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Found 32 results

  1. Just recounting our experiences in the hope it helps others We have been organising our flights for our relocation in November. It's been a bit awkward because the company are doing the booking and paying, so we've had a bit of to and fro in trying to get the best result that means we can take a decent amount of luggage to tide us over until our stuff arrives We couldn't book the "migrant fares" that some airlines offer, nor the additional migrant baggage allowances, because the booking wasn't being made from the UK nor by a migrant, but by the company from Australia. I checked and confirmed this with the airlines and they wouldn't budge However, on research we found that of the common direct carriers the following applies a) Emirates have the best standard allowance in economy of 30Kg b) BA, Qantas, Virgin allow 23 Kg c) Most of the Far Eastern airlines (I checked CP, Singapore, Malay) only allow 20Kg More importantly, BA and Virgin were *vastly* cheaper for a pre-booked additional bag. They will both let you have one extra bag (so a further 23Kg) for £33-34 per person for the whole bag, if you book online All other airlines that I researched - including Qantas - wanted somewhere between £500 and £700 for the same amount of additional baggage The BA/Virgin additional baggage charges are a bit of a steal to be honest. For the three of us we've booked an extra bag each, so now have up to 46Kg each (ie 2 big bags, which is plenty even for our son's toys) for the total of only about £100 for all 3 of us If you are struggling with balancing the luggage equation and trying to work out your flights, it's worth bearing in mind HTH
  2. Hello All, I have like most members on here been waiting anxiously for any snippet of information or correspondence from DIAC. Out of the blue today I received an email requesting additional documentation to progress my application, this included; Undergoing Health Assessment Character assessment - Form 80's I’m chuffed to bits but I have a simple question for anybody who maybe in the know!!! Does this mean that everything else regarding my application at this point in time has been cleared/accepted, is this ther final hurdle??? Anybody, please
  3. Guest

    Additional Documents for CO

    Hi Just wanted to seek some advice as to what kind of additional documents does CO ask for. Applied for subclass 176,waiting for CO. Just wanted to make sure I had all the documents with me before they ask. I have already uploaded all the required documents. Does the CO ask for tax returns, all the payslips, bank account statements for the last so many years, letter from employer. Any other kind of requests the CO's make. cheers.
  4. hi there, it took me ages to track down the UK Govt's information about paying additional NI contributions from abroad. (This may be something of interest to people who wish to do so in order to protect their state pension.) So I am posting the link here in case anyone else needs it. HM Revenue & Customs: National Insurance Contributions, Retirement Pension Forecasts and advice for those abroad Scroll half way down to the section called "Voluntary National Insurance contributions and how to pay from abroad" and there are links to detailed info. haven't read it all myself yet ... yawn ... but am interested in whether others think its a good idea to make additional payments or not. cheers sg
  5. Hello everybody, Need advice asap. We finally got a CO, and he's asking for additional documents as proof of employment. That is all fine, we have almost collected everything he asked for, as soon as we have it all, we will be having it translated. As most of these documents are uniform (e.g. payslips all have the same fields, only the numbers are different, same with the bank statements) is it acceptable if we only have one of each translated? It's a huge amount of documents (proving 10 years of employment) it will cost us a fortune if we have to translate each and every of them when basically the only difference is numerical. And it will take a lot of time, too. As well as the uploading... Please, advise! Thanks, L.
  6. Hi All, I am providing my pay slips and W2 (tax doc in the US) as additional form of employment verification. I am little confused regarding the same. I have my SSN (Social security number) displayed on the W2, is it okay to send it as it is to ACS? Has anyone attached W2 as additional document? Please let me know. Thanks,
  7. Hi all we are hoping to buy a nearly new car when we move over to Oz, my main concern is what are the higgen cost, when dealers advertise an on the road price, are there any other exoenses you need to take into consideration at the point of sale? besides insurance and fuel of course! Any help much appreciated TT xx
  8. I’m trying to add additional baggage to my Qantas flight. On the website it says “Visit Manage Your Booking to purchase an Additional Baggage Allowance.” For the life of me I cannot find any options where I can pay to have my baggage allowance increased. :arghh: Have any of you experienced the same problems? TIA
  9. Hi, Today, my oh received an email from case officer requesting following document. "Certified copy of evidence completing an adaptation program before gaining registration with Nursing and Midwifery Council UK". As far as we remember we did not receive any letter from NHS where she completed her adaptation course or from NMC in regards to completion of adaptation course. Please can someone advise us how we can arrange for this asap as she has got only 30 days to submit this. Mansawant
  10. Guest

    Additional sponsors ???

    I'd appreciate some advice. I'm hoping to be able to submit my Spouse Visa soon & I'm desperately trying to get everything right. I cannot afford for it to be rejected. Now I've mentioned before that my husband is looking for work & is currently on a pension. Today he told me that one of our friends has offered to Sponsor me finanically as she is in a better position than us. She is one of the people who has written supporting statements for my Visa application. I want to know if it's possible to have this extra sponsor as my Husband is my main sponsor & if possible what forms are required ??? Thanks everyone :wubclub:
  11. Hi all We are in the process of getting our quotes for furniture removals from Kent to Mackay, and was quite honestly gobsmacked by the first quote that came our way. We have about 650/680 cubic feet to ship over and we have been quoted £4000 for a shared container and £4800 for 20ft sole use. When looking at other posts on here, I realise that we are getting charged about £1000 more for the 'distance between Brisbane and Mackay'. I appreicate that it is a 11 hour drive between cities, but surely that doesnt justify the extra £1000 charge. :arghh: Am I wrong? (I'm female - so never wrong!!!!!) .... lol:wubclub:
  12. do I have to fill in a 1221 form and submitt with my 175 visa application?
  13. twinkletoes35

    additional cost in renting

    hi all! can any one tell me apart from the bond and 2wks rent are there any other fee when you take out a rental or during such as agency fees, checking fees etc any info would be great TT xx
  14. New to Poms in Oz, so this is my first post. We have been living in Oz now for 3 years. Came on student visa and then graduate visa. Put application in for PR in Feb 2009 and about 4 weeks ago got a case officer. We have had our second meds and x rays done (first ones ran out of 12 month period !). We are all fine, but my husbands non migrating 17 year old daughter's medical resulted in further tests. First a second blood test. Then after that: Liver ultrasound Other liver tests cognitive tests Psyhiatric assessment This was a real shock. Her first med a year and a half previous had passed. We are thinking maybe it could be because they found alcohol in her system. Know she drinks a bit. Well, her Mum and the daughter have both said NO WAY to these extra tests - she doesn't even want to come to Oz. We have done a letter, the daughter has done a letter, our immi agent and the daughters Mum has done a letter all stating this. We have been waiting 2 weeks for the case officer to get back to us, but still nothing. Our immi agent is going to try chasing it tomorrow. Does anyone else have any experiences like this ? The stress is killing us !:goofy:
  15. i have just received a quote from 1st move internationals for a 2 cubic metre pallet wrapped for £679 it did seem ok but underneath it mentioned all this :- Your Charges Include Collection, professional export wrapping of furniture, protecting your goods with our “Shrinkfast” packing system, export documentation, UK terminal handling and freight charges to destination depot. Your Charges Exclude Destination costs such as terminal / port handling, customs / quarantine inspection, treatment and clearance charges, duty or tax, administration fees, storage, delivery to residence. Insurance cover can be provided if required. i have emailed them to ask exactly what is provided as a service,but no reply yet,has any one else shipped or had a quote which seems to have all these additions??? any advise will be great cheers
  16. Hi guys, I lodged an application for a defact partner visa about a week ago. The next working day after it was lodged my case officer contacted me to request further 'financial and legal documents with the same address between May 09 and May 10'. I called her up and she has a problem with my application for several reasons. I was wondering whether anyone has any advice as I did my research when applying and feel like we have a good case. The main problems are: - We've been in a defacto relationship for 22 months but my partner has been back in Aus since Oct 09. He couldn't find a steady job due to the recession, and I had a secondment (opportunity of a lifetime involving frequent travel to Caribbean) sorted from Sept 09 to Sept 10). I have visited Aus in Jan, am going again next week, he is coming here in August for mutual friend's wedding and we are in daily contact. We have joint bank accounts, but as we are not financially dependent on each other we don't have joint expenses at the moment. When I asked HC back in Dec if this year of separation will be a problem, they categorically said no, as long as we keep in touch. However, my CO has a problem with the fact I waited 5 months to apply. I was unaware it would make a difference, I would still have been remaining in UK till Sept. - We lived together for a total period of 14 1/2 months, however, during this time he was away for 3 months renewing his visa in Aus. Again, we had frequent contact and can prove this. I remeained in the UK living with his twin and his twins girlfriend. Again, the CO doesn't like that this is (just!) under 12 months, even though this did not count as a break in our relationship at all. Examples on the website suggest such time away isn't a problem if it is necessary, and we can prove we remained a couple, which we can! - I am 24 and he is 28. We do not have (m)any legal and financial commitments separately, let alone together. We don't own significant assets e.g. property, didn't have a car while in UK as lived in London, don't have wills as we have nothing to leave! Have had joint bank account for a year. Therefore, difficult to establish merging of affairs, but I don't think we should be discriminated against on basis of age and wealth. This is such a frustrating situation. We met 5 years ago, have been in touch ever since, and been in a relationship for 29 months, but moved in together after 7 months, so total defacto is 22 months. It has been really difficult being separated, but I always intended to go over in September. We are very serious about each other, and talk all the time about marriage and children. However, these are not in our immediate plans. It will happen in 3/4 years when we can afford to marry how we want to. My CO suggested if we got married within the next few months it would be different! Again, this is our decision, and this visa is not for people who are married. We would both be devasted if the visa gets rejected. I'd probably go over on a WH visa and then apply for defacto after 12 months, but employment restrictions would have a negative impact on my career. And the point is, I'm not going on a working holiday, I'm going to be with my partner, and for that reason only! Its a big decision to leave family and friends, but that side doesn't seem to count for anything. Does it sound like I've been unlucky with my CO, or has anyone else encountered this? All the advice, from the High Comm itself, the website, and agents I've spoken to have been positive about my application, yet when I applied, the CO said she didn't know why I had applied as this is generally for married people! Such a stressful situation.
  17. Hi, My parents are travelling to Australia. My mother has a pacemaker implant in her heart and the Medical Officer of Commonwealth Sydney (MOC) has asked for a report from the treating specialist. Please help in answering the following queries - 1) Is there any specific format in which the treating specialist should write the report and what all is expected to be included in the report by the treating doctor. 2) Since they have tickets booked after a couple of weeks usually how much time does the clearance take from MOC and grant of visa. 3) What is the fastest way to submit the report and get the visa at the earliest (since they have there tickets booked after in two weeks time). Should my parents submit it to the visa office in India or since I am in Sydney they can send me the scanned report and I can send it to MOC directly here in Sydney or is there an email or fax to expedite the process? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards Ananya
  18. Hi, Just wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation as I am really nervous about my application for citizenship by descent. Australia House received the application yesterday and I've already had a response requesting further information surrounding my 7yr old drink driving offence on my police certificate (I know - idiot, I am not proud of this). To complicate things a bit the police certificate lists two offences, 1. drink driving offence and 2. failure to surrender to custody at appointed time. This 2nd is due to my stupid mix up of the drink driving court date which resulted in me turning up for court a day late and then being processed, however there was no separate penalty given for this and this is detailed on the police certificate. With my application I sent in a letter explaining how much I regret my actions, that I consider this the past and it will never be repeated, but the they're asking for the following - - The background/circumstances surrounding the offence/s (1 & 2) listed on the police certificate. - The background to each outcome of the of the offence/s. - Any other relevant information you wish to include regarding the above. Just wondered if anyone has any similar experience and what the outcome was? Thanks, Lee.
  19. Help - I have been told by Emirates that if i book using Moving Planet i can get additional luggage allowance as we have visas which state 'indefinate stay' - the only thing is i can't access the website- can't find it and would really appreciate some help from onyone who has used them - I believe you have to enter a promo code and be registered with Moving Planet??? Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Carol:arghh:
  20. Latest Qantas News Additional Baggage Allowance Qantas now offers passengers who commence their journey in Australia the ability to increase their checked baggage allowance for any domestic or international Qantas operated service with a QF flight number (except flights to or from Japan). Travel Agents can request and pay for additional checked baggage online via qantas.com Manage Your Booking from 7 days before the scheduled departure of the next Qantas operated flight on the passenger’s itinerary up to 3 hours before departure (provided the passenger has not checked in for the flight at the airport). Offered either as weight bundles (5kgs, 10kgs, 15kgs, 25kgs and 35kgs) or as additional pieces (up to a maximum of 2 pieces). Piece-based baggage applies to passengers travelling to or from the Americas. For further information see Frequently Asked Questions Fly - Baggage - Additional Baggage The above is posted for information only and Mitta Valley Travel accepts no responsibility for failure of third parties to apply the above policies.
  21. Hi, my partner (Brit) and I have sent in our application, supplied the second round of evidence requested and now have been asked for more evidence which is our last chance to provide sufficent info before it is processed.. Unfortunately the months we are lacking in evidence is when we lived in Australia and everything was in my name. I have sent in bank statements from us both with us shopping for groceries at the same time, working together and even a letter to my real estate requesting an extra key but unfortunately this is not sufficient as my partner had his uk address on his bank statements.. The only other evidence that I am in the process of getting is both of our employee contact details with our address (same) on it for the required dates.. That is the only thing my partner had claimed that address on ... But i'm pretty sure that that alone will not be enough evidence.. can anyone please suggest anything that I could use to strengthen our argument? I'm devastated and cant believe that we could be refused when they have ample other evidence and it is clear (the assessor told me herself) that we were in a relationship for longer than the twelve months... Please I welcome any help or suggestions Thanks Leah
  22. Hi Guys, Had the medicals yesterday all went well, apart from the Doctor could not get an blood out of me! So I have to go back tomorow. Everything else was fine but he wanted to do some more blood tests, glocose and liver function. Anyone else had this? When I was 8 i had hep A but not sure why they need a liver function test as its very common and my liver is fine as I would know about it by now!. Just wondering if they are trying to scheme moneyout of me as they cost £170 more! Thanks
  23. Hi Hope all is well with everyone. I have a small dillema and wonder whether it is going to become a big issue? We were assigned a case officer back on 15 June, he requested the medicals and police checks and form 80. We have been for medicals, applied for police clearance and prepared form 80. The medical results are shown as received and cleared online, our form 80 was attached and is ok (albeit showing as required on the status page)...however... the application for the penal clearance certificate was sent over 3 weeks ago, due to a mistake on the ACRO behalf we have receievd nothing back from them. I called yesterday, realising the 28 days deadline was up today, and they said "oops, they would get it in the post then"....should be receieved today. Now with the time difference and the potential for delayed postal service, what are the implications for the penal clearance being received and attached late? I have horrible visions of the whole process falling down around me...because of a mistake on the part of a third party! :policeman: Can someone give me some hope please. Many thanks Adam
  24. Hi All I'm looking to move to Oz in the next 6 months (Sydney or Melbourne). I'm looking at renting a flat, can someone let me know: - besides the rent what else is there to pay? Are there water rates or an equivalent to council tax? If so, what's a rough estimate for a flat in the centre of the city? I'm looking at rent circa $600 p.w. in Sydney, $400 p.w. in Melbourne if that's factored into the equation at all?! - also any idea of an estimate for electricity/gas costs? It's just me so hopefully I wouldn't use much. - also how does renting work? I've seen they want a bond which I assume works like a deposit. Do they have set periods for tenancies? Like the 6 month ASTs here? Do you sign up for a set period or month by month? - also (last one for now I promise!), are the bonds legally ring-fenced like they are in the UK? Are they protected? Thank you SO much in advance for any help you can offer. As you can see I am CLUELESS. I have looked at lots of pretty pictures of flats but I need to be sure I can afford them once I factor in the additional costs. Last thing I want to do is get to the other side of the world on my own and have cocked up my budget!! Laura :wink:
  25. I think i must be missing something obvious, so sorry if it's the daftest question! I am hoping to apply online for 676 tourist visa soon, but intend to also attach some of the additional documents that they suggest (for example, a letter of invitation, proof of funds etc), as i want to maximise my chances of getting a 1-year stay granted. How does one provide such documents with an online application??.. Also, does anyone have any tips on how to enhance my chances of getting the 1-year stay granted?? HELP! many, many thanks, all.