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Found 21 results

  1. As most likely with a lot of people, I order a lot of things online here in the UK through sites like Amazon or Play etc. I can't seem to find a site for Amazon Australia. According to Amazon Australia Store | Buy electronics, laptops, cell phone and more at Amazon and ship them to Australia. it doesn't. While this site suggests alternatives (e.g. setting up a US Postal Address etc and then getting goods shipped from there), this probably is not gonna be any good for things like electrical devices etc I've become quite used to ordering items online as it just is more convenient especially with the hectic lifestyle I seem to have (or had!) in the UK. Amazon always seemed convenient as they have a variety of goods under one umbrella store,where I only need to register my credit card and address with one store. I imagine that I would have to login and register with multiple different sites for different goods. Any advice/tips/hints would be appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi every one This is SAM from India. I am into the preparatory stage of filing the Skill Assessment for Software Engineer but have got stuck into a situation. I have got more than 3 years of Software Engineering experience (see details below) with two employers. - 20 months with prev employer as Software Engineer - 24 months with current employer as Assistant Manager (IT Department) but working as Software Engineer I am working at a large firm employing more than 14000 people and we do not have any skill specific job titles like Software Engineer etc. instead we have general titles for all designations starting from Junior Office to Director (JO, Off, Sn. Off, AM, DM, Manager, DGM, GM etc) My current employer provided the employment certificate with the following Roles and Responsibilities. However, my consultant objects that these do not correspond to the Software Engineer (ACS and DIAC) and the experience of two years can not claimed. He wants to have another letter from the same employer but the employer is refusing to issue. Roles & Responsibilities: Conduct business analysis and develop requirement documents to implement software solutions Develop project schedule and assists project manager to resource and manage projects Implement software system as per the requirement documents and provide post implementation support Create and execute application test scripts, scenarios, and test plans during Unit, Integration and System Testing Creating user manuals, training documents and training users Considering the above situation, what are the alternatives for me? An early response will be highly appreciated. Regards SAM
  3. whoiam

    An alternative to Contraception?

    Just sharing as this is an alternative for those who want one -- http://www.1flesh.org/argument_page/a-better-way/ Creighton is completely natural, inexpensive, and has zero side-effects. It takes the simple, scientific fact that a woman’s cervical mucus changes in response to her fertility, then teaches women how to observe those changes and to chart them. Women, by understanding their own bodies, are far more effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy than the Pill manages to be. And it’s not a “one size fits all” approach. The method looks at a woman’s unique cycle and works with it. But Creighton isn’t just a method of family planning. Creighton is a comprehensive understanding of women’s health, a method that takes the mystery out of a woman’s cycle and allows her to operate in sync with her body. Having this self-knowledge allows women to take care of all sorts of hormonal issues, from pregnancy to PMS, ovarian cysts to infertility. Thus Creighton boasts that: It is 2 to 3 times more effective than in vitro fertilization at helping infertile couples have children — at a fraction of the cost. It is 79% effective at helping women have a successful pregnancy after they have suffered repetitive miscarriages. It can help women learn they are at risk for a miscarriage even before one has occurred. It is is 95% effective at treating PMS, a condition that plagues millions of American women each month. It is also 95% effective at treating Post-Partum Depression, which afflicts as many as one in five new mothers, often getting results within hours. It cuts the rate of premature birth nearly in half — thus helping reduce the incidence of birth defects. It allows for the accurate dating of the beginning of pregnancy, thus helping avoid end-of pregnancy complications. It can more than halve the recurrence of chronic pelvic pain, and it reduces the hysterectomy rate by 75%. …and much more. In the midst of all this, it’s important to realize that Creighton is not easy. It’s easy to learn, but — if a couple wishes to avoid pregnancy — it requires approximately 8-11 days of abstinence from sexual intercourse each month, a number that can increase if a couple is working to resolve a health issue. This requires real communication between couples, discipline, and a love willing to look beyond the present need and to the good of the other. Living a natural sex life demands something of a lifestyle change, a thing we humans fear.
  4. We are not really keen on private schools (unless they are charity-run or with plenty of scholarships), but wondered if there were any 'alternative' schools on the Sunshine Coast. (Like Montessori, Steiner, Maharishi..) Where we live in the UK they are opening a state-funded Maharishi school near us and we would love to find something similar in OZ. Am I dreaming to think any alternative achools are state-funded in Queensland...? Or....are there state schools which encourage individuality, resourcefulness and creativity, not just academic prowess? Our eldest boy will be 4 in May and entering the school system next year (I think?) and we'd love some feedback on decent schools. Thanks very much for any help! Vics
  5. Hi Guys, I have served in the Royal Navy and since leaving I have been in sales, ranging from car sales to financial advice in Abu Dhabi and I am now a sales manager for a company in the UK. as you can see I have no 'skill' set that is listed on the SOL list, are there any other methods of how I can get to move to Australia? Also does any one know the process of getting step kids out to oz? hope to hear from you. Lee
  6. Australian Immigration IELTS Test Alternative. Government dilutes IELTS test monopoly. THE IELTS English language test monopoly in the Australian visa business has been weakened. Today the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said those applying for student visas also would be able to use the US-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  7. Just wondered what your views are regarding alternative medicine for different illness, Your experiences etc, did they work or waste of money, I only ask as i seem to be getting mixed views, mostly from people who have never used them! I have currently had ongoing hives now for almost 6 months, After having full bloods ( negative) and two courses of steroids, ( cleared up once taking these) They are still here! So i am now drinking more water, probiotic drinks, increased vit c and now thanks to the health shop Echinacea tablets! Only been taking those for 24 hrs, The hives do seem not so bad today! Would be good to hear your views on what you have tried and did they work, As maybe you hay fever sufferers in oz try something different etc, Thanks Dawn x
  8. Guest

    487 visa - any alternative

    Hello all, I need some advice regarding whether I should continue with my 487 visa or reapply for a different visa in view of recent changes to the immigration rules. I came to Oz in 2008 on a working visa and then applied for a 487 which is only a temporay visa in December 2009 and I am currently on a bridging visa awaiting processing which I undertand could still take some considerable time as it is prioriy 2. I am a Plumber/drainer which is on the SOL and have a positive assessment by the TRN. I have also obtained a WA plumbers Licence. I have been sponsored by WA state government for a regional skilled visa. I am British and 28 years old single and on various visa assesments get 125 points having completed a 5 year apprenticeship in the UK. I also have a brother who is now an Oz resident living in Woollongong who would sponsor me if it helped. I wanted to know if there was a quicker way to get a permanent visa, I realise that a 175 visa is an offshore visa but as this is now being processed with priority one would I be better off going offshore to make the application and waiting it out or even returning on a long term visitors visa? Thanks for reading this
  9. The Pom Queen

    Alternative map to google

    Yes, I know I am being lazy and could do a search but I have no idea what search terms to use. A member once posted a map feature like google street view but it was more up to date, can anyone remember what it was called please.:notworthy:
  10. Group 1 If you have not applied under GSM eg ENS, RSMS you will receive priority over GSM. Applications will be processed according to ENS/RSMS Service Standards. This means that you are likely to receive a visa sometime in the future. Group 2 Applications who have been nominated and included on an SMP. Applications will be finalised 12 months from date of lodgement. Only problem is no-one has a date of lodgement because we don't know when the SMP's are to be released. Group 3 Applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) - Schedule 3 in effect from 1 July 2010. Applications lodged ON OR AFTER 1 July 2010 will be finalised 18 to 24 months from date of lodgement. Applications lodged BEFORE 1st July in date order starting with October 2007 Group 4 Everyone else who is not in Groups 1- 3. Everyone in Group 4 will be processed according to no service standards. That is because they don't exist for GSM. Therefore you already have gained priority due to waiting times as in their direction above, but DIAC are not going to do anything about your visa. Sorry, no refunds either. Rules are rules very sorry.
  11. We are a married couple (28 and 31) We are relocating to Sydney in 2 weeks time. Its all very scary! But we cant wait to start building our life. We dont know many people over there so are hoping to make friends with similar interests. We are both into metal (heavy underground stuff) but like a lot of rock and punk etc. My husband is a tattooist, so its something we both are really into, although dont think we look supremely scary! We're hoping to rent somewhere in Newtown, get to know the more alternative area.. go to gigs etc. So if you have similar interests, and live in the area, give us a shout! \m/
  12. Hi All. Any help would be much appreciated. Is there much of a demand for alternative healers etc in Oz and if so what areas. My wife to be is a Reiki Master, Holds a Diploma in Reflexology and Indian Head Message. Were currently in Process on visa application under my occupation and wondering what she should expect from a job opportunity point of view. Any help would be great :wink:
  13. Guest

    Any alternative???

    Hi all... Just wondering... what alternative is there to premiership football in Oz??? Is there plenty of sport to get involved in? Footy on TV? etc. Any help appreciated... Regards, Dan x
  14. For those wishing to arrive in Oz and do things most economically, for accommodation this may be useful www.RoomFT.com - Room For Travellers "Rooms for Travellers" including Australia and states.
  15. We are having long conversations with elderly mother in law about the possibility of her and FIL moving over to Oz with us. I don't want to appear negative :unsure: but she is a bit bonkers :arghh: Anyway, surprisingly, one of the MAJOR factors in her decision is "will I be able to get my homeopathic treatments over there, and will it be covered by Medicare?" (where are the rolls eyes emoticons when you need them?) So...does anyone have any idea? She will NOT go to the doctor (except for essential checks but even then won't take their advice or medication). But has absolute trust in her current therapists. At present she has private medical cover which pays 50% of her annual £1,000 bill. (There, I need that emoticon again!)
  16. Guest

    Alternative to UK & Oz

    For all of you who are disillusioned with the UK & Oz didn't quite work out there is alternative. Appartently according to the Daily Express today Canada are fast tracking brits applications for visas. Salaries are apparently higher than the UK and cost of living lower.
  17. Phoenix

    Alternative to selling house

    OK so house prices are low, exchange rate is crap... is there a worst time to sell up and take your cash to OZ? I've been doing a few sums and have a Plan B, not sure if its a great plan B, and it certainly wont suit everyone, but here goes Situation House worth £300K, but in current market would probably sell for £250 mortgage is £150K exchange rate is 2 if sold now could expect AUD$200 if sold when markets were back to normal could expect AUD$375 Plan B Re mortgage house with IF interest only offset mortgage at £210K, putting £60K in offset account, meaning you only pay interest on £150K, which is approx £850 PM, with mortgage being paid from offset account. rent out house for £900PM, paying 15% agent fees, means you get £765 paid into the offset account... yeah this is less than the interest, but you are only out by £85 pm Rent house for 3 years, budget for a loss of £4K, hope for economy to improve by then and sell house bringing money into OZ ($375), if everything improves before then, sellup and pay the penalty fees, it will still be better than you will get now. If you need cash for OZ then take it out of the offset account, this will increase the interest you are paying, but note that you will be paying interest at UK rates not the higher OZ rates, note the IF account has 24 hour phone and internet banking, so you can manage it from Oz. comments?
  18. Hi one and all, have noticed a number of threads about renting before buying when first arriving in Oz. Let us suggest an alternative. We joined a housesitting site and have now organised a housesit for the first 2 1/2 months after we arrive. It is in Rockingham and the people are going on holiday to europe. They have 2 dogs and cats which we will be responsible for but there are no rental costs etc. The only cost maybe paying for phone calls but even that is negotiable. This will give us time to look around and find exactly what we are looking for without feeling pressured into taking the first thing that comes along. There are a number of such sites - We used House Sitters & Sitting from Housecarers . - Some of them can be for up to 12 months, some just a few weeks and not all of them require you to look after pets. Another bonus is not having to organise temporary furnishings while waiting for your own belongings to arrive. Something to think about for sure :yes:
  19. Thoughts following the removal of Skill Pathway D: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  20. Hi all, This may be a long winded question but here goes!! I am currently a supply teacher getting dribs and drabs of work, so I'm thinking of getting a part time teaching job. Then I will have to work for a year to start the visa process. We have close family who have just moved to Brisbane and we miss them so much as they were not just family, we were best friends also. If I have to work a year and then apply, we are going to be sooooooooo distraught. So, we were wondering about other ways to get there quicker. My hubby is a forman of a huge import/export shipping company which obviously is not a skilled job I suppose. We have researched a bit and find that there is a similar company in the Port of Brisbane. Is it worth getting in touch with them and finding out if they are willing to sponsor? Would it be better to go see them face to face on a reccie? Is this the kind of job that could sponsor someone or not? My other questions regarding teaching are these, would a part time teaching position give me my 20 hours for recent work experience? Does anyone know of a part timer who successfully got a visa? I ask this because all agents seem to be a bit vague when I ask for a definite answer as to how many hours a supply day is classed as. I have been told to look on my wageslips, but they just say 1.0 for a full days supply and 0.5 for a half day. Any help at all would be much appreciated. Thanks Claire
  21. hi,my wife is a qualified alternative therapist...with 2 diplomas in stress ma :wink: nagement and holistic therapies.she is currently studying for two more diplomas in iridology(the study of the eye) and aurothology(the study of the ear).....does any one know what the demand for these types of therapies is over in aus,and would they help in any way to our application :? :wink: