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Found 11 results

  1. Guest

    Crocs Alive.

    A six foot Saltie has been found in the Stinger Nets at Palm Cove, Cairns.:shocked::yes::biglaugh: http://www.cairns.com.au/article/2011/11/30/193955_local-news.html The nets are MEANT to keep out 'Stingers' all I can say is the blooming net holes are way too BIG.:biglaugh: Keep your wits about you Rob and Kate.:cool::biglaugh:
  2. Guest

    Eaten Alive. Myth Or Fact.

    I guess this thread is for those of you who have been in Australia a while, or maybe for your whole life. The times I have heard from potential migrants that the one thing that puts them off Australia is the amount of dangerous wildlife that is apparently around every corner waiting to sink its teeth, fangs into you and do you severe damage. So below is a list of the most dangerous creatures that inhabit Australia, I may have missed some, but they are the one that 'allegedly' as a human you may come into contact with. Just yes or no will do if you have seen any, or a fuller explanation will be fine. Remember this thread is about the animals that may find you,not the other way around. Have you seen these animals in your every day lives, NOT when you went looking for them, because simply that's cheating :biglaugh: and will skew the outcome. I HOPE to show that whilst Australia does have a number of deadly creatures it is a myth that they are around every corner and you WILL come into contact with them in your EVERYDAY LIVES. Taking my life in my hands here, as I reckon it is a myth to a degree, yep they are there, but hardly a daily occurrence. Here goes. 1. Red Back Spider. 2. Funnel Web Spider. 3. White Shark. (Of at least five foot long) 4. Tiger Shark. As above. 5. Brown Snake. 6. Tiger Snake. 7. Taipan 8. Crocodile. 9. Blue Ringed Octopus 10. Box Jelly Fish 11. And finally, a really angry and p....d off Koala bear. Come on folks, lets dispel the myth that Australia is alive with something that wants to kill you around every corner. Lets face it, you stand to be harmed far more in King Cross, Sydney, on a Friday or Saturday night.:biglaugh::biglaugh: It would also be handy folks if you couls say how long you have been out in OZ and what area you are in as this 'may' affect the outcome. Over to you Bobj, I have a feeling mate that you may have seen them all on your travels mate.:wink: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  3. i feel as tho ive got a shed load of sh!t of my shoulders today , well two shed loads , oh and the fruit flies have gone btw............you will be pleased to know ......im looking forward to going kayaking soon with my mate Mr Peacock ,im awaiting a nice package from the Leeming,i have great communication with Dumbo,he`s so ropey but good fun , great guy for this site , looking forward to doing some whiskey tasting with Srp ,a smashing guy too....my on line girl Siamsusiu is always there for me , she is an angel :notworthy: ive met some fantastic genuine people on this site and its a credit to Rob & kate , :hug:.................and every one else that knows me ......:wink:
  4. Dear all, after some remedies!!! My husband has been eaten alive and not by me! :Randy-git: We have both been bitten several times over the last couple of weeks but, I have never seen bites as big as these. They look and feel (he has said) exactly the same as other mozzie bites but they are HUGE. Any suggestions for relief and possible deterants for the little buggers? :eek: lol Ley x (will also post on lifeinvicrotia as well) :notworthy:
  5. My admiration to Mark Webber, during todays grand prix he had a massive crash, not sure who's fault it was, but thankfully both drivers were unhurt. YouTube - F1 (movie 05) - Mark Webber CRASH & FLIGHT- GP EUROPA 2010. There was even reports that he sat down in the pit lane and said, 'Throw another prawn on the barbie mate'.:biglaugh: Amazing that after a crash like this he managed to walk away from the car and still give an interview and remain upright.:notworthy: Cheers Tony:cool:
  6. Just wondering how others perceive life here in Oz compared to the UK!I thought when i arrived here that people placed little importance on what you have,and more importance in who you are as a person.Sadly i find this is not always the case,much the same as anywhere else in the world i might add!Once you start talking to people they want to know the ins and outs of a cats harse about you,and basically what you are worth!Now i am reasonably solvent with no financial issues,but i am disappointed that i never escaped the ratrace when i decided to come here. :confused:
  7. I want to keep my UK mobile number active while I'm in Oz as I have had it for 15 years or so. Has anyone looked into the cheapest and easiest way to do this? 02 do a pay monthly SIM (no contract, monthly rolling) but the cheapest is still £10/month. Pay and Go is a pain as if you don't use it/top it up then it becomes dormant and you run the risk of losing your mobile number. Anyone any ideas or looked into this please? Cheers Rob
  8. Police Searching For British Backpacker Jamie Neale Missing In Australian Bush | UK News | Sky News Another missing person in Aus.
  9. Petals

    Snakes alive

    Have a look at this news article, I would drop dead if I found 14 snakes in my bedroom. The lady lives in Fanny Bay in Darwin. 14 snakes found in woman's bedroom in the Northern Territory | National News | News.com.au
  10. Well Guys I thought my CO had fallen of the face of the earth !! But they have contacted our agents to tell them that all our docs are in and no further info required and now we have been passed to the 'Decision Maker' Soooo I guess thats another 2 months LOL Anyway got to sell the house still so 'no worries' Kimx
  11. Stuju

    Shannon Found Alive

    Fab wonderful great bloody brilliant news at long last some thing good just heard that Shannon Matthews has been found alive what a relief. Missing Schoolgirl Shannon Matthews Found Alive |Sky News|UK News may Shannon and her family now continue their lifes together best wishes to them all gizmo