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Found 10 results

  1. Well this is pretty disappointing given the Australian offering is pretty poor in comparsion to Amazon's US or UK sites. Online retail giant Amazon will block Australian consumers from its global sites to counter new laws to force it to collect the good and services tax on transactions. From July 1 when the new GST regulations begin, Australian consumers shopping on Amazon international sites will be redirected to the local Australian site. In a statement issued to the ABC, Amazon said it regretted the move and the inconvenience to customers accustomed to visiting Amazon's global online stores. "We have had to assess the workability of the legislation as a global business with multiple international sites," a spokeswoman said.
  2. As most likely with a lot of people, I order a lot of things online here in the UK through sites like Amazon or Play etc. I can't seem to find a site for Amazon Australia. According to Amazon Australia Store | Buy electronics, laptops, cell phone and more at Amazon and ship them to Australia. it doesn't. While this site suggests alternatives (e.g. setting up a US Postal Address etc and then getting goods shipped from there), this probably is not gonna be any good for things like electrical devices etc I've become quite used to ordering items online as it just is more convenient especially with the hectic lifestyle I seem to have (or had!) in the UK. Amazon always seemed convenient as they have a variety of goods under one umbrella store,where I only need to register my credit card and address with one store. I imagine that I would have to login and register with multiple different sites for different goods. Any advice/tips/hints would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Kathie


    Hi, I am just recovering from the shock of finding out there is no Amazon in Oz... Apparently amazon uk will deliver to Australia, has anyone any experience of this - what are the costs and delivery times like? And is there a cheaper alternative such as amazon.com? I'm an online shopahoilc, and this is not good news! Thanks, Kathy x
  4. I was thinking about buying the girlfriend a Kindle for Christmas. We are moving to Australia in a few months (got 457 visa in 15 working days!) and as far as I am aware there is no Amazon Australia. So I was going to buy one here & take it over. There are 2 Kindles, the normal WiFi one and the WiFi + 3G version. I’m pretty sure the 3G version wouldn’t work in Australia (unless you can replace the simcard?), but is the WiFi still ok? Will it just roam? I’ve no experience of Kindles or Australia (yet!) so was wondering if anyone here had any experience of taking a Kindle over there? Eeeek! So much to think about before we go! Thanks for any help
  5. Just an email from amazon, they've got free supersaver delivery to australia, and they say if you order by this sunday (11th) evening, it'll get here in time for xmas.
  6. WATCH: This Volvo Amazon Eats A Ferrari 458 For Breakfast http://www.businessinsider.com/volvo-amazon-ferrari-drag-race-video-2011-11
  7. Love these 2 i do!Top quality merchandise i want,at prices that are very reasonable even with postage added,and loads of stuff i can't get here,or if i can it's megabucks!:shocked:Recently had some great British comedy DVDS for the princely sum of 1p plus 3.58 postage!Stuff that's never even been heard of here.:yes:Ebay here is Cr.p IMO,UK version much better,same as Amazon!!!!:wink:
  8. Thank you Skani (one of our Tasmanian members) for sending me the link to the above sad news. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/jul/09/amazon-book-depository-takeover Amazon has eaten our beloved Book Depository For those of us already concerned about Amazon's internal ethics, this anti-competitive takeover is worrying No small number of jaws hit the floor following the announcement that Amazon was taking over The Book Depository. As the UK's biggest online bookseller with an international reach, The Book Depository had been one of Amazon's primary rivals. With the rapid collapse of both independent bookstores and major bricks and mortar chains worldwide, readers are turning to the internet to get their book fix. How will Amazon's gobbling up the competition change the way readers buy books? The major concern is the lack of detail as yet released to the public. It's unclear how much money is changing hands, and there's a risk that a restructured business model could eliminate the features that made The Book Depository so popular to begin with. Aiming at stocking 6 million titles, the company has been a major source of books that aren't otherwise easily available. Coupled with its free shipping to more than 100 countries, The Book Depository is an international winner, with three quarters of its 2010 sales outside the UK. Whether Amazon will preserve these features is anybody's guess; Monday's press release has next to no details. Why am I so suspicious? Well, with many other readers, I switched to using The Book Depository precisely to get away from Amazon. In 2009, Amazon quietly removed a number of books classified as "adult material" from searches, suggestions and popularity charts, and stripped them of their sales rankings. Books tagged "gay" or "sexuality", for instance, were affected by way of making the site more family friendly. The thing is, that explanation didn't wash: children's book Heather Has Two Mommies was deranked, but the Playboy Centrefold Collection was not. Amazon never made its value judgement explicit, but, regardless, the result was that lots of books with gay and feminist themes lost much of their visibility. Amazon told the Guardian this was due to a "glitch" in its system, but had replied to complainants that the de-ranking of some adult-material books was carried "in consideration of our entire customer base". In any case, the site was shortly flooded by users tagging books with "amazonfail".That wasn't the only ethical mess Amazon got itself into, however. Also in 2009, Amazon deleted a number of e-books with copyright issues from users' Kindles, Amazon's e-book reader. No one can fault Amazon's protection of intellectual property rights. The problem, as particularly ironically highlighted in the deletion of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, was a little scarier than that. As Farhad Manjoo noted at Slate: "The worst thing about this story isn't Amazon's conduct; it's the company's technical capabilities. Now we know that Amazon can delete anything it wants from your electronic reader." Once you've bought a book, there's no guarantee you can keep it. Remote deletion capabilities entirely change the nature of buying books, and, as Manjoo points out, that's a horrifying precedent for an electronic future. The Book Depository, then, was for many readers a worthy alternative. Since 2009, we've been using it to avoid Amazon's uncertain technical powers and in protest of that unannounced policy harming the sales of social justice-oriented material. Quite apart from concerns about Amazon's internal ethics, this takeover represents a distinct anti-competitiveness that is not going to serve readers. Here in Australia, we've recently faced the collapse of major book retailers Borders and Angus & Robertson. This was partly caused by the consumer shift to companies like Amazon and The Book Depository, and now there aren't many alternatives. The combined online powers produced by this takeover will threaten the fledgling Australian online book retail industry. We are doubtless going to see this repeated worldwide. Anti-competitiveness harms the industry and reduces ethical options for consumers, pure and simple. Readers around the world anxiously await more news as to what Amazon's precise plans are. In any case, with the particular issues Amazon brings in its wake, it looks like many users are going to have to swallow their ethics or attempt to find an alternative to their beloved Book Depository
  9. Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader. Which one? Thoughts and experiences please to help me make up my mind which to buy - thanks.
  10. Jackboots

    Amazon..... books etc

    Ok help i want to order books through amazon ... so do i use the uk site or the american ? 1st time from over here , any advice please...:err: