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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all I have just read my sponsorship agreement and one of the terms say i must transver approx $20,000 to Australia :eek: Does anyone know if WA check this or ask for any evidence.
  2. Hello everyone hope all is well and good? Not posted on here for a while as been loving oz life but now have a big problem and seeking help . We are currently renting in Brisbane and have been in same property for past 6 months. our current and 1st rental agreement is due to end mid sept, we received renewal of this rental contract mid july which commenced rental agreement from mid sept till end jan 2012. just previous to receiving the renewal contract my husband applied for a job in cairns but hadny heard anything, so when we received renewal contract ( 7 weeks before commencement date!!) we signed it, after a couple of phone calls from real estate agent chasing us up, then when they had lost it, threatening to issue us with a 'Notice to vacate'. well, since then, my hubby has been offered the job and its too good an opportunity to miss, the problem is, the landlord doesnt want to let us out of this renewal contract which starts in 2 weeks(!!!!) as he doesnt want to be out of pocket. We have sent him an email (via estate agent) but he doesnt want to budge..............Can anyone give us some advice or tips to help fight this??? Thank you in advance, we are desperate to get to Cairns but cant pay rent on 2 properties at the same time :err:
  3. Cal2

    457 - Reciprocal Agreement

    Hi, if you are from the UK and are coming to be resident in Oz on a 457 visa, are you entitled to medication via Medicare / PBS, that you already take in the UK to prevent an illness, ie diabetic treament, HRT, antihypertension or other medication. I appreciate people posting what they think, but if someone is over in Oz from the UK on a 457 visa (or was on one at some time), I would really appreciate their experience of obtaining medication in OZ that they were taking in the UK before they moved to Oz thanks Cal
  4. WA wants me to sign and return sponsorship agreement after I have lodged my visa application with DIAC. At the end of the letter from WA is a note saying: Please note: Copy of signed letter can be returned by email only to: migration@dtwd.wa.gov.au Does it mean that I can send the signed agreement by email? I mean: sing it, scan it and then send it to that email address? Or do I have to use a normal post service? Also, WA wants me to send them my "Transaction Reference Number (TRN) or case file number but From DIAC I've got only "TRANSACTION RECORD NUMBER". Does it mean the same?
  5. firebladebally

    Labour agreement

    Hi all, has anyone in oz ever been on or heard about a visa called a Labour Agreement ?? We are on a working holiday, my partner hass been offered a job and the employer siad there is a posibility of a labour agreement as her job role is not on the skills list. Any info would be greatkly appreciated , cheers !
  6. We are just about to submit my 457 visa and have a few bits of application we can't fill in! Firstly - proving our relationship! My OH and I have been together three years in January but we have been renting a house off family for the last two years so don't have a tenancy agreement. I have been advised to get a letter confirming that we have been living together as a couple since 31st Jan 09, explaining that no official tenancy agreement was set up as we are renting privately through family? We do have plenty of bills with both our names on them, a joint bank account and also documents for the two holidays we have been on together in the past three years.....will this be ok? Secondly - previous visas Both my OH and I have previously travelled around Australia (before we met) on Working Holiday Visas. I still have the same passport so have my visa details but my OH lost his so we no longer have his. I called the Australian Embassy today and they said to just write on application that he no longer has original passport with visa and to check electronic records? I am not confident that the visas were electronic then....he went out a year before me and I have a paper version in my passport? Anyone experienced anything like this? Is a Holiday Working Visa something they are that bothered about? It's becoming all so real now! Super excited!!
  7. Hi, Does anyone know if there is any way to get an agreement in principal for a mortgage before moving to Australia? I had thought someone on here before had mentioned that when opening an Australian bank account, the bank also offered them a mortgage. Thanks Shaz
  8. Hi everybody, I am facing a problem in filling the WA agreement from and form 1100. I have applied to DIAC (paper) and in the acknowladge letter they gave me a File Reference Number. But when i got WA sponsorhip approval, in the agreement form they want my Transaction Reference Number(TRN). what should i do? Should i mention the File Reference Number there instead of TRN? Please advice me. Rana. ranasohana@yahoo.com
  9. Hi All Myself and family hope to move over to Perth early next year as house is on the market and time is ticking on our permanent residency visas. I due a baby next June and mostl likely we will be in Perth by then and was wondering where we stand as regards hospitals fees/aftercare when having a baby on a permanent residency visa. I have recently found out that there is a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement between the British Isles and Australia which covers visitors for healthcare while over there free of charge. I understood that if on a residency visa that there is a waiting period to avail of Medicare Cover and that you had to take out private health care insurance but was wondering if this agreement covers us for anything. If anybody knows about this i would love to hear as we want to organise private health care if it is a thing we have to get it when we get over there. Thanks
  10. Im paying 380pw for a 2br house in Brunswick. Its a nice house, has small garden, garage but not too large. I arrived back in Feb and offereed 380pw (advertised as 350pw) as was getting knocked back on all other properties (think cos references were all English). I can pay the rent fine, but the two identical units, I know that they are paying significantly less than me. I know I signed up for this, but been thinking that perhaps I should look for a better value place to rent. I did ask the estate agent about this when signing up the contract and think they mentioned that I may lose my deposit as they would have to incur the cost of finding other tenants (fair enough). However need to talk to them about if I can find other tenants (through sites like gumtree and perhaps even this one) if I would then be able to keep most of my deposit. I guess im just wondering on other peoples thoughts, if other people have broken contracts, if the renting situation is still in high demand, etc etc
  11. Or are these two different areas? I'm asking as my other half is a scaffolder, and wonder if a Labour Agreement is possible as he has a company that wants him to work for them thanks
  12. Guest

    Labour Agreement

    Hi, anyone gone to oz on the Labour Agreement? - visa 120 or 855? If so can you please provide info like: how easy is the process? what is the process? how long does it take? how much? etc etc Thanks
  13. We have decided to let our house out and I have an appointment tomorrow with a solicitor to draw up a tenancy agreement. I haven't a clue what's involved, so any tips on what I should ask to have in it? I know he'll know himself, but is there anything I should be including to make things a bit easier while we're away? Cheers, Sheena
  14. Hi there, can anyone help with any of these queries? Does anyone know if a tenancy agreement has to be drawn up by, or involve a solicitor? Can I just do it myself, using a friend's agreement, which was drafted by a solicitor, and adapt it to suit? If we both sign it, is it legally binding, and if so, who, if anyone, would have to witness the signing? Trying to look after the pennies, you know??:mad: Thanks, Sheena
  15. Guest

    Labour agreement?

    Hi all, i am joining the raaf in jun e09 and have applied for visas on a 47ES. They have received my paper application and are apparently waiting for a new labour agreement being signed by the goverment, then will proccess my app. Does anyone know anything about the new signing and in particular when it will be signed? perhaps allan collet does? thanks in advance