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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone. I have a few questions about this ACPO UK Police clearance and the conditions of its validity. I lived in the UK from 2006 to mid-2012, before moving to back to France between mid-2012 and early 2014. I've been in Australia since early 2013. I'm on my way to apply for PR through the 189 or 190 (unlikely, though). I have an ACPO clearance certificate from England issued in January 2014 (while I was in France), but I'm not sure if it will be valid when I apply for my PR visa in April 2015. I have read that these certificates are valid for 12 months (according to DIAC). However, I have also read that this rule doesn't apply, as long as I didn't return to live in the UK in between the date on the certificate and the date of visa submission. Has anybody got any personal experience to share on this matter? I'm worried about having to go through the whole process of obtaining a new certificate, as I've been extremely unlucky with mail since I landed in WA (i.e My supervised teaching practice statement from Liverpool Uni got lost twice! The letter containing my teaching diplomas sent from France arrived after 2 months!). Needless to say that if I can avoid relying on Australian Post, I will. Please let me know if you have any info on this matter. Thank you ever so much! Ana.
  2. Guest

    Help!!! Big problem with acpo

    To cut a long story short ,applying for a 457 in my husbands name,he has secured a job all visa app medicals etc done ,now trouble is with me ,I was very silly a few years back and received a six month prison sentence .I had four charges and the sentence was 6 months combined.I only served 6 weeks of sentence.Anyway have been honest and have sent of for acpo which received other day,on it it says date of crime ,what crime was and sentence,all very well however it then goes to break down each individual charge and slap another 6 months next to each of them. No where does it say that it was 6 month for all charges so looks like I now have a two year sentence which I don't ,I just got 6 months.I'm confused and in a state about it. is this how its set out and will diac know this I'd will they read it as 6 months for each,any help apprieciated as I'm tearing my hair out thanks
  3. I'm applying for Partner visa. In July 2005 I had a road traffic accident which involved some queries on the validity of my license .... I was summoned to local court and explained myself, the panel understood a misunderstanding and said that they would not penalise me in way of points or fine, however I would be found guilty. I explained this in detail for my ACPO Police Certificate...however my Certficate came back with "No Trace" As explained on the form No Trace means: "You do not have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or Final warnings held on the Police National Computer" Whilst I am not out to lie or deceive in my applicaiton, I simply wish to find out where I stand with this. Does it imply that it was never recorded ie more of a warning? and that I do not have/never had a conviction? No "Live" Trace implies that I should have this as my result on the certificate..ie it is on my record by stepped down. Confused :err: Opinions appreciated.
  4. Guest

    Acpo police certificate

    Hi Does anyone know if the Police Certificate details spent convictions etc or does it simply state that there are no ongoing investigations etc. ie If a person had a conviction in the last 2 years and one 15 years ago would they be detailed on the certificate? and if they have had nothing since would the certificate simply show "no trace"? Thanks for any help anyone can give going through a very stressful morning!
  5. Hi All, I applied for an ACPO Police Certificate for a 457 visa application. The certificate expired 29th March 2010. We're now on our second 457, living in Oz, and looking to apply for PR. I seem to remember the certificates are only valid for 12 months from the date of issue but I'm not sure where I read that. Does anyone know how long they are valid for? More importantly, is there an easy way to renew one or do you have to go through the process from scratch? We have been living in Australia for just over 12 months now. If you have to start from scratch, how do you go about getting a new certificate/renewing one from Oz if you can't prove UK address for the last six months or do we not need one if we've been living in Oz for the last year and are now applying for PR? Many thanks, Rob
  6. Hello, Can anyone help me? I am looking to get a holiday work visa to Australia in the next couple of months and have just received back my ACPO Police certificate. I have one offence on the certificate: Burglary and Theft - Non Dwelling (26-06-2000) - Conditional Discharge 18 Months Costs £55.00 I was 17 when i carried out the idiotic act ! and was in court 2 months later after my birthday and tried as an adult. I am going to declare this on my application and also write a note stating what happened and how i am not the same stupid kid that carried this crime out nearly 10 years ago. Does anyone know of anyone that has had Burglary and Theft (or worse) on their ACPO and still been granted into Australia? Im worried sick as my girl friend is out there and we're looking to apply for the spouse visa eventually. Thank you in advance,
  7. Guest


    I am a little confused about the procedure for character checks. Can anybody help. The ACPO Police certificate from my understanding allows the immigration board to review a persons "relevent" criminal record. And from their own website, minor offences will not be deemed negative against visa applicants. This seems to support ACPOs NO LIVE TRACE or NO TRACE status. If one then recieves a NO LIVE TRACE on their certificate is a further CRB check then requested. Perhaps a subject access request. I ask as these take 40 days. I understood the ACPO certificate is a tool to "weed out" minor and or spent convictions. After getting a NO LIVE TRACE certificate and owning up to ones minor offence is the whole subject then dug up during visa application. eg the need for Subject access or court documents being requested etc etc etc Please Help!!!
  8. Guest

    ACPO checks

    Hello Can somebody tell me how long in reality these ACPO checks take. It states 2 days express but can they really deliver this in time?
  9. Hi Can anyone please tell me if a real estate agent who is part of a professional body in aus can certify my photo for me!!!! Its just I dont really know anyone else in Aus for longer than 2 years that can certify a photo for me. Thanks
  10. Guest

    ACPO Police question

    Hi I am in the process of applying for a de facto visa and would like to know if anything shows up on the ACPO report for a couple of misbehavings in Guernsey (Channel Islands). When I spoke to my lawyer then (7 years ago), it was a petty offence but said that if I didnt want a record I should leave the island (which I did). Now I am worried this will come up on my police certificate. Could anyone advise????? Thanks:sad:
  11. Guest

    Police Checks (ACPO)

    Hi, I am filling in the Police Check application form from the ACPO and it asks for proof of current address. 1. Do you just photocopy the proof of current address or do you scan it in and print it off on a colour printer (since they do not want originals)? 2. Do you scan in your passport photo page and print it off on a colour printer as they ask for a copy of the passport photo page? Thanks
  12. Guest

    ACPO Police Check V's CRB

    Good Morning All I wonder if anyone could help clarify if a CRB check is suitable as our police check? Both myself and OH have CRB's through work, but looking at other threads on here I'm not sure if we need to get police checks done through www.acpo.police.co.uk instead We won't need to get these sorted for a while yet, just being organised! Thanks in advance Claire:confused:
  13. SIN

    ACPO photo signature Help

    Hi there, I am really struggling to get someone to sign my passport pic for police checks for UK. My doctor wants to charge for an appointment £50.00 and I dont know anyone else with a profession on the list on the form. My solicitor lives miles away and actually doesnt know me for 2 years. Does anyone know how stringent they are on the 2 year knowing eachother rule or indeed can you advise on other professions - what is deemed a suitable profession - is it the same as a passport list of signatories? Also they have a chiropodist on there but is a "physio" or an "oesteo" suitable. what do people do who dont know anyone in these professions do ?
  14. Should I get the new ACPO police cert? In early Nov 2007, Iformally accepted the job offer and obtained my police cert in Jan 08. My employer has only just applied to DIMIA for sponsership in May 2008 - the delays was because of paperwork with the professional bodies checking on my quallifications etc I've found out that there is a new ACPO police cert (Association of Chief Police Officers), costs £35 (the old one I already have only costs £10). I've gathered from forum discussions that police certs are valid for a year - so do I need to get a new ACPO one?:wacko:
  15. Hi Everyone, Quick question regarding the new police check scheme that's on trial (im sure you all know about this now) My question is simply, the old way ie goto each police station in the jurisdiction we lived in the last 10 years (lots for us) but the new way only requests the last 5 years ? Is this going to be acceptable for our immigration visa ? thanks in advance Steve and Beth x