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Found 7 results

  1. Late last week a High Court ruling has given Youth Allowance Recipients a potential tax windfall, allowing them to claim the cost of textbooks, stationery and administration fees as tax deductions. Previously the ATO had viewed the Youth Allowance as a reward for studying and not as income, but the High Court has ruled that youth allowance payments should be treaty as "ordinary income" and that the student's expenses were incurred in earning that income, and therefore are deducible expenses. This is a very important decision and could lead to 500,000 other youth allowance beneficiaries claiming similar deductions, potentially worth millions of dollars. Does this ruling affect you or your children at all? Cheers, Mark
  2. Hi I just called to book our medical in Sheffield and was told that as of this friday,there will only be 3 Panel doctors across UK.Has anyone heard of these changes.The lady I spoke to said that Diac has removed most of the Panel docters of the list and as of friday Sheffield Medical Centre will not be allowed to do any medicals for Australia.She is trying to get us in before Friday but if she cannot,Does anybody know of the new list of Panel Docters,we are stuffed if they are all near London. One step forward two steps back:arghh: Kind Regards
  3. Just wondering if anyone is in the same 'limbo' situation. I am due to start my job 1st February ... need to be in Oz one week prior to starting job. Been looking at flights, accommodation and so on ... but cant do anything until visa is finalised. I was late in applying for visa as it has taken almost forever for the Nursing bodies in WA to process my registration - without this I would not be able to practice as a nurse in Australia and therefore couldnt lodge visa application. I lodged the Visa 10/12/09, Nursing registration confirmed but unable to upload proof as I havent received certification in post - and what with christmas & New Year, it is unlikely I will receive this anytime soon. Not to mention the fact that the registration period in WA runs from Jan-Dec ... therefore I need to reapply after 31/12/09:arghh:. An online check of their database shows that I am on their register at the moment, I tried to do a screen dump of my status in order to attatch this to my application, but it didnt work:no:. And I had my medicals done 16/12/09 - they're still awaiting results of this - these were sent by courier - but no doubt affected by the holiday period!! I am so stressed that the christmas & New Year holidays may have scuppered my chances of the visa being approved in time for me starting my post. I hope all is not lost:cry:. Anyone else in similar situation?? Nats x x x
  4. Guest

    Marriage affecting Centrelink?

    Hey all, My partner and I are looking to tie the knot shortly and get this visa underway but something cropped up that causes us concern... Situation: Basically she is on Centrelink currently and studying at Uni. I'm working but I'm on a working holiday Visa, not earning much as you can imagine. Now we're very dependant on both of our earnings at the moment to cover rent and everything that goes along with it. Problem: Now - should we get married will Centrelink deem me the breadwinner and therefore reduce or even cancel my wife's payments? If so this seriously impedes us with our marriage plans. Does anybody know where we stand on this? Thanks, Matt
  5. Hi, Ive already posted about this in the WA Sponsorship thread and emailed Gill ( Gollywobbler) for her advice but wanted to know if any others have been in this situation ? I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma ( skin cancer ) after having a strange mole removed. Luckily it was early stages and I had another op this week to ensure it was all gone. I have been told it was all removed on first op and will have written confirmation from doctor shortly. So am clear now. Gill has advised me to ring Dr Goodall at Southampton to ask his advice re medicals and what info they need etc. Which Im going to do soon , but I wanted to know if anyone else or knows anyone else that was in this situation and if it affected their medical or visa ? Im hoping as it was caught early and dealt with b4 it spread they wont question it too much. Im so happy to be clear now but worrying about everything else instead !! :unsure:
  6. Hi, just wanted to know is the Australian water shortage affecting Western Australia and in particular, Bunbury? How is it affecting day to day life and is it so serious it would make you think twice about emigrating? Cheers Jane, Warrington, Cheshire
  7. A summary of the main changes affecting offshore skilled migrants (based on my first read through of the new Regulations) is here: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.