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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or knows much about this...Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My partner has been offered a job on a 457 Visa in Sydney. His company are willing to have me added to it. We however do not class as defacto at the moment. It has been suggested that we 'register our relationship' with the NSW government (automatically making us defacto and voiding the 12 month period usually needed). It has been suggested that we fill these out together in the UK and once he is in Australia he can register us. It will take 28 days for a certificate to be processed and following that we can apply for me to be added onto his 457. What I was wondering was- Do you know hold long this process could take for my visa to be granted? Can I do it while in Australia? i.e. go out on a tourist visa and then be put on a bridging visa. and the touch costs this may incur? Thanks Emma
  2. Guest

    badly need advice/help

    hey poms in ozzers,, need advice ...we have to validate visa before feb ,so if we all go 2ad 2 kids ,it going to cost around 9 grand,,, 6 for flights 1700 for accom ,,car hire and taking the kids to worlds and making it nice trying not to be too tight ,,,a holiday if you like at australias holidays busiest time unfortunatley ,my question is if i go as the main applicant on a 175 perm res what does it entail for my family if they dont go ,,can they re-apply under my visa or spouse visa or something ,,any opinions would be appreciated ,,all i know for sure is that my wife would have to get meds again as far as i know, can some people feel free to to give me some other options i could do ,,,we simply dont have the money for all to go :unsure::unsure::unsure::unsure:
  3. Guest

    Advice/Help Moving To Oz..

    Hey people, great forum plenty of tips etc and advice on here, just abit lost at the moment with a couple of things.... Right have been thinking about the options to me, i am 21 and i am a qualified Chef, Nvq 2 .. I have family who live in adelaide and have for 30 years, who i have never met but i am intrested in doing do, but i can make out what to do, theres so many different visa options, ways of doing etc, btw i am there nephew i dunno if you have to be brother / uncle etc to move over there with the family sponsership etc, i just dunno how it works i have read and read online but it aint realy clicked so wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what to do... :eek:
  4. Hey everyone, we are kinda new here and have been trawling the forums for information for our visa application and thought it would best to start a new thread, get some advice and hear some stories from people that have been through this process or are currently doing so, just like us. :biggrin: We have been together for 18 months and plan to lodge our application whilst living here in the UK before Mark has to go back to Australia. We have not been living together officially but we do spend every night together at either one of our homes, i think in the last 9 months we've only spent about 2 nights apart! We will have at least 5 statutory declarations (888) from our housemates confirming this. Is there anything else people could suggest we add to support this? Also since we have only been together here in the UK, only one of Marks friends from Australia has met me, we have asked him to fill out an 888 but the application asks for 888 to be completed by 2 Australian citizens which we are unable to do. has anyone else come across this problem? How did u overcome this? We do share finances but do not have a joint bank account. Mark is in full-time employment and I am a full-time student so he does help me out quite alot with food, rent etc. we can prove this with bank statements and receipts but are unsure as to whether this would be sufficient evidence. any ideas there would be great!? Aside from that we are pretty confident that we can prove the validity and commitment of our relationship. We have flights documents, photos, christmas cards, receipts from trips and events we have been to together. The only other query would be in regards to our own declarations. We are unsure if we both need to do one or if a joint declaration would be ok? Also some people say to write it in a very factual way and steer clear of being all lovey and romantic, is this true? Thanks so much for reading and any help or further advice would be greatly appreciated! :cute: Lucy and Mark
  5. clan mac

    advice/help please

    Hi We are the McKnight family from Glasgow and we are hoping to move to sunny Oz. We looked into this 2 years ago and visited Australia for a reccie, unfortunately when we returned from our holiday, the housing market had collapsed and we would have been unable to sell our home. We never gave up on our dream and as things are showing some sign of recovery we are now again looking into what we need to do. We have made an initial enquiry with thinking Australia who have advised we may qualify for a 475 visa. I work in social care (mental health and homeless services) and my hubby is a project manager. Ian is a time served joiner who has been in construction management for the last 8 years or so, he does have a construction management qualification but not a degree. My questions are this - Anyone had any problems with this agent or know of any problems? I have read various threads on many forums about people getting ripped off for dudd info but i must stress not with this agent. What are the pitfalls of this particular visa? Again I have read about not having medical cover with this visa!!!!! OMG I have 2 children and this is obviously a cause for concern if we would be left without any medical cover. Any advice would be appreciated grateful thanks clan mac
  6. :wub:Hello! Me and my partner are on our way to sending off the defacto/spouse visa. Medicals done, PC done, xray and few stat decs from friends and family. Feels like were finally getting everything organised.... I was just wondering how long the visa can take up to is it a year? my visa is expiring in sep 09 and im worried there with be a period of time where were apart if we are still waiting on the visa?? Also does everyone get a case officer? are there interviews with friends and family members? whats the process? Cheers everyone, any replies or advice would be great! :hug:
  7. Hi Everyone, Ok today is run around day cleaning again ready for the shippers and agents to come in tomorrow, running the boys to school and work sooo where an earth do I then get the time to do this ARTC before I am back at work tomorrow:goofy: Ok I am jumping the gun here but have downloaded the form (pages of it), and now have to complete it all. Can anyone give my any advice/help For instance on the Certified proof copies can we use the same ones as we did on TRA? Or do they need to be dated as recently? as TRA references were over a year ago now! Has anyone done the ARTC whilst here in the UK? And has anyone done it whilst being in Australia? How did you find the whole process of applying for the ARTC? Thank you for any assistance Regards Kim
  8. Hi everyone Wondered if any of you fantastic PIO'ers can help me with a few questions I have: 1) Am I able to download the Australian Values statement anywhere and email it to DIAC before they ask me for it? 2) I've just looked at my online document checklist and most things say 'received'. However, some documents still say 'requested' although I have already downloaded them onto my application - does this mean that they just haven't got around to checking these particular documents or do you think they need me to download them again? 3) They've asked me for Form 80 - is this a new thing? Does everyone have to do one of these? It's just appeared on my document checklist. Hope someone can help Best wishes HH