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Found 10 results

  1. ok so you have 12 months from the date of your medicals to enter oz? forgive me for being ignorant but that makes no sense to me? i can understand the meds having a 12month validaty so you would have to be issued a visa within 12mths but why the need to enter oz? why not have a year to enter from the date of your visa grant? also how many of you are going to book meds without a CO as DIAC have recommended? we are very confused as to what to do K x
  2. Was wondering if I am correct: Should our SA SS be approved, the SMP's be released with my occupation on the list and we lodge to DIAC for the visa. Would/should we have our visa's within 12months from lodging if we are Cat 2 then?
  3. tracy123

    Actual facts and figures.....

    OK I don’t want to start a UK vs Australia war because this thread is not about that, but what I’m interested in is........ How do you get your facts and figures, and really does it matter what is cheaper in what country? Surely it should come down to your standard of living. For example, It maybe cheaper to insure your car in the UK but the cost of fuel and low wages means you can’t afford to use it. So does the low cost of insurance really matter? Or food..... OK so in the UK you can get 2 for 1 meals or 2 meals for £10, great value for money if you like that type of thing, but how many people could afford to pay that more than once a week/month? I’m sure most people go out the same amount in Australia as they did the UK, it may cost more but you can afford to do it just the same, so really is it anymore expensive to live in Australia when your standard of living is the same or better? Some work on a conversion rate of 2.2 and others on the exchange rate of the day but surely it should be done on what your wages can buy?!
  4. Dear All. I know there is another post talking about this issue, BUt I am still confused. Which occupations require the recent 12months actual work experience after Jan 2010? All? Trades? My nominated occupation is IEA Electronic Engineer (CSL) Does it affect? Thanks for your advice! Regards, Jessi :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  5. I received my pre-grant letter yesterday and I was wondering- if DIAC makes any changes affecting my visa class or profession before I go offshore and get the visa granted, would they affect my case? Does anybody know what happened to applicants in my position who were affected by the 23rd September changes? Anyone know of any precedents ?
  6. Hi everybody ! This is my first post and i'm pleased to meet u and this forum. My situation is: I'm now in Canada working for a canadian company with a sponsor working visa valid untill june 2010. However, i got to leave CA to join my aussie girlfriend in Melbourne next month. My job allows me to work from just my computer, so i might keep working for them as im in australia. But i really wonder about legality of the thing. Can i come under a tourist visa and just working for my company who will pay me on my canadian account ? Or do i need a working visa in Oz ? (im eligible for a second whv if needed) I really have a hard time in my research to find an answer... Do i miss something about the whole idea ? if you have any clue, or links, advise etc, Please share Have a good one ! Poulos
  7. There is a website where you can post your visa application timeline & information. It also has a page to show the latest case officer assignments & visas granted. www.beupdate.co.uk You just add yourself to the list with all your dates & away you go. The more of us that add our details the fuller picture we will have of progress. As it is us that add our own details & lets face it, we have managed some amazing feats of administration so far, it is going to be more accurate that a generic update from the admin dept at diac. Please add your details & respond to this thread to keep it near the top!!! Feel free to post your comments on the site & hopefully the joy you feel when you see real progress is being made. I am obsessed with checking this website & find it much more cheerful than the weekly diac update that never seems to change. Good luck everyone.
  8. It's funny that we gave notice to our ea last week, then suddenly a viewer comes out of the woodwork (apparently a cash buyer too) when we haven't had anything else at all! :jiggy: Cynical me aside, I have done a bit of tidying this afternoon but am waiting for hubby to come home and give the kids their tea so I can get on and do some stuff. I have got a couple of green candles (although not keen on the smell - not too much choice in green) and I went in to a card shop and looked at 'New Home' cards to pick one out for our viewer/potential buyer, for when the sale completes - positive thinking and all that! Now just got to tidy fuzzy felts and other child-related paraphanalia off the carpet, put a ton of 'stuff' in a suitcase in dh's car (much easier than actually tidying - wouldn't you know it, I got loads of stuff out yesterday to put on Freecycle) and clean pencil marks off the wall in the living room. Got to think positive thoughts! They want to buy it, they want to buy it, please, please,please buy it! Any advice on how to show a home effectively would be very much appreciated.
  9. Hi OH has sent back his signed tos for the RAN and they automatically do the immigration for us and then we move onto visa application, however neither of us know what is actually involved in the immigration side of things. What do do? What are they looking for? I do know that they do the security check but apart from that we are both in the dark. We know whats involved in the visa process but not the immigration process. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  10. Guest

    the actual visa?

    Reading all of your postings is making me quite giddy. Just one question - at the mo.(sure there'll be more later) When they say" YES, of course we would love you to come to our fair and pleasant land". how do they do that? e mail, phone (if so what time of day?) Do you then send your passport somewhere for visa gluing in? where to? Does it take long for them to send your documentation back? Ooh thats more than one but I'm sure you friendly folk will excuse my getting carried away. Very giddy indeed. in anticipation, Aveen:jiggy: