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Found 120 results

  1. Hi all I am due to make the move to Australia in October and currently looking at the best ways to maximise our money on flights/ build airline points as my partner and I and my Mum and Dad will be flying to and from Aus as much as we can to see one another. Does anyone have any tips/ guidance as to how you do it?
  2. Hi all, We have our Visa and are planning a reccie visit to Melbourne next Easter :biggrin: We have somewhere to stay in Mornington but are struggling to find 'reasonably priced' flights to Melbourne. Can anyone recommend a travel company/airline? There are deals with Royal Brunei and China Eastern but Id prefer Malaysia/Emirates/BA etc but Im sure they will be mucho expensivo! Who have some of you flown with? Any help is greatly appreciated. Andy
  3. > Thank you for your email. > > Please be advised, if you hold an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states that you are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, you will then be entitled to the double baggage allowance (40 kilos, per passenger). > > The double baggage allowance will only be granted when you check in at the airport when this visa is sighted and checked that it has also not been travelled on before, this has to be the first time it is being used. > > You can have as many items of checked luggage as you wish provided: > > The total combined weight of all the items put together does not exceed your total checked allowances > No single item of baggage exceeds 32 kilos in weight, as a health and safety requirement > > If you are not holding the correct visa mentioned above at check-in, then you will be entitled to the standard free checked baggage allowance of 20 kilos per passenger. > > Yours Sincerely, Hi all, Yesterday I emailed Singapore airlines to double check that we will get 40kg of baggage allowance when we fly to oz. We just bought a regular one way ticket, we bought it online. I also spoke to them yesterday - to request this email confirmation, and they said I didn't even need the email, that the check in staff would automatically grant the extra on seeing the visa, but it is nice to have something to wave under their noses just in case! Anyway I just thought I would pop their reply in here, for all to see. X >
  4. The Pom Queen

    Scoot Airlines

    In the lead-up to its first flights, Singapore Airlines' long-haul low-cost carrier Scoot has unveiled a combination of four ticket packages on its flights. These range from FlyBag tickets which offer basic seats with a 15 kg check-in luggage, to ScootBiz which is the budget carrier's version of business class seats offering 38-inch pitch and 22-inch wide leather seats. In between are the FlyBagEat - which includes 15 kg of check-in luggage and a hot meal - and Scoot's version of 'premium economy seats' called S-t-r-e-t-c-h which offer an extra four inches of legroom. Customers buying any of these categories can also select an array of a-la-carte offerings ranging from F&B to entertainment on-board. 'At Scoot, offering fantastic value airfares and keeping things simple are always front of mind,' said Campbell Wilson, Scoot's CEO. 'We firmly believe that people should not have to subsidise the choices of others.' Scoot promised that beyond offering these four packages, which can be bought online when buying tickets, it would stick to its pure no-frills airfare, with 'no bells, no whistles, just a fare'. 'With Fly, FlyBag, FlyBagEat and ScootBiz, plus a range of other buy-aboard services, Scoot offers something for everyone,' said Mr Campbell. 'Great value, simplicity, and the empowerment to tailor your travel experience . . . all served with Scootitude.' The airline, using reconfigured B777-200 planes previously used by SIA, will take off on its inaugural flights to Sydney and Gold Coast respectively by around mid-year. It plans to add three more destinations (likely to North-east Asia) by year-end. Fares are expected to be priced at about half of that charged by regular full-service carriers to same destinations.
  5. Guest

    Jobs in the airline domain

    The DH is an ICT BA in the airline domain. Wanted to know where in OZ the job opportunities are for this profile. If anyone can help or knows anyone in Qantas etc. and can find out, that'd be great. Not Poms but would appreciate the info. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, Just wondering for those of you who are pro's at getting flights for Australia, when is the best time to pick up a good deal? We have to validate by May 2012 and was holding back for the time being on booking flights as we may sell the house in time and only need a one way ticket, but as the time goes by so quickly I am now thinking I need to investigate return tickets too... I was thinking that the sales for flights would be in January, however, I am not sure if this is the case or not and if anyone can suggest the best airlines to fly with, the best time to buy etc... we are family of 5 (2 adults, 2 children aged 7 & 9 and a baby). What time of year is the cheapest? We were thinking of going in April?!? Also, does anyone know if the baby would fly free or would we have to pay even though he would not have a seat? Thanks for any advice. Tasha :wubclub:
  7. I thought I would commence a thread on Singapore Airlines, it would be great if members could also add their wealth of knowledge to the thread also.. and update where applicable. http://www.singaporeair.com/SAA-flow.form?execution=e1s1 Joining KrisFlyer https://www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/ppsclub-krisflyer/registration-form/ Babies and Children Seat Policy... Please see the end of this post A380 Seating Configeration.. http://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Singapore_Air/Singapore_Air_Airbus_A380.php Special Needs @ Changi Airport http://www.changiairport.com/at-changi/facilities-and-services/special-needs THE WORLD'S 5-STAR AIRPORTS Hong Kong International Seoul Incheon Singapore Changi Airport Ambassador Transit Hotels If you are transiting in Singapore Changi Airport, you can check the flight information displays at the airport for details of the departure terminal of your connecting flights. Information is also available at the Transfer Desks located at the departure transit areas. Transit Hotel For a short rest after a long flight, just book a room at the Transit Hotels if you are transiting in Terminal 1, 2 or 3. You don't have to clear Immigration to get to the hotels. Terminal 1 - Tel: (65) 6542 5538 (is being upgraded until the end of 2011) Terminal 2 - Tel: (65) 6542 8122 Terminal 3 - Tel: (65) 6507 9788 Visit the Transit Hotel webpage. http://www.harilelahospitality.com/transit_hotel_roomrates.html Exchange rates .... http://www.xe.com/ucc/ All Prices here are quoted in Singapore Dollars and conversion rate to be found in the above link Connecting to different terminals Customers connecting to flights at another terminal may use the Skytrain to get to the next terminal. The Skytrain operates from 5.00am to 2.30am daily. During non-operating hours, passengers can use the free shuttle bus to travel between terminals. Please refer to map below for more details. Swimming Pool Location Operating Hours Terminal 1, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Hotel Tel: (65) 6542 5538 0700hrs to 2300hrs daily Charge SGD $13.91 nett for non-hotel guests. Price for use is inclusive of pool usage, shower, basic toiletries and a non-alcoholic drink. (Approx. GBP 6.96) Swimming Pool Enjoy the relaxing ambience of the Balinese-themed swimming pool and poolside area operated by Harilela Hospitality Pte Ltd. Passengers staying at the Ambassador Transit Hotel may use the pool and jacuzzi for free. Otherwise, a small fee of $13.91 is charged to non-residents for the use of the swimming pool and jacuzzi, including the use of the shower facilities, a towel and a complimentary non-alcoholic drink from the bar. Showers Just arrived from a long-haul flight? Pamper yourself with a well-deserved shower. Locations Operating Hours Terminal 1, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Hotel Tel: (65) 6542 5538 24hrs Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Lounge Tel: (65) 6214 1778 24hrs Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Lounge Tel: (65) 6507 9798 24hrs Charge SGD $8.56 nett for non-hotel guests Price for use is inclusive of basic toiletries and a non-alcoholic drink. (Approx GBP 4.30) Gymnasium Work out how you want, when you want right here at our well-equipped gymnasium. Locations Operating Hours Terminal 1, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Hotel Tel: (65) 6542 5538 24hrs Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Lounge Tel: (65) 6214 1778 24hrs Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge Level 3, Ambassador Transit Lounge Tel: (65) 6507 9798 24hrs Price for use is inclusive of shower, basic toiletries and a non-alcoholic drink. Transpa (Massage, Hair & Nails Be revitalized and set off in style for your next destination, with Transpa’s wide range of massage, hair, nail and beauty services at affordable rates. Locations Operating Hours Terminal 2, Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3, Ambassador Transit Hotel Tel: (65) 6542 2849 1100hrs to 2100hrs daily Terminal 3, Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3, Ambassador Transit Lounge Tel: (65) 6507 9798 1100hrs to 2100hrs daily My Foot Reflexology My Foot Reflexology is a massage center which offers therapeutic massages to the traveller before flights. Relax and de-stress away your physical and mental fatigue with nationally certified therapists with massages that help to ease away discomfort, aches and tiredness.... this can be located @ ... Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge Opening Hours : 6.00am - 1.00am Tel : (65) 6242 9110 After immigration Fish Spa & Reflexology Fish Spa & Reflexology offers you traditional therapies handed down from generation to generation, to fun and refreshing fish spa treatments. Soak in the relaxing ambience, breath-taking views and incredible services. This is the perfect pit stop for your travel journey. Fish Spa & Reflexology is the place to relax, unwind, be pampered, nurtured and to put your mind, body and soul in the perfect balance. Relax. Refresh. Rejuvenate. This can be located @ .... Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge Opening Hours : 24 hours Tel : (65) 6542 8308 After immigration The Ultimate Spa Foot reflexology, full body massages and facials as well as manicures and pedicures for the well-heeled traveller are offered here. Whether you are looking for moments of therapeutic massage bliss or for a quick beauty fix while on transit, stop by for the ultimate spa experience. This can be located @... Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge Opening Hours : 5:30am - 1.00am Tel : (65) 6542 0885 Email : daphne@theultimate.com.sg After immigration Satisfy your cocoa cravings Changi’s Guylian Belgium Chocolate Café (Terminal 3) is chock-a-block with cocoa-filled treats, from hot chocolate to truffles and cakes. It’s also the only Guylian café to spring up at an airport, serving the sweet stuff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Medical Services If you feel unwell or require medical assistance while at Changi Airport, you may go to the following clinics, located at: Terminal 1 Raffles Medical Group at Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 2 For more information, you can call (65) 6543 1113 Operating hours: 24 hours daily Terminal 2 Raffles Medical Group at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 For more information, you can call (65) 6546 3815 Operating hours: 6.00am - Midnight Raffles Medical Group at Basement South, Public Area For more information, you can call (65) 6543 1118 Operating hours: Monday to Friday: 8.30am – 5.30pm Terminal 3 Raffles Medical Group at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 For more information, you can call (65) 6241 8333 Operating hours: 6.00am - Midnight Raffles Medical Group at Basement 2 South, Public Area For more information, you can call (65) 6241 8818 Operating hours: 24 hours daily In case of emergency, you can contact the Raffles Medical Group Emergency Hotline at (65) 6543 2223 Pharmacies Pharmacies catering to your prescription needs are located at: Terminal 1 Guardian Pharmacy at Departure Transit Lounge East, Level 2 Terminal 2 Watsons at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 Watsons at Departure Check-in Hall North, Public Area, Level 2 Terminal 3 Watsons at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2 Watsons at B2 Mall North, Basement 2 Mobility aids We offer a range of services for passengers who require special assistance. Read on for the services offered and contact us if you need assistance with any of the services outlined here. We recommend that you make your travel plans early to enable us to serve you better. Wheelchair, mobility aids and assistive devices If you require the use of wheelchairs (both manual and electric) or mobility aids (canes, crutches, walkers, mobility scooters etc.), please make your travel plans as early as possible. Please note that the carriage of assistive devices does not count towards your free baggage allowance. Our aircraft are also designed to accommodate your basic needs. They are all equipped with an onboard wheelchair that can be used to shuttle between the seat and the lavatory and have wheelchair-friendly lavatories. Our seats also have movable armrests to facilitate the transfer between the onboard wheelchair and the seat. Please note that we will not be able to offer you seats at the emergency exit row and seats on the upper deck of the Boeing 747-400 aircraft. Butterfly Garden Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 The world's first Butterfly Garden in an airport is designed as a tropical butterfly habitat with a profusion of flowering plants, lush greenery and a 6 metre grotto-waterfall. You will see different tropical butterflies species during the different seasons of the year. Visit the educational corners within the garden to gain a deeper understanding of butterflies. Individual enclosures let you witness the breeding and feeding of butterflies at close range. You'll be amazed by the transformation of butterflies from pupae, preparing to take their first flight in the Emergence Enclosure! The garden is also home to a collection of 200 carnivorous or insectivorous plants from about 30 species of Nepenthes - tropical pitcher plants from Southeast Asia, especially Singapore. These plants have adapted to growing in nutrient-poor soils by evolving ways of trapping and ‘feeding' on insects and small animals to obtain nutrients. Cactus Garden Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3 This award-winning garden showcases more than 40 species of cacti and succulents from Africa and the Americas. Have an out-of-the world experience in this forest of surreal plants like the Golden Barrels, Silver Touch, Oldman Cactus, towering Prickly-Pear and giant bottle shaped Club-Foot trees. There is also a collection of massive prehistoric Cycads, towering Euphorbia's and tree-like Dracaenas. Fern Garden & Koi Pond Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 2 Be wowed by the giant Tasmanian tree ferns - Dicksonia Antarctica, which is probably a survivor of the dinosaur era and are known to live for more than 400 years! Landscaped together with tropical tree ferns from the oldest rainforests in the world, the garden also features a wide range of unique ferns like the Birds' Nest Fern, Elephant Fern, Fish-tail Fern, Rabbit-foot Fern and Staghorn Ferns. Be refreshed by the cool green freshness of ferns and swirling waters of the Koi Pond teeming with graceful koi. Orchid Garden & Koi Pond Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge (Level 2) Exploding fireworks of colours greet visitors to the Orchid Garden from the massed display of tropical and temperate orchids; colours also reflected in the bright orange, red and yellow koi in the pond. The garden features Spider Orchids, Singapore’s famous and enduring hybrid Butterfly Orchids and the fabulous Moth Orchids from the Orchid Island of Taiwan, displayed in a natural setting of rocks or cascading from aged driftwood in a lush tropical landscape of towering Foxtail Palms and unique foliage plants. The garden also features a changing exhibit of rare orchids and seasonal display of Singapore's National Flower - the Vanda Miss Joaquim and Changi Airport's very own - the Dendrobium Changi Airport. Sunflower & Light Garden @ T2 Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3 It's a sunflower garden by day and then voila! a light-themed garden by night! This is the newly revamped Sunflower Garden at Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge, Level 3. Reopened on 16 March 2010 with new design features and walkways, it also boasts new lighting effects and illuminating fixtures to transform the Garden into a Light-themed garden by night (7.00pm - 7.00am, daily). Some of the new exciting features include: Firefly Lights which replicate a "firefly" effect at the garden Illuminated Bamboo Walkthrough featuring bamboo-cast structures placed on both sides of the pathway Award-winning "Aura Seating System" - Aesthetically pleasing and structurally innovative curvy chairs designed for ultimate comfort Custom Designed Lighted Seats placed around the Graden to provide a total visual experience Smoking Areas If you wish to smoke, you can make your way to any one of our Smoking Areas located at: Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 3 Terminal 2 Departure Transit Lounge North and South, Level 2 Terminal 3 Departure Transit Lounge North and South, Level 2 Outdoor Smoking Area, opposite gate B10, Level 2 Outdoor Smoking Area, next to gate A21, Level 2 Outdoor Smoking Area, next to Silver Kris Lounge, Level 3 Smoking Bars.. See Post 10.. Harry's Bar (Courtesy of Pablo) Children's Playground A place suitable for children aged from 1 to 12 to have moments of fun. This play area is located at: Terminal 1 Departure Transit Lounge West, Level 3 Terminal 2 Next to Family Zone at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 Terminal 3 Next to SATS Special Service Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge Central, Level 2 Outside gate holdroom A16 - A20 at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 2 Next to water fountain at B2 Mall, Public area Fun for the Kids http://www.changiairport.com/at-changi/entertainment-lifestyle/changi-aviation-gallery Singkids Playsystem Rain or shine, kids can have an endless supply of fun at Singkids Playsystem. The little ones can explore every nook and cranny of this indoor playground, with movable equipments aimed to provide a more exciting and dynamic play environment. Other popular attractions include the Waterfall Tunnel, Spinning Palm Tree, Dancing Balloon and Sky Rider.. this can be located @ ...... Terminal 3 B2 Mall Opening Hours : 11.00am - 11.00pm Games galore Changi airport offers LAN and console games on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 at no charge. Plus, in Terminal 2, there are music corners where you can listen to your favourite tunes in comfortable booths. Plane spotter heaven? As well as an close-up view of aircraft pacing down the runway, Changi’s Aviation Gallery, which opened in April this year, has hands-on interactive displays and offers an insightful behind-the-scenes look into the airport’s bustling operations. A nice touch are the 600 miniature aircraft hanging from the ceiling to show the number of flights handled at the airport each day. (Level 3, Terminal 2 Public Area). 3D Xperience Zone The 3D Xperience Zone is specially designed to be a full interactive experience of cutting-edge design combined with technology, which will amaze and entertain you. Check out the latest Samsung Galaxy Technology showcase featuring the latest and most exciting 3D content and games in the market. Be entertained with a large format display screen, 3D TV, free Internet surfing kiosks, 3D gaming stations, custom built-in speaker seats, and more. There are also fun photo-me kiosks, where you can take a self-portrait and share them via email. Have fun adorning your photos with specially created templates featuring Singaporean icons, making them priceless souvenirs of Singapore and Changi Airport. The 3D Xperience Zone is located at Terminal 2's transit area behind Lee Hwa Diamond Gallery. Movie Theatre Die-hard movie fans will find the Movie Theatres in Terminals 2 & 3 the best place to relax when in transit at Changi Airport. You can enjoy movies of different genres at Terminal 3 or the latest movie screenings on Star Movies at Terminal 2. These screenings are available free of charge for your viewing pleasure. These entertainment hubs are open 24 hours daily and are located at: Terminal 2 Near the Sunflower Garden at Departure Transit Lounge South, Level 3 Terminal 3 Near the Ambassador Transit Lounge at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 3 Internet Services Staying connected is easy at Changi Airport, with many free and paid options available at all our Terminals. If you have a laptop, simply plug in to our numerous dial-up PC Connection or Ethernet LAN points for free access. You can also use our Free Internet Corners for a quick internet session. If you prefer to surf on the go, you can enjoy free wireless broadband (up to 1Mbps) with Wireless@SG. Simply choose Wireless@SG as your network ID (SSID) and register for an account, and you'll get your password on your Singapore-registered mobile phone. You can also drop by any Information Counter for a temporary account. With your Wireless@SG account, you can enjoy free broadband internet at hotspots throughout Singapore. Recommended Transfer Experiences With our exciting array of facilities, services, shops and dining offerings, you will definitely find something that meets your needs and guarantee an unforgettable transfer experience. Here's our recommendations based on your transit dwell time at Changi Airport. 2 to 3 hours Surf the Internet or send out some emails with FREE Internet services (15 mins) Enjoy a stroll in the world's first Butterfly Garden in an airport at Terminal 3 (20 mins) Get a FREE foot massage at the Foot and Calf Massage Stations (15 minutes) Pick up fantastic gifts from a wide selection of souvenirs, toys, fashion and books (30 mins) Grab a light and healthy meal at Quick Bites (30 mins) 3 to 4 hours Try out a fish micro-massage therapy at the Fish Spa & Reflexology (30 mins) Refresh with a quick shower (20 mins) Have a go at the FREE Xbox 360 and PlayStation® 3 games at the Entertainment Deck (30 mins) Shop at the wide selection of fashion labels, gift choices and lifestyle brands (1 hour) Enjoy delicious gourmet dining at our wide range of restaurants (45 mins) More than 5 hours Join a FREE Singapore Tour and take in the sights and sounds of Singapore, as well as get a glimpse into Singapore’s ethnic heritage and tourist attractions. (2 hours) Try out the various cuisine from local, Asian and international dining outlets in the airport (45 mins) Don't miss out on some great buys from our wide range of duty-free products (1 hour) Catch a nap at one of our quiet Rest Areas or check into a napping facility (1 hour http://www.changiairport.com/at-changi/internet-and-business-services/internet-services Visa Requiements for Singapore. Please check your nationality status http://singapore.visahq.com/ VISA APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR ENTRY INTO SINGAPORE FOR UK AND IRELAND British and Irish passport holders do not require visas to visit Singapore for a stay of less than one month, if they have a passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the departure date from Singapore, a confirmed onward return ticket and sufficient funds for their stay in Singapore. Left Luggage Facilities...http://www.changiairport.com/at-changi/facilities-and-services/baggage-services SIA Hop-on bus Boarding Pass Privileges Enjoy complimentary unlimited rides on the SIA Hop-on bus on the Singapore Stopover Holidays (Hotels + Transfers + Attractions). The SIA Hop-on bus is an air-conditioned tourist bus service that lets you hop on and off at any designated stop, allowing you to explore Singapore at your own pace. Now, with the Sentosa Rider, visiting Sentosa has never been easier! Operating from 9am to 9pm daily, this bus service allows you to hop on and hop off at designated stops within walking distance of ethnic districts, major attractions, shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment hot-spots. Handy onboard maps enable you to embark on a personal adventure of discovery on foot and rejoin the bus whenever you please. Free Singapore Tour If you are transiting in Singapore and have at least 5 hours to spare before your connecting flight, you can register for a 2 hour sightseeing tour of Singapore, with a choice of a Colonial Tour or Cultural Tour. Registration is based on first-come-first-serve basis and are subject to entry visa requirements stipulated by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority. Certain conditions apply. Registration timing and operating hours Tour timings 7.00am to 3.15pm, daily (Terminal 2) 7.00am to 3.00pm, daily (Terminal 3)9.00am, 11.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm, 4.00pm (All tours are conducted in English) Swing by any of our Free Singapore Tour booth located at: Terminal 2 Near the escalators to North Arrival Immigration and Skytrain station at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 Terminal 3 Next to Transfer Lounge B at Departure Transit Lounge North, Level 2 Note: If you are at Terminal 1, please proceed to Terminal 2 for registration. *Please see Post No 37 for Frequently Asked Questions At Changi Airport SINGAPORE AIRWAYS CHILDREN POLICY Do I need to reserve a seat for my infant? Children up to two years old (24 months), are not required to have their own seat. You must, however, inform Singapore Airlines that you will be traveling with an infant on your lap. Only one lap child is allowed per adult. If one adult is traveling with more than one infant under two years of age, contact Singapore Airlines as special arrangements are required. You can also choose to purchase a seat for your infant as long as you have the proper child restraint device. Will I pay for my infant to travel domestically? Contact Singapore Airlines for more information. Will I pay for my infant to travel internationally? Yes, a child under two years old (24 months) is usually charged 10% of an adult fare plus taxes, even if the infant will be on the lap of another passenger for the flight. What if my child turns two on the trip; will I have to buy a ticket for the return flight? Yes, a ticket will have to be purchased for any flight on which the infant will be over two years old. What types of child restraint devices are allowed? The use of booster seats is prohibited. Approved car-type child seats may be used for children under three years but not less than six months of age. The seat must be forward facing and can be secured to an aircraft passenger seat by means of an aircraft safety belt. It must also be approved under one of the following foreign airworthiness authority / government standards: United Kingdom (UK) Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the United States of America as meeting the Technical Standard Order TSO-C100b; or seats that have two markings: “This Restraint is Certified for Use in Motor Vehicles and Aircraft" in red lettering and “This seat conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)". European Safety Standard requirements of United Nations ECE Regulation 44 (UN/ECE 44). Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (CMVSS) No. 213 titled “Child Restraint Systems" or CMVSS No. 213.1 titled “Infant Seating and Restraint Systems". Australian/New Zealand design standard AS/NZS 1754 for infant car seats. Child harness approved by FAA is also accepted for use on the aircraft. However, not all models may be fitted on our First and Business Class seats. You may wish to contact our Singapore Airlines office for more details. Manufacturing standards and instructions must be provided by the customer to our ground staff and crew for reference. Usage of child car seat and child harness on board is subject to all child safety seat requirements. Both cannot be installed on seats in the emergency exit rows as well as the rows immediately before and after it. What infant amenities are available on the aircraft I'll be flying (i.e. bassinets, diaper changing tables)? Infant amenities vary by aircraft. When you're on the airplane page, look for the Infant Amenity Icon. If it is present, clicking on it will tell you what infant services are available on that airplane. If you do not see it, infant amenities are not offered on that aircraft. You can always contact Singapore Airlines for more information. While a limited number of bassinets are available on board on a first-come, first-served basis, Singapore Airlines recommends that you request a bassinet upon booking to assure easy travel with your infants. The dimensions of the bassinets are 768 L x 298 W x 158 H (mm). Bassinets can support a maximum weight of 14kg. Can I sit in the exit row with my infant? Lap children and infant seats are not allowed in exit rows. In fact, no one under the age of 15 is allowed in the exit rows.
  8. AA have confirmed that they have filed for bankruptcy, their parent company confirmed this morning. I don't know the in's and out's of the legal ramifications but apparently they will still try and 'maintain' a presence, (whatever that means) and they hope to stay around. Just goes to show, even a company as HUGE as AA are feeling the pinch somewhat. Cheers Tony.
  9. bensdad

    Flights With Singapore Airlines

    Hi Just thought i'd share this, was originally planning to fly 6th Dec however we are now booked on 28th Nov and saved £500!!! Details as follows: Manchester - Singapore with 1 hour layover in Munich 2 hours stop over Singapore - Perth Also preferred seating booked for an additional £32 each Grand Total £1292 Well happy with that!
  10. Can anyone help me? Have been told that I am allowed 25kg on a 457 visa nad that it should be on the endoresements sections of my ticket. I have booked online and cannot see this anywhere on the e ticket?
  11. Hi.,., Just wondering if anyone has any experience on collecting flight points / rewards / miles etc. I know you can bag them up from each particular airline. And I`m still open to best suggestions on which carry the best rewards (freebies) etc. But, with sooo many flights / airline companies, I was wondering if there was a scheme where I could collected them together. ( ive heard about credit cards flight rewards.,., but you end up paying for the flight miles / points by the 3% card charge - or whatever it is)... Just wondering as i`m booking flights soon and may need to register before hand etc.:idea: CHEERS!
  12. Just thought I would share this. With the rebranding of the this airline, they are offering some good deals, and are opening up a Melbourne to Honolulu route in December, offering some really good prices. There website is: http://www.flystrategic.com.au/Plan/Timetables.aspx and this is an article about them this week: http://finance.ninemsn.com.au/newsbusiness/aap/8369568/new-airline-offers-cheap-overseas-flights I have no connection with them by the way, but am pricing holidays.
  13. Hiya, we are flying with SIA into Sydney and then have a ticket booked to Hobart with Virgin blue - it was bought in conjunction with the SIA ticket so is a through fare. Just wondering though does anyone know what the policy for transferring from the international to domestic terminal is? I've flown with Qantas before and transferred through and they put you on their own free shuttle service but wasn't sure if Singapore and Virgin have this type of thing in place and I can't seem to find it no matter how much I google! I'm just starting to panic and want to be as prepared as I can be because of course we will have loads of luggage with us, a bike and also my 18 month old and pram! Thanks so much for your help in advance! xx
  14. i have a spouses visa and read that I was entitled to 40 K Luggage allowance travelling from Heathrow to Perth I received this reply to an email asking for confirmation This is a courtesy email to advise you of the migrant baggage policy for Australia Kindly be advised, if you hold an unused/unstamped/not validated migrant visa that specifically states that you are permitted to remain in Australia indefinitely / permanently, you will then be entitled to additional baggage allowance of 20 kilos, per passenger (adult & child from London/Manchester only). This additional baggage allowance is only granted on your first use of the visa hence our requirement for it to be unstamped, the visa will be verified by our check-in staff on your day of departure. You can have as many items of checked luggage as you wish provided: The total combined weight of all the items put together does not exceed your total checked allowances No single item of baggage exceeds 32 kilos in weight, as a health and safety requirement If you are not holding the correct visa mentioned above at check-in, then you will be entitled to the standard free checked baggage allowance of 20 kilos per passenger. The excess baggage charge London/Manchester to Australia is SGD80.00 per kilo equivalent to GBP40.00 approximately. We hope the above information helps with your enquiry. Thank you for your interest in flying Singapore Airlines. My husband and children who also emigrated to OZ with me only had a 20K allowance as they had Australian passports and not a permanent visa, I took my visa and the email as shown above and wasnt asked to provide proof as the computer showed that I had the visa. My family all had approx 23K in the suitcases the check in pointed out we were over but let us through with no extra charge. The cases we took as personal luggage weighed about 10K and should have b een 7K no one weighed or measured the size of these cases at Heathrow or Singapore. We were very lucky as a guy in the next check in was told to take out 4K that he was over or pay the excess.One unfortunate passenger got the weight allocation wrong and ended up paying 300 pounds for her second suitcase, Be careful and be prepared to pay if you go over.Good luck
  15. Guest

    Singapore Airlines ticket

    I've just been checking the details on our electronic ticket receipt and all our forenames and middle names have been put together. Does anyone know if this is normal or will cause us any problems? Thanks
  16. Hi Has anyone got the email address where you got the confirmation of the additional baggage allowance for one way travel, I have looked on their website but cannot find it. Thanks
  17. Guest

    Ethiad Airlines & Abu Dhabi

    The centre of the world Abu Dhabi International Airport is well located for a convenient connection, and you can always stop over in either Abu Dhabi or nearby Dubai. Perfectly placed between west and east, Abu Dhabi is ideal for a stopover. Aircraft Used http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/Etihad/uk/en/experienceetihad/Pages/OurFleet.aspx Luggage ..http://www.abudhabiairport.ae/english/airport-information/luggage/luggage-regulations.aspx Currency Exchange .. AED (Arab Emirate Dirham http://www.xe.com/ucc/convert/?Amount=49&From=AED&To=GBP http://www.airlinequality.com/Forum/etihad.htm Airline Reviews Ethiad Website http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/etihad/uk/en/home/pages/home.aspx British Embassy Abu Dhabi http://ukinuae.fco.gov.uk/en/about-us/our-embassy/our-embassy-abu-dhabi/ Australian Embassy http://www.uae.embassy.gov.au/abud/home.html Terminal Maps http://www.abudhabiairport.ae/english/airport-information/terminal-maps/ Fun for young guests Children on Etihad flights find it easy to keep busy and entertained, be it with our range of entertainment options for kids or the special ‘family packs’. Let your child choose from an extensive selection of the latest in children’s films, TV programmes and interactive games. Keep your child busy and creative with our ‘family pack’, which is full of fun activities, stickers, pencils and games. Treat your child’s taste buds with our special kids’ menus, available on request at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before departure. Stay in touch Keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family throughout your flight. Thanks to our state-of the air technology it’s easy. Onboard telephone offering very competitive voice calls*. For instructions, please refer to your inflight entertainment guide, E-Box or ask a member of staff. Beyond just films TV programmes, radio channels, libraries of CDs and interactive games, all when you want them. With as many as 116 TV titles to choose from, you will certainly find your favourite programme on board. Tune into your favourite tunes with our 14 onboard radio channels. Browse our CD library with more than 400 albums. Create your own video and audio playlists. Discover the child in you with 30 exciting interactive games. Entertainment on demand We have taken big-screen entertainment into the sky – and you are in control. The latest blockbusters, timeless classics, the most popular TV shows, exciting interactive games, the best music collection and all-time children’s favourites - there are plenty of ways to stay entertained on Etihad flights. Enjoy over 600 hours of entertainment on demand, including 78 movies. Choose from 24 new releases and 14 classics from Hollywood, and Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, French, Russian, Italian, German, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil titles. We keep the little ones entertained with a variety of movies for kids every month. Inspired Service Our Inspired Service concept promises a touch of inspiration every step of the way. Greater choice of food and beverage, including menus of up to three courses, with hot desserts and café-style hot and cold beverages. A more personal style of service from cabin crew members. Larger, high-comfort pillows to assist with rest and relaxation. Travel packs with comfort items for guests travelling on an overnight flight. Special support for families and children, including kid’s entertainment packs. Comfortable seats Sit back and relax in your wide cradle seat, easily one of the best economy class seats in the airline industry. Ergonomically designed, our Coral Economy Class seats provide great support and space so you can travel in greater comfort. The ‘cradle recline’ feature ensures that your spine rests in a more natural position, letting you relax more easily with a seat pitch of between 32 and 34 inches. Adjustable headrests and integrated footrests add that extra bit to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Dining that inspires Dining in Coral Economy Class is an experience to savour. Relish the fresh taste and flavours of the finest ingredients that go into making our classic dishes. Choose from as many as three main course options, one of which is always inspired by your destination. Indulge in our fine selection of complimentary drinks, hand-picked from around the world. It will come as no surprise that we won the Skytrax award for Best Economy Class Catering in 2007. Entertainment, on demand Stay entertained with over 600 hours of on-demand entertainment, including the latest movies, TV shows, music and interactive games, when you travel in our Coral Economy Class. Our 10.4-inch individual touchscreens, the largest economy class screens in the industry, are your ticket to non-stop entertainment. Enjoy the latest blockbusters, timeless classics and the best in interactive games. Play, pause, rewind as you like; our E-BOX entertainment system is easy to use and puts you in complete control. Connections Your economy class seat lets you recharge your laptop or iPod or connect your personal devices to E-BOX, our entertainment system. Our economy class seats are equipped with in-seat power sockets compatible with most major plug types. Ethernet and audio sockets allow you to plug and play your own devices or music through the E-BOX system. Learn more about Coral Economy Class connectivity options Baby on board In addition to baby-friendly hosts on our flights, we offer everything to make your baby’s journey comfortable. Changing facilities, baby meals (to be requested at the time of reservation or 24 hours before departure) and bassinets (available on a first come, first serve basis, infant must not exceed 10 kg or 10 months, not available in Diamond First Class on some aircraft). If you wish to carry milk or food for your baby, you can have these warmed up on board. We also have soft toys and games to keep our youngest guests happy and entertained on our flights. Bassinets Bassinets are available on all Etihad Airways aircrafts, but are limited in numbers and their availability depends upon the aircraft type. Limited numbers of bassinets are available onboard on a first-come, first-served basis and all requests must be made at least 24 hours prior to your travel date. Bassinets can accommodate infants up to 10 months(maximum 10kgs) (exceptions are based on special requests from Etihad Medical Centre). Your infant’s own shawl or blanket and waterproof sheet should be used. Dimensions of a baby bassinet: Length - 29 inches Width - 13 inches Height - 8.5 inches Bassinets are not available on Diamond First Class on Etihad Airways Aircraft, with the exception of A332 (33B) (config-12/24/180). Infants (in any class of travel) Luggage checked in and stowed in the hold 23 kg - including carry cot/car seat and all other accessories Items must not exceed the dimensions 45cm x 72cm x 90cm Connect with the family Our young guests aged 2-11 years can expect an exciting flight with Etihad. As well as toys and games, your child can enjoy a range of inflight entertainment programmes and interactive games specially designed for kids. We also have a special menu to pamper our child guests. Expect old favourites like burgers, fish fingers, chicken nuggets and vegetable patties. Place your child meal request at the time of booking or at least 24 hours before departure. Unaccompanied minors If a child is between 5 and 12 years old (inclusive) and travelling alone they are treated as Unaccompanied Minors (UM’s). Simply submit a completed form (to be collected from your local Etihad office) at the time of checking in. Children between the ages of 12 and 17 years are not permitted to escort UMs and the child must be travelling on a firm ticket (standby or waitlisted travel is not permitted). After check-in, your child is our responsibility. We guide them through passport control - taking care of all their travel documents - and security checks right up to the flight. At Abu Dhabi Airport we offer a designated UM lounge. Upon landing, they will be introduced to an Etihad ground host, who will escort them through airport immigration to arrivals and hand them over to the parent or guardian. Expectant mothers Etihad Airways desires their guests to have a safe flight. As an expectant mother there is some important information you should know regarding traveling: • Etihad Airways allows pregnant travelers up to end of 36 weeks for a single pregnancy. • Pregnant travelers who are expecting multiple are allowed up to the end of 32 weeks. • If the pregnancy is 28 weeks or more the pregnant traveler will be required to submit a Medical Certificate issued by her Physician, stating fitness for travel, weeks pregnant and estimated due date. • Etihad Airways recommends travelers to avoid air travel up to 7 days after delivery. • Etihad Airways advises their guests the following: (a) Wearing compression stockings and elevating feet during flight as the threat of thrombosis is increased in pregnancy. (b) Avoid lifting heavy weights during pregnancy, so particular care should be taken regarding baggage. Medical certificate for pregnant women: The doctor’s certificate required for women traveling during pregnancy must adhere to the following guidelines: • Be issued and signed by the guest’s medical doctor or attending midwife and written on a letter head of the clinic or hospital. • Be issued within 7days from departure date with the expected date of delivery (EDD). • Number of weeks during the time of travel. • State that the pregnancy is single or multiple. Wheelchairs Etihad Airways provides wheelchair assistance to our guests and the service is categorized as: • Ramp Wheelchair - For guests who can climb steps and walk in the cabin. • Step Wheelchair - For guests who cannot climb steps but can walk in the cabin. • Cabin Wheelchair - For guests who cannot climb steps and cannot walk in the cabin. Etihad Airways will accept guest’s own wheelchair as baggage without charge and in addition to the free baggage allowance provided that they operate with dry cell. Etihad aircraft (ordered after 13 May 2009 or delivered after 13 May 2010) operating to and from a U.S airport shall have a priority space in the cabin for stowage of one guest’s folding wheelchair. This space is available on first come, first serve basis. Elderly Persons/ Senior Citizens Elderly persons may request the use of a wheelchair because of their age or because they are not able to walk. Diabetics Guests suffering from diabetes do not require medical clearance for travel on Etihad Airways. However, you may require special diets and treatment during travel. You should have a medical report from your doctor if you are carrying any medication or syringes in your hand luggage. This is to ensure that you do not have a problem with clearance at the security checks. Medical clearance (through MEDIF) is required for unstable conditions. All Medical Requirements terms and conditions .. http://www.etihadairways.com/sites/Etihad/uk/en/planatrip/specialneeds/Pages/MedicalNeeds.aspx Baggage allowanceshttp://www.etihadairways.com/sites/Etihad/uk/en/planatrip/baggage/Pages/allowances-and-charges-other.aspx Terminal 3 Abu Dhabi International Airport Etihad’s Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi Airport is an exclusive facility for our guests. Opened in February 2009, you’ll enjoy a modern, spacious and luxurious terminal. At the airport We know that caring for a child in an airport environment isn’t always easy. In Abu Dhabi and other major airports we can lend you a stroller to help you through the airport. For Diamond First and Pearl Business our new Family Room in Abu Dhabi offers soft toys, comfortable seating, books, games and qualified nannies. And of course, there are always plenty of Etihad staff to lend a caring hand. Shops and facilities When you arrive at Abu Dhabi International Airport, you’ll find a variety of shops and facilities to aid you on the next leg of your journey. 24-hour medical centre, banks, ATMs, car hire companies, currency exchange facilities, a post office and a mosque. A great Duty Free selection and Duty Free is also available in the arrivals hall next to baggage reclaim, and there is a café towards the exit of the airport. Terminal 3 catapults Abu Dhabi airport into the major leaguehttp://www.taxfreetravel.com/Abu%20Dhabi Airport Hotel Break your journey at the Airport Hotel in Terminal 1, specifically designed to accommodate travellers in transit. Catch up on sleep The comfortable standard rooms offer twin or double beds. Interconnecting rooms are also available. Put your feet up Each room has its own flat screen TV with a range of satellite channels. A selection of magazines is available at reception. Freshen up Enjoy an invigorating shower in your en-suite bathroom and feel refreshed ahead of your journey. The Airport Hotel is wheelchair accessible. Book a hotel room As a passenger in transit, you may be issued an invitation to the hotel by your airline. Contact your airline directly to find out more. You may also book your room in advance, depending on availability. Note that it will not be necessary that you pass through immigration in order to access the hotel. For bookings and further information: Tel: +971 2 5757 377 Email: airporthotel@adhc.adac.ae Showers & Toilets Abu Dhabi International Airport, cleanliness and hygiene are important to us. Toilets for men and women are clearly signposted and are located at various points throughout the airport. There are baby-changing and nursing rooms next to all airport restrooms. All restrooms are wheelchair accessible. View this airport map to find the restrooms nearest to you. Where can I freshen up? For First and Business Class passengers or paying walk-in guests, all of our airport lounges are equipped with premium shower facilities. Find out more about lounges. There are hygienic public shower facilities near departure gates 32 and 37. Use of these showers is free of charge. View the airport map. Smoking While all Abu Dhabi International Airport terminals are non-smoking buildings, there are enclosed smoking lounges and booths in each of the terminals. Smokers can enjoy exceptional air quality while having a cigarette in a smoking lounge or booth. Each terminal has a designated smoking lounge located after passport control: Terminal 1 - First floor, The Al Dhabi Lounge Terminal 2 - Ground floor Terminal 3 - Second floor View this terminal map to find your nearest smoking area. Medical Help At Abu Dhabi International Airport, we are equipped to deal with medical emergencies as well as catering to your every day healthcare needs. 24-hour clinic A 24-hour Medical Services Clinic is located in the Terminal 1 transit area near the Immigration arrival hall. View the airport map here. If you are in Terminal 2 or Terminal 3, call the clinic at +971 (0)2 5053 661 and assistance will be arranged. Ambulance In case of emergencies, Abu Dhabi International Airport is served by a local hospital and an ambulance is always at hand. Approach any member of our airport staff and they will arrange for medical staff to come to you. Pharmacies There are various branches of local and international pharmacies at each of the three airport terminals. Most have qualified pharmacists ready to help. Find pharmacies in your terminal map. Medicine onboard See our Medical FAQs to find out more about regulations regarding medicines which can be carried in your luggage and exceptions to the rules about liquids and gels in hand luggage. What To Do For 4 Hours In Transit You won’t run out of things to do if you have a wait of less than 4 hours between flights at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Will I need a UAE visa? You won’t require a UAE transit visa if you are staying in the airport for a period of four hours or less. Terminal 1 First and Business Class passengers and paying walk-in guests can enjoy one of these four lounges. Al Reem Lounge Al Dhabi Lounge Al Dana Lounge Etihad Diamond First Class Lounge Al Reem Lounge Terminal 1 Take some time out before your flight to relax or catch up on business in quiet surroundings. Dine Hot and cold beverages are served at our open bar. Help yourself to a hot food buffet including a selection of vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sandwiches and snacks are available 24 hours a day. Freshen up Enjoy an invigorating shower and feel refreshed ahead of your journey. Stay connected Catch up on business or check your email with complimentary WiFi available throughout the lounge area. Laptops can be provided upon request. Put your feet up The lounge offers several flat screen TVs with a range of satellite channels. Browse through daily newspapers and a selection of magazines. Wheelchair accessible Yes Access this lounge Yes You can access the Al Reem Lounge for four hours at a walk-in rate of AED 140 (USD 39). Admission is granted on a first come, first served basis and is subject to availability. If you are a Priority Pass, Airport Angel, Veloce Logistics or Diners International guest or are a holder of any Middle East issued American Express cards, you will have complimentary access in line with your programme entitlements. For further information and bookings: Tel: +971 2 505 2745 Email: alreemlounge@adac.ae Al Dhabi Lounge Terminal 1 Refuel and freshen up before your journey begins. The Al Dhabi Lounge is equipped to cater to all your needs. Dine Hot and cold beverages are served at our open bar. Help yourself to a hot food buffet including a selection of vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sandwiches and snacks are available 24 hours a day. Freshen up Enjoy an invigorating shower and feel refreshed ahead of your journey. Stay connected Catch up on business or check your email with complimentary WiFi, available throughout the lounge area. Work stations are available and Laptops can be provided upon request. Enjoy some privacy The lounge has a VIP private room, which must be booked in advance. Put your feet up Watch your favourite movie or TV programme on a flat screen with your own individual head set, or browse a selection of the best magazines and newspapers Children's area Your children can enjoy the separate kids' play area equipped with plenty of fun things to do. Extras Leave your hand luggage at the lounge reception for temporary storage. Smokers can enjoy their cigarette in the dedicated smoking area. Wheel chair accessible Yes Access this lounge If you are flying First or Business Class with any airline except for Etihad Airways or are eligible for lounge access in line with your airline's frequent flyer programme (except for Etihad Airways), you will be issued an invitation to this lounge at the check-in counter. If not, you can access The Al Dhabi Lounge for four hours at a walk-in rate of AED 180 (USD 50). Admission is granted on a first come, first served basis and is subject to availability. If you are a Priority Pass, Airport Angel or Veloce Logistics guest, you will have complimentary access in line with your programme entitlements. For further information and bookings: Tel: +971 2 505 2847 / 2875 – Reception Desk What can I do? Take a refreshing shower, watch TV or enjoy 5-star food at the Al Ghazal Lounge or The Dunes Lounge, even if you’re not flying First or Business Class. Find out about what these lounges offer and their reasonable walk-in rates. Check in to the Airport Hotel and catch up on lost sleep. Browse a wide selection of international and Middle Eastern brands at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3’s world class Duty Free shops. Buy your favourite magazine, newspaper or book and relax in a café. Browse our bookshops and restaurants here. Enjoy the free WiFi connection available anywhere in the airport or make use of the free Internet kiosks. http://www.abudhabiairport.ae/english/shop-dine-and-unwind/before-passport-control/shop.aspx Al Razi Pharmacy One of the most trusted names in local healthcare, now with a pharmacist available 24 hours a day. Terminal 3 4th Floor / Skypark Plaza, Before Passport Control Telephone: +971 2 5998915 Post OfficeEmirates Post Send postcards, letters or courier parcels to any country in the world, or use any of the other services you'd expect to find at a world class post office. Terminal 1 1st Floor, Before Passport Control Telephone: +971 2 5755492 Email: A.Airport@emiratespost.ae Telecoms & Phone boothsEtisalat Phone booth Call the world from this public payphone - phone cards available from Jashanmal and Relay Newsagents. Terminal 1 1st Floor, Before Passport Control Terminal 1 Ground Floor, Before Passport Control Terminal 1 Before Passport Control Terminal 3 1st Floor, Before Passport Control Terminal 3 4th Floor / Skypark Plaza, Before Passport Control There’s no reason to be out of touch at the airport. Connect to our free wireless network, access one of our many free-to-use internet kiosks or make a call from a pay phone. Free wireless internet Wherever you are in Abu Dhabi International Airport, there is a free wireless internet (WiFi) connection available. To connect to the network, follow these simple steps: Search for wireless network from your device or laptop Connect to the network named “ADAC Free Wireless” Once the ADAC welcome box appears, click “ACCEPT”. You will be redirected to Abu Dhabi International Airport’s website landing page. You now have internet access. Enjoy! Free wireless internet kiosks Browse the internet or check your email from one of 50 internet kiosks conveniently located in the Departure areas of all three airport terminals. Access is free of charge. To find an internet kiosk close to you, view a map of your terminal. Airport lounges & Internet Most of the airport lounges offer PCs, laptops, internet and wireless connections and fax machines. Pay phones You will find Etisalat phone booths in whichever terminal you are flying from. Find the pay phone nearest to you using this handy tool. You will be able to buy phone cards from any of the newsagents or book stores. Find these stores here. Travelex The world's largest global airport currency exchange operator. Terminal 1 1st Floor, Before Passport Control Telephone: +971 2 5757601 Email: Rekha.Narayanan@Travelex.com Terminal 3 1st Floor, Before Passport Control Telephone: +971 2 5759660 Email: Rekha.Narayanan@Travelex.com Terminal 3 1st Floor, Before Passport Control Telephone: +971 2 5759455 Email: Rekha.Narayanan@Travelex.com Shopping After Passport Control http://www.abudhabiairport.ae/english/shop-dine-and-unwind/after-passport-control/shop.aspx Boots Pharmacy The UK's leading pharmacy selling over the counter medicines alongside your favourite Boots own brand products, with a pharmacist available 24 hours a day. Terminal 3 1st Floor, After Passport Control Telephone: +971 2 5759814 Email: bootsadhapt@alshayauae.ae Abu Dhabi city is just a 40 minute drive from Abu Dhabi Airport and Dubai Marina is an hour away, missing the worst traffic hotspots. 4 Hours Or More In Transit After Passport Control There are plenty of things you can do if you have more than four hours to spare. With a transit visa, you can explore the city of Abu Dhabi and its surrounds. How do I apply for a transit visa? Your airline should be able to arrange your transit visa for you prior to your journey. Please check with your airline well ahead of your trip to ensure this is possible. (If not, visit our Immigration & Visas page to find out how you can apply for a visit visa). Terms & Conditions The transit visa is valid for 14 days, starting from your arrival in the UAE. If you are transiting on the third destination on your trip itinerary, you will need to have proof of a confirmed onward flight (i.e. an air ticket). Your passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months. If you are of European nationality, you are eligible for a 30 day visit visa on arrival. We regret that citizens of the following countries are not eligible for a transit visa on arrival: Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Niger and Yemen. How can I make the most of my transit time? Here are a few popular activities that will give you a taste of Abu Dhabi’s cultural, sporting and hospitality offerings. Play 9 or 18 Holes of golf at the Al Ghazal Golf Club (sand course) 3 - 5 hours Visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque The majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is probably the most imposing religious and national landmark in Abu Dhabi to date. It is also arguably one of the most important architectural treasures of contemporary UAE society - and one of the most beautiful in the world. 3 hours Visit to Ferrari World Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the largest indoor and first Ferrari theme park, located on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE, with over 20 attractions. Up to 8 hours Play the Par 3 Course at Yas Links Yas Island is a unique environment in so many ways. Home to a rich ecosystem of bird and marine life, these coastal habitats provide a special background to an extraordinary golf course, and a truly world-class golf club. 2.5 hours Shop at Souk Qaryat Al Bery 'The Souk' is a unique and the first of its kind in Abu Dhabi. It was built to showcase Arabian architecture and reflect traditional Arab hospitality and generosity. 2 - 3 hours Visit Yas Marina Circuit Though still in its formative years and continuously growing in its offerings, Yas Marina Circuit is considered one of the most technologically advanced Formula 1 circuits in the world. A training ground and home for motorsports in the Middle East. 2 hours Abu Dhabi (meaning in Arabic “Father of the gazelle”) is the capital city and the largest of the seven Emirates making up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi is the seat of the Federal Government and is the country's political and industrial hub as well as being a major historical and cultural centre. It is a city of contrasts. You'll find the domes and minarets of traditional mosques nestled beside ultramodern skyscrapers, chic five-star hotels near vibrant traditional souks (markets) and futuristic tourist attractions neighbouring kilometres of rolling desert dunes. Economy Covering around 87 per cent of the UAE's total land area, Abu Dhabi possesses 94 per cent of the country's oil reserves and, as the world's fourth largest oil producer, contributes 10% of the world's oil. An initiative aimed at diversifying its economy has evolved Abu Dhabi into a magnet of foreign investment. It is now a cosmopolitan city boasting one of the highest per capita incomes and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Population The UAE's population has grown exponentially to 8.26 million in mid-2010, a growth of 65% in only four years, as strong economic growth has attracted a workforce from all over the world. The population of Emiratis stands at close to one million. The Emirate has the largest population (42 per cent) of UAE nationals. Religion Islam is the official religion of the UAE. However, other religions are respected and are diversely represented. Language The official language of the UAE is Arabic, but English is widely spoken and understood, with both languages being commonly used in business and commerce. Heritage and Tradition The city's progressive vision is tempered by a deep-seated respect for traditions and culture. The artefacts and tools of its early inhabitants, pearl divers, fishermen and dhow builders, are carefully preserved and displayed. Especially honoured is the Bedouin way of life. Climate Between November and March a moderate, warm climate prevails during the day at an average temperature of 26°C, with cooler evening temperatures averaging 15°C. Humidity levels rise significantly in the summer months, between June and August. UAE Currency The monetary unit is the 'dirham' (AED) which is divided into 100 fils. The Dirham is tied to the US Dollar at a steady exchange rate of $US 1= AED 3.671. Useful tips Photography While it is quite acceptable to take photographs, it is considered offensive to photograph Muslim women. It is also courteous to ask permission before photographing men. Avoid taking photographs of government or military buildings. Clothing Abu Dhabi is generally conservative but tolerant when it comes to dress code. The attitude to dress is relaxed, but visitors (both men and women) are advised not to wear excessively revealing clothing in public places, as a sign of respect for local culture and customs. Things To Do in Abu Dhabi Down Town Abu Dhabi Catch a taxi to the busy commercial centre which bustles with traditional and modern activity. On the west side is Al Bateen with a shipyard, where the ancient skill of dhow building is still practiced. The port area of Al Meena is home to several traditional souks (markets). Qasr Al-Hosn The White Fort or Old Fort is the oldest building in Abu Dhabi. The original structure was built in 1793 and was used as the official residence of city’s rulers. http://www.adach.ae/en/portal/qasar.alhosnfort.aspx Al Ghazal Golf Club Play a round on the 18-hole sand course, Al Ghazal Golf Club, the official venue of the Abu Dhabi World Sand Golf Championships. Saadiyat Island The flagship Saadiyat Island offers a host of experiences, among them two golf courses, 29 hotels, three marinas and holiday resorts. The island will also be home to the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Yas Island Yas Island, one of the largest natural islands in Abu Dhabi, is a prestigious world-class leisure destination offering beaches, entertainment, shopping, hotels, a Formula 1 race track and the world’s first ‘Ferrari World’. From October 28, 2010 you can get into the fast lane at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi - the world’s first Ferrari theme park and its largest indoor theme park. On Yas Island, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has more than 20 rides and attractions lie beneath its huge, iconic red roof; which design inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT body. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi delivers the thrill of some of the world’s most inventive rides, eye-catching surroundings, authentic aromas and distinctive sounds of Italy. Rides and attractions: Formula Rossa – The world’s fastest roller coaster, reaching speeds of 240 kmp. G-Force – A thrilling tower ride that will shoot thrill-seekers through the red roof and 62 meters in the air before plummeting back to Earth, experiencing the actual G-force of a Ferrari, in a seat directly inspired by the Ferrari Enzo. Scuderia Challenge – Cutting edge racing simulators similar to those used by the drivers of the Scuderia Ferrari in training. Viaggio in Italia – A virtual aerial voyage over Italy’s cities and their main monuments, mountains and coasts pursuing a Ferrari. Galleria Ferrari – The world’s largest Ferrari gallery outside Maranello, showcasing the most exclusive range of classic and contemporary Ferrari’s from all over the world. Junior GT – A driving school for children with expert instruction where they will drive reduced scale F430 GT Spiders on an equipped driving course. The Racing Legends – A ride through Ferrari’s greatest racing moments starting from the first races all the way to today’s F1 victories. Driving with Champions – an interactive 3-D show which follows the adventures of a young engineer who is taken on the ride of a lifetime with a racing champion on his first day working at the Ferrari factory Junior Training Camp – An interactive play area for children where they can engage with a waterless car wash, become custom ‘constructors’, climb up the grandstand, pilot remote cars, paddle their own miniature Ferrari and play with an F1™ car made of soft, guest-friendly foam. Dining and Shopping – A range of concept restaurants and cafes offering authentic Italian dining experiences, in addition to unique shopping locations. Desert Safari Choose between ‘dune-bashing’ (driving up and down sand dunes at high speed in 4X4s - not for the faint-hearted) and the more sedate camel trekking. Most safaris include dinner at a Bedouin campsite, belly dancing, a traditional henna artist and a falconry demonstration. Many operators offer this experience, so be sure to compare prices. Sheikh Zayed Mosque One of the largest and newest mosques in the world, Sheikh Zayed Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque, is as breathtaking as it is large. Take a tour and be dazzled by the Swarovski crystal chandeliers, 24 carat gold and precious stonework, the endless white marble domes and columns and the largest hand-woven Persian carpet in existence. The Abu Dhabi Corniche Enjoy the sea view from the Corniche, a coastal promenade with manicured gardens. There are shady trees, play areas, a swimming beach, refreshment outlets and bicycles for rent. High tea at the Emirates Palace Hotel With its 60-metre high dome (and a further 113 domes), the seven-star Emirates Palace Hotel is a magnificent landmark. Take in the opulent surroundings over a decadent high tea. Falconry An art developed by the Bedouins for the hunting of small game, falconry is interwoven into the traditions of Abu Dhabi. Experience a falconry display as part of the Falcon World Tour at the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. The Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (ADFH), is the first public falcon hospital in the United Arab Emirates. Opened on 3rd of October, 1999, as affiliate of the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) , it has become the largest falcon hospital in the UAE with a patient influx of more than 42,000 patients in the first eleven years of existence. Over the years, the ADFH has established a loyal and a wide patient-base not just in the UAE, but also in countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain. The high standard of professionalism of all ADFH staff and the customer-oriented, extensive experience in diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention are available now for falcons, all kinds of birds including pet birds and poultry farms to let their owners benefit from our extraordinary experience. The ADFH laboratory performs accurate and advanced lab examinations for all avians and pets in a fast and reliable way with its latest high-tech equipment and highly experienced, committed staff. Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital provides highest quality care, consistent with identifiable health care needs of falcons and other birds of prey, as well as pets and to spread the cultural heritage of falcons and falconry on worldwide level. Moreover, ADFH has highly successfully entered in the field of leisure tourism by continuous and tremendous increases in tourists who have visited and participated in Falcon World Tour year after year. Through its award-winning tourism program, ADFH had proven its importance as one of the major tourist attractions in the Emirate and continuously promoting Abu Dhabi as tourists destination. Qasr Al Sarab Qasr Al Sarab, a luxury hotel overlooking the surrounding Empty Quarter, one of the largest uninterrupted sand deserts in the world, offers desert activities including wildlife tours, camel rides, archery, falconry and Bedouin style dining. http://qasralsarab.anantara.com/ Dhow Cruise Take a trip on an authentic Arabic sailing boat while enjoying views of Abu Dhabi from the water. Several companies offer sunset dhow cruises that include traditional food and drink. Go for gold What’s a trip to Abu Dhabi without shopping for some real souvenir items, the kind that could outlast your stock dividends and make you look good at the same time? Go to the Madinat Zayed Gold Souk to bag reasonably priced pieces of jewelries for yourself or your loved ones back home before you head back to the airport. Price haggling, however, is an art you must learn before setting off for this trip. Usually you can bargain for as much as half of the originally quoted price especially if you are purchasing more than one piece of gold jewelry from the same store. Once a price has been verbally agreed on, however, the buyer is expected to make a purchase. The Madinat Zayed Gold Souk is a stone’s throw away from the Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre and the Abu Dhabi Central Post Office. Cheap Eats Out See Abu Dhabi Time Out http://www.timeoutabudhabi.com/ Café Layali Zaman: ‘Baguette’ may be plastered above the door, but Dhabians know it as Café Layali Zaman. Making sure the weather is charitable, pull up a chair outside, though indoors is no second best. Start off with a fresh fruit juice – guava is our particular poison – and let the smell of sweet shisha waft across your nostrils. The usual Lebanese tapas arrives in no time. The stuffed vine leaves are just the right side of bitter, the houmous smooth and tasty and babaganoush worth an award. A shish taouk is just Dhs20 and a range of Arabic teas complete the experience. For atmosphere alone, it’s worth a trip. AED 20 = approx GBP3.45p Lebanese Flower: Eye-poppingly tasty and always buzzing, the Khalidiyah branch in particular feels like some rustic kitchen. It’s probably one of the dearer Lebanese outfits, but a shish taouk with houmous, soup and a glass of juice will still only set you back Dhs49. Meanwhile, a cheerful man wanders the restaurant dishing out huge discs of fresh, hot Lebanese bread like some benevolent king. The kebabs are succulent and delicious. AED 49 = GBP8.19 Istanbouli: The difference between Lebanese and Turkish cuisine is probably about 1,000 calories. Just add cream and yoghurt appears to be the motto. At least that’s the case at Istanbouli, a clean, friendly cafeteria where Turkish gentlemen are usually to be found in hot debate in the corners. The menu reveals a variety of creamy kebabs, starting with the habitual dish of grainy, but delicious soup. The tahini kebab, in particular, is very good, and even if the houmous is a little bland, there is more than enough here to make you want to come back. Hatam Al Tae: Not the overpriced, mall-friendly Hatem, but rather a cheerful little independent gaff. A sign above the door promises ‘famous Persian food’, and while we’re not sure if this place is world-renowned, it is cosy and looks pretty sharp for a backstreet restaurant. The Iranian fare is also delicious. The menu is laden with kebabs, which arrive juicy and just the right side of charred. Be sure to top the basmati rice off with a pat of butter and inhale the subtle fragrances that make this cuisine so special. Marroush: Essentially a drive-by takeaway, Marroush has fed the addiction of many a shawarma fanatic in the city. It’s also the Lebanese Flower’s fiercest rival. The decor might err on the side of efficiency, but the food is consistently satisfying. A fanfare of half-a-dozen bowls of olives, houmous, chillis and pickles accompanies even the smallest order. The kebabs are tasty – the lamb khishkash especially is well-spiced, juicy and brilliant. Dinner for two is unlikely to break Dhs70, but unless you speak Arabic you will find yourself pointing at things and mouthing ‘yes’ a lot. Things to Do With Kids Fun City: A great place to take energetic kids – there are rides, video games, and you can even hold birthday parties. Children can’t be left unsupervised. Try out the bigger and better Fun City, just opened at Dalma Mall. Marina Mall (02 681 5527). Open Sun-Wed 9.30am-11pm; Thu 9.30am-midnight; Fri 2pm-midnight; Sat 10am-11pm. Entry Dhs20. Other location: Dalma Mall. Fun World: Fun World has loads of stuff for kids aged up to eight to do, including a soft play area, game machines, bumper cars, a variety of miniature rides and a bouncy castle. There are video games to occupy slightly older children. Opposite Cultural Foundation (02 632 2255). Open Sun-Wed 10am-1.30pm, 4pm-10pm; Thu 9am-1.30pm, 4pm-11pm; Fri 4pm-11pm; Sat 10am-10pm. Activities from Dhs3. Fun Zone: Lots of loud games and machines including bumper cars, a boxing machine and the popular basketball hoop. Best for tweens, Dhs50 should last them a good half hour. Al Mariah Mall (02 671 5577). Open daily 10am-3am. My Playground: A children’s play facility bursting with activities including a bouncy castle, maze, sand pit, library, cinema and soft play area. Kids (aged five and above) can be left unsupervised. Marks & Spencer, first floor (02 634 0035). Open daily 10.30am-10pm. Entry Dhs35 during the week and Dhs45 on weekends. Dhs15 for kids below one year. Discounts for ADM members. Sparky’s: There’s a large and well-padded playhouse with ball pools and slides for tots, as well as a small ice rink (kids aged six-12). There’s also loads of games and a bowling alley. Khalidiya Mall (02 635 4316). Open Sat-Thu 9am-midnight; Fri 1pm-midnight. Wanasa Land: Boasts a large play area where kids (aged seven and above) can be left unsupervised. Parents need to stay with younger kids. There are computer games, magic shows and a beauty salon where kids can get their faces painted or hair coloured. There’s also a bowling alley and bumper cars. Al Wahda Mall, second floor (02 443 7654; http://www.wanasaland.com). Open 10am-12pm. Dhs25 for three hours play area; rides and games from Dhs3.
  18. Hi, its been a long since weve been on here. Does any one know the baggage allowance for singapore airlines going from heathrow to perth (one way) ????:unsure:
  19. Hi all, We fly out to Melbourne on Saturday at 22.05 with Singapore. When I booked flights I was told to phone the airline to try and book our flight seats. When I phoned there were no seats left together on the 1st leg of flight and am really worried as we are two adults and two children aged 3 and 4..... has anyone experienced the same issue? I guess I just need some reassurance that we have chosen a good airline, I am a naturally anxious person and am already panicking at the thought of the long flight with two little ones!! Are there plenty of things to do for kids? Has anyone else gone through feeling this kind of worry or am I just being silly!?! Any words to boost my self asteem would be gratefully received! Thanks in advance! :eek:
  20. Dear people were flying to Perth via Singapore tomorrow night, as were emigrating we get double baggage allowance, just found out that as were stopping over for 3 days the ticket between Singapore and Perth is not classed as an emigration ticket and we lose the double baggage allowance we were given at London Heathrow help.................
  21. Hey I'm Roisin and I'm currently cabin crew for an airline based in Scotland. I'm moving over with my partner and was wondering if anyone had any advice for trying to gain employment in an Australian airline. I love my job and would ideally like to continue flying in Oz. Roisin
  22. Anyone flown with Malaysian airlines recently? Do you get the 40kg allowance? Ive read a few threads about the service etc but nothing recent about the allowance? If so Im looking at manchester to adelaide which includes manchester to london with Midlands do they honour the 40kg luggage too? also did you get travel insurance ?? Seems that holiday insurance doesnt cover us as emigrating?! Thanks
  23. Hiya was wondering if anybody has had any success in flying their dog by contacting the cargo department of any airlines directly and bypassing any agent. I know that BA world cargo will not deal with the general public and will only use agents on their behalf, however I was wondering if anybody has managed to do it with any other airline? Sarah
  24. I remember someone in PIO is having discussion regarding the extra baggage allowances that they got in singapore airlines... Can anyone brief me wht i want to do to get the extra allowances. I am 475 visa holder. Rex
  25. I am sure that I have read recently of PIO's getting additional baggage allowance when flying singapore airlines. I contacted customer services and they were of no help just sent me a standard e-mail. Any suggestions would be gratefully received! :biggrin: