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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I've got a question regarding supplying a copy of your birth certificate as one of the required documents for the PR visa. The thing is I don't have one. And, as an alternative mentioned on the DIAC website, I do not come from a country that doesn't issue birth certificates. They do, I just lost mine, moving countries years ago and my parents moved twice since then so it got misplaced. So my question is: is it absolutely mandatory to provide a birth certificate as a proof of age? What other document can be used instead? For example, can my old passport issued in the country of birth be used for this purpose? This has really stumped me...This is the only document outstanding in application!
  2. Are there any acceptable alternatives to a birth certificate for "proof of age" to upload on the visa application. Typically can't find the wifes' one now we need it. Just seeing if there is an easier way other than paying £9 and waiting another week when we only have 2 weeks left to ensure everything is uploaded. :confused:
  3. Hi We were recently declined the Vic sponsorship despite showing over 1,00,000 AUD as funds, over 8 years experience, IELTS 8, Engineering degree and only brother in Victoria which is the main reason we are moving to Victoria. Our recent ACS code is 2231-79 ( Network security), which expires in 1 July 2011. Our code is in Schedule 4 so 175 is not an option. We can go for ACT SS, but I have heard that most of the ACT jobs require you to be an australian citizen. Can anybody please suggest any options on which route should we take now? ACT or wait for 6 months and apply for VIc SS again or any other. If we wait for 6 months for Vic SS, then our ACS will expire and we expect to get new code as Computer Network and system engineer or network analyst which is not there in Vic SMP. Any suggestions are really appreciated. I have one more question, it may be silly, but ..... Will SMP lists remain same for next year starting July 2011 or will they change? It can help us a lot in preparing our next move
  4. hi there, new to this forum and would like some expert advice from Gill. My mother does not meet the family balance test. I'm i right in thinking that the only alternative for her permently to live in oz would be the retirement investors visa (i know this would be for a period of 4 years). mum could most probably meet the $500,000, which i think i'm right in assuming would be ok as we would be on the sunshine coast (hubby is an ozzie, kids have citizenship, and i'm currently in the process of applying for a spouse visa). with the $500,000 do they invest the money on your behalf and then when the visa is up you get it back? feeling totally thick when reading the eligibility etc... any info or help Gill would be great
  5. emmaj

    Aussie Food Alternatives?

    Im sure Ive read somewhere that weetabix in Oz is very different to that in the UK and therefore someone suggested an alternative? So I was just wondering, what foods are either not available in Oz and youve found a good alternative or what brands just dont taste the same as back here in the UK? Just for a bit of fun really while Im trying to waste time whilst waiting, waiting for my visa...then the excited will begin. Thanks Emma x
  6. Having bought and sold a number of houses in the past I find the most stressful aspect of the entire process is invariably dealing with Estate agents. Ive yet to find an estate aget that has actually earnt the £5,000-£8,000, ive paid them each time Ive needded to sell a house, and each time Ive tried to buy a house Ive got screwed over by the agents messing us about. So, in response to a couple of other threads Ive seen over teh past few days Ive decided to look at the alternative options. 1) Rightmove.... these guys are probably the biggest name online, however, they only deal with estate agents, so not an option unless you want to engage an estate agent, however, when I sell I would really want my property advertised on this site. 2) Sell My House Home Property. Private Selling Letting advertising Online. Sales and Lets. for £150 you can advertise your house for an entire year, and have a board outside your house.... and teh best bit is because these guys are NOT an estate agent you can use these guys without violating your sole agent agreement with a high street agent.... this site is well worth visiting, especially for their information about HIPS...bottom line NEVER LET AN ESTATE AGENT PREPARE YOUR HIP 3) Online Estate Agent Selling Property>Right Move Agents @ House Network Sales these guys say they are an on line estate agent, so you immediately need to be wary, however, they advertise on all the key on line websites (including rightmove), and will do so for only £500...... at this price who cares if they do nothing, Id pay that to put the house advert on the on line sites alone, let alone their services in preparing the brochure information. So, thats my start on the issue, anyone got any other ideas, hints or tips....or even want to try and persuade us why estate agents are not so bad after all?