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Found 3 results

  1. Sarah and family

    Family considering move to Sunshine Coast

    Hello All, I came across this webpage and finding it very useful. My husband and I are considering a move to Australia, Its a crazy big move for us as we know no one there and will be leaving everything we know behind in the UK. We don't really know too much about the visa situation but I know that my husbands profession is on the skills list. I'm not really sure on the next necessary steps to make, I have read mixed messages Re the visa application as I have read I should get an agent to help with the process? and others say save your money for the move and complete it yourself? Which I have no idea on the first steps? And also with regard to how much money we will need to emigrate? Housing situation is also something we want to know more about, we own our house (have a mortgage on) in the uk and would sell and move to Aus, does anyone know if we can buy in Aus straight away or within like a year so we can rent first to be sure on area etc. I have also been looking into areas and loving sunshine coast, permitting that my husband can get work there, We need to look at schools for our two children (6 and 3) and would love to be within walking distance. Here in uk they go to a catholic school and love the link between church and school but not sure if this is a possibility in oz? I have spent to long researching and we are looking at booking flights to go out in 2013 to investigate the area, schools jobs etc. its all very scary but a move we would love to make, We also have to tackle telling friends and family our plans (which is the bit i dreading the most!) If anyone had any advice or is in the same situation, I would love to hear from you. Just realised I may gave gone on a bit so apologise in advance Many Thanks Sarah and Family in uk
  2. Hellow fellow applicants/migrators; my application for the partner (defacto) temporary visa arrived at the London office on 7th August 2012 and I had an email from my case officer on 13th August 2012 asking for a medical examintaion to be provided and that was it! I also received my police check certifaicatess and some relationship evidence back to my postal address on 13th August. My question is; what does this mean? Any one who has been through this process will know so any help will be great. I have heard that health checks are usually the last hting asked for and as I have front loaded the application with the police checks and form 80 I guess that means I have provided enough relationship evidence? I just can't believe how quick they have been and don't want to get lulled into a false sense of security!!! Getting excited!!
  3. Hi all, Firstly - I love this website! Although I'm sure my boss won't be too happy if he checks my internet traffic... oh well. Would be great to get some advice, anecdotes or hints/tips from anyone who applied for their visas in a similar way: We met in Sept 2009 Moved in together 27th August 2010 OH is an Australian citizen and an Irish citizen too, hence we've been living together in the UK. We want to get to Australia as soon as possible, and I've had a job offer for a start date of 5th September 2011. Therefore, this is my reasoning: Apply for Working Holiday Visa around 1st June (in order to be able to save up the financial amount you need to evidence) and then book flights to Sydney for around 28th August 2011. I'd start my job on 5th September and apply for the de facto partnership visa and have it granted (hopefully!) just before the six month with one employer rule kicks in. I'm currently debating whether to lodge on/offshore as the processing times for offshore seem to be much quicker, but having to leave to activate the visa is such a pain. So, we'd either lodge onshore on 28th August so that it is definitely one year since we've lived together or offshore in Australia House on 28th too. We have the following proof for the de facto: - tenancy agreement - stat decs - wedding invites/christmas cards etc - individual bank accounts with statements highlighted to show joint purchases or holidays e.g. both buying stuff in Paris on the same weekend - council tax in both names - bills in separate names e.g. TV licenses in my name, Virgin Media in his name, Electricity in my name and then account changed to both names - pictures of us together and with stat dec witnesses - facebook message screenshots, emails, skype history etc - travel arrangements (but no tickets... why do I not hoard?!) - mirroring wills (e.g. all my stuff to him, all his stuff to me) Any comments welcome Leah and Rory xx