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Found 52 results

  1. Well we thought things were going to well!!!:mad: We have our PR visa and flights are booked but today I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis following two attacks within 2 months, but to be honest it is likely that I've had it for a few years. I'm still trying to get my head around this and how this is going to affect our visa. Have anyone else been through a similar situation? Thanks Est :eek:
  2. Hi folks Just a quick one...I have been familiarising myself with the application form as my OH has his tests this month and then we will hopefully be in a position to apply to th DIAC. One question - I see it asks about the partner/dependents occupation status. Does this affect our application at all? We are on a 176 visa where I will be hopefully going based on my partners skills. He has the full 65 points alone and so I will not be applying for the extra 5 for the partner's skills. My position - my work contract ended this summer and I have been reluctant to apply for a permanent position when I don't intend to be here for much longer. We live in a remote area so temp work is non existent also. We made a decision whereby if we don't get the OZ visa by Oct/Nov we will go to NZ on a years visa and work there first. So my employment status is more than likely going to be unemployed. Will this affect our application at all? I'm a little worried about it now. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks xx
  3. I am in Australia on a defacto spouse 309 visa. I've been here since January and have until January 2011 until I get the permanant visa, at the moment it is provisional. Things with my partner aren't that great at the moment and I'm feeling like I need a bit of space away from him to decide whether we are meant to be together or not. I know that we have to prove evidence of our relationship in order to get the permanant visa in a year and a half so if I had say a month or two away from him in a shared house or hostel would that affect things? I don't want to go back to the UK right away because of the expense and because I want to see if we can work things out before taking such a big step of returning to England. It's so hard being in this position in another country because I feel that we can work things out we just need a step back from the situation for a while but we can't risk ruining getting the permanant visa because that would ruin things for us long term. Does anyone know anything that may be able to help? Thank you!
  4. Qantas lays down five-year turnaround Tuesday, August 16, 2011 » 08:09pm Qantas Airways has set a five-year target to return its struggling international operations to profitability. The airline announced on Tuesday it was cutting some long-haul flying, deferring orders of its Airbus A380 superjumbos and confirmed it was looking to set up a new full-service premium carrier in Asia. As part of the restructure, the Flying Kangaroo will cut 1,000 jobs, including pilots, cabin crew, management and engineering staff. Chief executive Alan Joyce says the airline's international operations are losing market share and suffering financial losses, with 82 out of every 100 Australians choosing to fly on its competitors when heading overseas. 'We don't have the option of pretending things will change if we stay the same. They won't,' he told reporters. 'To do nothing, or tinker around the edges, would only guarantee the end of Qantas international in our home Australian market.' 'That would be a tragedy.' One of the biggest changes is the plan to establish a new premium airline in Asia. While details such as name, location and routes remain under wraps, Mr Joyce did say it will be minority owned, start with 11 narrowbody Airbus A320 aircraft and Kuala Lumpur or Singapore are two of several potential bases. The aircraft configuration was understood to feature lie-flat business class seats and a premium economy style product in the rear of the cabin. It was also suggested this lower seat density meant the A320 would be able to operate flights to and from Australia from where ever the new airline was based. While it won't carry the Qantas name, the proposed airline would 'leverage all our Qantas know-how', Mr Joyce said. 'Our ability to participate profitably in Asia, with this huge growth, is something every Australian should be proud of because it shows Qantas is leading the way in aviation, still after 90 years,' he said. Meanwhile, the route changes were designed to enhance Qantas's relationships with Oneworld alliance partners such as British Airways and LAN Chile. Qantas says it will stop flying to London from Bangkok and Hong Kong in early 2012 and instead rely on a codeshared British Airways' services on those sectors. At the same time, it will consolidate all its flying to the UK capital via Singapore, offering daily services with its Airbus A380 superjumbos from Sydney and Melbourne. And in South America, Qantas will drop Buenos Aires in favour of LAN hub Santiago. Despite much speculation, other Qantas destinations thought to be under consideration to be dropped, such as Mumbai, Manila and New York, were maintained. The airline said in June the international operations were expected to post a before tax loss of $200 million in 2010/11. 'The consolidation will immediately reduce losses and could in the long-term see yield increase unless competitors pick up on the lost traffic,' the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation said in a research note. 'There are still some major areas of detail to work through, but the foundations have been set for a new, more focused international business to emerge.' Qantas also announced what it said was the largest aircraft order in Australian aviation history - firm orders for 106-110 narrowbody Airbus A320s, plus 194 purchase rights and options. The new planes are planned for Jetstar in Australia and New Zealand, Asia and the new domestic operation in Japan in partnership with Japan Airlines and Mitsubishi Corporation. And in a further fleet reshuffle, Qantas says it will defer delivery of six A380s until 2018/19 after it receives the 12th double-decker airframe in mid-2013. Qantas says the cost of the transformation plan is still being assessed.
  5. Hi, I'm looking to apply for a 176 Visa ACT sponsored. I have been told I qualify and I am looking around for agents and in forums like this for advice. My main query is I have been offered voluntary redundancy and by taking it what impact, if any, would there be on my application? In terms of timing my last day in the office would be 31st October, but I would be placed on 3 months gardening leave - so i guess technically it would be 31st January. I don't have to take the package now but it would make the move to Australia possible financially and I don't know if I would be offered the redundancy package again in the future. Help! Stuart
  6. Hi, I'm looking to apply for a 176 Visa ACT sponsored. I have been told I qualify and I am looking around for agents and in forums like this for advice. My main query is I have been offered voluntary redundancy and by taking it what impact, if any, would there be on my application? In terms of timing my last day in the office would be 31st October, but I would be placed on 3 months gardening leave - so i guess technically it would be 31st January. I don't have to take the package now but it would make the move to Australia possible financially and I don't know if I would be offered the redundancy package again in the future. Help! Stuart
  7. I have worked for the same company for nearly 4 years, and I am being bullied by one person. It all came to a head this week and I want to go off work with stress. If I do and I get a sick note will it affect me when I go for my medicals? I’m not depressed just stressed out, I have never had a day off sick since I worked there and I don’t want to go off now but I feel I can’t carry on either. It doesn’t help that the person doing this is the union rep, and the popular one, plus I work in a male environment and have no one to talk to or turn too. I feel stupid I have never had this before. It’s not sexual harassment just a constant pick, pick, pick. Don’t get me wrong we both can have a laugh and banter but it doesn’t end there.:sad: God I’m waffling My question is will it affect my medicals if i go off sick and go to my doctors?:no: (not sure if this post is in the right place so feel free to move)
  8. In the event that the US defaults on its debt on 2nd August, US may consume less chinese goods, chinese may import less from oz etc.... Anyone know anything about this? I'm concerned on how it will affect the resources industry in australia It would be great to hear your view
  9. Hi everyone I wonder if anyone can help with a query we have... We are currently in Australia on a 475 visa, and should be in a position to apply for PR next year (subclass 887). Can anyone advise what factors can affect a successful PR application? eg> * Lots of medical prescriptions? * A legal personal injury claim against Work Cover? Is there any potential for these to have an impact on our 887 application? Is this something DIAC would have knowledge of or even look at? Any advice much appreciated. Thanks very much! KC
  10. Hi, my OH has in the last few months had a hernia removed! I had never thought of it until now as was more worried about my high BP!! But I have seen on here something about having surgery and how that can affect the outcome of ur medical!?! Anybody any info to put our minds at rest!! Aymie x
  11. Guest

    Do the July changes affect 457

    Hi My O/h has been offered a job sponsor & is about to submit his Vetasess. He has spoken to two leading migration experts & has recieved two conflicting answers..... Before we submit the Vetasess & pay £££££, will the July changes affect a employer sponsor? He is going to be 41 this Aug, qualified electrician with 4-5 years work experience, all City & Guilds but re-trained as a mature student, no apprenticeship was undertaken. Any advice would be brill & I thank you in advance :arghh:
  12. Hi all, have gone through various posts on this but still not 100% clear. Question is, should when I emmigrate later this year aged 31 I stay in Aus permanently up to Retirement age, how would that effect my state pension as and when I come to retirement? I hear things about "freezing", but that doesn't mean much to me. I guess ulitmately I want to know how working full time between the ages of 21 to 31 in the UK (with various School & Uni holiday work between the age of 16-21) effect my final state pension? Thanks.:wink:
  13. Hi Guys, I have a little Query to get my mind wash out for. I already have applied for a 176 Family Sponsored Visa having my Bro as a sponsor and my Mom as a dependant on the same Visa. I have adequate evidences to support my Mom to be my dependant. Now, the Question is: 1. I am planning to apply for a Student Visa. I know I cannot add my Mom as dependant on a Student Visa but I can apply for a Visit Visa for her. Will this be having any affect on my 176 FS ? 2. Suppose if my Bro sponsors my Mom for a Visit Visa, will this affect the Dependancy of my mom on me ? 3. I definitely know that it will be hard for me to prove her dependancy after arriving in Australia, because i'll suppose to work for 20 hrs/week only. Any wayouts ? I am not sure how to step up for this ... Any idea would be appreciated. Cheers, Tony
  14. Hi I have a quick question- if we lodge our visa application before 1st July am I right in thinking that the new points test will not affect us? If changes are made to the SOL etc at that time will it affect applications already lodged or not?? Thanks
  15. Please help! Any advice welcome, thanks guys. My hubby had a back operation about 15 years ago and has had little trouble from it since. Recently he's had some pain in the morning so went to the GP today who said best have an MRI to be on the safe side. We are just concerned that it will flag up on the medical for a visa and we will be rejected from emigrating on the basis of having an exploratory MRI. It's a big risk to take, especially if it comes back that his back is just stiff in the cold winter mornings. Any advice on medicals and MRI would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, Emma x
  16. Hi I currently hold visa subclass 176 and will expire by 2014. However, I've been pondering to take up citizenship in another country. even after taking up my new citizenship, if I decided to go to Australia Would this have any adverse effect to my OZ visa that i'm holding? Please advise.
  17. Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to answer a query regarding our visa application. We are now on the 176 visa having secured SS for ACT (May 2010), our GSM application was lodged Dec 2008. I'm a chef however I have had to temporarily change careers due to family/financial reasons, I left my position last August, would anyone know if this would have any bearing on the decision when the time comes for a case officer to be assigned?
  18. We have been granted visa subclass 475 (provisional immigration visa via state sponsorship) valid for 3 years, leading to PR if live in designated area for 2 years and work there for 1 year. Mutterings are regarding temp visas and how they might not lead to PR, but it always say specifically students. Do I have anythomng to worry about regarding my existing visa 475, as the ultimate goal is of course PR.
  19. The New SOL, how does it affect the existing applicants, will it make it any quicker?
  20. I have lodged an application for migration under 175. Some time back my spouse had applied for a temporary work visa to Canada and his application was rejected saying that the proof of work experience he provided was not authentic. Now he is a secondary applicant in the application which I lodged. Since all these details are to be mentioned in form 80, will it affect our prospects? Do they take the rejection by another country to the secondary applicant very seriously and what could be its implications? Is it going to be a black mark? Will they reject my application purely because of this? please advice........
  21. While gathering all the information to complete the many application forms, one family member let it slip that in 2000 when he travelled to Oz in a temp working visa of the Olympics he. Stayed longer than he should, worked longer than he should have, and, took out a contract on a mobile phone from a comms company then left without keeping up the payments. Could this have an adverse effect on our 176 application? He is listed in the application forms as he is a family member who had travelled to Oz I doubt it will, but you never know???
  22. Hi, My husband has just found out that they have to leave him go from his carpet fitting job because things are just to quiet at the moment. We are worried because we only lodged our visa's on 4/2, does anyone know if this will affect our visa in anyway. He already has a part time job somewhere else but not carpet fitting. Does he have to be in the trade thats on our visa or does it not matter now that we have applied. Any help will be greatly appreciated Thank you k
  23. Hi, My paper 176 visa application is delivered by post to DIAC on 08.Feb :sad: and I am now very confused of what will happen to my application. My application is VIC sponsored CSL at the moment. DIAC has not yet charged my credit card I have not yet received the acknowledgment letter. These are the contradictory confusing phrases in DIAC’s announcement: FAQ-SOL Q6. Who will the new SOL apply to? The new SOL will apply to all new GSM applications from mid-2010, except those applicants who at 8 February 2010 had a pending GSM visa application. Which means it will affect my application! FAQ-SOL Q 12 If I apply for a GSM visa in April 2010, will I be subject to the new SOL? No, as the new SOL does not commence until mid-2010. Which means it will NOT affect my application! Could it be read differently?, if so, What happens to my application if my occupation is not in the new SOL and what will be my category? I appreciate if Gill or any other professional adviser could help and answer my question. Thanks, Siavash
  24. My 14 year old son has just been diagnosed with mild aspergers syndrome. We are on a 457 visa and looking to apply for permanent next year. Will this condition affect whether we will be granted a permanent visa? Any advice appreciated.
  25. My partner and I lodged a 176 SS non CSL visa application from a HR country in June 2009 but had no case officer assigned previous to the 23SEP09 debacle. We are now stuck in limbo and although there seems to be hope for us in Cat5 we are still filled with uncertainty and trying to move on with our lives. In this context, my partner's company has offered him a full time job in Europe. Given that I am the main applicant for our 176 visa, 1_ what effect would it have on the application if I quit my current job, which matches my nominated occupation, and possibly take up another job which may not match the nominated occupation? 2_ Also, would the fact of changing country of residence affect the visa application? 3_ Any other effect on the application arising from this situation? Thank you very much for your help, Steve