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Found 44 results

  1. When I applied for my 457 my eldest daughter did not want to come but after 1 month of me being here she joined us on a year working holiday visa. Just wandering if I can add her to the 457 as she is dependent on me and if I can how do I go about it? I have read one entry that says you have to fill 1066 form. Does that mean she fills it out or do I do it and add her as the dependent with my other daughter who is on my existing Visa. Essentially is it a new application which has to be agreed to by my employer? Many thanks Sonia
  2. Genghis Khan

    Adding de facto partner to 457

    Hi everybody, Got my 457 visa granted a couple of weeks ago. Been living with my girlfriend here since July last year. She is an international student here, from Colombia. I want her to join me on my visa as a de facto partner. I didn't apply with her as de facto on my 457 application as I understand that you need to be living together for over a year and I applied in mid April. Can I add her now? What form do I need to get? What do I need to do next? We have evidence of living together, rent receipts, joint bank account, electricity bills, photos.
  3. Hi, I am applying for my 175 and would like to add my mother as my dependant, she is widowed and fully dependant on me. I am wondering if anyone has done it before who could advice if this is possible and the necessary processes, documents, health check that she needs to undertake for the application. Really appreciate your help.
  4. Guest

    Adding baby to a visa

    Can anyone advise what you need to do to add a new baby onto a visa that's already be granted please ? Can you explain what the process is and whether there are any costs associated with it ? Thanks
  5. Hi There, Currently my girlfriend and I are both on my 457 visa. My girlfriend's employer is now going to sponsor her for her own 457. I'm currently the higher earner between us so it makes sense for me to remain on my 457 for LAFHA until I decide to leave my job. My question is, how easy is it for me to transfer onto her visa as her de facto partner when I decide to switch employers (assuming the new employer doesn't sponsor me straight off the bat)? What is the process? Thanks and regards Rob
  6. We are planning to lodge our visa application in December this year. We have a baby due in mid-late November and intend to include him on the application, however we won't yet have his passport at the time of the application. Does this matter, or can passport copies and numbers be supplied at a later date? We will have his birth certificate.
  7. I recently applied for subclass 885 visa. I have been thinking to include my partner to my application. We had been living together for over 12 months period. However, my partner has returned to her home country because her student visa has expired. Since she is not currently residing in Australia, is it still possible to include her to my application? If she were possible, would her visa category also be subclass 885? (My friend who included his de facto partner into his main application for 885 also got partner 885 visa recently)
  8. Hi, I have a 475 visa and I am planning to add my partner to my visa but I am a bit confused about the ]paper form 1276 since this is the form I had to complete when I applied for my visa before coming to Oz. What confuses me is that the form assumes I am offshore and asks me details that they shouldnt be asking since I am already here in Australia! Does anyone have any experience in filling this form in a similar situation like mine and be advisable? We will strongly appreciate it!
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question and any help or inormation would be very gratefully recieved. I have a current application lodged with South Australia for State Sponsorship. I have had my skills successfully approved. I havent applied for the 176 visa yet. I just wanted to know how easy it would be to add my girlfriend to my application. She also has a 4 year old child from a previous relationship that would need to be added also. Is this possible? Many thanks for your help.
  10. KarlPullin1980

    adding partner to 457 visa

    Hello how s everyone?? My question is i am on a 457 visa here in melbourne and i was wondering can i add a partner on my visa?? She is living with me here and we do not want to be apart when her visa expires in august. Any help please
  11. Hello I currently have a 475 visa, I have been in a relationship with my current partner for almost a year with all the requirement for her to apply for this visa. (after we got the 12 months. About 4 years ago when I came to Australia I was sponsored under 457 visa and back then I came with my partner from my country, after a few months living in Australia she could not stand living here and due personal issues she left me. After that I never heard about her. So I started another relationship. I have got 2 previous sponsors under 457 the first one with my country partner, the second alone, and now my 475 alone. Is this previous defacto visa would affect to add my new partner for this further application ? Do I need to provide any documents of finishing that older relationship that was defacto as well ?? As my understanding is, I have not been legally married, with paperwork and no kids. So should be fine Please hope someone can help me. Thanks in Advance
  12. Guest

    Adding Dependant on VC 485

    Hi All, I want to add my mother on my current VC 485 visa. Can anyone please help me with the necessary forms and documents for the same. I am confused between form 1276 and form 47A. I already have a VC 485 and she has a tourist visa and currently staying with me in Adelaide. from the immi site I got this info: General Skilled Migration Can anyone help me with the documents that I can provide to show evidence that the relative resides in your household evidence that your relative has been dependent on you for at least the last 12 months Thanks in advance Andy
  13. Hi We sent our visa 2 years ago and had another baby who is now 1 yr whom isn,t on the application. Has anyone been in the same situation I was just wondering what to do and how easy it is to add another little one. Thankyou so much for any info. Karen.
  14. Guest

    adding girlfriend to visa

    I have been offered a job in SA and was wondering if i would be able to add my girlfriend to my visa (475 ss) or would it be easier for her to come with me on a WHV and then apply for her to be added after we have been together in Adelaide for a while. PS. we have lived together for about 14 months now..
  15. Guest

    Adding a child

    Morning all, Does anyone know which form it is to add a child to a visa application? I can't find it on the immi website. Probably being a bit dim!!! Ta
  16. All, You can post occasions such as meet ups and get togethers etc on the calender part of this forum. This is visible to all and folk can then view and see what is available. if you want to use this go to: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/calendar.php and add the details! Tim
  17. Hi guys, my bf and I are planning to get married this year. Before SA SMP was released, we planned to move to the US cuz my bf is American. Now, we both are very happy to plan to move to OZ since my occuopation is on SA SMP list. I think my 475 visa grant will be sooner than we get married. I asked my agent about it, apperently I dont think they know about this matter very well cuz they told me that we should apply a spouse visa. But, on the DIAC website, if I am 475 visa holder, I should add my family member and it does not sound like I should apply for a spouse visa cuz 475 visa is not PR visa so it does not make sense that my bf applies a spouse visa. Has anyone done this before? Does anyone know how long it will take to add family member? Thanks,
  18. lizzy27

    Adding baby to 457

    Hi, hope someone can help. We've applied for our PR and as of yet it's not been granted. Were in Oz and our new baby is due in 11 weeks. Were hoping our ENS will be granted b4, but in case it's not, how do we add her to our 457 that we currently hold? Thanks
  19. Good afternoon Can someone please advise me how to add the daughter of an employee onto his 457 visa? She was born at the end of September in India, her mother has already been added to our employees visa a year ago. What form / s do we need to fill in, as sponsors we are happy to have the baby added...please advise. Thanks in advance Loopyloo
  20. another thread made me ponder this. Say your were applying for one of the PR visas, and wanted to include your defacto partner in the application, how long would you need to have lived together? Presumably it's the standard 12months? In which case, how come the defacto partner of a PR applicant gets their PR visa as soon as it's granted, when the defacto partners of existing PRs and citizens get put on the temp visa for two years? I'm sure I'm missing something here, anyone care to enlighten me?
  21. First of all - thank you to anyone who has kindly responded - much appreciated! I am about to lodge my Partner's visa in Melbourne and have submitted the following, any thoughts on whether anything additional is required / beneficial would be great! I'm fairly confident it's complete as can be but you never know! Hopefully this might also serve as an example to help others with their application (if people think the list is good of course!). So I have (certified copies, plus original police check document): Form 47SP (application) Birth certificate proof of past military history passport copy Personal statement (where, when we met, how we developed, moved in, got a house, got dogs, supported each other, shared finances etc..). Statement on domestic arrangement (sharing house chores, finances etc.) Proof of financial aspects, relationship, social standing etc.: - Joint car insurance policies, house contents policy, receipt for appliances bought together (with joint names) - Joint bank account statements (going back to 2008) - Copies of our wills (leaving property to one another etc.) - Household bills at the houses we lived at since mid 2008: gas and elec, thames water bills, council tax bills, tesco shopping online to our home address, copy of our past lease (both names), copy of our current Oz lease and bills, individual correspondence to shared address - Photos with date and time of us on our various trips, e-tickets from BA / BMI with both names since 2008, joint social invitations from Facebook (that link to some of the photos provided) - Statutory declarations from two Oz citizens, both sets of parents and brothers / sisters and friends using form 888 for oz citizens and statutory declaration from the Oz attorney general website - Letter from previous employer where they stated I had included my partner within my company benefits (health care) - i.e. recognised as partner - Evidence of joint memberships: national trust, climbing centre and camping and caravan club (recent travels!) - Completed health checks - 2 passport photos each (name printed on reverse) - Post cards / cards from friends addressed to both of us plus anniversary cards etc. Sponsor: - Completed form 40SP - Copy of Australian passport - Copy of Australian birth certificate - Proof of income (self employed - copy of recent contract, HMRC tax documents and Oz payroll summary from own company). - Looking to get a statement from accountant if necessary? I think we have about covered it but would appreciate any thoughts / suggestions! Also, do you think there is any benefit in using a Visa check service given the above? Thanks everyone! Alex.
  22. I would be really gratefull if you let me know if it is possible to add onshore my de facto partner to my indepedent 175 visa while we are onshore (she might then be on a tourist visa) . Thanks in advance!!!
  23. Hello My partner and I been more than 1 year together and we have the requirements to add her. We start gathering the paperwork but just wondering: To fill out the form the part where it says you mean (main applicant) ? She only needs to fill up the part that mentions data from the partner ? Do I have to provide all the info of the whole form again ?? same with the paperwork ?? My visa was granted about 8 months ago, so I would say I do not need it. Just the fill up of the form is getting a little bit fuzzy, any help is welcomed. Thanks
  24. Guys, I am here on a post grad visa, arrived at the end of October. Due to the nature of my girlfriend/Life partner/whatever's job, she did not come out with me, the plan was for her to get more experience in her present job before moving out here with me. She is a graphic designer. Anyway, I am looking to find out if she can be added to my visa as a defacto partner - we comfortably meet all criteria set and then some - is this possible? if so can someone advise on best course of action. I have had mixed messages previously re: this issue, and would like some clarification. If not possible, what do you reckon our options are? I'm out here for another 3.5 years and are very keen to explore any avenue. What course of visa applications 1. look best for potential employers? 2. look best to the immigration dept. in oz? 3. enable her to work fulltime and take advantage of our situation? I look forward to your responses. Thank you
  25. Hi all, Would love some advice on whether it would be more feasible to add a defacto to my current visa application or to wait for my personal application to be cleared before applying for a partner visa. To those who have done so, could you provide some examples of documents provided to verify the relationship status. If I was living with my partner while on holiday in June 2009, could I count the 12 months requirement from there or from the date of her arrival in Au (Nov 2009). She could not leave due to work commitments, serving her 3 months from resignation date. So we were apart for nearly 5 months. Any advice would be highly appreciated. Cheers:wink: