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Found 16 results

  1. I am busy going through the process for my Visa, my trade been checked to see I meet the requirements and accepted. Next step is to apply for a VISA - one of the requirements is MIlitary Clearance from the South African Defence Force. I suspect the Oz Immgration people want to see that I have actually completed my Military Service - we had no choice:rolleyes: Back in in those day South Africa had 2 Year National Services when we left school I have called the authorities in SA to get this Clearance Certificate an was told it would take up to 7 months to get this Certicate which is going to delay my application process with the Oz Immagration folk. MY question is: has anyone else had this issue and if yes how did you proceed e.g did you get the Certificate? How long did it take? If no - what evidence did you supply to the Oz Immration Authorities that your National Serviuce was completed? I have my Military Force number etc but I am not sure if that would be acceptable. Any help would be most appreciated
  2. Hi everybody. Are there any South African nurses here? Or anyone that could help with some info. I am a registered nurse, trained in South Africa, first registered with SANC in 1999 and have been livnig and working in the UK since 2003. I originally started my Australian nursing registration application with Queensland, but this was in June last year, so has now been moved over to AHPRA. After months of waiting and no response from them, I have finally received an email from my allocated registration case worker. As I was trained in South Africa, she has requested evidence of adaptation training from the time I first registered in the UK (Aparently this is a requirement for all South African nurses). I have contacted the NMC, and they have told me that they only started doing this in 2005, and as I came over in 2003, it was not a requirement for me. And now because I'm already registered over here and not in South Africa, there is no available adaptation program available for me to do. If anyone has any information or suggestions, please could you let me know. I have also posted a similar request on SAAustralia forum. Thanks you all. J
  3. Hi everyone Im a 21 year old moving to sydney in August/September this year with my family and scared about not making friends! would like to create some contact before I get there if I can I will be starting University The following year but I also work as a freelance makeup artist. I enjoy going out clubbing / dinner , shopping and just generally getting to know the place. I also listen to rnb , hip hop, dancehall and dance and a bit of african music:) (I am african) Hopefully there are people with the same interests as me !
  4. Guest

    South African police clearance

    Morning!! I am just being impatient again...our last hurdle. So those who got South African police clearance done - how long did it REALLY take. I know it says on the website etc that it takes 6-8 weeks, but wondering if anyone got theirs super quick or extra long? thanks
  5. Hi all I have just been asked by case officer to get medicals and police clearances and have a question to ask regarding the police clearances. Does the case officer actually stipulate in his request that you need to get SA clearances as mine only states medicals and police clearance? I have been in the uk for 11 years but from the date of the visa application it has only been 9.5 years. I really dont want to go through the nightmare with the SA gov depts as it left me bleeding from the eyes after trying to get military discharge certificates which took 4 months!! Thanks in advance
  6. Does ANYONE know who can help me. I live in South Africa and have completed all documents for the skilled independent visa and applied in July 2009. However the DIAC say we could only get this in 2012 or apply for sponsorship or get a job offer. Does anyone know anyone who can help me. :arghh: I have applied for many many jobs via the internet but no one seems to be sponsoring. It is very very frustrating. Thanks Barney
  7. Does anybody know of any stockists in Melbourne or mail-order elsewhere in Australia. What are prices like compared to UK. Would we be better off ordering from the US? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi I need my family members to write me a stat dec of our (de facto) relationship. What form would you use or type of format, could someone please help me. Thanks Wes
  9. Guest

    South African Pom's

    Hi, I know this is a Poms In Oz site, But I am looking for South African Poms that are going to OZ. Reading all the posts and seeing how friendly everyone is in here, was hoping that I would be welcomed? :wubclub: Anyways, So I am looking for other South Africans that are in the UK (or in OZZY) that have or are in the process of emigrating down under from the UK. And that may have both their UK and SA passports. Or did you forget about your SA passport and just intend to keep your UK passport with dual citizenship ‘’eventually’’ with OZ. My wife and myself are hoping to settle near Brisbane. I am Industrial Maintenance technician and will be Appling for the 175 visa. Think that is what it is called through VETASSES. And would like to know how you guys are doing in your process and if you have any hiccups with paperwork from SA? i.e. police clearance, references and anything ells that I cant think of at the moment. Cheers for now
  10. Hi there I was wondering if there are any South African's who immigrated here years ago and are now looking at or already in the process of moving to OZ? We can use this thread to help each each other with questions that might be slightly different to those for the British moving to OZ. We moved here to the UK in 2003 as my husband had a job transfer. But we miss the hot weather, big open spaces, wildlife, and large houses. Living in OZ wil be very close to living in SA, just without all the terrible crime. Ask questions here, share your thoughts or get to know some other South Africans in the same boat as you.. Chat soon and look forward to chatting... HJ:wubclub:
  11. Guest

    South African Qualifications

    Hi, I am looking to immigrate to Australia. I have Telkom SA qualifications (South Africa) with a 3 year apprenticeship as a "Communication Linesman" could anyone tell me if these qualifications are recognized by Australia? Regards Craig
  12. Hi Are there any South African Indians in the process of moving or have already moved down under? I am an Indian formally from Durban South Africa and was wondering about racism in schools etc.My oldest son is 14 and a dark skinned Indian(from a previous relationship)My 14 yr old and I always get mistaken for a Stri Lankan and my 3 other sons are mixed indian and portuguese.My second son has blueish green eyes and the other 2 are brown eyed and have a tanned look which I think is gorgeous.A lot of people spend hours baking in the sun trying to get the perfect tan and my boys get picked on for having it,They are all beautiful boys and I want to know how bad is the racism in school.My oldest boy was bullied quite a lot in a previous school and that shattered his confidence.I am not a racist and always try to find the positive in any negative situation.I know racism exists in every country but has anyone had any experiences that could be shared to enlighten me on what I can expect. Hubby does vetassess practical in February so we still have along road ahead of us. Any thoughts Kind Regard
  13. Hi all We are Ross, Michelle and two kids, Are there any ex South African, British citizins out there busy with or contemplating going to Australia, more specifically NSW?:twitcy:
  14. Mylady

    South African heaven

    :biglaugh:Hi Here is something that was e-mailed to me,this is a joke and not meant to offend anyone. In South Africa we live in HEAVEN. We HEAVEN got petrol, we HEAVEN got wek, we HEAVEN got a cure for eds, we HEAVEN got lektriek and we HEAVEN got brite fewcha. Eish!! Kind Regards
  15. Guest

    Only South African?

    Tomorrow's rugby match between South Africa and Australia - where's my heart at...? lol
  16. Guest

    British and South African TV

    Does anuone know how one could watch live British &/or South African TV? David :roll: