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Found 45 results

  1. The Pom Queen

    Frankston Leisure Centre gets go ahead

    Frankston Council has agreed to construct the Frankston Regional Aquatic Health & Wellbeing Centre at Samuel Sherlock Reserve. The centre will feature a 51.5 metre Olympic sized swimming pool; ‘learn to swim/leisure’ pool; café; gymnasium; warm water therapy pool, spa and sauna; crèche and wellness centre hosting health professionals as well as a 250 car park. Construction is scheduled to commence in January 2013 and be completed in June 2014 at a cost of $46.3 million.
  2. Guest

    planning ahead

    hi all i am planning to come to oz on a 12month working holiday visa most likely in 2013, how much money would you reccomend to bring, to support ourselves there until we find jobs? just to cover basic needs? any help will be appreciated!
  3. Qantas pilots say they will try to avoid disrupting passengers when they take industrial action against the airline Long haul pilots are seeking a guarantee from management, not to employ pilots from overseas. They say they are still hoping to negotiate, and and will try to minimise any disruption to travellers. Qantas says it's not planning to send jobs overseas, but the pilots say they don't believe management. The Australian online has reported, Australian and International Pilots Association vice-president Richard Woodward would not reveal what action the union was planning, but said it would be obvious to passengers and the union would attempt to minimise disruptions. 'We can't promise that, of course, because other unions are upset with company as well,' he said. "But the stuff we initiate, certainly in the initial phases, we'll do our very best to minimise any disruptions to passengers." Tuesday 12th July 2011
  4. Hi, im just thinking ahead here and want to know if im right or wrong in what im thinking. My partner is currently being sponsored on a 457 visa and has been since the beginning of this year, his occupation is not on the general skilled migration list so therfore we cannot apply for PR this way. On a 457 after 2 years you can apply for PR i believe without having to have skills assessed, does this have to be a employer sponsored PR if the occupation is still not on the general skilled list? Also what if the 2 years is up and in the meantime his occupation is removed from the employer sponsored list and also the general skilled list what happens then, does this mean we cannot apply for anything and have to go home. We have spoken to his employer and they seem reluctant to sponsor for PR just yet and have said after 2 years as they have mentioned the fact we could just leave anytime we wanted if they sponsored us for PR now, we wouldnt do that and have stated there has to be a contract with a period of time my partner will stay but they dont seem to want to budge. Please can someone help me as to what will happen if his occupation is removed off the lists mentioned above. Thanks:unsure:
  5. Guest

    planning ahead

    Hi I'm 17, currently at college studying psychology, law, communication and culture and sociology. I already have an australian visa and have to be in the country by May 2012, along with my family. I hope to go into either social work or counselling when I get over there but also hope to go to uni. Is it hard to get into uni in oz? and are there many jobs in either of those categories in western australia (perth)? Abi
  6. Hi all, Just set up an account after reading some of the very helpful forums available here. I am curently serving in the British Forces and will be migrating to Gold Coast QLD when I complete my 22yrs, which is still forever away I know (Feb 2018), but I want to be totaly prepared and informed before I begin the migration proccess. My Wife is a nurse so we plan to move over on a SOL 175 Permanent Resident Visa in her name. I am an Operator in the Royal Corps of Signals and have studied the SOL but not sure if my qualifications equate to the Telecoms jobs required, but hopefully this wont matter as we earn enough points with my Wifes Job. I already have tons of questions to get answered but will keep hold of them for now as I am sure things will change in the next 7 years. For now I am enjoying researching the Suburbs we hope to move to, If any users are living in the GC area I would be massively grateful for and advice on good/bad areas. I am hoping to rent then buy slighlty inland, next to a lake (Clear Island, Robina Waters, Lake Orr etc.). This will hopefully all tie in with the Wife managing to get a job in Robina Hospital. Southport had a few bad reviews and was said to be just a little too touristy and pricey, shame as there will be a new 700 bed Hospital there in 2012. Good luck to all of you awaiting your Visas and thank you in advance for helping with the barrage of questions I intend to pose over the next few years.
  7. Hi all, Most of us will probably have read about the new proposed changes in July. Does anyone know if it is actually 100% going ahead? Are some of us in a panic over nothing? :unsure: thanks, Lucy.
  8. motherof2

    Full steam ahead

    Having got so near two years ago I'm now pleased to say things are heading forward again. We've just booked our flight and are leaving good old Blighty on 25th August. :biggrin:
  9. Hi Need some advice from you good people! We are planning on moving over to Perth in March next year now we both have our PR. This all hangs on us having enough money though which is why I am asking for some advice. My o/h thinks that I should go ahead as there will be more chance of me finding work and get earning $$ as this will help set us up. I am not so keen on doing this as I was away from him for 8 months last year and I found it really difficult, I also always imagined that we would start this part of our life together! However, if it is going to benefit and help I would do it. So, has anyone else done this? Did it help one earning Aussie dollars or should we wait and go out together in March? All replies appreciated:cute:! Emma
  10. katespratt

    Long journey ahead!

    Hi everyone, Well we are trying to be organized and plan ahead. Im about to start adult nursing and once ive completed me and my husband are off to Perth! and I just cant wait! we are coming in April for 3 weeks so we can get an idea of areas and jobs. Be great to hear from people! Kate
  11. Guest

    The Long Road Ahead...

    Hi all, I doubt you will remember me but I posted in January regarding our desire to emigrate. Well its taken 8 months but we have finally taken the first step. We have just paid the agent and are expecting a call from a mara rep either Monday or Tuesday. This is all very scary and we have so many questions in our heads, its driving us slightly batty :wink: Still very confused as to the ins an outs of all the visa stuff, but at least hubby understands it all, he's being really proactive about it and looking up as much info as he can. Concerns: Health check, Possibilty of daughters dad trying to stop us ( I dont think he can but....), Interruption of daughters schooling ( perhaps she could follow us at a later date?), making new friends, being poor again (lol). Cost of all the paperwork, stress on family. On the bright side, my mum is going to give us £3000 towards the paperwork costs and we have a substantial sum in the bank from when we sold our house. My family thinks its a great idea, his family...not so much but hey ho. We are under no illusions that if we move all of a sudden life will be under a double rainbow:wink: but we hope that Oz is somewhere hard work is appreciated and rewarded and that we will someday be in the position to own our own home and sit on the porch on a nce day drinking a cold beer while the kids splash in the pool. We anticipate that we will probably have to live frugally for up to 4 years until we are finally able to start to treat ourselve ( Dont think the kids will like it but they will learn to deal :biglaugh:. The visa options we have are : Employer Nomination Scheme (121) or Business long stay visa (457). Not sure what one is best, Hubby will have to be skills assessed by Engineers Australia, and he has already registered and uploaded a CV and certitificates to their website. Unfortunatly I don't have many quantifiable skills, I recently completed a college course in website design, but its not a recognised qualification and everything else I've done has pretty much been odd jobs. Anyway, heres to the journey, and to one day achieving our dreams. :eek: Tori
  12. Hi I would love some advice please. I have had a skills assessment done for Adult nurse and I have now got registration with queensland nursing council. I was going to put in for State Sponsership for queensland then they suspended all the visas.I then waited for 1st july . Then came the next bombshell SS being replaced by State migration plans . Thought I would wait, thought it would be sorted by 15 july, but it now seems it may take months. I was going to just go ahead and apply for SS and then the visa as the DIAC still say nurses priority processed. Does any one think i should wait or should I just go ahead. ? ? ? any ideas
  13. Hi there - these posts have been very helpful - now I have a more specific question which I hope someone can help with. My partner is an australian citizen by grant. I am a pom. We have been together 7 years and lived together 3. We currently live in Singapore and were due to submit our visa in early May when I had to get a new passport - long story. Anyway since then my partner's employment contract in Singapore has finished and rather than look for work here he has gone to Australia to try and set things up for our future. He just started a 3 month employment contract this week. Could that be a major problem? I tried to submit my visa yesterday which stated all details of his contract. But the forms were old so we've had to re-do them. He had intended to go after we submitted the visa. But what with the delay it didn't happen. Help - panicking about the best way forward. Just want this damn thing in but in successfully - it takes so long... It's a catch 22 - if he can't get work in Singapore he can't fulfil sponsorship obligations. If he goes to Australia he isn't fulfilling de facto arrangements, although all de facto arrangements are still in place here in Singapore. Joint bank accounts, etc. I can't give up my job until I know we have a visa to be together. Tenancy agreement and bills are in company name so it's all holidays together as evidence and joint bank and savings accounts.
  14. Hi All, Due to work issues, no job at present (yikes) OH is joining us later. I have just realised, having booked the flights, that he was the original main visa applicant. Although we have validated our visa already and it says he must enter OZ before us, does this apply when going back? I'm suddenly thinking 'oh crikey what if they turn us away and send us back' thats me and my daughter. Thanks for any replies :-)
  15. Liam Byrne: No new tax rises under Labour - Telegraph Yesterday, in a surprise intervention ahead of the Budget, Liam Byrne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, ruled out further increases, including VAT, should Labour win the election. Will the people fall for it? I think they will!:unsure:
  16. koala09

    Court case ahead!!!

    Hi all, We have just lodged our visa's today, so was on a real high and very excited about things and our new life to come in oz. Then I get home from work to find a solicitors letter stating that my ex partner, father of my son, is not willing to sign the stat dec to let my son leave to go to australia. We spoke to him right at the start when we were thinking about going to oz, and he said " I won't stop him going, but will try to change his mind" Which he has tried to do, but my son (he's 11) is still very keen and very excited about going to live in australia. We have kept him (ex) informed of everything along the way and he has given me no idea that he was going to put a stop to it. So now it looks as if we might have a court battle on our hands. And was wondering if anyone has gone through this theirselves, how long it can take, and how much it is likely to cost. I just can't believe this is happening and feel so low and deflated right now :cry: Think we will be having a very stressful year :arghh:
  17. touch107fm

    Full steam ahead

    Hi all and happy new Year. We are going full stream ahead with our 745 visa application. I posted a few messages on this forum a while back..Basically my girlfriend recently went over to Sydney to see if she would like working and living there before we uproot and moved over. I have lived there before and was totally happy to move. She is currently working for Hospital in Sydney and they have offered her sponsorship. She has told them she will only take the job if I can go and join her in Australia. She was told that will not be a problem. I know we tick the boxes as regards the checklist for this visa 475 we have lots of evidence of our relationship. Lived with each other for over 12 months, jointed back account etc etc She is a nurse. I will be hopefully joining her as a spouse on her 475 visa We are just going through our checklist and we have a few questions. I am Irish citizen living in London and she is asking me about getting medical insurance she has being told by some people that we will need it for our application and others say that we don't. Do we need to get it because she is a nurse. I will be working in Television so cant see why I would need it and as far I was aware ''As a resident of the Republic of Ireland or New Zealand you are entitled to free treatment as a public in-patient or outpatient at a public hospital and access to subsidised medicines under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme during your visit to Australia'' Got this email from my girlfriend about the medical insurance. have spoken to immigration AGAIN! and it looks like we don't need to get private medical insurance as we are both covered by medicare. As long as our counties of citizenship have a reciprocal agreement with Australia then we are covered, both Ireland and England have. Do I the spouse need to get police checks UK, medicals and Xrays. My girlfriend has already done all of hers ages ago to get clearance to work in oz.. I have loads of questions but will leave it at that for now. Any help would be great. D
  18. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hi there, The UK pound had a relatively unspectacular week against the Australian dollar. The pound did manage to lose a bit of ground against the Aussie early in the week, as some fairly flat to negative data out of the US had markets questioning the speed of the global recovery and growth sensitive currencies like the Aussie dollar declined. Appetite for the “safe haven” US dollar weighed on both the GBP and AUD. Retail sales and CPI data out of the UK last week were pretty much as the markets expected and did little to stimulate UK pound demand. As for this week, a heap of data out this week for the markets to get their teeth around, including UK GDP for Q3. This week’s focus will be on data results and this will govern direction for the short term. Good data is good for market sentiment, which in turn is positive for both the Aussie dollar and UK pound against the US dollar. Aussie dollar strengthens (usually!) against the pound when the markets are positive. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.8110 Low: 1.7880 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.8250 Low: 1.7725 Click here to view GBP/AUD historical charts Remember – it’s not about guessing as to which way the rate will move, it’s about managing your needs depending on your propensity for risk and your timeframe. Talk to your currency provider today about how to best manage your currency needs. What is a Spot Contract? Click here How can a Forward Contract help you?Click here How can a Market Order help you? Click here Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  19. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hi there, The Pound had a bit of a roller-coaster week. To its credit, the pound did recover after a mid-week dive which saw the GBP/AUD cross dip to as low as 1.78. Both currencies are currently benefiting from a weaker US dollar which continues to get slammed. Positive data showing there are signs of a global recovery has been bad news for the greenback. The ‘safe-haven’ appeal of the US currency is becoming less and less. As for this week – there is a bit of important data due out of the UK this week, including CPI data and Retail Sales. If these figures come out positive - and there is every possibility they will - you could see the UK pound continue to recover. “Hooray” I hear you say! GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.8090 Low: 1.7810 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.8300 Low: 1.7850 Click here to view GBP/AUD historical charts Remember – it’s not about guessing as to which way the rate will move, it’s about managing your needs depending on your propensity for risk and your timeframe. Talk to your currency provider today about how to best manage your currency needs. What is a Spot Contract? Click here What is a Forward Contract?Click here What is a Market Order? Click here Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  20. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hi there, Although the UK pound appreciated last week against the US dollar, so did the Australian dollar. The GBP/AUD cross therefore had a fairly unspectacular week. Fairly range bound with activity between the two currencies limited to between 1.80 and 1.83. As for this week, there is a fair bit of data out of the UK to give markets a better idea as to how the UK economy is performing. This includes Trade Balance data, the Bank of England Inflation Report and the UK Unemployment Rate. You just have the feeling, one if not more of these figures are going to come out on the shabby side. Confidence survey data and employment figures are due out of Australia as well this week and these could point to further strength in the Aussie economy. Governor Stevens was on the wires last week re-evaluating the inflation forecast upwards for the foreseeable future – this will only provide support for the Aussie dollar. The next few days will give us a better idea how this cocktail comes out. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.8295 Low: 1.8090 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.8350 Low: 1.7850 Click here to view GBP/AUD historical charts Talk to your currency provider today to discuss how best to manage your currency needs. Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  21. Guest

    457 the way ahead?

    hi all. i am new to this forum and am desperate to come and join you lucky people out in oz. i have received a job offer in melbourne and am looking into the various visa options available to me. i understand that a 457 could possibly be the quickest option and may be resolved within about 12 weeks according to the migration company that i have been speaking to. i would be grateful for any feedback and experiences you guys may have had. also would i be able to apply for residency whilst on this visa? cheers jim
  22. Hi All, I am due to head out to QLD in the next 4 to 6 weeks (DIAC permitting) to take up a new job; my wife and 3 boys will be joining me later (probably December). As well as finding some temporary accommodation for me I have to establish a business office (most likely in Milton) and then start finding a family home to rent somewhere near a good school. Can anybody offer any advice in relation to the following: 1. agents dealing in short-term accommodation for newly landed ex-pats, I don't need a big place as I will be "on my own" and just need a place to sleep and work; 2. the best suburbs to look for reasonable family accommodation close to good schools (my boys are 7, 5 and 3 and love their outdoor sports); 3. is it worth using a relocation agent to search areas and fix up viewings etc, I have a colleague who used Queensland Relocations and was full of praise for them. Any advice greatky received, see you all soon. BigB
  23. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hi there, The respite for the GBP didn’t last long. After having a go at regaining some respectability against the USD, some fairly average industrial production numbers out early last week put paid to that, and the tone was set for the rest of the week. Another blow for the pound was the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to increase their official lending rate to 3.25%. This had investors clambering to buy Aussie dollars at the expense of all the major currencies including the UK pound. As you can see below, the GBP/AUD cross got hammered. The unfortunate thing for those looking to repatriate pounds back into Aussie, is the trend looks like continuing. Compared to the same time last year, the UK pound has slipped 30% against the AUD. Anyway, enough of that. As for the week ahead, a heap of data due out for the markets to get their teeth into. Most of the ‘meaty’ data is due out from the northern hemisphere. If the data comes out on the positive side, expect the Australian dollar to continue its trek north. The UK pound is in desperate news of some positive economic data otherwise its slippery slide will continue. A combination of positive global data and less than impressive UK economic date will see the pound slip further against the Aussie dollar. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.7600 Low: 1.7250 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week; High: 1.7500 Low: 1.7050 Click here to view GBP/AUD charts Talk to your currency provider today about forward contracts to protect your currency risk. Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  24. Hi, I don't know if anyone has been in a similar situation. We are hoping that my hubby will obtain citizensip by descent by the new year. We are doing the whole immigration thing ona budget. We won't be able to afford recces and having months of rent in advance etc will nt be possible for us (one of the reasons we are leaving UK) we are wondering if it would be best if hubby applied for jobs and moved over if he is lucky enough to get one. That way he can live in a studio and look for a place to rent, get a feel for the place etc and have it all in place ready for me and our 3 young children to join him hopefully not too long after. Hwever I am wondering how that affect s us back here. We are in receipt of housing benefit and child tax credits. If he is earning and living abroad do we still have t declare his earnings or would I essentially have only one incme into my household therefore they would increase? This is nt about fleecing the benefits system its just I can't imagine sending money abroad is very quick or easy and I cannot afford to ove at home with the 3 kids on my part time wage. Also would rental properties allow my husband to apply on his own or would we bothneed to apply? I am trying to think of ways not to unsettle the kids, they are 6, 3 and 6 months presently and they don't need to arrive in a new place and be dragged aorund house viewings school views and stressed parents worrying if its all going to fall into place etc etc Any advice or stories of how you did it would be most appreciated. Thanks
  25. Guest

    GBP/AUD - The Week Ahead

    Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hello all, Against all predictions, there was a bit of respite for the beleaguered UK pound. Financial markets are always nervous. The recent trend has been to sell the safe haven currencies in favour of the likes of the higher yielding currencies such as the Australian dollar. The result of this sort of trend is the Australian dollar appreciates and generally the currency crosses such as the GBP/AUD get worse for those looking to repatriate funds from the UK into Australian dollars. However - some fairly shabby data out last week gave the currency and equity markets the jitters globally and the question was asked; “ how long is it really going to take to get out of this recession? “ The answers were not as clear-cut as they were a few weeks ago and the demand for the Australian currency lagged. As with last week, there is a heap of economic data due out this week (Bank of England rate announcement – expected on hold) and with it comes a good chance markets may feel the pinch of some fairly nervous investors. This being the case, I would expect the GBP/AUD cross to remain at around these levels or even improve slightly. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.8390 Low: 1.8170 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week: High: 1.8550 Low: 1.8100 Click here to view GBP/AUD charts Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy