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Found 2 results

  1. Unsure which room is best for a rant ??? :confused: Greetings one & All.... After Lemmings Excellent thread about Books Covers & Judgements I just want to have a Rant about a personal situation that's been bugging me, but cheifly it affects my Husband. He is a really great guy. Circumstances have meant that he is currently out of work. He lives in inner North Brisbane. Now he may not have a paid job but he is far from Lazy & has been working hard doing voluntary work, hoping to get a paid position, or to be in a place where he meets people, who can give him a heads up if they know of any jobs going. He has worked long hours at a charity depot on the loading dock. Also helped with labouring & rebuilding during the Brisbane Floods & also helped with pyrotechnics at Firework & monster truck events which were to raise money for the flood victims, He's often been doing 15hr days all unpaid trying to prove himself & get taken on by an employer. At the well known charity organisation he has proved popular with his co-workers & customers & has really made a difference in terms of their profits, I'm shocked at how much these charities throw away. He has been trying to stop so much being wasted & spotted several antiques the other guys wanted to trash & sent things through to the shop. One of the shop managers told him she'd taken $6000 dollars in one day with stuff he was organising & sending through to the shop. My husband is intelligent, hard working & a very polite guy, he is also scrupulously honest & very highly principled. However There is one man on the managerial side of the company, who has taken against my husband. It can be only based on his appearance as he is a Goth like me. For work he dresses in casual clothing the same as anyone else. But He does have one complete sleeve of Tattoos another large Tattoo on the other arm they are artistic tattoos & not ugly, a neck Tattoo & Several ear piercings & a pierced eyebrow. He has short but spikey black hair. & Is slim. Male Goths are often thought intimidating on initial appearance when not working he dresses Goth Smart good shirts & alternative suit jackets & Leather pants, ankle length leather coat in winter Goth boots etc. But for work it's just casual so I dont think he can appear any different to any bloke with tattoos its not unusual. However new people start working for this charity & get employed & he kept getting past over. So he asked several times if he had a chance at employment & was encouraged to keep trying. This has continued for several months while he's been working hard to get other jobs & been trying to help me sort my Visa. He asked a couple of weeks ago is their any chance of being employed EVER, after the latest new guy started there & was not only employed but also given a $500 voucher to furnish his unit. That guy was in a really similar position to my husband but was given preferental treatment my husband has bought loads of stuff & always paid for it, no vouchers for him. This charity takes on people with all kinds of social, & mental health issues. My husband Has No issues that prevent him from working , has No drug or alcohol issues & no criminal record. But this particular manager is very prejudiced. So speaking to an under manager my husband found out there was a rumour that he was Never going to get a paid Job because he was " too sick to work " he enquired what was supposed to be wrong with him & was told they'd found out he had advanced Kidney disease & was thus unemployable. He was baffled as how such a rumour came about. & went to clear things up with the manager who treats him badly. He told the guy that he had No kidney disease or issues that prevent him from working. & the manager said " oh I didn't realise you were wanting a job" so infuriating. So he asked my husband if he'd be a truckers off sider, & my husband said sure no problem he'd take any oppotunity & was also willing to go on any courses they'd send him on etc. so the guy said he'd bear him in mind. Well on saturday, my husband went to work & everyone he normally gets on with were being a bit off with him, & he found out the latest rumour is that " a guy who works on a saturday (HIM) has been passing goods on to people without payment & hiding furniture so people can retrieve it without paying. That would be totally against his principles & he is outraged to be placed in a position where he is under suspicion & spoils his reputation. Just so this guy isn't forced to employ him. It's all been set up as an implication, no real evidence but just enough to cast doubt over his honesty & integrity. But I doubt he can get so much as a refrence after months of working his butt off for a charity that wont even give him a fair go. So I've said just never go back, I'm All for making a stand but this is one we cant win. So this is another delay in my getting over to Australia. It would really make a huge difference if my husband could get full time paid work so anyone know of jobs in Brisbane let me know. Another issues in getting employed has been the fact he doesn't have a car, most jobs stipulate the need for your own transport. We've been advised it would help our Visa application if we could spend more time together. We are trying to be responsible by putting the search for work at the forefront of our plans. We dont have money to fritter away on flights but if anyone knows of any real cheap deals on Brisbane to London etc also let me know please. It's tricky searching from this side as most searches are showing flights going the other way. It will be for a three month return trip from now onwards..... Thanks your thoughts & advice appreciated :notworthy:
  2. Does anybody know if there is a citizen advice in australia like the uk? i put offer in on a house and now trying to get out of it but turning out to not be easy HELP!!!