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Found 17 results

  1. Here is the content of mail which I got from David Harvey. Dear Clients We have now received 70 contributions. So, please make no further payments at this stage. We will get an invoice out to all contributors over the coming week, and we will stay in touch as work proceeds. Thanks again to all of you who contributed and sent in case profiles. Best regards David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent P:03 9940 1538 F:03 9940 1456 W: www.dhmigrationlaw.com.au
  2. Guest

    G4/5 High Court Action: URGENT

    Below is an email from immigration lawyer David Harvey in regards to his legal action on behalf of G4/5 applicants We are still 13 people short of the required number to seek Counsel's opinion. If you would like to contribute and haven't yet indicated this to us, then please do so as soon as possible. If we don't get the numbers, we will have to discontinue this matter. Best regards David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent W: http://www.dhmigrationlaw.com.au
  3. "Hi Bowen Thanks for your assistance in this. So far, the response has been compelling, so we expect to meet with legal counsel early next week to discuss strategy. A number of applicants have raised some valid questions, and we will be discussing these questions with counsel. We hope to respond to these soon after. Please encourage the G4/G5ers to keep sending their scenarios in. Many thanks again David Harvey Solicitor Reg'd Migration Agent P:03 9940 1538 F:03 9940 1456" source:http://g4online.org/legal-action-process-feedback-david-harvey
  4. Guest

    PIO Action Figures

    I was talking in another thread & the idea for PIO Action Figures came to mind :idea: We could have all kinds of characters & collectable acessories to go with them So who would make a good PIO Action figure, describe them in detail & the accessories that come with them....
  5. Hey there guys! My names Ian and Im a new member here. I have a visa/immigration problem I need serious advice on. And from what Ive seen throughout this site, this is the place to get some straight up, reliable answers. I currently live in Israel and I just finished a 6 month army service that I volunteered to. Im 23 and I own an Israeli passport only. I met my australian girlfriend online and we've been together for a year and 2 months. Over the course of the time we've travelled to Italy together (our first date ) and she also came here twice, once for a week and second time for a period of 5 months. Living in my house, with my mom and my sister. I love my girlfriend very much and we are the epitome of a serious relationship...and that shows even more so with all the obstacles in our way. I now want to come to australia and live with her. I dont know which visa is best for such a procedure. Ive checked, tourist, student, De facto, prospective marriage and partner. We are eager to get married, and are actually leaning towards the partner one but we figured if there is something else we can get before hand, then why rush it. Problem is, we want to be together. We want to stop the whole distance and waiting, so whatever gets us to stay together first, we will do it. My questions are... what visa would you suggest we do (remembering that there are no rules here) so we'll be able to live together? and is it possible to get married in australia while im on a tourist visa, and then apply for an onshore temporary partner visa while still in australia with her? Or will I have to leave and wait for approval? Thanks a lot you guys. I really do appreciate the help. Ian.
  6. The teachers unions have voted for strike action over their pensions being savaged by this couldn't care less about the working man Tory government and the first of many strikes is planned for the 30th of june. A union spokesman said money has been wasted by this government and making the workers pay for it, is wrong. He also said he expects other public sector unions to join in and there could be a summer of discontent.
  7. A move in the right direction at last! Only the other day we saw a very young child around 4 years old, dressed in a boob tube short mini skirt at platform shoes, poor little mite looked awful. So pleased that my kids are happiest wearing jeans, and getting filthy dirty! http://uk.news.yahoo.com/action-planned-sexualisation-children-050538626.html
  8. PommyPaul

    Bit of Tractor action from wa

    Not been able to get online much recently as i've been working 14 hour shifts driving this bad boy still can't believe i get paid for playing with this stuff haha :jiggy: xXSa-XBxesU
  9. Hi All Long story short (well I'll try!) our 1100 form was sat in WA due to a backlog and the rush to get as many applications processed before the deadline. After an email from our agent and a phone call from me the form has now been forwarded on to DIAC (after waiting for a month!). Does anyone know how long it will take for DIAC to acknowledge the form and allocate a case officer? Or is it a case of waiting until the 6wks are up before contacting the DIAC to ask them about the status? Also am I right in thinking that although we applied for 176 ss because they didn't have the form we have been sat in cat 4 for the last month?? :smile:
  10. OZwanted

    Strike action

    Anyone else worried, I am getting so stressed and concerned and angry:arghh:.:realmad: Due to leave on 28th for 2 weeks and they are threatening strike action on bank hol weekend. Don't know what to do.:unsure: Anyone else worried?
  11. Guest

    Change in Details - How/Where?

    Hi everybody, I applied for a 176 subclass visa under GSM and lodged my application around Mar 2010. When I lodged the application i was working in India for Company "X" Since then, I have changed my job and relocated to Singapore. My question is - what do I need to do now to inform the Australia Immigration about the change in details? Please advise
  12. There is a possibility that British Airways will face a fresh round of strike action by cabin crew,this has been reported in an industry newsletter today. BA faces 20 days of strikes-10 May, 2010 Let's hope they sort it all out before any further strike action is taken.
  13. Guest

    Starting Out - Plan of Action

    Please let me apologise if I have posted this in the wrong forum, but I am after a little advice. Background, I am an engineer with a degree through the Open University, my wife is a nurse qualified to degree level. We have two children aged 10 and 14. We are looking to settle in Melbourne and have decided after 8 years of talking about taking the plunge, we are finally going to do it. My wife is going to be the main applicant on a 175 Visa (Skilled Migration). Firstly, she is enrolled on an English test through the IELTS in January, and then we are going to apply to the ANMC for her skills to be assessed. As I degree educated person, will I have to sit a language test to prove myself, or is that just the main applicant? When we receive these back, then we will fill in the 1276 forms and send the relevant documentation in addition register with the Board of Nursing in Victoria. I presume then, we will be asked during this process for medical and police checks? Once all these have been handed back, and the checks made, a decision is iminent? Also, is it worthwhile sending the ANMC the forms before the IELTS test has been sat? And when is it best to send the 1276 form? When the ANMC has returned there approval? Therefore the order of works are as follows; 1) IETLS result 2) Skills Assesment with the ANMC 3) Send 1276 Form 4) Register with the Nursing Board in Victoria 5) Police & Medical Cehcks 6) Result Many thanks for input
  14. Hi, I posted this as a reply to another thread, but I thought I might as well open a new thread to give my ideas more visibility. Hi all, I know that it will be of little consolation to you all but as a lawyer qualified in England and Spain let me tell you this: DIAC's September move would have been illegal and/or unconstitutional here. I will stick my arguments to Spanish law, but sure these must be applicable to any advanced legal system because they are absolutely common sense. In Spain (and the same must surely apply to France, Germany, the UK and ultimately perhaps in Australia too) laws, regulations, etc. etc. cannot have retroactive effects if, as a consequence of this retroactivity (=backward effect), people will be made "worse off" than they otherwise had been. For example, let's say that, whilst a defendant is awaiting trial, a new law is passed stating that the crime he/she stands accused of is now, by virtue of such new law, punishable by death instead of life imprisonment as it was under the "old" rules. Do you think that person would be tried under the new or the old system? The answer should be obvious in any democratic country: under the old one. Rules, regulations, laws, etc. can only have retroactive effect if the position of people will be made better off as a consequence of such retroactivity (think of the above example the other way around). Secondly, there is also the so-called "principle of legal certainty" which states that citizens must be capable of knowing, at all times, their position vis-à-vis current legislation. This applies particularly to lengthy legal procedures, including court cases, applications, etc.. At the time a court case/application is commenced the law applicable to that court case/application should "freeze" and not be altered by future laws so that claimants, defendants, applicants, etc. etc. KNOW the law that will apply throughout the court case, application, etc. etc. Again, the only exception allowed is when retroactivity will have positive effects on applicants, etc. etc. Obviously this is a fundamental guarantee against abuse of power by the State. Why? Because if public authorities could get away with changing the law according to their whims, people would never know how the law stands at a particular moment. Now, I am not versed at all in Australian law, but I am convinced that a similar case to the one I have sketched here could be deployed to force DIAC to reverse their move. I see there are a great number of people affected, so have you considered to pool your resources and hire a high profile Australian lawyer specialised in Constitutional Law to lobby on your behalf? I am not talking about suing the Australian government as a claim of this nature would take ages to be resolved (although the threat of starting court proceedings often proves useful). I am talking about doing something more substantial than just filing a letter of complaint like seeking the advice of a lawyer. Obviously to a lesser degree than you guys, I too feel extremely aggrieved by DIAC's September changes, as I was about to lodge my visa application (translator) just when I became aware of such changes. So Just like you I too feel that my plans have been put on hold for years and I do feel to that their decision is unfair and illegal. Hope the above helps somehow. Cheers, Alex
  15. Guest

    legal action

    Hi just wanted so help if any one can we emergrated to Melbourne it didn't work out and we came back. We have been back for 10 months and we are getting contacted by AGL about out standing bill for gas and electric $ 260, We ignored it but have got letter from there lawyers stating there intent. Just wondering if they will folow it up or might just be trying to scare us as we are the other side of the world. Any advice would be great, cheers Paul.
  16. tracy123

    Class Action To Sue Pio

    Hi all Who is with me? Since I have joined this site I have slowly become addicted, Each night around 8 o'clock strange things happen to the pio web site!?! Last night it went off around that magic time of 8 and never came back on!!!! I went to bed without my pio (very upset, depressed) this is like a drug you just cant take it away from me....... Come on who is with me???? Tim im sure your a nice man but your top of the list!!!!! LOL Come on my pio friends lets let pio know that we wont take this any longer!!!! lots of LOL Geoffrey:chatterbox: Tim keep up the good work (trying to make it like terms and conditions)
  17. Ok, we should get our decision any day now and - being an optimist - I am hopeful that it will be a positive decision!! So, what should we do once we get that?! So far I have - Sell house Sell all worldly goods Book flights Say goodbye to everyone I have ever known but I am sure there must be some bits missing!!! See, I told you I was an optimist!! Where do we look for accommodation? Should we set up a bank account before we get there? We know roughly where we want to start out (Melton West - any opinions?!) so should we look at or contact schools or would that be a bit over excited?! We are not taking much stuff with us but recommendations of shipping companies would be helpful in case I just can't live without things when we come to pack!! Many thanks! L xxx