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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Just a quick question for anyone else who has done a AFP certificate for immigration reasons - my certificate did not have anything written on it that it is for immigration purposes even though I filled out code 33 (for immigration purposes) at the top of my application form. Is that normal? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  2. I wanted to know if I need to get a PCC from AFP for character requirement for my 189 visa application even though my combined stay in Australia would be less than a year (around 8 months to be precise)? Do I need to get it positively if I am presently staying in Australia?
  3. Hey there guys. i previously spent 11 months in oz on a WHV. I recently got a CO appointed for my 175 visa application and have uploaded police checks for every country i have lived in for more than 12 months. No repsonse yet but i am expecting an email any day requesting a penal clearance from the AFP. Anyone else been in the same position where it was asked for even though you spent less than 12 months in the country?.
  4. Guest

    AFP police check

    Hi all, I posted AFP application + int'l bank draft from Singapore and it reached AFP at 7 Dec 2011 (according to Aus Post). However, when I enquire the status of my application AFP said it's not recorded in their system. How shall I proceed from here?
  5. Guest

    AFP checks - some advice please

    Hi, For some reason I was given 70 days to get my required documents back to DIAC for out 175 application. I wanted to delay having to validate my visa for as long as possible, so left things until December before I even began, giving me, a good 40 days or so. Now its dawning on me how stupid I've been! Having spent a year in Oz on a working holiday visa, I have to get an Australian Federal police check done. It takes them 15 days to process, I have to get my application forms to Oz, then back again, during the Christmas post rush. I now see why I was given 70 days So two questions 1) Can they forward my documents to Immigration directly, or even upload them? 2) How do I pay? They need an Australian Dollar cheque, which I can't do? Or a money order, is this the same as a postal order? and if so, can I get them from a UK post office in AUD? If not, then how else do I pay? Thanks in advance Andy
  6. Hi, anyone requested an Australian Police Check lately? The website says it takes 3 weeks - wondered if they actually take that long to come back....thanks
  7. Guest

    National Police Checks AFP

    Hi all, My CO needs National Police Checks certification from Australian Federal Police. My immi agent told me that I have to do it cause he isn't allowed to apply for. I try to find all the details about that but I found that the only way to pay is by check (made through an Australian bank), no other possibilities? Is it possible apply for it online ? Thanks Luca
  8. kasisalo

    what does AFP check mean ?

    hiya we are doing our application to emmigrate to oz online could anypne help with understanding all the abbreviations and what they stand for as we keep coming across ones that we have not got a clue what they mean would really appreciate this one in particular is an AFP check many thanks
  9. Hi All, I live in the USA and recently I've been asked for PCC from my case officer. I need to submit PCC from Australian federal police. AFP accepts either Australian bank checks or money orders. Can someone please tell me how I can get a money order in Australian dollars in USA? Thanks GS
  10. Guest

    AFP Checks

    G'day folks, My partner and I are putting in our defacto app at the end of the year and thought best to get as much done as possible before then so we sent off our AFP forms last week. We got them back this morning but I'm a bit confused! The certificate says it was a name only search and while nothing came up that it couldnt be taken as a full account as we didnt provide fingerprints- didnt say to on the form! Also it said it was valid as at 14/10/10- does this mean that we cant use it for an application at the end of december as technically we could commit a crime in the next couple of months and it not be registered on this report? (for clarity we arent planning on doing anything dodgy so this question isnt to clear any planned heist!). Basically can we use these afp reports or have we jumped the gun and will need to get new ones when our application goes in? Any thoughts well received!
  11. Hi, I lodged my 886 visa application on 24/04 without a receipt and AFP check; however, at the time of the lodgement, i received suitable skill assessment in Aerospace engineering. Would my application still be valid? I applied my AFP check today, does anyone know how long it would normally take? I'm a bit worried cuz all other documents have been prepared and uploaded except for the AFP check. I've been give a 28 day time frame to upload all additional documents, or otherwise......if anyone know, please advise Will If I lodged my visa application for 886 visa, which SOL will my application be assessed against?
  12. Guest

    AFP National Police Check

    Hi guys, Could you please let me know beside "National Police Check form (downloaded from AFP website), $43 money order, certified photocopy of my passport", what other documents I should send to AFP to their Canberra office, as I am intended to apply for 886 visa. Please help me. I am planning to send all documents tomorrow. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi, I'm trying to apply for a Aussie Police check (from the UK) and on the form it says either a money order or a cheque from an aussie bank. The post office say they don't do money orders and I don't have an Aussie bank account so how do I pay? PS I don't know anyone in Oz who can send it for me either!! :skeptical: Thanks Karen
  14. Hi all, I've just rung the AFP to see if our police check has been processed as its been a few weeks and our flights are booked for 38 days time and we need the police checks to go. The woman said that using my name and DOB she has no record of the application and says that this could mean that they have not received it. It's been 3 weeks so they should definitely have received it by now. Has anyone else had this? I'm really panicking now!
  15. Guest

    AFP Check

    On the form where it asks to list addresses, do I put just Oz ones, or UK ones too. I can't see what use the uk ones are, as we have a separate UK police check, but guess it can't do any harm. On a side note. We have a caseworker, saying all docs need to be in by December. Does that mean that we'll get the visa shortly after (assuming it's all good), or is there a long wait after that? cheers, Adam
  16. Guest

    AFP police checks: How long???

    Hi everyone. I had my spouse visa (subclass 309) granted almost 2 years ago and have been living in Melbourne for nearly 2 years. About to have PR granted....I hope! Was just wondering if any of you have applied for a police check with the Australian Federal police and how long it took. I know the official line in 30 days/longer at busy periods, but wanted to hear from people who'd actually been through it. Gotta send my completed PR application off by 28th July and worried the checks won't be back in time.:wacko:
  17. Guest

    AFP Checks

    Hi Does anyone know how long an AFP check remains valid for once you've received clearance? Thanks
  18. Guest

    AFP Checks

    Hi Does anyone know how long the AFP checks remain valid for once you have them? Thanks - Karen
  19. Guest

    AFP checks - Advice please?

    Hi, We have got meds next Tues which are our last hurdle EXCEPT for the AFP check for Brendan. This was sent via our agent 7 weeks ago, and we are still waiting. We have emailed them which got the great response that "your check is being processed and will be with you as soon as possible". Brendan has phoned them and was told "your check is being processed and will be with you as soon as possible" . Unfortunately Brendan is so laid back he could appear in a well known advert for a laid back Aus lager!!! and didn't want to push it when on the phone. Can someone please tell us how long is normal to wait for these check? How do you go about finding out what is holding it up? or maybe we are impatient and actually they take longer than this anyway? I have read a post where the poster phoned and had a go at the official in Canberra and managed to get his posted back the same day but we are both reluctant to go down the route of having a go at anyone unless there really isn't any other way. Any advice gratefully received, we were hoping that meds would be the last hurdle, but this AFP thing is sooooo frustrating.:arghh: Thanks in advance Nicky & Brendan