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Found 107 results

  1. Vanilli

    Agency recommendation needed!

    Hi all! New to this forum, looking for recommendations for an agency to help with my visa application. I’ve decided to go this route for many reasons and I’d love some personal recommendations please. Thanks!
  2. Hi folks, I am a mental health nurse. I am torn between taking a permanent post and going down the agency route when I arrive in Melbourne. Ideally, I would go agency initially to afford me some flexibility and time for fun in building a home in a new place. Does anyone have any insight on good nursing agencies? Looking for a balance of fair pay, good staff support and regular shifts. Many thanks, Emma
  3. Shauna H

    Skilled Visa

    Hi, Myself and my husband are looking to move to Australia on a 189 visa, I am a qualified Accountant and he is a qualified Electrician we are both 32. Can someone please help me with the following queries : 1. Are we better applying under my Husbands trade or mine? (I was told the market is saturated with Accountants) 2. Can anyone advise of an agency who are successful - I know there are so many people claiming to be the best. Any advice at all would be a great help. Shauna
  4. Hi All, I have a specific question that I cant seem to find an answer for anywhere. I really hope someone has had some experience and can advise me :-) Will be greatly appreciated. Currently I'm on a 457 with an agency, so it means I cannot apply for PR because my 457 is held with an Agency (this is what the agency has advised me). One of my options is to apply for de facto through my relationship, but I'm just wondering that if I do this: 1) Will I stay on a 457 Visa until PR is approved? 2) Or will I move onto a Bridging visa? (if so which one) 3) and if i'm on a bridging visa, am i able to apply for other jobs, or do i need to stay in my current job/457 until PR is granted? My worry is that if I apply for de facto, I'm stuck in my current job with my agency for at least 12 months. Thank you in advance, Tom
  5. Hello, This is my first post on this forum and hoping to get some much needed advice. I'm getting lost in information through the internet and need to be pointed in the right direction so here goes.... I'm due to finish my degree this May and once registered I'll be a qualified social worker. I'm already aware that the AASW will not allow me to register and practice as a social worker in Oz as when I arrive this September (2014) I will not have gained enough post qualifying experience. So, I was hoping to try and gain work in a more supporting role , similar to what I do now in the UK,which is a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. I have plenty of experience in adult and children social care roles across residential settings or community work. I'm due to come over on the 12 month WHV and really need some advice on where to begin. If I am unable to secure paid work, can anyone point me in the direction of good voluntary agencies. I'm planning on heading to Sydney first then making my way to Melbourne. Any advice, links, agencies etc would be a massive massive help!!! Many thanks in advance!! Scarlett
  6. clara111

    Labour Agreement

    Hello Guys, I have had a chat to a recruitment agency who have mentioned that that could sponsor us on a 457 and basically hire us out. What if any are the bad points on this, is this a good idea, does it effect wages? Thanks :confused:
  7. Guest

    Pet Agency not to use

    Hi all, Some of you may have seen my previous posts about the problems I had with my pets when they arrived. To make a very long story short the agency made a mess with the paperwork and ours very nearly had to be sent back and re-imported at our expense. I have been in touch with 2 other people through a dog forum that this carrier has done the same thing too in the last month alone! PLEASE PM me if you want to know who NOT to use.
  8. Guest

    Employment Agency

    Hi to all, Did somebody know some good and trusted agency for job finding in Australia. I`m mechanical engineer working in construction sector and planing to move to Australia with family. Or if somebody have advice what is the best way to found job there please advice. Thank you in advance goky
  9. ilovemilkymoos

    Agency CV Cover Letter?

    Howdy all, Looking for a little bit of advice with regards to applying to agencies for work. I'm a qualified engineer and myself and wife are heading to Sydney in April 2012. Been looking at jobs but have'nt anything lined up yet! I was thinking it was a bit early, but I'd rather be on top of things than not! Anyway, i'm looking to send my CV off to some engineering agencies, but i want to highlight that - 1. We are emigrating on a permanent basis on a PR175. 2. That i will be available for interviews/meetings from the 11/04/2012. As i'm not applying for 1 specific job that is advertised, i'm not 100% sure how to go about the format or context of the cover letter? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Johnny.
  10. Guest

    Good Nursing Agency in Sydney

    Hey guys, Just moved to OZ a month ago. Just started working for National Nurses Plus nursing agency they have heaps of positions for Nurses if you have not checked them out yet, give them ago. Cheers James Oh by the way anyone know of a good private medical company?
  11. Guest

    True Blue Migration Agency

    Hi, We are thinking of using True Blue Migration Agency and wondered if anyone's used them and if they come highly recommended? Many thanks
  12. zk2102

    Agency or go it alone?

    Just wondering what the best option is and other peoples experience with the visa. We're still undecided wether we should apply for skilled or state sponsored (hoping to settle in Queensland and should we use an agency) Theres sooo much to put in place before we even put pen to paper! OH has just booked his IELTS. Hes just sent his degree off to be verified by Aussie Engineers (does anyone know how long that takes?) Also does he have to become a member of Institute of Civil Engineers before we can make our application. So much to do and we've only just started ):eek:
  13. TheClarkeFamily

    Visa applications - agency or not?

    Hi all. We were going to pay an agency to do our application for us but my husband has now decided we should do it ourselves and save that extra money towards other costs if we are successful. We have been told by 4 different agencies the same information, that our application is straight forward enough, what to do, what to expect etc. I know I need to pass IELTS at level 8, have a meeting with the Australian NMC etc. Hubby has faith that we can do this paperwork ourselves - who has done thier own applications and what issues, if any, did they come across? Is it straight forward? Am I nuts to even consider this lol?? :eek:
  14. lynn22

    Agency info

    Ok I think I'd like to phone an agency & just go over our plans & seek advice as to which is the best way for us to continue forward. Are the agency's in UK or Oz ? which would be the most helpful for me to call ? Many thanks Lynn x
  15. Guest

    Nursing Agency?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this site and asking for help from any nurses. I made the decision to move down under a couple of months ago and now need to start the process HELP!!! I am not sure whether to apply through an agency or do it all alone, has anyone got any experience of using a agency and is this the best option? Many thanks Stevens Family
  16. Hi my partner has seen cat jobs listed and is really interested having worked for them in the UK but can't find any recruitment details? anyone have any info, or jobs in similar companies, he is a fabricator Thanks muchly
  17. Dear Poms, I would be grateful if anyone can advise me on a recruitment agency that specialises in construction professionals. I am a building surveyor and have got my 176 SS visa for SA. I'd like to hear from anyone who's had a good experience with a relevant specialist agency. Look forward to the posts. Ploppy.
  18. ruthiep

    Nursing in OZ

    I have just applied for my nursing registration, hoping to come over next year. I may take an agency job, does anyone have any experience of this,and what constitutes a good package? Also how is it nursing in Australia, what are the differences etc, have heard its generally easier and better paid, is this the case?
  19. Guest

    act now recruitment agency

    I'm wanting to start immigration process with act now recruitment agency. Has everyone been with this company? What did you think of act now recruitment? Tell me if you had any problems. And overall what did you think of act now recruitment. Looking forward to your comments. Many thanks. Paul.
  20. ranjeetsingh2010

    How to get an agency to send you a 1100?

    I am applying for a subclass 176. I want to know how I can get a 1100 from an agency. Also what agency can be approached to send the same on my behalf. Any information in this regards will be very valuable.
  21. Does anyone know what the apy rates are for agency nurses in Melbourne? I'm tossing up about who to go with-drake seems to be well used:biggrin:. Can anyone reccomend a particular agency where there is plenty of work?? Jacqui
  22. I understand that there are national agencies out there but in my experience have found that smaller agencies offer a more personal, tailored service. I would greatly appreciate any personal recommendations that you may have :biggrin: Thank you :notworthy:
  23. Guest

    has anyone here ever...

    has anyone here ever gotten re-evaluated for two or more occupations by the same agency? For instance, I have been working with the same company for many years (since I was a kid, in fact) with many different responsibilities. My duties encompass a lot and have changed over time. Long story short, I would like to submit my application for assessment, but considering the fact that July 1 is quickly approaching, I am afraid they may replace the SOL to accommodate the new system and my occupation may be removed. If this is the case, I may be able to apply for another occupation, but I'm afraid the agency may look at that with a bit of suspicion. I want to wait, but my supervisors have already written the recommendations and I dont' want these to be old and dated. At the same time, I don't want to waste money on a useless positive assessment (if that should be the case) Any thoughts, or opinions?:idea:
  24. Hi Good day We hear and read that CO's say your application is under security checks by external agency or External agency has not completed the report yet ( in my case) Now, I would like to know, is external agency an organization working in applicant's home land? Do they contact applicant's government authority to obtain information ( By legal way ) or they obtain information by illegal ways through spies or their staff in applicant's home land ? I know answering to this question is very difficult but I think there are some users in this forum who are able to share their information and experience. Regards
  25. Hi everyone, Me, my OH and little boy are currently in the process of imagrating the oz, AHPRA is nearly completed and now comes the difficult part of finding ajob with sponsership visa. However HCL international, offer sponsership and guanteed salary, I wondered has anyone worked for this company before, or know someone that has? as just trying to find out my options. Any information would be great Many thanks Gemma:cute: