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Found 17 results

  1. A CHURCHGOER ripped out his eyeballs as a priest gave Sunday mass yesterday. British-born Aldo Bianchini, 46, stood up calmly and tore them out with his bare hands then collapsed in a pool of blood. His mother tried to help him as the priest called for help. But surgeons were unable to save his sight. He told doctors in Viareggio, Italy, he "heard voices" telling him to rip out his eyes. Dr Gino Barbacci said: "To do that requires superhuman strength." Priest Lorenzo Tanganelli, who continued his service after the horror, said: "I've never seen so much blood." In the Bible, Jesus says: "If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell."
  2. what do you think--are we compatable--after the honeymoon period will we se eye to eye--im in a flush of emotion at the moment,and i said yes:jiggy:gee it feels good--but what will the future hold:wideeyed:am i rushing into things:shocked:help,and advice needed:wubclub:im sure it will work:wink:
  3. Guest

    Aldo - Catch Up

    I know you've all been thinking of me (especially geffrey and his wife Tracey123) and have read the recent posts speculating about my return to PIO but unfortunately these are a little premature. I've been peeking in recently and knoticed how much more "peaceful" the boards are apart from the od mauling of poor old chris (and others) for their positive views on the UK it has been extremly fair and balanced:notworthy:. I'm glad SMNW is still there, (your doing a great job SM:notworthy:) i know you can't wait to here what i've been upto lately can you? Well, been busy all summer working outside in high 30s tempretures and now its cooling off i'm all quite Thats ok though because i've learned to play poker and getting right into it, got a poker night in my house tonight as it happens.. Got to see an old contact Monday morning about some work and he has said he has plenty for me so no worries there really. Not much else to report really... oh its p!ssing down today but its ok because its that good rain that is really needed that the farmer like (must have come from Australia ).. forcast for tomorrow and monday too!!!. Never mind, its not raining in the terrace bar and its only 2 euros a pint in there. OK. catch up over, thanks for listening.. ♥ edited to add: Thanks for all the PMs x
  4. tracy123


    Great to see him back posting and thanking...... :skeptical: Just another member returning from the wilderness. :biglaugh: Well I must admit he lasted longer than I thought :wink:
  5. he seems less angry these days--almost settling into a certain age of contentment--it happened to me in me mid 40s--and im glad to see him almost at one with himself--its almost as though hes on pio,sat on a park bench feeding the pigeons--keep up the goodwork mate---hes a:hug:from shi7man.
  6. Guest

    Thanks Aldo!!

    Now i get it. After all this time reading your posts about life in australia i finally get what you mean. For ages I was taking your posts the completely wrong way and now i see the gallant work you're doing - akin to a public servant. I've only been in oz a wet weekend (actually, ha ha, its sort of the opposite...oh, ha) but now i know you were using REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY all along. You were promoting the prospects of living in australia by telling people, woooow, hold your horses, its not that good there, its miserable actually...so that, by the time they get there they have all the optimism sucked out of them only for it to be immediately pumped back into them when they land. Its brilliant here aldo, really positive and really amazing. And i really think my current feelings of excesive positivity is down to the you dragging my expectations of life in oz to a level that made me think twice about taking the chance of a lifetime. Cheers.
  7. Guest

    Where is Aldo?

    Has he been banned?
  8. The Pom Queen

    ALDO nearly causes crash

    I was driving in to the city the other day doing an airport pick up when I saw a huge billboard, it just showed a scantly dressed woman and the name Aldo on it. I could not find the a duplicate of the billboard on their website but found this. I thought Aldo famous again you now own your own brand of shoes!!! Shop ALDO Shoes, Boots, Sandals, & Accessories for women & Men.
  9. Guest


    Aldo, may I just say those little Aldos are adorable. tried to send you a message but the borders were closed. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Guest

    Aldo's UK Obos

    Been back in the UK for a few weeks now and here are my observations so far; Dirty; People here don't seem to understand that buildings need maintaining. I have seen so many newish buildings in a terrible state and filthy dirty.. Bluewater for example looks great on the surface but on the run up to xmas toilets where out of service and the exterior was grimy with chewing gum all over the pavements, plastic bags tangled in bushes and dumped trollies everywhere. buses and cars are dirty and houses and shop fronts are (in general) tatty. People: Salt of the earth! Considering the sh!t the folk are going through here at the moment, people are friendly, talkative and cheerful. I also think the ladies here are better looking.. Its a shame they have to open there mouths though as the estuary English spoken on the London / Kent borders is particularly course. Social Life; I've had more social interaction in the last week than i did in a year and a half in oz! Popping out for a couple of beers can turn into a spur of the moment party as people turn up in the pub one after the other who havn't seen you for years, i would have to wait for a xmas "do" or melbourne cup for the equivalent in oz!. Shopping; not really a subject that gets me exited but, yes, wider isles, more choice and the ready meals that people seem to want to escape from are IMO of good quality and on the whole quite healthy. Oz may beat the poms by a narrow margin on the beef front but gets silver on everything else including fruit and veg. Being able to buy booze in super markets is so much easier, so much choice and so much more civilised than a drive through bottle shop. Any questions ?
  11. kernow43

    One for Aldo

    Spain has just gone into recession, and it also has the worst unemployment figures in the EU. Maybe a lot will now return to UK. Give us your review on Spain Aldo please. BBC NEWS | Business | Spain's economy enters recession
  12. Guest

    Aldo Update

    I know you are all pulling your hair out wondering whats happened to me so here is an update: Moved out yesterday and having a weeks hols in burleigh before i go home. Must say I enjoy Gold Coast more than Brissy burbs. Maybe if i had moved down here,,,,,,? Anyway flight booked and blighty here i come. I've been showing the freaks down here how to surf and am a nice shade of lobster pink, just gutted I havn't got my union jack shorts with me. Anyway gotta go now, I wil be checking in from my phone to see what you are up to but can't use the fidly keyboard so wont be replying (poor things)
  13. Guest

    Welcome back Aldo!

    Would you like to join me in welcoming Aldo back to the UK! :hug: He's tried Oz but it's not for him...I think we would all do well to remember how difficult it must be to come back. There will always be some wiseass who's glad it didn't work out and it must be really difficult to re-adjust to being back. I hope all goes smoothly and you don't have any problems Aldo. Don't forget we're all here for you buddy! PS Are you going to meet up with Earl now you're both here..(can you believe that guy,lol):biglaugh:
  14. Having met Aldo last year and finding him to be a fantastic host and a bloody good chap we have decided to go bush camping next year for a week (date to be decided) loads of fishing drinking and skinny dipping. We have room for six people in his charabang and would love to know if you are interested, we have not decided on the location but will post it early in the new year……anyone interested?
  15. Find out with this useful "visa wizard" :biglaugh:
  16. I am being serious here... Had two offers from other Oz forums that want the Earl & Aldo show to join their forums....but do not worry happy campers we are staying :jiggy:
  17. Simply send a donation of $5 each, im sure we can get two one way tickets for the poor boys who hate it so much here in OZ....come on people, lets help and send the poor buggers on there way.... x :smile::smile: