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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Amazing Crystal Caves

    I don't know if this place is a commonly known geological wonder ? but I thought I'd share the link as I think it's absolutely stunning I hope you enjoy this link I think Bobj may like this one as I know he likes Crystals :notworthy: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8466493.stm
  2. Amazing Frisbee Throw Off Australian Bridge http://www.thepostgame.com/features/201111/amazing-frisbee-throw-australian-bridge
  3. Pingpongpom2

    Amazing pic of our world...

    I was in a Geography lesson this week, at the school where i work, and this pic was used to show the kids where the energy is used in the world..i just think it's amazing...
  4. The Pom Queen

    Amazing Places to Rent

    727 Fuselage Home, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica Perched on a 50 foot pedestal, this commercial jet-turned-two bedroom apartment is finished in teak panelling, with an adjoining terrace facing the ocean.
  5. Guest

    Amazing News

    I found out last night that my stepdaughter (hubbys daughter) is 7 weeks pregnant! Fantastic news!! I am so pleased for them!!! Looks like for my 40th this year I will be getting two fantastic gifts. My brother arriving the day before my 40th birthday and a grandchild arriving just after!!!!!
  6. Whilst browsing the web and dreaming about my upcoming trip to oz, i found the following great site of pictures around WA. http://www.pbase.com/mdejong/perth_and_western_australia Worth checking out methinks.
  7. Heres the first ep Amazing miniseries of colonial australia YouTube - Seven Little Australians FowlForDinner Episode 1
  8. abz123

    Amazing grass...

    Thanks to Kevin Bl**dy Wilson for the title of this thread but in reality it's the lawn variety I'm talking about! We moved into our house at the end of May just in time for the WA winter reticulation ban period and don't have a private bore to draw on. My "grass" is springy (full of moss?) has patches of clover and weeds and otherwse just looks cr*p. What is the trick to licking it into shape? Do I get someone like Jim in or will he just cut it and leave it in it's poor condition, but shorter? Swore blind I wouldn't get caught up with this obsession but it's either a case of trying to get a bit of colour back into it or rip it out and lock block / slab it at the front but still want some at the back for my daughter to play. Any advice or recommendations of a gardener (Ocean Reef) greatfully accepted.
  9. Guest


    For those interested have a look at this video from you tube, stay with it as it just gets better and better. I'm a big softie at heart and I reckon this shows some amazing interaction between a 'so called' animal and a human being (animal). If we are not careful this sort of interaction between the species will soon be impossible because of the way MAN is using the earths resources as if there is no tomorrow. I know not everybody will appreciate the footage but I reckon it is absolutely amazing, especially the story behind it. Cheers Tony
  10. landv

    Amazing WA

    Just been for a short break in the Margaret River region and I just wanted to say how truly amazing the area was. The town itself was very charming with lovely little shops and the place where we stayed was magical. Reminded me a little bit of the UK with all those honeysuckles, lavenders but there were also wild iris and arum lilies growing in the wild, jasmine growing up on the side of the houses, and big headed garden roses. Kangoroos came out at dusk to graze on the grass and drink out of the pond where hundreds of water lilies were floating. Then came the rabbits to join them too. There was a brook running at the bottom of the garden surrounded by arum lilies. Birds were plenty too, fairy wrens and parrots and were so thame, they came up to our feet, and we saw a hawk flying very close by too. Surfed the world famous waves at the rivermouth, then drove to Yallingup which was lovely too, very hippy, then carried onto Eagle Bay, checked out the lighthouse at Cape Naturaliste and discovered a little beach where we swam in the crystal clear water and saw whales on the horizon. And the stars in the sky at night were like in a dream. Well, I almost felt like I was in a dream. It is like a fairytale. I absolutely love it here. :wubclub:
  11. Elliott-Family

    An amazing man...

    just wanted to share my sad news with you, last night my amazing dad died suddenly of a massive stroke or heart attack, thankgoodness i was able to be with him, although he prob wouldnt of known i was there. My dad was the best and will leave a massive massive hole in my life with him not being here. If things were meant to be this is why my house as not sold so as to enable me to be with him, how much worse it would of been if i had already left for oz. For now i take strenght from the fact he wanted me to follow mine and his dream of taking my family to oz and i will persue this with a vengance now. RIP daddy and grandy, we'lll miss you so much Claire x
  12. Jane my wife had a telephone job interview with Shaun Gillespie the Director of Nursing at the Calvary North Hospital, this morning at 06.30 a.m. Jane has got the job. Working on the 26 Bed Oncology Ward there. The best thing about it is that they are willing to train Jane up to be an Enrolled Nurse, then an optional opportunity to train for RGN. We are overwhelmed with this opportunity and I am ever so proud of my wife. She has worked as a healthcare assistant for 16 years now and always dreamt to be a Nurse, but because of having children and the expense for the Nurse training, she has never managed it. I have gained the actual visa and have the vast amounts of experience and qualifications, so we took it for granted that I will gain suitable employment and Jane will find a part-time job eventually. Then this happens. I have also got my interview with Alex Edwards-Brown the Director of Nursing for the Glenside Campus Hospital, sometime next week, I am very confident in gaining a job through him. In addition, I had a viewing for my house on Tuesday and the guy telephoned me yesterday and said to me that he will come and see me today at 1pm today and that he wants me to tell him a price for my house and with everything to go with it, the furniture - the all lot. Also we have agreed not to go through the estate agent, thus saving me £3k in fees. The best part is, he is going to give me cash in the hand, obviously through solicitors. I am currently waiting for an operation for Hiatus Hernia, because I am in major pain. I am now considering paying for a private consultation and this consultant referring me for the operation, too see if this can speed things up, but it will have to be on the NHS. However I have now decided to still come to Adelaide if I dont suceed with my operation before Xmas and see if I can have it in Adelaide. All this has happened in the last few days, bloody hell we have hit the ground running and Wow! We are going to enjoy the ride. Jane's job starts in January, our house sold today and move out by end of October. Spend Xmas with my family in Burnley, Lancashire and also Jane's family in Leicester and then fly out late December/early January, bye bye freezing Newcastle upon Tyne. Hello Summer in Adelaide. After I have spoken to the guy who is buying my house today I will then search for flights and once I have booked them I will then apply for AOA via South Australia Government. Need to sort out removals, just to take our clothes and odds and sods. Right you readers: Need your help/assistance (join our ride). lol. QUESTIONS 1. What are the best area's to reside/live, which will be near Calvary North Hospital and Glenside Campus Hospital as well as near the CBD, transport links, the beach and just as important we have kids at 21 (lad), 17 (girl) and 11(girl) so we need somewhere lively (entertainment wise), for them to enjoy. More urgently is to provide us with some places where there are community houses are, so we can at least request certain areas for our AOA. Nothing wrong with just requesting on the application form for AOA. 1.5 Also friends please, especially for my kids, Love BBq's if anyone is having any (hint hint)., thats for the oldies, lol. 2. The best places to look for cheap flights to Adelaide. 3. Removal companies, must admit thinking of John Mason. However through Moneycorp they have a removal company, which we get a discount and its only three miles away from my current home. 4. Because AOA is not certain, what is the best option for a back-up plan regarding suitable accommodation. Is there any problems if I arrange alternative accommodation and then cancel it at th every last minute due to gaing AOA. I would fancy a caravan park for a back-up. WE ARE SO HAPPY !!!!! __________________
  13. I was in the shops and waiting in line to pay and this guy just started having a conversation with me, it was really interesting he was saying how much Sydney had changed and how much he hated it and wanted to move to Queensland, he could not understand what I was doing here. What was so amazing was that there was a person who actually was friendly in this City, wow what a revelation I suppose there might be one or two in 4 million people that are nice. But it was all ruined on the drive home.......beep beep beeeeeeep
  14. Hey all, Just thought I would post my house, that is for sale, on here so you can see the kind of thing available out here. We are just moving locally; decided to stick with a small family for now, so no need for the big house! Anyway, have a look! Link: 8 BLUEBELL PL, BROOKWATER BROOKWATER
  15. Minder Wanted For Island Paradise - Yahoo! News UK
  16. I am thinking of doing a years course in Sydney, i have never been to Australia and don't know that many people, but i think it would be an amazing experience! Does anyone have any advice on how to meet people, coping with being so far away and whether it is an easy place to adapt to and settle in? thanks!
  17. Hi there guys, Ive just been looking around the forum and was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers. Basically I would love to migrate to Australia, after plenty of thought on the subject, however I have no knowledge of how to do this. To cut a long story short I am 25 and have no qualifications of any note, barring GCSEs and A-Levels. Now I know that building a career and gaining the skills needed on the SOL will take me a fair few years, so I'd like to start now. Ideally I would like to make a career for myself teaching children with special needs, and I'm unsure how the VETASSESS works. Are they an independant body that creates exams which you have to pass? or do they merely judge if your UK qualifications are sufficient enough to gain points for a visa. I would like to start to build my career here, but I would like to have one eye on the future (hopefully in OZ!) and was wondering where I could get some advice. Is it worth going to the likes of Go Matilda etc or specialist migration solicitors for help on this, or are these agencies purely there to get you into Australia once you are fully qualified/experienced? Any kind of help would be great, sorry for appearing a bit dumb! Neill :smile:
  18. Guest

    An amazing feeling!

    Well today it happenned! It was up there with passing your driving test at 17 It was up there with you know what for the 1st time:Randy-git: It was up there with the birth of our kids It was up there with Spurs beating Chelsea at Wembley in Feb 08 (nearly anyway!) We finally completed on our house sale today and the money has been transferred to Oz! From putting it on the market to completion in 6 weeks! We have been soooo lucky. Good luck to all who have viewings this w/e. You can do it. Make that Sale! We will enjoy ours knowing we fly out on 31/12 to start a new life in Perth.... The Davidsons who are enjoying the start to what will be a cracking w/e!