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Found 15 results

  1. We are in discussions presently with TAFEs in Australia about workplace assessments being carried out in Australia for certain occupations. In turn this should facilitate an AQF Certificate III qualification (recognised by employers in Australia => increased employment prospects) and a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia under Skill Pathway E. We anticipate that the process will involve individuals with trades skills carrying out an initial assessment of their existing competencies while outside Australia. Assuming all (or substantially all) of these competency requirements can be met individuals would then travel to Australia when a practical assessment would be carried out. Recognising that Australian qualifications are often not the same as UK qualifications any gaps in competencies that are not major would also be dealt with at that time, perhaps requiring an additional 2 or 3 days of tuition prior to the granting of the AQF III. Costs of this exercise are not yet finalised, but are likely to be significantly less than those being quoted by workplace assessors visiting the UK. I would be pleased to hear from individuals with one of the following occupations, who would like to receive more information as we progress discussions with the TAFEs: - Painters and decorators - Plasterers - Hairdressers - Chefs - Welders I can be reached by email via alan - at - gomatilda - dot - com Best regards.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Rentals affected by floods

    It seems that people who were affected by the floods are still liable to pay their rent even if they can't live there:no: However there was an article today that explains what can be done: Renters left homeless during the Queensland floods are legally obliged to keep paying rent on their flooded home until they “officially” end their agreement. According to the Rental Tenancy Authority of Queensland, a tenancy agreement does not automatically end during a natural disaster, even if the property has been totally destroyed. Rick Machin of the RTA said tenants could stop paying rent as soon as they had given their landlord a “notice of intention to leave”. “The agreement actually only ends if one of the parties – the tenant or the lessor/agent – take action to end it,” he said. “Where the premises are considered non-liveable, either the landlord or the tenant can give notice formally ending the tenancy on the grounds that it is non-liveable. “This will end the tenancy agreement on the same day the notice is served – but you must give notice within one month of the disaster [occurring].” Around one third of all Queenslanders rent their home and many of the affected flood victims have been renters. Mr Machin said that he expected most landlords would be reasonable in requesting breaks in leases or even rent reductions but that if any tenants were experiencing problems with their landlord, to contact the RTA. “Most people will be reasonable about this. But if people are having trouble coming to an agreement about what should happen, they can call us – we have dispute resolution,” he said. The RTA said a property is considered non-liveable when it has been destroyed or made completely or partly unfit to live in. Anyone seeking help from the RTA with dispute resolution, or with any questions regarding flood situations and their rental property, should call 1300 366 311.
  3. This might sound like a daft question, but we have 475 state sponsored visas, activated on 10 March (3 year clock started ticking then), granted 1 July 2009 (been told extension possible until 4 years post this date). We are back in the UK sorting out everything before our move in June 2011. That gives us 2 years to make the 475 visa 2 year live requirement and the 1 year work requirement (therefore definitely relying on the 'to 30 June 2013' into account). So we have our visas, they have been activated, and we have been told that the extension is not a maybe, it must be granted even if there is no way that the 2 year living requirement cannot be met. I am just however concerned that all the current changes will also in some way affect existing visa holders. Am I worried about nothing?? :confused:
  4. Hi All I have just been reading the Agents Only thread in the Migration Issues "sticky" section of Poms in Oz. In it, George Lombard suggests a separate thread for those who have embarked on the skills assessment etc processes, onty to have their hopes dashed by the sudden announcment that DIAC will no longer accept any applications for offshore GSM visas if they nominate any of the occupations on the present SOL. George is predicting litigation. I imagine that any litigation will be started by people who have been studying in Australia, for skills which are on the present SOL, but who need to apply for an offshore GSM visa instead of for one of the onshore GSM visas. (I am not clear about why some of the onshore Students have to apply for offshore visas but apparently there is a sound and valid reason for the fact that many of them have to do so.) I think that George is right to suggest a separate thread, so here is the separate thread. I had a look at the sticky section of Migration Issues last night and removed the threads that I think we can manage without for the time being. I think that the George-inspired sticky thread about State-sponsored migration will become very important in the coming days and weeks. George has spoken with some of the State Immi people. Apparently they were not given any advance warning about the Minister's sudden announcement yesterday and their initial reaction to it has been one of anger. The whole thing seems cock-a-mamie to me. What was the point of the elaborate ritual of scrapping the MODL and so on when the Minister planned to scrap all the offshore GSM visa applications anyway? His 'logic' with this nonsense escapes me. Please read the Agents Only thread - it contains some excellent information for the people who are affected by the Minister's Latest Announcement. Cheers Gill
  5. Currently I have my occupation Electronics Engineer with positive result, if I apply now will my occupation affected with new SOL, because new SOL use different ANZSCO instead of ASCO code. So my occupation seems have different code. I need to do re-asses or not ? Is my current assessment still have unlimited validity?
  6. Hi all, I am starting new thread for all who are worrying for visa just because of some health related issue. This might help other people to share their own stories atleast to have idea what affects and what not. My own concern is: Applied for 176 visa : Biochemist SS: NSW Applied on : 30th April 09 Medical : Frontloaded on 19th August 09 ( which i shouldnt have) PCC: No CO: No We got letter from immigration in January 2010 saying that my spouse have to go for another X-ray as they suspecting something (god knows what). He is extremely fit and never had to take any medicine apart from panadol in his life. However, we went for another X-ray and with relief, doc said, there isn't anything worrying in X-ray. It's just spasm. Well, though, I am bit worried that this could be visa refusal ?:confused: I assume its duty of health centre's doc to say us that there is nothing but he might written down something in report and send it to the DIAC... Assumption...is it the case? Thanks guys
  7. Hi there I'm not sure if I am being overly cautious , but a friend of mine is due in court for an offence that he is pleeding guilty to and has asked me to provide a reference for him. It's something I'd like to do for him (it's not a major offence, but he is guilty), but I am wondering how this could affect me a my visa applications, if at all? Does anyone know anything about this? I myself don't have a criminal record or anything, but I'm not sure if my name being linked to someone who does will have be detrimental to me. I will be applying for either a work sponsored 457 or a skilled migrant visa. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks
  8. My job is on MODL and have got Victoria SS since December 2009 How am i affected? I gotta feeling that we cat 5s are moved to priority number 2.:unsure: This is from Diac's website. I already have a state and territory nomination, how am I affected? All GSM applications, other than subclasses 476, 485, 883 and 887 are subject to the priority processing arrangements under the minister’s direction. Applicants who are nominated by a state or territory government under a state migration plan agreed to by the minister receive the second highest priority under the direction. Applicants who are nominated by a state/territory government and have nominated an occupation on the CSL will now receive the third highest priority under the priority processing arrangements. Cheers Asad
  9. Can you believe it? After being assessed by the ACS, and being classified as a systems designer, the MODL has now been updated and my OH's skills are now on it. Wish they'd done that 12 months ago and saved us a world of agro!!!!! :arghh:
  10. I'm looking to writing an article about how these changes in priority processing have had an effect on people applying for the visas. How do you feel about the way the changes were announced (or not!). How will affect your application? How do you feel about the changes in general? You can contact me at lisa@socketcreative.com. Or you can use this thread to offer each other support and a shoulder to rage on!
  11. Hi all I am really worried now as I was made redundant on the 15/05/09.On the points test there is a section on work experience which asks,have you been in full time work in your nominated trade for at least 12 months? have you been in full time work in your nominated trade for at least 24 months of the last 4 years ? and so on. Is there a waiver for redundancies due to the global economy? I could easily be out of work for 6 months!!!!!! Are my dreams shattered? We have been trying to move to Australia for years and have worked damn hard towards it.We basically stopped living our lives to save every penny and make this dream come true. I am so stressed and am sinking into deppression,all I want to do lately is sleep and seem to have lost all my energy and will to live. Please can someone give me some hope ???? :cry:
  12. Hi Guys, We were at the point where we thought our grant was imminent. All items met etc. However, after more than a week's wait and no change I'm now worrying that we will be adversly affected because we are no longer on the CSL. I'm worrying about all sorts of things - like if DIAC leave it hanging our meds and PCs will eventually expire, like having to extend our rental (we've sold our house). We were hoping to go at the end of July. I'm so stressed by this I can't tell you. Just goes to show that even when you get to this stage it doesn't get any better. The last 2 years have been a nightmare ! :shocked:
  13. I was just wondering if there was anything we could do to help? We have got some friends in Healesville that just about got away with their house being damaged by the 'skin of their teeth'. Please PM me if there is anything I can do. We have a spare 3 piece suite, beds and bedding etc and lots of boys clothes if required.
  14. Hi, I am still in shock from the effects of the new policy by the immigration minister, Chris Evans. Our situation is this: we've applied for a pr visa 175 to go to WA. My occupation, translator, is not MODL, not on CSL, not on any of the lists for state sponsorship, and translation agency's (anywhere in the world) do not employ people full-time, they only use contractors, so employer sponsorship is out of the question. We've applied for our visa on 7 July 2008, and are now in complete limbo. As per the info in the thread about the CSL list, our visa will not be processed in the foreseeable future :arghh::arghh: Anyone else in this same situation? Best wished, Karin
  15. Hi Painters & Decorators I know that a lot of you are struggling to find Sponsors because you have been "caught" by the closure of TRA Skilled Pathway D last September. It has now been confirmed that there are two separate companies which can now assess your skills in the UK, with a view to the issue of an AQF III Certificate and I am not sure what else. Provided that you are also able to demonstrate at least 4 years of full-time, recent, relevant work-experience as Painters & Decorators, then you may well be able to obtain positive skills assessments under TRA Skilled Pathway E instead. Armed with the skills assessments, many of you would be able to revert to Plan A and skilled independent visas for Oz. The prices quoted by the two companies are quite divergent but I believe that one offers more "add ons" than the other, though I know too little about this to have any information about the details. The websites for the two companies are here: ACTS UK | Welcome to Trade Train http://www.cricos.************.com.au/ With the latter, I may have found the wrong bit of their website but use Contact Us and e-mail them. If the forum software alters the web address, try www.sil-vertrow-el.com.au but remove both hyphens from the company name. Please see this thread as well: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/34564-aqf.html Please also check the requirements for TRA Skilled Pathway E via the link below: http://www.workplace.gov.au/NR/rdonlyres/FA0FD1E1-8B74-4C11-AFBB-2C159890FF80/0/UniformAssessmentCriteriaSeptember2007.pdf If you are in any doubt about the requirements for TRA Skilled Pathway E then I would suggest that you contact Alan Collett of Go Matilda for advice. He is also able to explain the price-difference between the two companies above. I understand that there are valid reasons for it but I do not know the details. There are several ways to contact Alan Collett, who is based at Go Matilda's Melbourne Office. Please see below: Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - Contact and Feedback PomsInOz Forum - View Profile: Alan Collett Or e-mail him direct on alan-at-gomatilda-dot-com Use common-sense to work out what to change, please! All other tradies: Please do not despair. If you feel that your own skill is being ignored, please at least e-mail both companies and Alan because if there is enough demand, I am sure that both companies plus Alan will do their best to find some assessors who can come to the UK and do the necessary, or make arrangements for the workplace assessments to be done in Australia instead. Best wishes Gill