Amount of tax

    Hi, I'm just trying to figure out how much I would be bringing home each month. I will be moving to Sydney in Feb 2012. Would I be classed as a foreign resident? ..... If so, the website says: FOREIGN RESIDENTS Taxable income Tax on this income 0 - $37,000 - 29c for each $1 $37,001 - $80,000 -$10,730 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000 Whereas the normal rates for Aussies are: 0 - $6,000 -Nil $6,001 - $37,000 - 15c for each $1 over $6,000 $37,001 - $80,000 -$4,650 plus 30c for each $1 over $37,000 I want to know how much I would be taking home on a salary of 50k. Would anyone like to do the maths for me please ? :unsure: Cheers stereo
  4. Heathfamily

    Transfer amount?

    Is there a minimum amount I can transfer using moneycorp into an Nab account? Also is there a limit on how many times I can transfer money with no charges and is all done online? Thanks.
  5. How much could a family of four afford roughly for a) maximum mortage amount b) monthly mortgage repayments if the familys income was roughly 140K AUD (before any deductions) 200K AUD (before any deductions) Just trying to get a feel for the prices of houses we should be looking at & what we could afford. Obviously rent to begin with but scared about being out of the property ladder for too long. (probs looking at a 25 year mortgage)
  6. Hi all, can anyone tell me if money paid to o.h. from UK whilst he is living in australia, (it will be within the uk tax allowance) so no tax in UK, will be taxable in australia? Thanks Sam :wideeyed:
  7. Hi, To those of you most recently returned...how much do you think a couple needs to get set up again e.g. rent,car,etc. for at least the first six months. Thanks in advance:wink:
  8. Hi All, I'm applying for the immigration visa now under subclass 175 (independent). In the application form I see this question- What is the value of money, goods and assets which you (and your partner) intend to bring to Australia? My question is, how much should I quote minimum? I mean minimum how much would be sufficient? BR, Wasim
  9. Hi Just wondering if anyone has any advice on who we should ship our belongings with? We dont have any furniture to ship as we have sold it all, just have boxes of household equipment like kitchen stuff, bedding, towels, pictures, dvds, and extra clothes that wont be travelling with us, along with two bicycles and a few other items. Looking for any advice from people who have shipped part loads and whose belongings arrived safely and with reasonable costs. We are not moving over until the new year so we have no rush, especially as I have heard part loads can take a while. Also, has anyone used any storage companies in Perth if their goods have arrived before them? Would be grateful for any answers and advice. Thanks Nic :jiggy:
  10. I cannot believe how many days sick people take here :eek: I worked in the public sector in the UK & thought that was bad, but this takes the biscuit Fully complemented, our team has around 15 members, only small but at any one time at least six are off sick. Carrying the work-load of others is making my job very tiresome Add to that the amount of time requested for various appointments, picking up kids (does the childminder really let you down THAT much?) Has anyone else found this? I work in the welfare sector
  11. We only have a small amount of stuff- maybe 6 boxes. So, I am wondering what the best and cheapest way to get them across to Oz would be? Has anyone any advice? Thanks Emma
  12. Help friend moving back to Uk and wishes to ship small amount of sentemental items back to UK gifts children had for christmas approx 3 small boxes can any one suggest or reccomend a good company to use costing we have looked at OZ post any help would be great her hubby is in the uk army and away on military manouevers so she is here with her 2 young children thank you in advance xx
  13. Hi to all... i was reading different posts and noticed that some people say they emigrated with less than £5000 and other people have said they have been refused visas due to not enough funds in the bank ??? can any one help ?? we will be moving over with our savings we don't own our house we have 3 children and we know that we have to be able to pay our own way we will only be coming over when OH has a job to come to ?:skeptical:
  14. Hi i have read so many different posts on here... some people say they have moved over with less than £5000 and some people saying they have been refused visas because of not enough funds in the bank ???? can any one clarify we don't own our home and will be coming over with our savings.... but wont be coming over without a job ...:unsure:
  15. heya im an aussie who is very nervously awaiting our application to be processed for a prospective marriage visa, our application should be fine but the money situ is a worry, well we know we can survive on my money if we have to but more just getting our application approved. What is the smallest amount that people have been approved on whiilst applying for a class 300 visa prospective marriage. We are supposed to get married this year but its difficult as we may have to put our plans off if they dont approve it. My OH is a warehouse worker so he can only pay for living and the plane fare and after paying for the visa and the wedding we dont have anything left well very little so all you people out there whove defyed the odds let me know so i might be encouraged. Scary to think someone else is in charge of your destiny.:err:
  16. I need to send about $200 to Oz for a deposit on some temporary accommodation. Can anyone advise what the easiest way of doing this is? Can you get a bankers draft done in Oz dollars for instance or postal orders? Thanks
  17. Guys, WA won't sponsor me as i'm not on thier priority list but they did say my OH would be is she was the main applicant which would be great but we'd have to go through the TRA again etc etc and i sent away today for the ELTS test in july. I've paid the extra £11 for the study guide but i'd like to know if anyone has any tips for the test and give some idea how much revision is needed before the test as i assume i'll get the pack sent to me in 7 days time which will give me a calender month to prepare.:daydreaming: Any input most appreciated.