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Found 143 results

  1. Hi, I have been offered a working opportunity in Australia, Sydney to be exact, however I'm now 32 and apparently too "old" for a working visa, my wife and I are really interested in making the switch, she has a teaching degree and level 5 health and social care, currently managing a children's hoke in the UK, it appears I may have to (if possible) go out there before her but I'm not exactly sure what steps I need to take. In terms of specific qualifications I have, I have quite a few but none that relate to the job offer that has been laid out to me. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    Age related visa question

    Hi, we applied for our 489 visas when my daughter was 17 back in December 2017 in feb 2018 1 wek after her 18th birthday our application was picked up by a CO and they asked for extra info, my question is are they supposed to process the age she was when we applied or the age she is when they pick up the application tom progress it? cheers
  3. Robbouk

    Age bracket - age at when?

    Hi All Hopefully a simple question. When you declare your age for the points based visa, how do they want to see it. Is it age as at time of applying, invitation, interview, offer, moving etc etc. I am on the cusp of one of the brackets and don't want to put anything there that may add to a delay. Paul
  4. illuminati

    DIAC - Evidence of Age

    I have just filed my 176 visa, the following has been asked in the document checklist Now I do have a birth certificate but it is not in English and I would like to save on the cost of getting it translated. Can I provide the passport bio page and the secondary school certificate as an age evidence?
  5. Having been browsing this forum for a few months I've been a little surprised by the age/life stage of people making the big move. Maybe i have just got the wrong impression but it feels like there are a lot of families making the move. Is this just the demographic of the forum or is it representative of poms going to oz? Obviously there is a great range of people on here, but as a 25 year old single guy I'm very impressed by how many families are prepared to take on what must be an incredibly challenging organisational feat. Maybe the fact that it is such an onerous task means that these poms are more likely to come to this forum for support and info. What do you think the average age/life stage of someone emigrating to Oz is?
  6. The Pom Queen

    Does age matter in a relationship?

    My friend is livid because her daughter who is 14 is going out with a 16 yr old boy, it's strange because if she was 20 and he was 22 no one would bat an eye. Also what about older men say around 50 who have a 20yr old on their arm, is this acceptable? Or the woman with a toy boy, does age matter if you love someone. I don't mean for the young 14yr old as if she was my daughter I would be worried.
  7. Lurkio

    Back to School - at my age??

    Well, just thought I'd share the news that I've just started a GCSE maths course. I had my first lesson last Monday and was pleasantly surprised to find that I could keep up. I didn't actually take an exam in this at school and always wanted to see if I could pass given the chance. So I signed up for a fast track adult ed course (along with brat my 17 year old son) and am giving it a go.... ps. Does anyone know how to calculate the area of a pyramid??? :eek:
  8. Hi . can anyone tell me if they have managed to get permenant residency in Australia once they had gone over 50 years of age. this would be without having a diploma qualification.
  9. hi im moving to brizzy in january my mum,s.dad sister live by redcliffe area> im 19 so i like socialising going out and i wanna get to know some aussies to help me to settle in! females/males >>> i want to get into the aussie lifestyle!!
  10. Guest

    WHV taking an age!!

    Has anyone who applied for a WHV experienced huge delays waiting for it to be granted? I applied for mine on 23rd September and I still haven’t received it. I had to go for a chest x-ray because I spent 3 months in South Africa, which is on a list of high risk countries for TB. The reality is that TB in SA only tends to affect people in the very poor areas and those unfortunate people who contracted AIDS. Anyway, I had it done a week later. The results were fine and sent off to Aus. Having checked the online status of my app it says they received the medical info on 5th October. I’m still waiting for it to be granted. I have a British passport so there should be no problems with my credentials. Its starting to really frustrate me because I don’t want to carry on looking for jobs in the UK in case the visa comes through while I’m at the interview stage for a job but the longer it takes the more risk I will be looking for work in Aus in the run up to the Christmas period. Anyone else have a nightmare with getting the WHV? I read that it usually takes around 48 hours to be granted. My application is approaching 3 weeks and counting.
  11. Hiya! We are at the beginning of the process, have booked out IELTS test for 5th November and will be sending the TRA my husbands skills assessment within the next week, although we think he may fail first time and need to take the AQF III to pass! My husband will be 40 on 27th October reducing the points for age from 25 to 10, which will be quite a blow to our application and increase the pressue on IETS results, etc. My question is this...... Can we lodge our application WITHOUT all of the information needed, skills, ietls, etc? If we do, will it still be lodged at that date (i.e. before he is 40) or will DIAC just send it back without lodging it / fail the application and still take the fee? What I hoping you will say is that they will accept the application and contact us to request the information, still grant the points for age and we will all live happily every after!! This situation with age has only just occured to me, really wish we had started this process earlier now :sad: Eve
  12. Guest

    age problem

    Hi all, i have been offered a job in perth have signed a contract of employment and even been appointed a migration agent by the company to get a subclass 457 visa, the thing is i am 52 years of age and from what i see on the forums it seems i wont be able to get said visa because i am to old, could some one please advise me, many thanks
  13. We are thinking about a move to Brisbane at the end of next year. My husband is an Australian and therefore my daughter too. In the uk she would be entitled to 15 hours of free nursery from age 3. Is there anything like this in Australia and at what age does it begin?
  14. Hi My husband and I and our two kids may have the opportunity to move to Oz thru my husbands job. We are all very excited about this, however, as time wears on and I read more threads on the dreaded subject of spiders I am becoming increasingly nervous!!! Any help or advice would be soooo greatly appreciated, if this comes off we would be looking to move to the Sydney area as that's where he would be based. We have looked at various areas but know we would need to rent initially until we could decide on an area we liked best. Can I ask all you lovely people to help me.....I've gathered enough to suss that to try and avoid the spiders as best I can is to stay away from rural/bush areas which is fine but is there anyone that can help with urban areas where they (huntsmans and white tails especially) are less frequent??? I am soo sorry for the length of this thread but now starting to have sleepless nights more through fear of reading that you have to shake the shoes even in the house, spiders crawling in hair and on your face whilst sleeping!!!! On top of that do you really have to check your beds everynight for white tails and also all your clothes etc?? Someone said that the spiders can be under your toilet seats as well...I know a lot of this is people also trying to scare the beejeezus out of me (and it's working) but my fear is for my two children and ME...aaarrgh! Mainly because I reckon I'd never sleep at night and even if I do what if I need to get up during the night in the dark :chatterbox:. Thanks again folks, like i said I know they are there and also know they are not specifically hiding in corners waiting on me but am considering hypnotherapy to try and cope with them as don;t want those horrible things stopping us from being in such a wonderful place :eek: Any help mucho appreciated :wubclub:
  15. wishfulthinking

    whats the cut off age?

    Hi this is for a person who i know. What is the cut off age to apply for a skilled visa to perth, he does some sort of electrical job?
  16. Guest

    any one in my age group?

    Hello to everyone .Im moving to Sydney on 27th august ,Im really anxious as I know no-one and see from the forum that most of you are young with families ; Im young too at 52 but are there any 50's something peole out there who could show me the ropes .Im coming from Norfolk uk and would love to find some sort of support from some of you who are now classed as Sydneysiders?
  17. My husband and I have been living on the Central Coast since January and would love to meet up with others of similar age. We came over to join our children, but need to meet some people of our own age...give or take 15 years or so! We are in Woongarrah, Wyongshire. Julie
  18. Guest

    School Age in NSW

    Hi everyone just got news of our visa and plan to get over to Sydney April 2012.. I have tried to work school starting ages for myself but I think with the thrill of finally getting our visas my head can't work it out! Here goes: April next year I will have a 5 year 7 month old, a 4 and 3 month old a 2 and 10 month old and a baby who I won't concern you with !! Thanks to the clever person who work this out!
  19. I am trying to establish whether the cut off age of 45 years will be increased to 50 on the 1/7/2011. I am getting mixed messages from my research and wondered of anyone on here can comform this one way or another. My husband will be 45 during December therefore this will be very useful to know as we are only at the start of our application. thank you.
  20. Are there any acceptable alternatives to a birth certificate for "proof of age" to upload on the visa application. Typically can't find the wifes' one now we need it. Just seeing if there is an easier way other than paying £9 and waiting another week when we only have 2 weeks left to ensure everything is uploaded. :confused:
  21. Well i was 15 years old when i first went into a pub and bought my first drink, i'm a big guy and i probably looked a tad older, but i recall going into my local pub with 12 and a half pence and asked for a half pint of Falstaff bitter, which tasted horrible. The barman looked at me and said ............ are you sure your 18 and i mumbled .............. YES. I was shaking as i said it, but from that moment on i was IN and it was a fantastic new world, drinking beer and playing pool with my mates and i saved every penny up to go there every weekend. How old were you when you started drinking regular in pubs?:wub:
  22. Hi - moved here in March and so far so good. Wondering if there are any other mums out there who have pre-schoolers who would like to meet up for coffee and chat and playtime! I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter who would love some new playmates! And I'd love someone grown up to chat to!
  23. Guest

    Do you feel your age?

    I am going to be forty this year :daydreaming: and i think i am beginning to feel it, my old barnet has started to grey :cry: and my temple is not looking as chiseled as it used to:cute:, this getting old lark is not all its cracked up to be:nah:, do you feel your age?
  24. paulswin

    School age?

    Hi my boys will be 11 and 13 when we get to Perth this year am I right in thinking my youngest wont start secondary until he is 12 instead of 11 like here in the UK??
  25. Hi There, My partner and I are in the early stages of getting our paperwork together for our 175 visa. I've been looking at the points system and our current situation is: I'm 24, my partner 25. We're going on the back of my application as I'm a secondary school teacher and hold a Bachelor degree I have two years of work experience and not three (Plus six of those months was on maternity leave!) I am pretty sure I can attain IELTS 8 So my question is, do I need to wait until I'm 25 on 1st September to submit my application? At the moment, I calculate 60 points (Age, Quals and IELTS) but would be 65 on 1st September when I turn 25. Just wondering whether they take it from the age you are when you apply, or the age you are when Visa is granted. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.