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Found 19 results

  1. So we've been in Australia for just over a week and so far so good... The hotel we stopped at for one night was fantastic and not expensive. It was Marina Quays International John Lund Drive, Hope Island, QLD, 4214, Australia for if anyone wants to know... We've bought everything we needed for us to last until our container arrives and found that SuperAMart was great and decent quality. We bought a few bits from Fantastic Furniture but we found the quality on some stuff not as good but cheap prices and the Office set we bought was excellent quality and good value. Food so far I aint compared any prices tbh cos we are living here now so why think what it did cost when this is what it's going to cost from now on so just pay it lol But the meat is so cheap and can't wait to have our first BBQ shortly... We bought a great one from BBQ's Galore... Bunnings is great it's a B&Q DIYS store and we bought our Petrol Lawn Mower and several large free standing fans from their. The house we're renting is fantastic a lovely sized garden and massive outdoor living area. The 2nd family living area has a table tennis table in it now and has loads of space around it :-) Got Cable installed 2 days ago and it's nice to be online but only getting 8mbit out of the promised 30mbit but have contacted them to look into it for me. Pam applied online for her tax code. We all went and applied for Medicare today so things are progressing well on that score. The weather has been fantasic and if this is winter wow. But i must say it does get cold on a night and wished we'd brought a few more warmer clothes with us but have bought now so sorted. Yesterday we sat out in the afternoon and had to listen to next doors music whch was rather loud to say the least. I've emailed our property agent to ask the best way to handle it cos I don't want to cause more problems by putting my foot in it early on lol But I'm sure a nice word will do the trick. On my tenancy agreement it asks me to considerate to the neighbours so maybe I'll have to point that out to them if it happens again... Pam starts her job on Monday which will be when we'll start a routine and I'll get some chores done around the house. But all in all we are loving the total experience of Australia and the way of life and people are so friendly it's unbelievable. Our container arrives in Brisbane on 9th September so still some time to wait for our goods to arrive here. The car hire we have is with Avis and it's a good deal long term lease because of the length of rental. We've got it for 4 weeks to start with then can extend 3 times before we have to start a new rental agreement. We got an upgrade to a Hyundai i30 and the car is great and we think this will be the car we buy in the future. I'll update more as we go along Howard
  2. First off I just want to clarify that writing isn't a massive hobby of mine, quite the contrary being a dyslexic I detest the thought of having to write, so hopefully no one here will judge my poor writing skills..! To give yourselves a bit of a background about myself, I hate spending money on anything that doesn't involve adventure, enhances my experiences in life or travel. I don't understand why you need to spend money on anything else...! As of current when writing this blog post, I'm currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, and this is how I'm currently living... Bedroom picture 1 Bedroom picture 2 Bedroom picture 3 Bedroom picture 4 Not including the chair or desk, this is how I currently live. Some might look at this and say, "WHAT! How can you live with so little?", whereas what they should be saying is... "Wow, that's how you can afford to go on all those adventures!". You'll see from my Youtube channel "jackcranelife" (where I upload my daily travel vlog's) that I'm constantly doing activities, exploring new places... aka: Always being out of the house. I purely see this setting as a place to rest my head, nothing more. When I first arrived in this apartment, there was an empty wardrobe, chair and desk. All I needed to get was a cheap mattress, pillows, duvet, a plate, knife & fork, hangers and laundry tub... So I ventured into the wonderful shop known as Ikea, spent around $200 getting everything I needed and plodded back home and started booking trip arounds Australia like crazy! Because I spent so little, I was able to spend the rest of my money on the following... - Cairns for $1000 which includes... Flights, accommodation, skydiving, bungee jumping, full day of white water rafting and full day of great barrier reef snorkeling. (Coming up on the 17th - 21st May 2015) - Flights to Adelaide for $150 (staying with a friend for this one) (12th - 15th June 2015) - 2 day tour of the Great Ocean Road for $250 which included... 1 hour surfing lesson, parrots landing on me and eating from my hands, see wild kangaroos, 12 apostles, amazing sights, 2 lunches, 1 dinner, 1 breakfast, being driven round with a group and an overnight stay in an american style teepee (You can actually check out a 4 part video vlog I did on this to see what I was up to... click on a part to see each section Part 1 (surfing), Part 2 (parrots), Part 3 (12 apostles), Part 4 (Secret beach) I've also got planned to visit Perth to do some Whale Shark swimming (searching round for some good deals at the moment) and other various activities... So what would I say to those of you who want to travel, explore and live an adventure? Don't spend all your money on thing's that won't bring true value to your life, only get the needed essentials, don't spend frivolously. This is the motto I live by and keep saying at the end of every single video I do on my Youtube channel, and I hope it resonates with you... "Be remarkable... Keep your life exciting." All the best, Jack
  3. Guest

    Follow me on my adventure!!!!

    Hi people I am doing vlogs as I am off to stay with my Dad in Australia for a year It's early stages yet but they are coming together so please watch and tell me what you think
  4. Is anyone off to the Expo on the 29th-30th October at Sydney Town Hall? Find out...where to go...what to do...where to stay...where the jobs are...and more. 2011 Sydney expo highlights: Free BBQ outside the venue each day from 1pm (get in while stocks last!) Free Barista-made coffee (inside the venue...from 1pm - again while stocks last) Main door prize - a return flight to the UK Great free Travel Talks (popular talks repeated daily...I have attached the list) Fantastic exhibitors...have a look at the attachment for the current exhibitor list Plus a heap of other prizes and specials deals, free wine/beer samples and more...
  5. OK. Firstly, hello! I'm Robert. Self employed joiner from Glasgow UK. Looking to emigrate to Adelaide around the Noarlunga/ Christies Beach area. Looks like I will be trying to emigrate on a 175 visa. Do not want to pay a visa "expert" so would like to process my own visa. I am 34 years old. A joiner / carpenter as mentioned. I have a wife, 32. Pharmacy dispenser. A 3 year old daughter and 2 year old son, aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! :arghh:Sorry!!! Being a newbie to all of this I would appreciate all advice/ help/ tips and criticisisms however minute you may think they are. I need all the help I can get and will ask and take it all in the aid of getting a better quality of life for my kids. I know already that myself and my wife will need to work harder and have less luxuries (lol) than in the UK but feel it is worth all the effort as you only get what you deserve in life. Thanks in advance for any info and help you can provide. Robert
  6. Hello again, Is there anything equivalent to the UK Tough Guy / Total Warrior adventure races in the UK currently running in Melbourne? I’m planning on running the marathon in October but would like something a little less boring…barbed wire and fire is the way forward J Thanks
  7. tonyman

    Leeuwin Ocean Adventure

    http://www.sailleeuwin.com/site/articles_index.php?articleURL=/site/20_about_us/10_about_main.htm has anyone took part in this adventure from Fremantle .....? check out the link , its sounds like pretty good fun and work...!!!!
  8. Guest

    The Oz adventure begins...

    Hi everyone! This is my first post and thought I would intoduce myself briefly to old and new members of the site. Its actually the first time I have been able to have a good look on the site and read some of "threads" as they are called. Anyway, me, my wife and our 8 month old baby girl have made the decision to make the big move AGAIN, only this time to sunny Australia! We have previously emigrated to Canada, Toronto for a couple of years, which was a ride, but cold to say the least. Now we are looking to relax and bring up our little one in the warmth and hopefully play happy families... We have planned our first trip next month and want to be settled somewhere before September. We have many friends in the big cities and are looking at Perth for the time being. So I was just wondering where everyone is heading and why really? Cheers, Bob.
  9. I guess this thread is aimed at you who are single, couple, and not nessacarily travelling with young ones, but my friend who has recently visited went back to Sydney with this company and he said it was one hell of an experience. UK To OZ Overland - London to Sydney Overland Yes, in the grand scheme of things it is fairly pricey, BUT, the adventures he had were truly awe inspiring. I am not affiliated with this company, so I don't think I'm going to get into trouble. I reckon it would be the trip of a lifetime, if I EVER have enough money this is the way I would make a return to Australia, but there again. I am just about to start my PCV training, so if successful I may be your driver, :biglaugh::biglaugh:, oh deep joy, you may not learn a lot but I can assure you that the 'conversation' would flow.:shocked::policeman::mad::embarrassed::biglaugh:. But seriously folks, this could be the trip of a lifetime, as I said, very pricey, but I reckon the comradeship, laughs, education etc, would well make up for this. Cheers Tony.
  10. HI, Just to pass on this chance to get early bird season passes for this great place. We invested in these tickets last year and they were a god send. Early Bird Season Pass - Visitor Info - Adventure World Hope this helps Sue
  11. Guest

    still to adventure...

    hi pio, i thought i'd ask for some detached advice since people i know have a vested interest with this dilemma - kind of like therapy i guess - i'll try and keep it short . . . so have been offered a job in sydney - decent salary, visa and relocation included. i moved from my friends in the uk a couple of years ago to the us - for adventure and tired of the uk. am 37. did struggle with loneliness for a bit here. have met a few nice people now and have been seeing a girl for 6 months or so and we're getting on fine. a lot of people on this board talk about 'we' and think 'we' is more important than 'job'? my girlfriend can't come because of her kids but would love to (side note - i'd love kids but not sure i want to inherit). would kind of be a lot of pressure to stay with girl if i don't go and am hoping not to resent anyone!?!?! i'm in a fairly small town, so limited opportunities, but it is pretty on lake michigan - lots of sailing, biking and even some culture ( it does happen in the midwest! ). the cost of living is very cheap here and am a bit scared of sydney rental/house prices ( and car prices after living in the us ) but would probably have the same amount of disposable units of currency per month after rent etc blah blah do i uproot my life again for the sake of adventure - i can see regrets either way - seeing how the love life goes or seeing how a new life goes. i know i'm the only one who can answer but feel free to chip in - all advice welcomed into the pot.
  12. I am leaving the uk soon just wanted to say goodbye and thankyou to everyone who has helped me xx
  13. hi all sorry will try and keep this short ,well been eight weeks since leaving uk and so far every thing in oz is going bloody great . managed to secure a job over the phone the day before we left and started four days after we got here , finally secured a permanant rental in ocean grove.. love the beach , my son loves his school surfside and it's not too far too geelong where i work . boats now arrived so house stuff not too far off so roll on xmas . some things we found easy driving licence etc ,medicare apply for when you get here so long as you have permanent visa status even if in holiday let in fact we did every thing on temp address and changed it all later . finding a rental not too difficult loads around BUT getting accepted in the race to get it is another task got turned down lots so be prepared , we found a place we liked and offered more rent sometimes it works sometimes it does not but worth a go if you like the place . so at this moment we all could not be more happier although a few more bodies to have round to the bar barbie might be good ?? sons made a few mates at school , the wifes tryingtoo, but i am the only mechanic at my work shop so nothing there ! , sons 10 going 11 and well im over forty (wont put the wifes 34+5 ) but any one in same boat or just got here and want some advise on what ,where,how get in touch . colin ,dawn ,ryan living it up in oz:biggrin:
  14. Hi there, Our daughter is going to the above park with the school next month and although it all sounds and looks good from the teachers and the website as she is only 11. I wondered if anyone had heard of them or had experiences there!! I am being a worrying mum i know but you hear so many strange things nowadays!! Any help would be great, Thanks Gail x
  15. If you have ever dreamt of the doing the Australasian Safari (nicknamed the Australian Dakar), but don't want to compete. You have another option. This could be a fantastic way to meet people, have fun at the same time, and see the country...... ADVENTURE TOUR AUTOConcept The Auto Tour ("AT") is a tour providing 4WD enthusiasts the opportunity to become closely involved with the Australasian Safari without needing to compete. The AT Course and AT Itinerary will be integrated with the Competition Course and Competition Itinerary but at an achievable and enjoyable pace. The AT will also explore remote outback places of historic interest. The AT is a separate Course and Itinerary from the Moto Tour. It is also with great excitement that our hosts for the 2009 tour are Simon and Miranda Christie from 4WDTV. To enter the Adventure Tour AUTO - please download the following three documents, make sure you read and understand them and submit your expression of interest into the Safari Office as soon as possible. Places are limited. Download the Adventure Tour Brochure HERE Download the Australasian Safari Adventure Tour Conditions of Entry HERE Download the Expressions of Interest Form AUTO HERE Or ADVENTURE TOUR MOTO Concept The Moto Tour ("MT") is a tour providing motorcyclists the opportunity to become closely involved with the Australasian Safari without needing to compete. The MT Course and MT Itinerary will be integrated with the Competition Course and Competition Itinerary but at an achievable and enjoyable pace. The MT will also explore remote outback places of historic interest. The MT is a separate Course and Itinerary from the Auto Tour. To enter the Adventure Tour MOTO or the Adventure Tour Moto Compact - please download the following three documents, make sure you read and understand them and submit your expression of interest into the Safari Office as soon as possible. Places are limited. Download the Adventure Tour Brochure HEREDownload the Australasian Safari Adventure Tour Conditions of Entry HERE Download the Expressions of Interest Form MOTO HERE We are also needing officials to help on the actual Safari, if you are interested please send us a pm.
  16. Well the VISA process seems to be picking up again. It's been quiet for a while and yesterday we got a series of pretty formal documents in the mail asking for meds and police clearance to be done by some time in May! And also... a name for a Case Officer. Now the reality kicks in. Now it gets scary. Will we make it out of Britain alive? Will we wind up in Queensland or South Australia. Who knows? Nobody knows. Anybody else in the same boat? :daydreaming:
  17. thewebweazel

    Our Newest Adventure

    Hello everyone! Well we have actually done it! Just spent a huge amount of money appointing a Migration agent and started the process of applying for visa's for OZ. So taking the new development in to account I thought that it might be a good time to join the forum (for moral support and advice). It was time to stop debating the Pros and cons and take the plunge as I was only getting older and losing points. My wife, daughter and myself emigrated to the UK six years ago from South Africa after a life altering event, unfortunately I have never really been happy in the UK, the weather and missing wide open spaces have had a large amount to do with it! So two years ago the three of us went to OZ for six weeks on a recce , we travelled from Melbourne to Townville on a Greyhound hop on hop off bus, staying in youth hostels and camping. The last week we spent in Perth. It was fantastic, OZ was all that I dreamt it would be and more! Actually we enjoyed it so much that, 9 months later our family expanded with the arrival of twins!!! :wacko: Craig + C.R.A.T
  18. Guest

    Australian Adventure Begins!

    Hello :spinny: The Big Adventure Begins for Us! We've just decided it time to make the move to Oz! We've decided on Queensland, as I've been out there before and loved it! We've only just started getting info this week about visa applications and agents etc. Any advice would becomed :v_SPIN:. Agent or DIY? Which agents? Where are the good seminars? Is there anything we need to be doing now that we might not thought of? My partner works in computer support (10yrs) and has a HND in computer studies, does anyone know which type of visa would be best? Best of luck to everyone starting their visa journeys Loopz
  19. Guest

    Fantastic Adventure

    Hi, OH just accepted offer last week, so waiting for the next step to this fantastic adventure, could someone please advise us in advance what the medicals entail, I see you have to submit xrays, bloods but what else do they do and is it the same for the children 16 & 13. Many thanks Sharon :wubclub: