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Found 18 results

  1. Hello all, This website was AMAZING for me when I was applying for my permanent residency. A lot of the information here helped me navigate the process of applying for and being granted my 190 visa by myself. My American friend is now in the same situation but is struggling to find a website similar to this one that's tailored to Americans. Can anyone point us in the right direction? Is there a group on this site that have US Citizens in the same position? She is trying to get her 189/190 visa (she's applying for both). She's a Civil Engineer and has all the points needed as well as confirmation from Engineers Australia that she's a qualified engineer. The biggest hurdle she's coming up against is the police check from the US. Does anyone know if the Federal check from the FBI will suffice or if she needs to get state and local ones as well....? Thanks in advance! You guys are awesome!
  2. This forum has been very beneficial, however I have some questions regarding assessments seeing as how my qualifications were earned in the USA. I'm looking to have my qualifications assessed for Early Childhood Education. I have received my certification in grades K-6 and did my student teaching at a kindergarten age 6. I understand in order to be assessed for Early Childhood Education it is essential that I do my student teaching within such an environment. I am essentially a first year teacher. However AITSL said they do not look at job experience just training and where I did my student teaching. My concern was the teachers program I did was a general program providing the framework and after completion it enabled people to get certified in any area they wanted (so long as they passed the state testing test). From reading the criteria that the AITSL states, they said that my training must be in a discipline specific field of study. My program was general however research based. Where if you were focusing on Early Childhood the workload, feedback, and assignments would be geared in that direction, it would be adjusted if you were focusing on Secondary etc etc. I have a letter from my program director stating that the classes (even though they were general) were focused on Early Childhood because I was doing my training in such an environment. My question, given my circumstances, do you think I stand a chance to receive a positive assessment? Thank You All!
  3. I just love American sitcoms. They always have something going at the moment. A few years ago it was Friends and nowadays its the Big bang theory and How I met your mother. I also enjoy old episodes of the Fresh prince of Bel Air. Also remember watching (the name fails me) one in which two black american boys were being brought up in a white household--the round small guy was hilarious--forgot his name.... Do you love/ like them? What do you think makes them so popular and appeals to people all across the globe?
  4. AA have confirmed that they have filed for bankruptcy, their parent company confirmed this morning. I don't know the in's and out's of the legal ramifications but apparently they will still try and 'maintain' a presence, (whatever that means) and they hope to stay around. Just goes to show, even a company as HUGE as AA are feeling the pinch somewhat. Cheers Tony.
  5. Hi all- New member, first post. My friend is an American Welder (First Class) and he wants to come to Oz permanently. His skill is on the SOL and he has years of experience and otherwise qualifies. However, TRA will not assess his qualifications b/c he is not from a nominated country. The nominated countries are: China Fiji India Iran Ireland Korea (South) Pakistan Philippines South Africa Sri Lanka United Kingdom United Arab Emirates (UAE) My question is, are you serious?! He speaks English, has yonks of top experience in a skill in demand in Oz and the problem is his US passport?!:wacko: Interested in any migration lawyers' perspectives especially. It seems like a really odd, and perhaps discriminatory, result. Thanks in advance. Slodkiy
  6. Has anyone had experience shipping a fridge freezer, we have a large american style fridgefreezer that a few years old and i would like to take it as money will be tight when we arrive. Or will it have to be de-gased first? Thanks Libbysmummy
  7. Which are better to take to the flics?
  8. And maybe 2oz each of Winter Mixture, Bullseyes & Pineapple Chunks.
  9. Guest

    American moving to Melbourne!

    Hello everyone! My name is Sean and I am 22 years old from the US. I understand threads like this are probably started often, and I will say that I have read many other posts for some time now before deciding to make my own. I was hoping to use this site, among many other forms of research I have been doing, to make my move to Australia more successful. For the past year I've been thinking about moving somewhere in the world for an extended period of time and after much thought (and a push from a friend in Melbourne) I commited to living in Melbourne or in the area around the city center, I attained a Work and Holiday Visa (same as a Working Holiday), and I bought a one way plane ticket for November. So with that being said now I am at the point where I am getting nervous. I have (I hope) enough saved money to live there for a few months without a job, but of course getting a job will be priority upon arrival. I will settle with any full time position I can get while searching for a more meaningful higher pay position... or at least that's the idea. I recently graduated college and I hold a degree in accounting and business, but I have no direct experience. I was hoping to get information on job sponsorship from those who have gone through it. How do I go about seeking sponsorship? Is sponsorship out of the question for someone with little to no experience?
  10. Angelini

    Medicare for American?

    Hi everybody - I hope you're all going okay. I think I might be pregnant, but I need to have a blood test done to confirm; I don't know how to go about things though. My husband and I moved from the UK 4 months ago (he's English and I'm American), and I don't know if I can register for Medicare seeing as I am American. I had an NHS card in the UK with my Indefinite Leave visa - does that mean I can be part of the reciprocal agreement Oz has with the UK? We are here on a 457 visa and we should have sorted this out sooner, but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes and other things just seem so much more important at the time ... We do have private health cover (as is needed for the visa), but, again, I don't know how to find a GP - if it's done privately or not? Would a 'Family Planning' clinic be able to do a blood test in the meantime? Should I call the insurance people and see what they suggest? I'm actually at the point where I don't even care, I'm willing to pay whatever I need to so I know for sure, but I don't even know where I would go:wacko: I want to be really excited, but I'm just stressed because of this and it's not helping things!!
  11. jessm128

    American Police Checks

    Hi, I am currently in the process of applying for the defacto visa with my partner. I lived in america for 3 years and I need to obtain an american police check. Has anyone else has to do this, if so PLEASE help me! What exactly do i need to do? Do the Finger Prints need to be taken by my local police? And how long approx does this take to do? Any answers or help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
  12. Guest

    American Fridge Freezer

    Hi, Debating whether to ship our American fridge Freezer 5yrs old. Any idea what one would cost out there and also if we did bring it would it actually fit in property out there? Thanks all.
  13. How can a country,America which has turned into some kind of Aristocracy,a country run by and for the rich even dare criticize us?Whether it is their media or polticians .I don't think the USA is in a position to criticize any country in Western Europe let alone the UK.We have things like the NHS etc. We have the BBC with no adverts every 5 minutes like US tv.I can name many,many more things that benefit our citizens in so many ways.--These things are representative of a civilized country.NOT socialism.
  14. Peach

    American Express

    This may or not be of use to folks re-locating down under. Apologies if it's not. If you have an Amex card in the UK, they will let you open an Australian account based on your UK credit/card history. Might be useful for those trying to build a Australian credit history - obviousl you need to have held a UK account before you move.. American Express - Moving Abroad - Global Card Transfer
  15. Hello there, This is Danny and Justin from New York city. We're visiting Australia and in Cairns @ the moment. We'll be in Brisbane on the 28th of July and going down to Gold Coast for 3-4 days. I heard Gold Coast is lots of fun but i don't really know anybody there So we're looking for friends from around Surfers paradise or people who'd like to join us to come down to the Gold Coast. All you gotta do is come down with us and join us in all the fun stuff there like para sailing, jet skiing, some partying & all the fun stuff there We're both 22 years old. Check out my myspace, www.myspace.com/meltinghot or add me on facebook, search for suciosiva@gmail.com or you can email me in the same address if you're interested. It doesnt have to be just you, bring your friends too, its gonna be fun Food and stay on us, so dont even worry about it, just show us around Hope to hear from ya soon ~Danny
  16. Is there any problem with importing a car from North America? I ask because we drive on the right and Aussies drive on the left, hence the steering wheel location is different.
  17. Hello all, My husband is still waiting for the recruitment freeze to be over so that he can move onto the next round of interviews. In the meantime, we're trying to sort ourselves out just in case - lol I know! He will be based in North Ryde and the American International School has been mentioned. Has anyone any knowledge of this school? We do not know where we want to live at the moment, which is no help I know. :nah: My children are almost 7 & 8, and I don't know whether to settle them into public state school or not. The international school web site looks good, but it's worth asking any of you for any opinions. Btw, how long would it take to drive from North Ryde to Carlingford where the school is? Thankyou for any help. Taniax
  18. Guest

    american fridge/freezer

    Hi all, my O/H (who as forgotton valantines day may I add) :arghh:as got the chance of an expensive kitchen cheap :yes:( no it hasnt fell off the back of a lorry) my dilema is, if I puchase an american fridge/freezer will it be ok in Perth, my husband seems to think that with the heat over there that it will work overtime and eventually break within the first year. is this true? or is he trying to get out of buying one? And why were on fridge/freezers what about other appliances also? (washer, dishwasher) Any info much appreciated. Amanda