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Found 27 results

  1. Guest

    shopping alert

    things are more expensive now (worldwide) so we are all looking to make our pound/dollar go further--so i thought id start a thread to help people get the bargains out there--wether it be food/car insurance/household bills ect--when in aus i get my washing up powder from terry whites (chemists) it somtime comes on offer for 2-3 dollars,and i buy 30 boxes,the same box in coles is 5-6 dollars (prices may have changed in the last year or so) but you get the gist--so is the any other special deals out there to save members a bit of money--over to you
  2. Guest

    New girl alert

    Hi all, Really glad to have found this forum. looks like just what I need to help make the leap to Oz. Im a 30 year old London girl looking into grabbing that years working visa in Australia before its too late, although currently having issues deciding where to stay. I work in television broadcast and would like to keep working when I'm away, so it looks like my options are either Sydney or Melbourne as the big television companies are there. Everyone keeps telling me I'd be perfectly suited to Melbourne but I'm attracted to Sydney for the weather. I know I can travel around but I'm likely to spend more time in one place than another. Still, not a bad dilemma to have, and I'm looking forward to researching the choice, so any advice from others who have made similar decisions would be appreciated!
  3. joyjoy

    newbie alert :0)

    Hi every1, well thought it was best to post instead of just reading, my names joy my other half is a Australian he's just gone back to Sydney ...gutted missing him lots were trying to sort out a visa for me to go over there as we got engaged just before he left, applying for defacto visa subclass 309-100, (my printer took some hammering) lol well I've applied for character police check waiting on that, does any1 know how much the medicals are roughly ? And also I read somewhere on this forum a way of finding out about qualifications ? I have 6 qualifications in welding & engineering & wanted to check out if I could use them in Australia any info would make my day big thanks
  4. pablo

    Closing thread alert!

    Wtf!:mad: ive just spent what feels like 2 hours tobeying me finger all round this keyboard(about 700 yards i reckon going on 2 inch movement per letter typed)writing a perfectly normal reply to geoffs thread,a very insightfull and well intentioned one i might add:wideeyed:,on the subject of these pro/anti uk and oz threads:SLEEP:,anyway,abv version...... some threads are banter and "set out to be as an op",so will invite banter and fair do's,OTHER threads are more serious,people pouring their hearts out about difficulties in oz or the uk(and its normally not hard to tell which are banter and which serious)and its these threads where the banter and snarling over which place is best needs to be knocked on the head,its not hard is it??thread and a place in other words Anyway yeah the thread title! there MUST be some kind of way of warning people that the threads closed AS they type:unsure:,thats about the third time in a week! It wouldnt be as bad if the back button hadnt stuck as i pressed it,just as i was having a a chong:goofy:,TOOOOoooo SLOOOOooow to react:frown:all erased and start again,so i typed it twice!!so .....warning or no? i'd sooner gouge me eyes out with spoon than do all that typing for fa again:mad:
  5. supa

    Virus alert

    Could be an old one that I've only just heard about, but if you get an email with "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK" don't open it, just delete. B strds
  6. Hi I just heard on the news that AU is on Tsunami alert following the earthquake in chile. What is the situation down under? Everyone please take care and be careful until the threat has passed. Kind Regards
  7. virtual_bajwa

    Migration fraud alert

    UNIVERSITIES and colleges should tighten up oversight of their offshore agents to ensure they aren't caught up in "organised migration fraud", Navitas chief executive Rod Jones warned this week. Click here for further details----> Migration fraud alert | The Australian
  8. We have just been to NQR in Frankston (Beach St) and they are selling off ready made bottles of Vimto !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And better still they are 4 bottles for $2 !!!!!!!!!!!! BARGAIN!!! We have bought lots....:embarrassed:
  9. Recieved this email this morning. My application is in their backlog.
  10. Guest

    Newbie alert!!!! help!

    Hiya, my hubby and i are at the initial stages of emigrating so any information would be great! Anything from the best way to do things thru to whats expected at the medical part of the process? My husband had a disc removed a few yrs ago and he's worried that that might stop us from being accepted? Cheers:spinny:
  11. Another stupid question ,,,can you tke eiderdown quilts to aus? dont laugh my mrs asked me to ask................
  12. From: Swine flu deaths spark worldwide health alert - Times Online
  13. Guest

    Rate Alert - 2.200!

    Hi all, Just had a rate alert to say the GBP/AUD rate opened today at a 5-month high of 2.1900. In volatile trade this morning, it briefly touched 2.2000! That's a 7.5% increase on 7 weeks ago.
  14. Guest

    Numpty alert - washing machines

    Right excuse me been thick as pig muck here. Washing machines. Do they plumb in in the same way with the same fixings down under or will I need diffrent hoses? Yeah I know a proper yawn inducing query but these are the things that keep me awake at night :SLEEP: waits to be told they plumb in upside down.....
  15. Guest

    News alert and hello again!!!!!

    Hi to you all Been off line for a while due to moving into alternative accom until we go down under Visa grant 175 came through on the 1st July, paasports received yesterday with the official stamp....what a feeling!!!! Flights booked via Singapore airlines on the 6th Aug. Arrive Brisbane 9th aUG ....up to Sunshine Coast and then our new life begins aand what a journey it has been but at least we are able to relax a little now in our holiday log cabin until we go and stay with my sister in Dorset before we fly out To all my fellow PIO's hope your turn comes very soon Big congrats to those who have gotten theirs p.s I am a novemberee by the way!!!! Love to all H xx:wubclub:
  16. Guest

    Newbie alert!!!

    Hi everyone!! just joined and thought id introduce myself, My names Martin and i currently live in Ipswich. ive got my 457 temp work visa approved and will be moving to Berwick Victoria as a car mechanic for Mercedes in August by myself, GULP!!!! Im in the process sorting out booking a flight and shipping my stuff out there could anyone reccommend a good cheep shipping company??? ive been told pickfords are good?? could anyone also reccommend any cheep places for flights??? Thanks :spinny:
  17. Guest

    Newbie alert :p

    Hi there all i am new to the forum. Currently in london uk with my hubby and 4 kids. Hubby emigrated to Aus as a child but came back as an adult. We are now considering moving over there with the boys for a better life for them. everyone tells me Aus is very child friendly. Just started looking into stuff and from what i can gather i will need a spousal visa? As hubby already has a resident visa. Look forward to getting to know you all especially anyone in considering NSW.
  18. Hi all Well my 13 year old son has just gone off for his first day at school and I am so nervous for him. We have been here nearly 8 weeks now and he was so nervous this morning when I dropped him off. Has anyone else got any experience of their older kids first days/weeks at high school. I won't be able to relax all day until I pick him up later on.Like most parents if the kids are okay then I am too so I really want him to have a first good day.Does anyone know how the work compares to the UK and what exams do they eventually sit when they are older-this is all such a new thing for us.We have a 8 yr old who started primary just before half term and she's starting to settle in well but I think the older they are the more difficult it is. Mandy x
  19. Hiya all, Finally... I can post our very own Jammie Dodger Alert......WE'VE GOT OUR VISA'S!!!! Got the golden email this morning and it hasn't sunk in yet, so excited can't wait for hubby & kids to get home to start celebrating!!! ......can't believe it's herexxx (((((((((everyone))))))))))xxx !!! :wubclub::jiggy:

    Danger ! Cardinal Spider Alert

    Well I haven't even started the administration side of things yet never mind actually being in Australia but here we go already and we are only in Warrington, England ! Sat downstairs tonight (Friday) on the computer tidying up a few loose ends before getting my things together to go in for the nightshift. Suddenly there's a stampede and a couple of loud shrieks and screams from upstairs. I thought it was the kids messing about but then the thunder of my son coming down the stairs to alert me to a Cardinal Spider in the bedroom upstairs. Now anyone that doesn't know what a Cardinal spider is well that's the type that have the big bodies with the long legs. The one's that come out in September in their droves. The one's that live behind that bag of rubbish you haven't moved from the garden wall for about 20 years. That Cardinal spider. All they do is eat, breathe, sleep and mate and that's it ! Anyway Spiderman leaps into action with a glass, onwards and upwards to the bedroom. There I find my wife stood on the bed, my daughter in histerics and this poor old 5cm Cardinal Spider frozen rigid to the floor pondering what to do now. So carefully collected spider into the glass, frantically the little bugger tries climbing the glass to escape, I turn around and there's all 3 of them, wife, daughter and son, all stood on the bed in fear. So one did their best to try and explain that these little critters don't do any harm and upon sticking my fingers into the glass to touch the spider to show that they don't do any harm out come the shrieks and screams from my daughter, the "don't do it dad" from my son and "no Al no" from my wife. Now my question is that if this is what they are like for one of these harmless, mind your own business spiders, what sort of life am I going to have watching the pantomime unfold for a Funnel Web or Red Back :biglaugh: . So released back into nature, outside, was this Cardinal knowing that it was only going to make its way back via the garage. And I was thinking, I wonder if I could get a visa for a Spider Catcher. I probably could do that. There must be a market for it somewhere, could start a business here based on people's fear. :twitcy: Put a smile on my face just before going into work tonight, it was so funny, well for me not for them. Anyway I know three others who won't be getting much sleep. Spent the time just before I left searching the house:biglaugh: . I suppose I'm going to have to fight for a place in the bed in the morning now. :SLEEP:
  21. Guest

    Hi, another Newbie alert!

    Hiya All, Been having a look on this forum for a few days (it is quite addictive ins't it!!) decided to join even though we have only just decided Australia is where we want to be! Its all quite confussing but begining to get our heads round it! The support on this site appears invaluble, thank you and good luck and best wishes to all. Jan and Paul :jiggy:
  22. Guest

    red back alert

    when i woke up this morning i nearly jumped out of my skin as i turned over there in bed was a huge red back lucky for me i managed to sneak out of the bed without waking it and just left it alone as i have been told not to disturb them while they are asleep as they can become very angry so i just left it there as far as i know it is still there can any one give me some advice on what to do i have tried after sun but this seems to aggravate it maybe next time she will use a good sun block lol.but serious though people need to know that even a little exposure to the sun still needs a sun cream to be applied:biglaugh:
  23. sykestykes

    Newbie Alert!!

    Hello All I've recently joined this site after browsing it as a guest for ages now - everyone seems so friendly and helpful !!! I have laughed out loud at the banter between some of you :twitcy:(Mrs LC and Mrs TinB spring to mind!) and the support and advice is second to none! Well, here we are surrounded by paperwork in the early stages of the Skilled Independent 136 visa (my hubby is the main applicant, not me). We are a family of four, Himself is 40, I am 36 and kids are 11 (son) and 9 (daughter). We are humm-ing and haa-ing (if that's spelled right) over where is best to migrate to in Australia. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting to know you all. Mrs Tyke.
  24. Lynandsean

    Sorry Folks Morbid Thread alert

    Sorry folks that l am starting a thread that probably nobody wants to think or talk about but from my perspective l could do with some thoughts. We are all going out as a family along with my daughters boyfriend who as far as we are concerned is part of our family but l am also exceedingly aware that he is also part of someone else's. Should we all, but especially my 'semi adopted' one have some kind of agreement as to what we would like/should be done if the worse happens to ourselves? l for one definately dont want to be returned to the UK in any form :nah:, dont see many of my rellies anyway so no big deal there. Tipping me on the BBQ with a bit of chilli sauce will do! preferably whilst on the beach! My OH reckons a skip will do just fine for him and if its an Aussie one all the better :twitcy:. My kids, dont know :wideeyed: l reckon my daughter should broach this subject with her boyfriend to at least get some thoughts in as lighthearted but 'real' way as possible :wacko: Sorry to chuck such a morbid thread at you all but maybe this could also result in a few comical 'send off' suggestions! Lyn x
  25. koalakids

    Poms In Oz - *VIRUS ALERT*

    VIRUS ALERT There is a dangerous virus being passed both electronically, orally and by hand. This virus is called WORK. If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss or anyone else via any means, DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely. If you should come into contact with WORK put your jacket on and take 2 good friends to the nearest pub. Purchase the antidote known as BEER. The quickest acting is called STELLA but this is only for those who can afford it, the NHS equivalent is CARLING. Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system. Forward this warning to 5 friends. If you do not have 5 friends you have already been infected and WORK is controlling your life. This virus is DEADLY.