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Found 17 results

  1. John and Wendy

    Day 1 of research our move to OZ!

    Hi everyone, I have just joined this site researching the possibility of the big move from the UK, my main concern is jobs for us both. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning much more. This is something I have wanted for the past 10 years, with the state of the UK now, I'm finally jumping ship. Johns background 30 years old, 10 years in the security industry including the British Army where I served as a Royal Military Police NCO, specialised in close protection with a tour of Iraq behind me. I left the Army 6 years ago and have been working self employed in close protection (bodyguard)/surveillance/private investigation/security chauffeur and instructor. I have vast qualifications in security, I am also an advanced driver at the highest level with lots of experience working with celebs and royalty. Before joining the Army, I was a qualified landscape gardener which I continued to do whilst on leave from the Army. However, I'm not sure how transferable those skills are. I would consider joining the Australian Defence Force, or police. Has any ex military amongst us done that? Wendys Background 25 years old, no kids, not married (I am Johns partner of 5 years with plans of marriage and kids), I work in retail which I have done for 6 years, on the shop floor for 1 year and office admin for 5. I am also security trained and licensed so would ideally be looking for work in admin/retail or security, failing that, a full time mummy and supportive wife. Any advise people can offer is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance. We are a blank canvas, we are open to any ideas of location and careers. We look forward to hearing from you, kind regards, Team WEMO! - long story :biggrin:
  2. Thought this might be useful for anyone thinking of Laterally Transferring from the RN to the RAN. Had my Visa approved on 5 May 08 and this is a comprehensive timeline of the whole process: 3 Mar 07 – Application to RAN 25 Mar 08 – Interview at Gunwharf Keys, Portsmouth 14 Jun 07 – Security, Medical and Application packs sent to me. 12 Jul 07 - Security, Medical and Application packs received by the RAN. 14 Jul 07 – Recognition of Prior Learning pack received from RAN by post. 2 Aug 08 – RPL received by RAN. 26 Nov 07 – Conditions of Service letter (job offer) received by post. 27 Nov 07 – COS letter signed and returned to RAN by post. 21 Jan 08 – Email from RAN to state COS letter received and placed on file. 22 Jan 08 – AD 125 sent to RAN by email and post. 31 Jan 08 – RAN apply for Labour Agreement. 11 Mar 08 – Visa medicals and x-rays conducted. 18 Mar 08 - Visa medicals and x-rays sent to DIAC Sydney by UPS. 25 Mar 08 - Visa medicals and x-rays delivered to DIAC Sydney. 10 Apr 08 – RAN labour Agreement approved by DIAC Canberra. 22 Apr 08 – Visa application sent to DIAC Canberra (Form 47ES + Form 80 and 1221 for the 2 adults) + Police Certificates). 29 Apr 08 – Visa application delivered to DIAC in Canberra. 1 May 08 – Visa lodged. 5 May 08 – Visa approved. We now have our flights booked and leave blighty, wheels off, on the 4 Sep 08. Chris.
  3. nik_kershaw

    joining the ADF

    I have offically started the process of joining the ADF. I did a small test today and it went well. they said i was able to almost everything available, which is good.
  4. Hi All! We are moving across to Australia 3rd September this year and it’s been a long and confusing (at times) process! One thing that I became slightly disheartened with was the lack of understanding of the whole process – no ‘Agent’ – and, as we have taken a different route t most on the forums, not that many of us to ask at different stages. I have decided that I would post a ‘rough’ guide to our process so far – I do know that different Services have slightly different methods, but this is just a benchmark of our experience: December 05 – Made Initial Contact via email to contact in Canberra. 2006 – Hubby away most of the year on Ship. This slowed things down for us, as contact was limited. July 2006 – received RPL pack from Aussie Navy. Pretty much like an NVQ type format with loads of sections to complete and compare qualifications and experience with certs and reports over whole naval career. It took a week or so of scanning, photocopying and cross-referencing to complete. We went on Holiday for some of July and August, but managed to get it off in the post at the end of August 06. My advice would be, as daunting as it may seem, complete it as comprehensively as possible. This will give them the opportunity to see what’s been achieved and, I think, helps in the decision making process for Rank etc on any future offer. We also managed to get the email of the ‘poster/appointer’ who is responsible for Hubby’s Branch. We scanned the whole Application and emailed it to him complete with supporting documents. October 06 – DCO contacted us by phone to ask the relevant questions – Children? Special Needs? Reasons for wanting to move across? Family leaving behind? All pretty straight forward and not daunting at all. Nov 06 – Hubby opened Bank Account with Commonwealth Bank December 06 – Conditions of Service Letter received via email. Hubby is Lt Logs here in RN and managed to keep rank and seniority for Aussie Navy. Signed and returned. It was over the Christmas period though, which meant that it delayed things a little. I was unsure what to do at this point in time as I didn’t know that next stage. Contact in Canberra applies to Immigration for a Labour Agreement. Not too sure how long this normally takes, but Christmas and New Year were factors with ours. Sold House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jan 16 07 – Applied for Police Checks. £10 per person – call Local Police Station and ask for Data Protection dept. Once through, explain reasons for needing the check and they send you application forms. These take up to 40 days to return and need to be valid for application – i.e. less than 12 months old on entering Australia. Hubby has to provide another one to take across with us that is less than 3 months old for extra security purposes. This may not apply to everyone though. Feb 2 07 – Received Labour Agreement via email. Gives details of pay and contract etc. Also has relevant reference numbers that apply to your application. Completed the following Visa Application Forms: 47ES – need 2 passport photos for each person on the application and also supporting docs. I think it would have been easier and saved time for the whole process if I had looked at this form earlier in the application. It gives a good head start to what you’ll need to get – Birth Certs – Marriage/Divorce Certs/ Permission from Absent Parent for kids under 18 etc etc All supporting docs have to be signed and witnessed as true by solicitor or JP. 26 & 160 – Meds and Chest X-Ray Forms. Again, one photo for each applicant and one form for each applicant. Keep receipts for everything! It can be claimed back when you get there! Even Photos – ours came to around £20 and it really does start to add up! 1221 – not always advised to complete – BUT fill it in anyway!!! Nothing worse than getting it requested when you’re further down the line to delay things. 80 – Pretty much the same as 1221, but complete it as it ‘may’ be requested at a later date, again, delaying things. It’s to be completed by everyone in application over 16. Feb 3 07 – Received Police Checks! Feb 12 07 – Ordered Full Birth Certs on line. Had small ones, but they need to have both Parents’ names on them. Feb 13 07 – Meds and Chest X-Rays done. Feb 20th – Meds sent by Panel Doctor via Royal Mail International Signed For. Made contact with Australian High Commission – gave address details etc – received comprehensive pack for Travel, Removals and DHA etc. LOADS MORE FORMS!!!!!!!!!! Started to complete and make provisional arrangements for travel across and hotels etc. All of which is confirmed once Visa is granted and posting order had been issued. 28 Feb 07 – Visa Application sent with all supporting documents – copied everything prior to sending (just in case!) 12 March 07 – Meds received at LCU, Sydney – processed and sent to Immigration. 14 March 07 – Received Visa Application acknowledgement from Immigration – Fees deducted and receipt sent. 10 April 07 – Allied Pickfords pre uplift inspection. 27 April 07 – received email from Case Officer. 30 April 07 – Received email requesting form 80 per applicant over 16. (Refer to previous comment of sending it with initial application). We completed forms there and then, scanned them and emailed them straight back to CO. 1 May 07 – Received Visa grant letter via email! 2 May 07 – sent copy of Visa grant to Australian High Commission and Canberra to get the ball rolling! We have chosen NOT to send passports off to AHC to get the pretty stickers put in as we can do this when we go to London on the day we fly – they will do it there and then for us. The story continues with masses of extra paperwork, inventories etc. We have been allocated a DHA Property and hubby has made contact with new boss. In between all of the above, we have also booked the doggie in for her flights and vet checks. The ADF pay around $600 for the dog’s fees (even though the actual cost looks as though it’s in the region of £2,500!) As long winded as it is, it seems to be worth it at this stage! They have shortened the process and taken measures to make it run far more efficiently, so hopefully, depending on the stage you are at, it will come quicker for you! Apologies if you’re bored now, or sleeping, or worse! I just thought it would be good to share my timeline and to let anyone who is interested about the cock ups we made and the head starts we could have achieved if we’d known the process! Very best of luck to all!!!!!!!!!!!! Angie :biggrin:
  5. Guest

    ADF Housing in Adelaide?

    Hi Guys, I`ve been reading your Forums with immense interest over the last couple of months and would really appreciate your input if possible please? Hubby is applying to transfer from the British Army to the Australian Army and as things stand at the mo we`re just waiting for a date to attend the interview held in London. At the moment there appears to be 2 options that may be open to us, Adelaide and Sydney. I was hoping someone could give me a bit of info regarding where (roughly) the most likely area is for Army accomodation in Adelaide? I think Edinburgh is the main Army place but as there appears to be lots of other areas around there too I`d appreciate any advice as to where we`d be more likely to be housed. Hopefully this post makes sense, I`d love to have some idea of what/where we`d be looking at living and what the area would be like. Thanks in advance Lise x
  6. Hi All, am brand new to the site, joined as i have just started the process of transferring from the British Army to the ADF. Would welcome any advice or top tips from anyone who has been through the process and any general info from any Expat. Thanks.
  7. Guest

    ADF transfers

    My husband has been offered a provisional transfer to the ADF in Melbourne subject to medicals and Visas. Has anyone else tranfered to the ADF who has any information or tips? Jo
  8. Hi all, this is my first visit here but it sure looks a good place for finding info and help. Has anyone tranferring to Oz Army done it from outside of UK. I was out of Army in April last year, 08, after 22 and now living in Chile with my Chilean partner. So far I have only sent the application which has been received in Queenscliff and now waiting to hear something. Obviously living in Chile it was near impossible to find a British Army Officer to certify my document copies. The British Embassy wanted approx 27quid per signature, I had 25 bits of paper to sign ! Fortunately I managed to get some sense out of the Defence Attache, a serving Colonel, ex RGJ, very nice man. Now I'm wondering what dramas are going to unfold with the rest of the process, especially the medical and police checks given that everything has to be in english or certified translations. Any info would be useful, thanks
  9. Can anyone who joined the ADF from the UK and has done the trip to Oz already give me an idea of how much subbies they provided for the journey, trying to do some calculations for the family to check out eating options. PM might be best mehtod of reply:embarrassed: Cheers Guys
  10. Anderson

    5 weeks in (ADF)

    Well been here in Brisbane almost 5 weeks:spinny: And as they say at McDonald's im lovin it. As you can see from the title we came with the ADF (Army) witch seemed at the time to take for ever but after reading this site not as long as some. Well after our flight here via Malaysia we landed in Sydney to await our flight to Brisbane did customs in Sydney as we were in the queue to go through a customs officer asked if we had any thing to declare? he then looked at our forms witch said we had food and meds all he said was what was the food and were the meds for us, I had 2 bars of Galaxy and some paracetamol's, Didn't even check just stamped our cards and we left by the side door, A lot easier than i thought it would be. We then got to Brisbane picked up the hire car then of to stay in our Temp accommodation in the City. Was shown were the bank was by the girl that is looking after OH we then activated the bank account but had no cards waiting for us as we didnt have an address (USE YOU UNIT ADDRESS AS ITS ON THE POSTING ORDER AND YOULL GET CARDS) then as all good squaddies(Diggers over here) do we went to the pub. On the Monday we went to have a look at some houses struck lucky as the builders had just handed back the house we now live in. A lot lot better that the UK Army housing. We have a 4 bedroom with lots of living space the only thing is the bedrooms are down stairs and takes ages to clean. The Army have been great giving OH time of to sort things out plus the girl in the housing gave us proof of address as you cant do any thing with out it. The rest of the week was spent spending money as we had a few bits to buy as didn't bring the garden stuff or TV with us plus buying a car By the end of the week we were sorted. The following week OH had more time of as the air freight turned up. So is all we are waiting for is the sea freight, The PABS pack that they give you so that you can move is god but nothing like your own. The worse thing is knowing that your furniture is her but can take 4 week to clear. Over all it has been just like any other move i had done in the Army they have made it as easy as they can. So here i am sat and should be looking for a job, but just thought id let you know how it was for us. All in all its a great place to be and am finding people friendly and willing to help. Of to the River Festival at the weekend. Hope this helps Tracey:smile::smile::smile: Initial Inquiry -Dec05 Response - May 06 UK Police Checks - Aug 06 (2 Weeks) Saudi Police Checks Dec 06(5 mths) Interview - 16 Oct 06 Formal Offer - 1Dec 06 Labour Agreement - Feb 07 Visa App sent - Mar 07 Medicals done - Mar 07 Visa - May 07 Brisbane July 07
  11. Kermitfrog

    ADF Interviews

    Hi Guys, Just after some advise. Me and my OH have just returned from a very stressful days of interviews in London to Join the ADF. We had a good interview but were told that 20 other Captains were also in the running for the roles they had availabel (we are unsure of how many) so we were basically told to wait until Mid October once they have returned to Oz spoken with the career advisors and matched people to jobs if suitble.........has anyone else been advised of this. I know there are several couples going this process at the moment becasue they are here interviewing for 3 weeks (1 more week left). Any info / support / comments anyone can offer we would both really appreicate. We probably were far to confident in al honesty on the day of th einterview, going from what people had told us and now our hearts are broken that we can't begin plan our dream........... Many Thansk in advance :wubclub: x
  12. Guest

    help with adf interviews

    Hi All Just find this site & have read some of the post & everybody seems so helpful so i was hoping you could help me . I am hoping somebody that as recently had interviews in london to transfer to the australian defence force can help us please. my Hubby (& me ) are due to go in october for our interview & would like to know what questions we might get asked & your views on how the interview was for you any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  13. Kermitfrog

    ADF Questions

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone has recently been for interviews in London to transfer to the Australian Defence Forces........My OH (and me!) are due to go next Thursday 2nd and I'd like to know what questions we will be asked, peoples views etc. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Kermy x:nah:
  14. Guest

    ADF Posting Order

    Hi We've been going through this L O N G and complicated process of leaving RN to go to OZ to join RAN. Everything in place - Visas granted - DHA House sorted - all forms completed for Removals and Travel - all Travel arranged - 'nearly' sorted Schools......... All was going well until I spoke to AHC to make sure they had everything. BUT they hadn't received the Posting Authority from Canberra to acknowledge their intention to employ hubby!!!!!!:wacko: Must had been forgotten in the mountain of files and paperwork they are dealing with after the HUGE influx of applications they've received after their recruitment drive in UK March/April of this Year. Without this, we cannot proceed.....:no: Well.............. It came through this morning and we were sent a copy!!!!:jiggy: Full steam ahead and all that! Angie :wub:
  15. Guest

    ADF Transfer process - info

    Hi All :wink: Having read all your emails it seems very much like the actual path to enlistment is never the same! I am at the stage where I am awaiting my visa outcome (HOPEFULLY THIS WEEK!), I must say its been a nightmare dealing with the Oz Army, I am a WO2 in the APTC joining the Oz Medical Corps as a Sgt PTI. I will layout what my path has been which I am lead to believe is the correct order, here goes: 1. Initial contact email of transfer interest. 2. Email recieved & application form issued. (2-4 weeks) 3. Complete Application form. 4. Application form accessed & enlistment package issued. (2-4 weeks) 5. Complete enlistment package & return. 6. Enlistment package recieved & processed. (6-8 weeks) 7. Phone call - welfare interviews with myself & wife, questions & answers both ways. (2-4 weeks) 8. Report writen after welfare interviews - all OK. (2 weeks) 9. Formal job offer released, you sign & return. 10. Oz Army applies for your Labour Agreement on your behalf. 11. Labour Agreement agreed & recieved. (6-8 weeks) 12. Authority given to attend Panel Doctors for visa medicals (whol family) 13. Apply for visa. 14. Wait for visa outcome From the above you can see some differences, my main problem has been the lack of contact (on their part) & compitance of the youny soldiers dealing with the application i.e they loose doc's, forget to request docs etc all of which has added approx 9 weeks to my whole process which in turn has put me in a possition where I am due to finish with the British Army in 1 week with no confirmed visa. I have got a back up plan of Continuance & LSL if the visa is not approved but I am going to have to say yes or no to this before my ROD or else I will be a civi & then this is no longer an option! Which in turn then adds another problem of release from Continuance LSL when/if the visa is confirm. All I can say is transfering has been a testing time & at times I have questioned myself on if I am making the right choice! But I am sure I am for all the all family. I hope the above info is of use & if I can help just ask. Neil :lol:
  16. AT LAST - we have sent our visa application and can focus on the joys of removals now! 5 months 2 weeks and 2 days till we fly! RAAF Sale is where we are headed - if anyone out there is heading that way - or if anyone has any info about the area, get in touch...... Also: Does anyone have any recommendations about where to stop over with Malaysian? We are thinking of Langkawi Island and have 12 options for hotels, but the one we are looking seriously at is the Andaman. Any comments????? We have a good weekend.....
  17. Guest

    Not joining ADF!

    Hi, just starting the TRA process and have question for anyone leaving UK Mil (aircraft maintenance) who is not joining the ADF! :shock: