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Found 34 results

  1. i been looking into buying some property in the uk as investments and have come up against a hurdle, ex pat mortgages are tuff to find and then we have been informed we cant buy in the uk with a UK mortgage buy to let, as there is a corporate law 2001 that prevents residents in Australia buying property in the uk unless they use Australian banks or unless they work for multinational companys anybody know a way to jump the hurdle, i have an offshore bank account and was thinking of setting up an offshore company and buy through the company or set up trust funds for the kids 2 of whom still live in the uk Thanks for any help:spinny:
  2. A prisoner has been allowed to become a father using IVF by using the Human Rights act even though he is still locked up, it says that his demand to let his partner be artificially insemnated was approved by the justice secretary ......... Kenneth Clarke.
  3. If we apply PR , is my wife eligible to study Bachelor degree in Australian university.Does she have to enroll as a student ? thanx in advance
  4. Hello, We are now one week into our adventure in Melbourne, still looking for places to live and everything is crazy, it's certainly an experience but we're enjoying it all so far! Anyway, here is my question. I am the main 457 visa holder, but my partner needs to come back to the UK in February for 2 months. Are there any issues with this from a visa perspective? Appreciate your responses in advance. Steve
  5. Hi all Just wanted to know if anyone would know if I was granted a perm resident after being on a temp spouce visa am I still entitled to live in australia with my aussie daughter if my husband and I split up??
  6. Hello everyone i was wondering if the allowed time is constant for all DIAC teams or does it differ between CO and another CO can you please mentioned how many days you were given to submit the PCC and medical ?
  7. I Have heard people mention that you arent allowed to take any furniture (etc) that is under a year old? Is this true? :unsure:
  8. I cannot find any definite statement on if it is allowed to be Self Employed while on a working holiday visa. If anyone can advise, I'd be grateful I'm from the UK, if this helps, and I will be mostly in NSW.
  9. Hi I was hoping that someone could clarify what the situation with medication is when going through Dubai? I know there are certain medicines that you get in to strife for having them in your hand luggage!:policeman: Can anyone help? Thanks Emma :hug:
  10. We are thinking of making the move to Oz and I am hoping that my parents will also be able to emigrate with us (not sure on which visa yet - all very confusing!). However, I am wondering about the health situation. My mother had drug-induced hepatitis 2 years ago (now resolved) and this year she also had breast cancer. The breast cancer was early stage non-invasive and the situation is also now fully resolved, but I am wondering if this will affect their chances of entering Australia. They have private medical care in the UK at present and I imagine they would continue to do so in Australia too.
  11. Hi guys can I just ask am I able to work already if ever my state sponsorship gets approved? Or still do I need to apply for permanent residency after I get my state sponsorship approval? how does it work? Sorry im just clueless about this migration thing since its my first time to apply for migration overseas. any reply would be greatly appreciated thanks! :spinny:
  12. My nephew is considering going to Australia with his father. He has just left school after completing his GCSE exams. Is he able to take up full time employment in Australia at 16? Or will he have to do a year at school? Not sure what the leaving age is in Australia.
  13. Hi, Not sure i've ever seen this asked before? I've got a few prescription medicines that i take as and when required, nothing serious but it got me thinking about the medicine cabinet, there is nothing sinister in there but just wondered if they would be allowed past customs? Don't fancy having to replenish the lot after arrival if i can help it! Cheers
  14. junellew

    Am I allowed to moan??

    I know its not the worse thing in the world but I really want my Partner Visa to be granted :arghh: Its been 6 months and 1 day today and everyone else I have spoke to along our journey on here all have theirs. Many that started the process along time after us. Am struggling with my CO and think she is dragging her heels as I have contacted her a couple of times and she just gives me the run around so I am so scared to ring again!:sad: I am so lucky and there are much worse things in the world to stress about but it feels like the final hurdle and I want to see it right in front of my very eyes! Rant over now I promise............and breath! :embarrassed:
  15. munchbaby99

    Am I allowed???

    When I go to oz in nov for a holiday I will obviously have an ETA. Am I allowed to conduct any business at all?? I'm not going to be working but I would like to know if I'm able to set up any interviews or go to recruitment agencies? I will be coming back home after my holiday with the intention of going back to live and work (hopefully getting a 457) at a later date. How strict are they on the ETA? Thanks Katie Hoping for a move to oz in the coming year or two.......hoping not three!
  16. We are South Africans who have been living in the UK for four years. We got out Aus visas in January, have been trying to sell our house here for ages (why oh why did we buy it?). So as we are only here on a workpermit, are we allowed to leave the country and still have a mortgage in the UK? And would we have to go with my husband immediately or would we be able to stay on for about a month while he sorts stuff out. I rang UK immigration and they told me they can't tell me what to do I need to contact a solicitor. Which I don't think is worth the cost to answer two questions? The worst is that we can apply for UK PR in December but we need to be in Aus by December. Also morally I don't want to apply for UK PR as we are planning on living in Aus, but if we did get it it would make it so much easier to get back into the UK to sort our stuff out.
  17. I am travelling on PR subclass 175 next week. I need some guidance on the following:- 1. I have a huge collection of movies and songs that have been ripped and copied to my portable hard disk which helps me avoid carrying CD/DVDs 2. I am healthy and fit but wish to carry basic medication for common over the counter drugs I wish to know if its alright to take these things with no special declaration/forms etc.. that need to be filled out. 2 days back i read in the news that all illegal porn will be confiscated and fine of $275,000 or maximum 10 years imprisonment will be given. I am not carrying such stuff but only the above as explained in points. Help is much appreciated:smile: -Sid
  18. Apparently because of it's religious ties. I'm no model Cristian, but aren't they missing the point of Easter celebrations. I'm gobsmacked:mad:
  19. Hi all, my partner and I are looking to apply for state sponsorship visa. He's a welder so is on the skills list, he makes up 115 point so qualifies for that. He could sit the ielts test for an extra 10 points but I'm not sure I wanna put him through that as I hear of alot of people failing and the test's aren't cheap I hear. He got a gcse C when at school In English but his spelling isn't the best so I think if they are as strict as I have heard I think its best we just go for state sponsorship, as after 2 years you can go anywhere else in oz anyway. Has anyone else done/ all having their state sponsorship processed? Do we have to choose a state when lodging our application? As we were hoping to choose where we wanted to go by doing a working holiday visa whist the permanent visa is being processed. An agent we are talking to at the moment,(Go Matilda - great by the way. Thanks Marina for your help in answering all our annoying questions at the moment) has told us the states that are on offer at the moment for welders is Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Northern territory. We have never been to any of these places, only went on holiday down the East coast of Queensland and Sydney. We want to apply within the next couple of months before any changes are made in July, even if they are unlikely to affect my partner's trade as told my agent. He's just applying under his name for moment, as we won't be offically living together in a manner of shared bills etcs till the end of the month, so after 12 months we can add my name on visa as de-facto relationship. Does anyone know how strict Australia are on medical conditions? As I was born with no thyroid gland and take thyroxine tablets everyday and always have done. (Hormone replacement type pills.) It doesn't have any affect on my day to day living in any such way, I just take my tablets everyday(free on NHS) and ahve a bloodtest once a year with the nurse to check my levels are ok. I wouldn't think they wouldn't allow it in, but I don't really know what they are like? Any feedback would be great, Many thanks :hug:
  20. Hi, Hope some one can help, was granted subclass 309 provisonal residence visa in oct 2006 have been living in Sydney since April 2007 due to something going wrong at IMMI they never sent me out the details for my second stage visa application after a year and 1/2 of phone calls eventually got response today saying will send out letter to commence permenant residency visa. I am married to an Aussie, i own my house here yet due to slowness of immigration I am still only considered temp resident. No problems until now when went to get NSW driving license which i need for work and said that even though i have lived here for 3 years I have been out of the country in last 6 months so can not issue visitors with a NSW license. It seems crazy as i have to have a NSW license for work but cant wait another 6 months and anyway will have to leave the country for a holiday in the next 6 months so basically it seems iam screwed until my permenant residency is granted which will prob take another 10 months. Anyone any ideas or help i would be immensley grateful. :wacko:
  21. We are having to break our lease and thought we would give someone a chance to get in first, We know how hard it is finding a rental that allows pets. We have a modern large air conditioned 3 bedroom home, fully fenced with triple garage and 2 bath rooms. Large living and bed room areas and office. Brick house, Available from early January .House is located in Beaconsfield near Berwick. Close to shops and schools in the Berwick public high school zone. Our current rent is $1695 per month Please pm me if anyone is interested. You are more than welcome to come and have a look and I will pass your name on to the agency as the house hasn’t been put up for rent yet.
  22. Alan Collett

    Are we allowed to mention Facebook?

    Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Hope so! Best regards.
  23. Does anybody on here know how long your allowed to leave Australia for without being classed as not living here. I have to do four years here to be eligible to try for citizenship of which one has to be a solid year. So if i were to leave for England on a holiday, how long would i be allowed without it chipping into my year?
  24. I have two lovely big Shells which belonged to my grandmother. Will I be allowed to take them into Australia when we move? Thanks.
  25. Hi.. I got a complicated problem. I've applied for a 175 MODL visa before getting married. I've updated my application after getting married but the problem is, my husband was on Australia Working Holiday Maker Visa before our marriage. We dediced its better for him to stay there now and start looking for house, opportunity, etc since his Working Holiday Maker Visa is still valid until June 2009. Also, its been 8 1/2 month since we apply for the 174 visa and thought maybe its just a matter of month or even weeks or days before getting it. The problem is, we are not sure if he can stay there since we apply from offshore. Does he have to move out from Aussie? Will our visa get cancelled if he still in Australia? Please help. This is a big decision for both of us. Thanks