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Found 7 results

  1. I have listed all the addresses that I have lived in for the past 10 years and can account for them. However, there is one address I lived in overseas that I am worried about. I know the address but I do not have the contact of the person from whom I was renting the room from. I was just paying for a room in the house. Therefore, I was not on the contract. Form 80 does not ask to provide details of the contact. However, will DIMIA ask me to provide contact details of the landlord later on when they are doing all the checks?... because I do not have them. It's been 6 years since then and I do not have any letters or any proof of having lived in that address. What should I do? Will this prove to be a problem for me? Do they check every single address? I can prove that I have lived in all my other addresses but it will still be a big hassle because I do not keep my old mail or contracts. I will have to look up the landlords or real estate companies but 10 years is just way too long. The whole form 80 is very tedious to fill. Also, will they need police checks of my parents or siblings? I mean, if they do I want to get ready with them now before they ask me. I don't want to delay the whole process.What other documents will they request for once I have lodged form 80?
  2. Just thought people might be interested to hear of my experiences with banking and credit cards. Like many new immigrants to Oz, we decided to leave some money in a UK bank account and retain a UK credit card to meet the cost of any unexpected UK bills and also to give us a credit card to use until we were in Oz long enough to get a credit rating and be able to apply for a credit card here. Before we moved from the UK in December, I visited the two banking establishments and gave them details of our temporary address in Oz. Each one needed to see my passport, but the experience was pretty smooth and statements have been dribbling through since we arrived. HOWEVER, once we moved from our temporary address to our new address, it was a whole different ballgame. It seems that UK banks have no process to deal with this eventuality and I started to receive letters telling me that I would need to "drop into my nearest branch" to get the change made. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to explain over the phone that my nearest branch is 13,000 miles away! Eventually, Barclays were able to change my address if I registered for their phone banking service. They duly sent out a PIN code to my "old" Australian address and I was finally able to get them to make the change. However, we also have the credit card with Santander (formerly Abbey) [we got this one as they offered commission free transactions in foreign currencies]. I have phoned them 3 or 4 times, emailed them, followed the directions on their website (sent a change of address form to their team with a copy of my passport) and STILL they have not accepted the change. Last night I called them and the "offshore call centre agent" even told me that the card details I gave him were incorrect and therefore he would be unable to help me (he was not able to validate the card expiry date and/or the CCV1 number on the back). I pleaded and demanded to be put through to his manager to sort this out, but eventually we reached stale-mate and he hung up on me! So they are still sending my private statements to an incorrect Australian address! Surely a breach of privacy legislation? So, if there are any UK bank executives reading this, please learn something from your Australian counterparts: When I wanted to change my address on my Australian (ANZ Bank) accounts, all I had to do was to log onto the secure online banking system and click on the "change my details" link. It was all handled smoothly and seamlessly. For anyone contemplating a move over, I can only suggest that you get all of your UK assets into as few banks as possible in order to limit the pain! If you happen to bank with Barclays, make sure you register for their PHONE banking service (both partners need to register separately if you have a joint account) before leaving the UK.
  3. Guest

    Form 80 - Addresses

    Hi All We sent off our 309 spousal visa 2 weeks ago and we have had our first reply, they are requesting a completed form 80 and the following question: If you have not done so already, please provide your contact address on arrival in Australia. This should be an address where we can reliably contact you in the future in relation to the processing of the second stage of your spouse visa application. Please note this must be an address is Australia Does this refer to a contact address like a friend or member of family or our proposed address? Also question 31 asked for a Date of arrival or proposed arrival, does this need to be fairly accurate and can we not valid date the visa before this date, in case we bring our day forward? We are hoping to do a few months of travelling on our way to Oz and only have a vague idea of when we finally arrive. Finally question 31 also asks for a proposed address in Australia, we don't have one yet and were intending to go house hunting once we touch down. What do I put down in this section? Well that's it for now, any help anyone can give us would be hugely appreciated as we coming towards the end of a very lengthy process. Many Thanks Neil and Michelle
  4. Guest

    form 80, previous addresses

    question 22. previous addresses of the places where you have lived for 12 months or more, do they mean the country or house, cuz well lived in diff backpackers and with shane over period of 2 years, other than that my parents house but only parents 2 houses for 12months or more??
  5. Guest

    Temporary addresses???

    What is the best thing to do when you first arrive with regards to what address you use for tax and driving licence, etc. Can you get box number or something or don't they do that sort of thing in Oz? It's just that the first place you lay your hat isn't going to be your permanent address. Help and suggestions welcomed:smile:
  6. Has anyone had the problem that the shippers and dog transporters need a contact address for your destination? We are off to Perth in January 2008 and as yet don't know anyone and do not have a rental address in order to give a contact address. Appartently you have to have this before you can book their services. Can anyone help? Has anyone else had a similar problem? Thanks in advance, Nicki :wubclub:
  7. It appears for some reason that AOL & Hotmail may not like the pomsinoz.com extension to emails and does not delivery them to inboxes. If you have an AOL or hotmail account and want to join, please ensure that contact[at]pomsinoz.com is added to your safe list. In order to activate your account an automated email with a vailidation link will be sent from this address to you account. To be able to post here you must validate that the email address exists - (This is used to stop spammers targeting the forum).