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Found 27 results

  1. Let discuss and update status on Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489) people who have applied in the Month of MAY 2014. Let us share if a CASE officer is been allocated or No, Medical PCC etc. Let's keep it going...
  2. Hi All, I have heard that if we will apply 175 visa through agent then it will take more time to allocate CO then applying without agent. Is it true? Prompt response appreciated. Thanks, Pratap:wubclub: ACS code : 261313
  3. dalejaneaustralia

    Allocation times

    http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/estimated-allocation-times.htm Anyone know if they update this regularly? I see it says two weeks but are over that now. Cheers. Dale --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=52.266888,-0.889471
  4. Hi all, I have submitted my application for a 175 online on July 3rd 2011 and have read up quite a bit on the processing times etc but still have a few questions. I am a Civil Engineer on a Singapore passport, currently residing in Singapore. I have received my skills assessment from Engineers Australia and done my IELTS with a 8.5 in all modules prior to applying. Since my nominated occupation is on the SOL and I applied for a 175 I reckon I am in priority group four which currently shows an allocation date of December 1st 2010. Civil Engineering currently gives 60 pts, the highest possible on the SOL. The processing time for 175 is stated as 18 months. Accordingly I have three questions: 1. 18 months processing time - is that from the submission date onwards or from the day a CO has been allocated. 2. I have read in certain threads that although the immi.gov.au website states COs have been allocated to all application received prior to a certain date, there are some applications in that priority group from prior to that date which actually haven't been allocated a CO. So what should I expect? A CO allocated once the date hits mine or a looooong wait? 3. I have all my documents in order and will apply for my medical and police reports about 3 months prior to the allocated date hitting my application date (not too bothered about the cost if I have to redo them). If everything is in order at the time the CO is allocated incl. medical and police clearance, does this mean they will approve the application straight away or will they keep delaying and wait for the world to change? I appreciate any feedback and help. Thank you very much in advance! Btw, I recall having come across some site that allowed applicants to publish their submission dates and application status but can't find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find this? Thank you?
  5. hmsmark

    CO Allocation Processing Times

    So DIAC's website says that everyone in Priority Group 4 has had a CO allocated through 16 Aug 2010. That's cool, but I notice some Priority Group 4 Type 175s get COs a lot sooner than others. On Beupdate, some PG 4 Type 175s who applied in December 2010 or January 2011 now have COs, while others who applied in August and September 2010 don't have one yet. What is going on with that? I noticed that most of the people who got the CO early had high-tech jobs, like programmers or engineers, but they're still unsponsored. I'm happy for them, but I'm just wondering why DIAC would allocate anyone who applied several months later than the bulk of those still waiting. Any ideas? I just applied in July 2011, so I know I'm at the bottom of the pile, but I was wondering if anyone knew a "trick," to get that early CO...????
  6. VenkatSiri

    How is Co allocation done?

    Need advise guys.. please help to put forward your thoughts..!!!! How will a CO gets allocated? For me - Application launch date Jul'2009 (176 family sponsered), I was asked to go for re-assesment of skills ACS and which completed on Jun 2011.luckyly this time in priority processing - 261313. Now i mailed gsm (sending blank mail to know what all visas are processing to gsm.processing@immi.gov.au) and mail says "Applicants who lodged a GSM application before the following dates have been contacted by a case officer: " Priority Group 4 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 My application date is Jun 2009..but i dont have a CO ..I think by the time i got my ACS -reassesment results in jun 2011.. the applications CO allocation went to 10Jul 2010 .. does this mean that my application is overlooked .. or once they finish all then they will see Jul 2009 appln?? confused.. what could be the case? what do you think i should do now? My agent says.. wait for few months and they will contact us.. i feel we should ask them and explain them (them = DIAC ?)
  7. Guest

    Please advice -CO allocation

    Hi all, Do any one from 475 visa category has got CO recently. My agent is not agreeing to send a PLE because they are sure about the recieval of formm1100 by DIAC and as they are dealing with a number of application their advice is to wait until the CO contacts us. I am very curious to know about wht is happening to my case. I lodged my application on 18 April and waiting for the allocation of CO. And I cannot send a PLE bcz I appointed them on behalf of me. Any advice Please. Rex.
  8. Guest

    Case Officer Allocation Dates

    Hi, Has anyone sent a blank e-mail to GSM to get an update on Case Officer allocation dates? It says it's updated fortnightly, does that mean they send emails once a fortnight too? I sent one on 9th May and just wanted to check with you guys on here as I hate waiting, but I know in this process I'll have to get used to it. Thanks, Mick
  9. reddebz

    Allocation of CO

    Might seem like a silly question, but does the state your being sponsored by bear any relavance to the time it takes to get a CO? (176 state sponsored NT)
  10. perthbound60

    Coming year's visa allocation

    Hi all, I have applied for a Remaining Relative Visa & as the number of Visas in this class have been reduced from 2500 in 2009/10 to 750 in 2010/11 that I am now unlikely to hear further until the new year's allocation. Can anyone advise me when DIAC publish the number of visas to be allocated in the following year e.g. 2011/2012? Is it before July? Thanks for your help
  11. I did a bit of statistical calculations on the CAT 2 and CAT 3 applications: from the link provided.. FYI :Statistics - Migration Agent Activity Reports and Statistics The CAT 2 applications from (Oct 2009- Oct 2010) - 13356 cases submitted The CAT 3 applications from (Oct 2009- Oct 2010) - 19119 cases submitted. CAT 2 : CO allocations started in Nov2010 and are onto current dates by Feb 2011 CAT2 Average : 890 cases per week allocated to CO. ( Nov - 17th Feb 2011) CAT 3: Now, I am projecting the below to happen for CAT 3 allocations:-(if I consider an average of 4k application in between June 2009-Oct2009) - Total of 23119 cases starting this week. CAT 3 Average: if I take 890-900 allocations based on CAT 2 allocations. CAT 3 will take :23119/900 = ~25 weeks. so between March 2011 - Sept 2011. All applications upto Jan 2011 should be allocated CO's. PS: Not counting CAT 2 fallouts, CAT 3 fallouts into CAT 4 etc.( ppl with VE176 SS not in new SMP/SOL or VE175 applicants not in SOL). No work at office so atleast worked out the below logic,for some discussion. Experts your thoughts.:notworthy:
  12. Dear All, I applied 17th Dec 2009 & CO allocated on mid-feb 2010.Police clearence and Form 80 were submitted in Feb 2010.All docs other than Form80 were met with in a month.But after on , no progress in my case .On requesting Case Officer they always have a same reply internal & external checks,will let you know when need further docs.IGIS refused to tell any status and told to contact DIAC for any query .Please guide me if i have to stay further or any gateway other than CO where i can get the status of my application.
  13. Holding thumbs and fingers and toes that there will be allocation of CO's this coming week for SA applicants!! Good luck to all of us, let's hope things will move super fast and that all of us will have those pink slips super soon! :biggrin:
  14. Any body has called at DIAC for CO allocation for SA applicants ? or any idea when they will start?:mad:
  15. I have a complicated problem, that I need a little friendly advice on..as long as you don’t work for the DIAC! I have been at my current employer for 5 months and 2 weeks, so according to the 6 month allocation on the 417 visa, I only have 2 weeks left ( and only 3 weeks after that left on the entire 12 months of the 417). My fiancé is being sponsored by her employer with myself as a de facto on the application and I have just been offered a 9 month contract extension with my current employer. Now, legally I can’t formally accept that extension because if I did I would be breaching my visa by agreeing to work past the 6 month period. I have looked into extending the 6 month period for an extra 21 days and I would be eligible under circumstances of awaiting a 457 visa; just until my 417 is up and we are put on bridging visas whilst that is processed. HOWEVER, and this is the show-stopper, my fiancés employer is waiting until the very last minute until he lodges our visa application (financial incentives I think) and I can’t apply for my extension without the lodging number. I also have to apply 2 weeks before the end of my 6 month period, which is today!!!!! The implications of me not securing the extension are me not working for nearly a month and potentially throwing my job away. Due to the short notice I’d have to give to have a month off; I’m not sure if they’d take me back. I’ve just worked hard to secure the extension and it might be all in vein. As you can see; I’ve tried looking into doing this the honest proper way, the last thing I want to do is to jeopardise our 457 application. Now, excuse me if I sound ignorant or naïve (or contradictive); if I just carry on past the 6 months for 3 weeks and breach my 417 visa, will they actually check up when processing the 457 application. Remembering I’m only the secondary applicant. I’m fully aware this poses risks, but want to know how strict the regulation is. Having a month off unpaid has serious financial implications for me! :unsure: Thanks..
  16. Just in from the budget presented today in Parliament: Source: Budget Measures 2010-11 - Budget Paper No. 2 - Part 2: Expense Measures - Immigration and Citizenship Migration Program — allocation of places for 2010‑11 The Government will provide up to 168,700 places in the 2010‑11 Migration Program, unchanged from the 2009‑10 planning level. However, the composition of the Migration Program will be shifted towards the skill stream in order to focus the program more on Australia's economic needs and help to alleviate emerging capacity constraints. The 2010‑11 Migration Program will comprise 113,850 skill stream places, 54,550 family stream places and 300 special eligibility places.
  17. Hi I have just seen the stats released from DIAC. Could anyone please tell me when these start/end and does it mean that you have more chance of success applying at the beginning of this period???? :radar:
  18. Hi All, My timeline goes below ----------------------- * June 25th : 175 application (lodged online) * Documents : says Required * CO Allocated : No How long do i need to wait before i have a CO allocated to my application? Thanks
  19. guys, just wanna find out how long did you wait after allocated a CO and submit all the requested documents before you get your visa letter? its has been almost 4 months since my CO allocation and now i am still waiting. :arghh:
  20. cheel

    CSL Allocation of CO's

    Hi folk's :biggrin: Are Co's allocated all year? I have submitted my VISA class 176 late April. Looking at timelines from the very helpful spreadsheets am thinking 9 months ish. I'm just wonderring if i might be deffered to next year, with allocations and quotas?? Any help much appreciated. Cheers,
  21. Hi everyone out there This is my first post. A few days ago my agent told me that i got a case officer and he demanded form 80, pcc and passport copies, I want to send these documents directly to the case officer instead through my agent, because i dont trust him and i can't part from him because my documents are with him. Can i send the documents requested by case officer to adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au Or the email address given by my case officer. But the contact details of my CO are with my agent and he is not disclosing it. My visa app. Is for 475 state sponsored (SA). Thanx in advance Raahulraana
  22. Hello I Hope this quote can be useful to all 475 and 176 VISA applicants. It´s the DIAC auto-response e-mail to my request (15-04-09), about the status of my application. STATE OR TERRITORY SPONSORED - Subclasses 885, 475 and 176 If you have obtained state or territory sponsorship your visa application will be processed as a priority. However it can take up to 2 months from the time sponsorship is approved until it is registered on our system. Once registered on our system your application will be allocated to a case officer for assessment and once conducted they will make contact if they require additional information or documentation. Best wishes Eche
  23. Hi Guys, I received this today from a PLE lodged 10 days ago: Dear Mr X, Thank you for your e-mail about your visa application under Australia’s General Skilled Migration programme. At this stage your visa application has not been allocated to a case officer. From 1 January 2009, the new Ministerial Direction gives priority processing to applications strictly in the following order: 1. employer sponsorship; then 2. State or Territory Sponsorship; then 3. an occupation on the Critical Skill List (CSL); then 4. Business Skills; then 5. an occupation on the MODL (Migration Occupation Demand List) 6. All other applications We are currently in the process of identifying and allocating all State or Territory Sponsored applications. In addition, allocation of cases with occupations on the CSL has commenced. CSL applications are allocated in date of lodgement order. To check current allocation dates, please send a blank email to: aspc.processing@immi.gov.au I can confirm that Adelaide are aiming to have all CSL applications allocated to case officers by the end of May 2009. Any further updates to our new processing priorities will be posted on the DIAC website at: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener.../whats-new.htm which we encourage you to review on a regular basis. For any further enquiries about the application you have lodged please refer to our website using the following link http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/visa...fessionals.htm We appreciate your patience. Yours Sincerely M. Germany General Skilled Migration - Brisbane Department of Immigration and Citizenship -------------- So I imagine they are still targetting May 2009 to deal with all CSL.
  24. I spoke to DIAC last night to find out if we had a CO and i was told that they were now telling applicants that all CO's will be allocated by the end of Feb. we've front loaded all of our docs and i was interested to know how quickly people progressed to visa once they had a CO? we are in the middle of our own little nightmare with the process at the moment. we applied 6/6/08 for our 475 sponsored by SA. i called in January to check if we'd been allocated a CO due to the new directive to find out that SA hadn't submitted our 1100. so i called SA and they hadn't recieved our TRN, which i then gave them so that they could complete our 1100 which they did and confirmed. i followed this up at the beginning of Feb with DIAC to double check and they said they still hadn't received it so i called SA again and they resent it. we are now activated and awaiting a CO but this news last night has put us even further back now.:wacko: we're off to NZ on sunday for 3 weeks and we're are still clinging to the hope we can validate before we come to save us holiday and money.
  25. :spinny: Hi I know that lots of people ask how long it takes to get a CO but we have been waiting over 2 months now. We received our ack 7th September and have heard nothing since!! Our visa is Skilled Family Sponsored 138 and wondered if this visa is a low priority as I'm a primary teacher and know this occ isnt in demand. Also, my Teaching Australia skills check certificate expires in Dec. If we don't get a CO before then will I have to do another skills check again?! Thanks for any advice!:notworthy: