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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have read on this forum about the Plumbers and Electricians having to go back to College to get their licence/certificates to start trading and to also be told that they are going to get paid a low wage for first year or so. As I am trained in Plumbing, Refrigeration and Mechanical Services my agent received our TRA back with the Refrigeration/Air-conditioning Mechanic as being a pass from the TRA. Do I now need like the Plumbers and Electricians to go back and re-train for the above i.e. what I passed my TRA on? Also are there any Refrigeration/air-con engineers out there in Australia that have had trouble finding work, and furthermore being paid a poor salary? Did you have to go back to college to re-train? Any info on helping me before I actually get there would be appreciated. My agent at the time of applying did not advice me that I would have to re-train. Thank you for your help AC MAN :cool:
  2. Vetassess test Refrigeration and Air-conditioning review Hi I have now completed my vetassess practical exam for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning so I am posting this to help others who will be doing the test with what happened on the day. Ok first of all the test I did was on the 22-2-2011 at North West collage London not bad to get to, not far from wembley stadium. I rang the collage before the test to ask them about parking and found out that the test would be carried out when the collage was closed for the week so we would be able to use the staff car park in the collage for free. this was very good news as the road side car parking looked limited and with all the tools I had to bring I wanted to be close.(well worth ringing the collage before and asking some questions) tools I took with me electronic leak detector, gauges 404a 134a scale , refrigerant compotator, every day hand tools, solenoid puller, multimeter, vacuum gauge. I also took P.P.E. with me safety boots, gloves, goggles, and wore my work clothes. There were 5 people taking the exam and 6 the day before I think the max number is 6 there was 2 English examiners there that worked at the collage and an Australian from Vetassess. First task was to take some readings from systems we were given I.E. hi side pressure, low side pressure, condensing temp, evaporating temp, ambient temp , how much super heat the expansion valve was producing, and liquid line sub cooling. We then had to reclaim the entire refrigerant from the system and record how much we got out then pressure test with o.f.n. and do a leek test using soap spray then recharge the system and re take all readings for the system. Next I was asked to make up a pipe to the drawing given it had a swage joint a few flared joints on it. When made up we brazed the joins using o.f.n. to purge the pipe work and after cut the joins open so the examiner could see the quality of the joint. Then on to the motors (compressors) I was given 2 motors and asked to test them electrically. The single phase one was fine no fault the 3 phase one had 2 windings shorted together then I had to determine the common start and run terminals of the single phase comp. Then draw how I would wire the 3 phase comp in star and then delta. Then I was given 2 plugs a 13a domestic and a 16a 3phase and a length of wire and asked to wire them up. Next came a air con split system mounted on a upright board I was told there was an electrical fault on it and asked to take a look I did not see it but the examiner told me to look at the capacitor wiring where I then noticed that both wires had been placed on one side of the capacitor essentially making the capacitor out of the circuit. Next I was given a system that was not working the evaporator fan was not working so I chased the wire down to the electrical panel where the wire had been removed from the terminal block.(I was not asked to fix either of the faults only to find them) and last a system that I was asked to record the systems running data the same data as in the first test and find the system fault the fault was with the dryer partially blocked causing bubbles in the sight glass a big temperature difference from the inlet to out let of the dryer and after about 10 minutes some frosting on the top of the dryer. All of the findings were recorded in a small booklet I was given when we started which also outlined the tasks we had to do the examiners where helpful and thank god as I asked more than my fare share of questions. There was all so a few verbal question and answers as we were going along like can you describe the triple vack method. The test stated at 8a.m. and finished at 5.30p.m. Hope this helps some people that are going to do the exam good luck :cute:
  3. Pumpkin


    I moved to Australia in July in the middle of "winter". Nevertheless I chose a house that boasted of ducted air conditioning and I pay ~ $1,300 a week in rent. Now the weather has got a bit warmer and we have found that the air conditioning doesn't actually work. What recourse do we have? The real estate agent is very hostile and unhelpful. We had an earlier problem in that the front door was on an electronic lock but you cannot lock it from the inside, meaning that once we are inside anyone could walk into the house and then it got even worse and we found that the door would unlock itself when we are out! The estate agent wouldn't believe us, even despite one of them coming down and also being unable to lock the door and were talking about us having to wait until the owner flew in from overseas to show us how the door worked. We gave up and just barricaded the door and know we enter through the french windows. However I don't see an alternative to air conditioning not working and feel there is a battle ahead ... any ideas would be appreciated. I kind of get the impression that the tenant has no rights in Australia, but hope I am wrong.
  4. Hi The OH is a very experienced air con engineer, however has no qualifications, its all been on the job traning (the last 8+ years). He has got some photos of jobs he has done and has a log of most of the jobs he has worked on and what work he carried out. So has started up a portfolio of sorts? The company he works for are quite happy to confirm that he has carried out the work and give him a reference. Is that going to be enough? He knows he will have to undertake a course when we come over, but not sure what else Please help? Thanks Becs