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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone, We applied in April and I have uploaded all the supporting docs I feel are necessary, and my partner has done and passed his medical, which was requested as soon as we paid the application fee. I am now unsure if we need to do the police checks - my partner lived in Australia with me for 12 months in 2008/2009 - or do I wait for them to request this? And do we both need police checks for the UK where we have lived for 10 years (he is British / I am Australian) And lastly - once (or if !!) the visa is approved does my partner need to travel to Australia to activate the visa?
  2. I am wondering if, once our visa has be offered/granted, I (partner not lead applicant) can enter and activate my visa alone, before my wife (lead applicant)? Reasons for doing this would be to work and set up house, car etc before she and kids arrive. She may alsp have a longer notice period leaving work. Any thoughts or experience on this?
  3. So my wife and 3 yr old daughter will be arriving on Thursday in "Melbs" to activate our 189 visa and to enjoy a 6 day reccie. We're keen to get a flavour for South Frankston as it seems to tick a lot of boxes including affordability. The only downer is we're arriving when the weather isn't going to be so pleasant. Any advice what clothes we should bring at this time of year? Also, what outdoor activities can we get away with this time of year in Melbourne? Excited and nervous, as this will likely determine whether we really make the move from Switzerland.
  4. Hmachanick

    Shall we stay or shall we go

    I sometimes wonder why on earth we left the UK. We both had good job opportunities, great support network and lifestyle. So now we sit in perth, which although hubby likes, I really dont. I have also just found out i am pregnant again and tbe idea of a toddler and a new baby scares the you know what out of me... So one of our options is to go back home to south africa after bubs is born here - family, friends, support, chrap childcare etc are all the benefits. Only thing i am not sure of is on a 175 visa, can we come back to oz at some point in the future if we need to escape SA. Ie, is it valid for 5 years? Any advice appreciated here ‚Äčand apologies for the whine and moan
  5. Guest

    176 Visa activation help!

    Hi, my father recently got a subclass 176 Visa with a Victorian state sponsorship as the Primary applicant. The Visa has no 8502 condition so any family member can travel to Australia before he can. I am planning on coming to Australia before him. I want to go to Brisbane Queensland because that is where my uncle lives. I wanted to as whether or not I can go to Brisbane. Also if I can go, will I have to land in Melbourne or any other city in Victoria to activate my VISA/PR or can I go directly to Brisbane and my PR will get activated? Thank you
  6. Guest

    Online 175 Visa Activation

    Hi All, We got our E175 online visas granted in October. We are flying out to Brisbane in December for a reccie trip and to activate our visas. I was told that with the online visas you don't need to send your passports away to have the bit of paper put in them. Has anyone travelled out to activate there E175 that can confirm this is the case please? Many thanks, Mick Applied for E175 Feb 2011; IELTS 8.5 April 2011; Meds & Checks May 2011; Visas granted October 2011
  7. shaunkaren

    TELSTRA Message service activation

    Right! We have a phone line connected which is great and now (3 days later) our information booklet arrives. This tells us that we can use the 101 message service, it even very helpfully tells me that the funny buzzing noise the receiver has been making means I have messages!! BUT, when I dial 101 to get my messages it asks me for my PIN number - problem is I haven't got one!!! Any help gratefully received as phone is registered in OH's name and if company's here are as bad as the UK they won't speak to me!!! Thanks Karen x
  8. Guest

    Activation required?

    Hi all, My parents have just paid the final instalment of their Contributory Parent Visa application. I am now wanting to apply as a Last remaining relative as soon as the Visa is confirmed. Do you know whether my parents need to activate their Visa to enable me to put in my application? Or whether as they have hold the CPV that they can stay here until my Visa is approved? Thanks:confused:
  9. Guest

    Email Activation

    I registered with the wrong email so I changes it, and now I can't re-send it. Please help! Thanks, and hello, BTW. :wubclub::jiggy:
  10. Guest

    visa activation

    Hi all I got my visa granted today but the downside of it, which has kind of taken the shine of it, is that I need to activate by 21st Feb 2009..aagghh thats not that long off is it ? this is because I had to send in 2 police checks..my UK one and one from Australia from for 1999-2000.. since i havent lived there since then and that police check came back fine i thought they woudl go off my more recent UK police check which was july. It says on my letter that you cant extend that date..anyone know if they are strict on that or has anyone managed to alter it. I guess its do-able its just alot to do in such a short time, bearing in mind places will be shut for a while over xmas. cant really afford a trip over to validate it either..thats a lot of cash !! Helen
  11. Guest

    Visa Activation

    Does anyone know if it is necessary for all family members to travel together to activate the visa. 176 Sponsered
  12. Guest

    457 activation

    Hi all, Had our confirmation of our 457 for 3 weeks now and justtrying to sell the house. How long have we got to enter Oz, or activate the visa? Many thanks...... Steve