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Found 17 results

  1. regan1213

    HR Manager/Advisor - vetassess/AIM

    Hey Guys Just looking for anybody with any experience proving their skills as a human resources advisor or manager to vetassess or AIM. My Wife is currently a HR manager with no degree, a CIPD level 5 and almost 5 years experience (20 months she will have 5 years experience). She ticks all the boxes of the highly relevant tasks for both a manager and and advisor, I will try to keep this into as little questions as possible. What documentation/evidence do each assessor require? Do they need verbal or written confirmation from an employer or is clear documentation fine? as her current employers are unfortunately quite likely to sabotage this is given the opportunity to do so. In terms of job tasks she qualifies now however her official title before being promoted to the manager position was not a manager or advisor but an assistant (official tasks still tick all the boxes) could this be used now as possible experience? I look forward to any feedback you guys can help with. thank you all
  2. Hi guys, We're just at the start of the process and was hoping for some advice! My hubby works in HR and we are trying to organise all the information we need for the skills assessment. The skills assessment is for HR Manager and it is with the Australian Institute of Management. They ask for lots of detailed information, which I think we can provide but just wanted to check if anyone has passed this skills assessment and if so can give us any tips before we submit the application? Thanks in advance for any help! Clare D
  3. hia

    Human Resource Manager

    Hi everyone Please can somebody tell me that if i have 2 years of human reaource advisor expwrience and 4 years of human resource manager experience in a school, will i be able to get a positive skill assessment from AIM? THANKS
  4. Hello there I was hoping someone may be able to help. We submitted our skills assessment with AIM (Australian Institute of Management) three weeks ago. On the website it states it will take up to 4 weeks to get back to you with a result. When we submitted the application we filled out the page asking for credit card details so that we could pay the fee. The four weeks is up next Tuesday and AIM hasn’t acknowledged our application (although I know it has been delivered as we tracked it with the courier) and they haven’t deducted the fee from the credit card yet. I wanted to check if anyone had submitted an application for a skills assessment with AIM and if this was normal or whether we should have submitted an alternative way to pay? Also does anyone know if there is a delay in processing skills assessments with AIM? Any info anyone could provide would be appreciated. Thanks C
  5. Hello Guys, I'm writing to see if any one had gone through assessment of AIM ( Australian Institute of management) ? If yes I need some information on below stuff 1) My current company might not give me experience letter as I am already working here , what do I do ? 2) Companies I used to work 10 years ago entire management has changed & last when I checked with a company I used to work the HR manager said she do not have any records about me as the ownership has been transferred to new investors, I don't want to be in a situation the assessment body to think I'm not genuine just because the guy answering call is new & has no Idea who i am and what I used to do 3) I finished my MBA 2.5 years ago but still have a senior level management experience for more than 3 years which is the requirement, would this need to be 3 years after my MBA ? 4) I have done an executive MBA with out any bachelors as I had enough management experience after high school at the time of enrollment will this be a problem ? I know there are quite a few questions out here but really appreciate your answers even if you know for 1 of these questions i will really help , If you wonder what is the visa I am applying for it is visa subclass 187 regional sponsered migration for Procurement Manager - 133612 cheers
  6. Hi I am a HR Manager hoping to gain a skilled Regional Sponsored Provisional visa to Oz. The AIM criteria for the assessment of a HR Manager talks about 'senior functional management' and stipulates that the applicant must; have reporting responsibility for a number of managers who themselves manage a further group of managers be the most senior functional person in the organisation Whilst I consider myself to be a solid HR Manager, I do not meet the above criteria since my organisation is large and is not structured in this way. Also, when I look at the ANZSCO criteria my skills and experience closely fit this criteria. Are there any HR professionals who have experience of going through this process successfully who can advise me. I don't want to pursue the application if I have misunderstood and 'HR Manager' means 'Senior HR Manager' and I don't meet the criteria. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks, Upping sticks
  7. Greetings all, I'm hoping to get assessed by AIM as an engineering manager because of my degree is in engineering and i have relevant work experience and the required potion within organization structure. I have heard that although AIM is the best path to get assesd as Engineering manager, its also the hardest one to get a positive assessment ! :confused: Has anyone in this forum been through the skills assessment process recently ? Has anyone received a positive outcome from AIM ? appreciate it a lot if you can provide tips or advice. Thanks ,
  8. Guest

    AIM Skills Assessment

    Hi everyone I am an HR Manager hoping to obtain a State Sponosored Skills visa. I am using a Migration Consultant and, at the moment, pulling together the copious amounts of evidence required for my AIM Skills Assessment. Has anyone been through this? Any tips/advice? Karen
  9. Hi there I am just starting the daunting process of getting a State Sponsored Visa. I would be grateful for any tips/advice on the AIM Skills Assessment. Would also be good to hear from HR professions - what is the job market like, how did you brush up on the Fair Work Act, etc. K
  10. Guest

    AIM engineering manager

    Hi guys, I 30 yo and I have this experience: 2 years - civil engineer 3 years - site engineer (reporting to the project manager) 1 year - project engineer (reporting to the project manager) Do you think that I can apply to AIM for the assessment or not because of the lack of experience? Thank you Luca
  11. Guest

    AIM Skills assessment - anyone?

    Hi, Does anyone know of somebody that specialises in getting skills assessment from the Australian Insititue of Management. I need to find out if I have a chance of qualifying under this occupation as it's currently my plan B!! My plan A is a "limited occupation" assessed by VETASSESS which I am confident I can get on my own, but if ACT fill up on this occupation my only other option will be Sales & Marketing Manager which I think I will need help on. BUT I only want to pay for someone with real expertise in this area. Does anybody know someone they can recommend - or has anyone been down this route themselves? So good to see quite a few visas being granted, I hope one day we can join them!! Thanks everyone. :jiggy:
  12. RobandCatherine

    Anyone been assessed by AIM?

    Hi there, I've been watching for a while, but this is the first time I have written on here. Spent a month in Australia over christmas and blown away by it. Have family over there, but no-one close enough to get sponsorship by. At present having my skills assessed by AIM (Human Resources Manager), has anyone else any experience of AIM? We are then thinking of the 175 visa, or state sponsored if, as I read, thats of more priority at the moment. We dont have alot of time to mess about as we have a 14 year old daughter, and although she is keen at the moment, she could easily go off the idea. We have chatted with her and told her maybe next spring (2010). Any opinions about whether to use an agent, or whether to go it alone? First things first though, i guess ....waiting for AIM assessment. Catherine, Rob and three children :cool:
  13. Hiya, I’ve long thought of living in Australia, I’m now at the stage where I want to take another course to bolster my CV, I’m looking at a HNC in Business & Management, but I’m wondering that down the line if this is of any use with my application to Australia? I’ve looked at the jobs list and slightly confused as what direction to take! Ideally I’d like to very strongly consider starting proceedings in 5 years time, so I’ve got a good few years to get some bits of paper behind me. Is there another type of HNC that would be better?...say Building Studies? Or am I totally on the wrong route? I’ve looked at the skills shortage list etc but it doenst really give much guidance on the roles Never know what the future may hold but my current g/friend is starting training as a Nurse in September and she also has a five year plan to get over, basically train for 3 years then work for 2, if we are still together I’d of course happily tag along..but I don’t want to rely on this and would like to be able to get a visa in my own right. My current job position is going nowhere and is not really skilled, I’ve an interest in IT, Business, Retail and Management/Supervisor roles but with regards to my application would this very varied and generalised fields be of any use? I guess I’m kinda asking for career advice haha! I’ve got an NVQ Level 2 in Business Admin and a City & Guilds Level 2 in Plumbing, but both are pretty rubbish qualifications in my mind and hold little interest to me (plumbing is a dead end with no work experience so I gave that up as a dead duck a few years back) oh, i'm 31 in May if that makes any dif. Thanks in advance J
  14. Guest

    Passed AIM

    My husband passed the Management skills assessment with the AIM and we are now ready to start the visa application. They had kept us waiting over christmas and new year but as its good news i'll let them off. Anyone waiting to here or just about to start online application for 175 visa.... Lisax
  15. Hi, Has anyone had their skills assessed by the AIM? How long do they take to complete their assessment? Claire.
  16. Guest

    Anyone been assessed by AIM

    Hi OH looking to apply under general mgr with Australian Institute of management, Has anyone experience this route for assessment. Any idea how easy and how long it takes. Any help on this so we get through first time would be appreciated. Thanks :wubclub:
  17. Hi everyone, boy do I need some help! I'm just about to gather information to send off for my skills assesement as a manager. The problem is the AIM are really crap at advising you what evidance they want. I have got together the following info: Copies of contracts and job descriptions CV wage slips testimonies from previous employees who I've worked with confirming the role and position I held. Organisantional charts Copies of all qualifications and letters confirming the proffessional bodies I am members of. All other courses I have attended in my course of employment I've managed to also get references from all my previous employers. Print outs from the internet confirming the companies all have staff over 600 employees. Guys, is this enough? Am I missing anything? Please help me out this is only the beginning and I'm stressed already! Steph