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Found 10 results

  1. And also George Lombard! Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if isn't then I apologise! But I just wanted to say Thank You to Alan Collett of Go Matilda for all of his responses and help with regards to the sudden 'suspension of offshore PR Visa's until end of June 2010'. Although I am not personally affected by these changes I have been watching the thread as I am sure many others have, and have seen Alan and George trying to help members try and lodge their PR application by midnight tonight Sydney time. It must be a really busy time for all agents and I just wanted to acknowledge all of Alan's great work and say that it is very much appreciated :wubclub: Heather
  2. Gill, Alan, please help… work and student visa in parallel? I applied for 175 in Feb.2009 and my occupation is neither CSL nor MODL. I applied for WA SS 3 months ago and am still waiting for the outcome, though with new processing rules it’s not of much value anymore. I just would like to know if there is any negative impact if in parallel I apply for a student visa. Thanks for your advice, siAvAsh
  3. Hi we currently have an application for a 176 Visa on hold as my wife is pregnant, everything is met just the medicals to do. We have been thinking and as i lost my job recently there is nothing keeping us here. Can we get a visa subclass 676 i think it is to go to Oz for up to 12 months. Have the medicals done in Australia after the birth of the baby, and just leave the country for the grant of the 176. So we are effectively moving to Oz on a temporary visa while we wait for the 176 to be granted. Or have the medicals here but leave my wifes X-ray until after the birth and she has that done in Oz. Can we do this? Any help is appreciated Drew
  4. Guest

    Barmy, Brummie, AVFC, Alan.

    :biglaugh:Heh guys hows it going?:biglaugh:
  5. Guest

    Calling Alan Collett, please

    Hi Alan Although I wouldn't normally ask any particular agent, I know that you are familiar with the Australian Government Actuary's involvement with the CPV scheme, which many RMAs are unaware of. The Actuary has published the Composite Index for the 2nd Instalment of CPV charges for 2009/10. Publications — Australian Government Actuary It is the usual hieroglyphics without a statement of the actual proposed figure or the actual % increase, presumably because Cabinet has not yet agreed to the figures. I am wondering whether you might be able to provide a rough idea of what the new 2nd Instalment is likely to be, please? If not, no worries but you have a better chance of understanding the formula than the rest of us put together, obviously. Last year the increase was 3.9% and 7.6% the year before that. I don't know whether a quick comparison of the stuff in brackets would enable you to make a reasonable guess without too much time spent slaving over it? Many thanks Gill
  6. Hi Ali has asked me to post a thread with the RMA's offers of assistance to keep everything together and to save having lots of posts going. It will also assist us RMA's who are willing to help to have questions etc all in one area. I have posted that i am willing to assist anyone who requires help and you can either e-mail me or pm me. I am happy to advise as much as possible and also to take on any clients who require this assistance. I am happy (as i discussed with Gollywobbler) to offer reduced fees depending on which stage of your application you are at. I have also posted below the posts form George Lombard and Veronika who have also offered their help, I beleive that Alan Collett has also been advised of the situation and i am sure he will be more than happy to assist too (Hi Alan). George and Veronika have advised on the 956 form which would be the first steps to getting control of your applications but not all of you may be at that stage. Those of you who are still at skills assessment may need to get in touch with the particular assessors involved and again, i am sure that any one of us will be willing to assist. I have put below instructions on the 956 form (this has been taken from the previous posting) but i thought it may be easier all under one thread. 956 Instructions To download Form 956 http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/pdf/956.pdf Fill it in by hand (or on the screen if you have Adobe Writer) print it, sign it manually, then scan it into your machine. If possible, save it as a .pdf file. If you have a CO and you know his or her name then please e-mail Form 956 direct to him or her. The format that all DIAC staff use is joseph.bloggs@immi.gov.au If you send it to the Branch 1 address, then look out for an auto-receipt from the DIAC machine. If it accepts something, it sends an automatic receipt for it. If it does not accept something it does not reject the e-mail with a "Delivery failed" message. It merely doesn't send an auto-receipt. If you have not heard from a Case Officer yet, please e-mail your Form 956 to the following address: branch1.docattach@immi.gov.au or adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au This is on the basis that you have applied for a Skilled Migration visa but no Case Officer has been appointed as yet. There is also a fax number for the ASPC + 61 8 8237 6629 If anyone has any other visa types, please me know and I will advise where the application should have been lodged. Posts from George & Veronika " George Lombard I have had a number of emails about the Visa Connection situation and can confirm that they are no longer trading. There may be sanctions you can seek but for anyone with a current visa application in processing you must immediately send a form 956 to DIAC terminating their appointment/appointing another agent. You must also confirm in writing to VC that you want your file secured, either by havng it returned or transferred to another agent. With respect to the form 956 we recommend you download it, complete it, sign it and then scan or fax it to the Department of Immigration relevant contact details (depending on the kind of application involved). Generally we find it difficult to give a precise fee for handling applications prepared by other agents, particularly where there are so many difficulties in file management, but in view of the discussion here and elsewhere it may be sensible to engage a new agent if you're not already at final processing, and to that extent I will try to come up with a workable uniform fee for anyone who can give me their TRN and password for a general skilled migration application. Please just use the email details below or the PM system. People who are at an earlier stage of the process may need special assistance, I understand that as late as last Friday VC was receiving refusals from Vetassess on the basis of undertakings made after these issues first arose. I understand from the form letter sent out to former clients that VC no longer has the funds to return to applicants. This could never happen with a functioning registered migration agent as by law we are required to maintain a trust account, however to the extent that VC did previously have an agent associated with them, the professional indemnity insurance of that agent should be able to cover losses relating to contracts established with that agent. Details of what insurance the agent held would be available from the MARA, www.themara.com.au . Cheers, George Lombard __________________ Migration Agent Registration Number 9681945 george@austimmigration.com.au www.austimmigration.com.au " Veronika 'Hello, Gill has just alerted me to this thread. We are also happy to help out as much as possible to get any applications that are now in a limbo state back on track, or to chase up things on your behalf. Please fee free to contact me via email with your details and I will try to get back to you asap (weekend may not be possible) to see if and how we can help. I will be more than happy to get in touch with the High Commission here on behalf of clients, and to help submit documents, check applications etc if it turns out that docs were not submitted. Or at the very least to offer as much advice as possible. I will also be happy to get in touch with someone at DIAC to alert them to this issue and to find out how they can help applicants who are now in limbo. But again, you will have to email me with your details and a form 956 may have to be completed. Justme I will pm you in a second. __________________ Migration Consultant Registered Migration Agent Number: 0301155 info@sortoutmyvisa.com ' I am sure between us all, and them kind members on this forum, we can help to get this mess sorted out. I can be reached on info@ozmigrationagency.com.au or +61 3715 8852 (i will be here today).
  7. Hi, this is with respect to Alan Collect's Article published on Go Matilda What I want to know and I think lot of people here would be interested in knowing that if someone has front-loaded his Meds and PCC and this kind of situation comes where there is a chance of getting very limitted validation time. Can he Resend the both before the CO is assigned? I mean if he sends latest Meds and PCC would the new ones be considered or they just trash the new ones and go for the ones sent at the first place..... Thanks. P.S: Thanks Alan for writing such an informative articles.
  8. Guest

    Happy Birthday Alan Collett

    Hi All Today is Alan Collett's 45th birthday. For those who want to put a face to a name, please click on the link below: http://www.collettandco.com/contact.cfm HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAN. :jiggy::jiggy: Cheers Gill
  9. Guest

    Thank You, Alan Collett

    Hi All A few nights ago, a Contributory Parent visa applicant contacted me at gone midnight, in a panic. Their money had been paid to the POPC some weeks earlier and there was a last-minute glitch with Hubby's passports. Potentially it WAS an almighty predicament, but it is not my place to say more than this. There was no way to get an RMA in the UK on the phone at that hour of the night, when the CP visa was about to be granted at any moment. the POPC were by then up and about, and URGENT professional help was required, for certain. I rang Alan Collett because I trust him implicitly and he is in Oz, so I knew he would be awake. Alan was simply FANTASTIC. He realised that another Agent's client was potentially in strife, that there were potential problems because of the time-zones, knew exactly what to do and did the RIGHT thing. He was willing to help a fellow-agent's client at a time when the only way to get the necessary help was to get it from someone in Oz Alan helped out. Crisply and clearly he explained what to do and e-mailed me (I think he also e-mailed the Parent or they may also have spoken on the phone.) Not sure about the contacting that went on, but Alan's willingness to step in and HELP when we simply could not have obtained the necessary professional advice from anyone in the UK at that time of night is the hallmark of a TRUE professional in my opinion. Alan - you know the details. I want the whole world to know that I absolutely take my hat off to you for the way you stepped in the other night. Thank you, thank you:notworthy: Cheers Gill
  10. Guest

    ALAN C Your opinion please

    Hi Alan I have just noticed you are on line so I would like to ask your opinion. We applied for our 136 in April....see timeline below with a MODL occupation My OH has just been offered a job in Sydney CBD, The job is not directly related to his skill on which he has applied. the company want us over for Jan 08 Our dilemma is that the company are happy to wait for our 136 if we have it in time for January, but are prepared to give us the 457 if we wish. I understand that the 457 can be obtained within 6 weeks, but I am aware that if we apply for a 457 and then recieve our 136 and then get our 457 that the last visa superseeds the previous so we could risk losing our 136, for a 457. we do not have a CO yet, and dont know how long it is likely to take to be allocated one let alone get our visa. My question is ....would you risk applying for a 457, or do you think we could be likely to get a CO and our visa within a few weeks? We have already sent our meds and police checks, so are not able to delay anything. How likely is it that we will have our 136 visa before jan What do you think??:notworthy: