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Found 11 results

  1. Marlene

    reciprocal medicare

    We're familiar with the operation of Medicare and that it covers a percentage of costs etc. Just want to ask if there are any aged-parent Visa holders here who have been using the UK reciprocal medicare and does this give you exactly the same cover as Australian Nationals or is it a sub set? Also, if you have additional health cover what sort of cover is the best to go for with reciprocal Medicare? It's a bit of a concern leaving the all-inclusive NHS without understanding fully what we can or cannot get in Australia. Many Thanks for your time and consideration. Keep well! qqMolly
  2. Hi Everyone, We have just decided to move to Oz on an 804 Aged Parent Visa. We have searched everywhere but are not able to find out if we will be able to purchase a house to live in after we have applied for the 804 visa and received our Bridging visa A. We realize that our visa will take many years to come through. How have others managed accommodation during the long wait. It seems too long to live with our daughter and family. Thanks.
  3. There are several requirements that must be satisfied before reasonably considering lodging an application for an Australian parent visa. To help those who might be considering applying for a parent visa they are summarised here. The balance of family test must be satisfied. This requires that at least half of your children live permanently in Australia, or that more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country. Those who do not satisfy the balance of family test may be interested in the proposed new temporary Parent visa Applicants must have a sponsoring child who is “settled” in Australia. The subject of settled sponsors is discussed more fully here If applying for a subclass 804 Aged Parent or subclass 864/884 Contributory Aged Parent visa: The main visa applicant must be “aged”, this being the age when you are eligible for an Age Pension in Australia All applicants must be in Australia when the visa application is submitted to the Department of Immigration, and when it is granted If applying for a visa while in Australia a condition 8503 (No Further Stay) must not attach to the visa used to enter Australia. If applying for an offshore visa (subclasses 103, 143 – with a one step visa strategy – and 173 are offshore visas) applicants must be outside Australia when the visa is granted. Sufficient funds to pay the 2nd Visa Application Charges – currently AUD 43,600 per applicant – must also be readily available when a Contributory Parent visa application is approaching finalisation. For some, this will require careful management of the visa application process to ensure liquid funds are to hand at the appropriate time, as the Department of Immigration requires remittance of the 2nd VAC within 28 days of the issuing of the request for payment. Kindly reproduced with the permission from @Alan Collett at Go Matilda
  4. Hi All, Never a time we donot miss our parents being with us. Seeking assistance regarding the Aged Parent Visa subclass 804. Queries: 1. Would like to confirm if the main applicant is 71 and the spouse is 62 they are still eligible for the aged parent? 2. Balance of family test - how do we actually prove this? i dont have a sibling, however even if i had one, nd wasn't staying with parents and we donot put their name on the form 47pa, how would that matter? 3. AOS - i believe the current threshold income for sponsoring 2 parents is around $48k. i have sponsored my wife last year? will this matter? Have an annual income over 70k for the last two years however a tax debt on a payment plan. will this be an issue? 4. Health Assessment - 71 with 2 heart surgeries and 62 with knee problem. How likely do they reject considering this? I Agree Aged parent queue is a long wait. Personally, i do see this as a benefit as after 20 years even if the visa is denied, i myself would be 60 and would like to go back and retire in my home town. Appreciate all advise.
  5. hi everyone I am new on here so bear with me if i make any mistakes but my only living family are moving to australia and want me to join them as soon as i can. I am just 70 and fit and healthy with funds to buy house (eventually) and medical ins etc so not looking for any handouts. I am getting conflicting advice about how long these visas are taking and what the chances are of being accepted and obviously the thought of being left on my own over here is upsetting but if I can't get a visa then i have no choice but to come to terms with itl. Does anyone know what the situation is for aged contributory visa timeline once I have applied? Thank you for your patience
  6. anuradha

    Queue Date grant- unfair

    My parents applied for 804 Aged Parent visa in Oct 2009. Unfortunately, Dad was diagnosed with Cancer within 6 months of applying for visa. In 2012, Department contacted us for health & character assessments for garnt of queue date. Case Officer made a data entry error in the email address whic caused the delay for initial assessment. My Dad could not pass the health checks. Mum passed health & character assessments for grant of queue date. The application was refused by the Department in 2012 due to Dad no meeting the health criteria. We filed an appeal with the Tribunal (AAT). The AAT hearing was postponed due to Dad's ill health. Dad passed away this year in Feb after a long battle with Cancer. AAT remit the application to the dept. Our requests for showing compassion to grant a visa was totally ignored by AAT & Dept. Now Dept has put my mum in the queue but we got a queue date of feb 2017. Can someone please advise when my mum met the requirements for the grant of queue date in 2012 (should have been 2011 but due to dept error email for health checks was not received) then why she is pushed in the back of the queue?
  7. http://www.gm-parent-visas.com/news-flash-possible-reprieve-for-non-contributory-parent-and-aged-parent-visas/ I don't recall seeing this issue being raised here thus far ... a Disallowance Motion in the Senate this week relating to the Instrument that closed off the Parent (subclass 103) and Aged Parent (subclass 804) visas to new applicants at the end of May 2014. The same Instrument closed off new Remaining Relative and Carer applications. Best regards.
  8. http://www.immi.gov.au/About/Pages/legal/nolcs/20140322-12.aspx http://www.gm-parent-visas.com/visa-application-charges-increased-for-contributory-parent-visas/ Visa Application Charges for CP visas increasing from today (22/03/2014). Best regards.
  9. Hello All Haven't been around here for some time as we have been in Sunny Brisbane for 2 years and thought all the drama was over but oh no ! I have an issue with my parents 804 visa ( well a few issues really) and would really appreciate some help. Well we all arrived here in August 2010 and despite an ongoing rollercoaster ride we are all settled and life is good. Mum and dad (in their 80s) came with us and we followed advice to the letter. Onshore 804 visa was lodged in Sept 2010 and life was peachy till mum threw a homesick tantrum in Sept 2011 and insisted she and dad take a trip home so she could "feel English soil under her feet - I swear she should have been on the stage ! All good we applied for a bridging visa for 3 months and off they went. However when it was time for her to come back she started pulling the illness card and said she couldn't travel all that way. So the 3 months passed and they were still there. That I thought was the end of the story, bridging visa would lapse. Turns out mum was right about being ill this time as a scan in June revealed she has lung cancer ... oops !! Trouble is at her age they can't do a biopsy so can't say for sure what type or how bad. She has had a course of Radio and is now as right as rain. Whatever it is has shrunk but no-one knows when or if it will be back. She is not on any treatment now .. the doctors are just "waiting and watching" So I assume the visa has lapsed until 18th of December this year when I received the request for Medicals and Police Checks so they can be added to the queue. As you can imagine this has raised a few questions that I am hoping someone can help me out with. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, should the visa even still be processed as they are not here? I did call immigration when she first delayed the return and they were quite helpful advising that if she came back with medical evidence for the delay the visa may be re-instated but as yet that hasn't happened. Secondly (assuming they are still planning to process further) I am guessing mum would automatically fail the medical? Is it the case that if mum fails that dad would be rejected too? I suppose my main concern is dad who is desperate to come back, this will be even more important if mum is not around. I almost hate to suggest that the answer is to continue with dads application alone but I have to be realistic. However I am also wary that mum is doing OK and there is a possibility she may have a few years yet and she has mentioned coming back. I don't really know what to do and would appreciate some clarity which I know you are great at. Thanks as always for reading my ramblings. Happy New Year from Sunny Brisbane Jen x
  10. Godfather777

    Kidney Problem--Help required

    Hi, I wanted to check that if the kidney's are shrinked to percent. Is there a chance of clearing the medical? My father in law who is 69 is diabetic and his blood sugar is under contol. His serum cretanine is around 2.8 which is high. He also has blood pressure which is also controlled with medicines I wanted to know what are his chances of clearing a medical for immigration as a Aged Parent.
  11. Guest

    Which visa?

    Hi everyone, I am a first time user and bombarded and impressed with all the information on this site! I have been in Oz as a permanent resident for 6 years and wish to get my folks in England over as well. They are currently on the parent visa - the one with the horrendous waiting list and wish to change to either the aged parent visa (mum will be 64 in 2 years) or the contributory visa. I am trying to find out if they should just go for the aged parent visa or make a dent in their savings and pay the contribution visa. Is there a massive difference in the actual result? ie will the bridging visa enable my parents to stay in Oz quite happily until the aged visa is granted? If so, then no need to pay the contribution? The result is the same? Any thoughts greatly welcomed. Kerry