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Found 54 results

  1. hatula

    ENS 186 Ack Letter?

    Hiya, I went back to the UK for Christmas and returned to Sydney to an email from my RMA saying that my ENS 186 visa was lodged on 21 December 2012. Their email stated "We advise that the Department will not be able to provide on-going status advice about a lodged 186 visa application. The Department will contact us if any further information / documentation is required. Otherwise, the Department will proceed to the finalisation of your application in due course." However, I've read on this forum that some people received a letter of acknowlegement - would I receive this or does it go to the RMA? The only reason I'm bothering you with this question is that I have received no answer at all from the agent's office. They are not very forthcoming with information at all which is shocking as I've just paid them close to $6000!!! Any help is much appreciated along with any current processing times for a 'decision ready' application for the ENS 186 visa at the Parramatta office. All medical, police/birth certificates were submitted mid-last year. Thanks for your time! Cat
  2. How long after submitting a state sponsorship application to Victoria, would it take to receive acknowledgement that they have received it?
  3. Roberts13

    Acknowledgement Letter ???

    Hi, I've noticed when reading threads people mention acknowledgement letters after submitting their application. How long after submitting the app and the money being taken should we expect to receive the ackowledgement? do they email you or send it in writing? I know the ENS 856 can take anything from 5months plus but just wondering if they do send acknowledgement letters ? Thanks in advance
  4. Dear All, I submitted a paper based 885 on the 27th of April 2011 via express post platinum and it was delivered to DIAC, Adelaide processing on the 29th of April 2011. I see that my money is debited on the 03rd of May as per my bank records. However, until now (06th of May) I have not received any official acknowledgement from DIAC either through email or via post. Please share your experiences in this regard. Thanks Deepak
  5. Guest

    Acknowledgement partner visa

    Hey, Could someone please put my mind at rest!! Sent my partner visa on Monday 31st Feb for next day delievery. How long does it normally take for them to send a letter / email to acknowledge hey have recieved it? Not sure if I should be worried.. sorry :wacko:
  6. I think I have read that its normal not to have had an acknowledgement once the SS form had been submitted - can anyone please reassure me ??? Also, can I jump ahead and do the 176 application or do I need to wait for the SS ? And if anyone with a crystal ball is around can you look into it and see when I will be off??? Are there any other sparks out there applying at this moment in time?
  7. Hi We applied for Spouse visa on 8th of jan in NEW DELHI ,INDIA.still we didnT receive any information . any idea how long will it take to receive the acknowledgement ?? is the acknowledgement is sent out only after assigning CO? when does the processing time starts after receiving the acknowledgement letter ?? please any one put some light on it Thanks
  8. Hi All We just got our acknowledgement through the post, now it feels real, we are in the queue, after what seens like months of filling out forms. There are a few mistakes on the acknowledgement form I will have to sort out, the main one being my date of birth they have September and its supposed to be February, as I filled out the forms there is no way I would muck up my own date of birth , but hopefully its easily fixed. Not been on here for a while as hubby was in hospital getting a bowel operation, Things can only get better I HOPE !!! Wilma (clubby67)
  9. Hi folks, Am I being paranoid? I sent off my spouse visa application on 2nd June, money taken on 4th but no receipt, email or contact from Aus Hs, London? We front loaded meds and PCC. My application also included the dreaded Form 80, just in case. I accept and understand that these do take time to collate and assess so not looking for an instant decision, just an acknowledgement that everything is OK, does this make sense?? I'm off for another drink.
  10. Good morning, I and a 175 online app from October '08. I frontloaded my HSA medicals while onshore in Perth which were sent directly from HSA to APSC. I was advised back THEN that it was OK to send them despite the new advice in the past few months that you should wait until allocated a CO. So, HSA sent them to APSC on Dec. 3, 2008 by registered mail, but I cannot see any update on the Visa Status Inquiry page that shows they were ever received. Should I be worried that they don't show as received on the system or is it possible they are tucked away at APSC until I am assigned a CO? Any advice would be appreciated! As well (for anyone else) HSA notified me that if the original docs are never rec'd /lost that they have scanned copies they can send out yet again if need be. Thanks!
  11. Guest

    Visa 175 Acknowledgement?

    I am just wondering what people mean when they say they have had acknowledgement of their visa application? We have applied online and have not had any acknowledgment letter posted or anything. We can view our status online, receipt ect but not an "acknowledgement" letter. Is this right??
  12. Guest

    TRA acknowledgement?

    Hi Can anyone tell me if you receive an email or a letter to confirm receipt of your TRA application? I sent it on 18th by Air Mail ...and have heard nothing yet...is this usual? Thanks Lynn
  13. I have submitted on-line 175 visa application. Got to the end, paid !, got the check list, asks for various documents. I have attached each one, but how do I know if they attached and were sent/received OK? I have gone back into the 'status' of the visa, and it just says processing, and the various 'messages' are the same ie please attach the documents etc etc..Is there any way you can check this on-line? Also where (if anywhere) does it say that fo online applications the documents, if scanned in colour don't need to be certified ? thanks in advance for the help
  14. Guest


    Hello All I submitted my 175 application is January, and received as 'automatic notification of application' email. Is the 'acknowledgement' people refer to? I feel a bit confused as to what should happen next! Sorry if I've missed an important point somewhere along the line, but it's hard to know how things should progress (having never done this before!). I'd be grateful to hear about anyone else's experience before I go into full-on panic mode! Sarah
  15. em&paul


    Hi We got our visa acknowledgement today - horray!! The e-mail says the same as the ASPC e-mails that CO are working on Sept applications so don't think we'll be there before Xmas. But I do today feel one small step closer. Now trying to decide whether we should front load our medicals and police checks?? Emma :v_SPIN::v_SPIN:
  16. Sorry, I'm probably being really thick but I'm confused by the pre-ack/full ack terms I keep reading. When do you get each of these and what does it mean? Also, when do they take the money for the visa? :goofy: Tracey.
  17. em&paul

    Acknowledgement - when???

    Hi Just after some advice here. Our visa application (a paper 175) was recieved in Oz on the 12 Feb according to FedEx - does anyone know how long it takes to get some kind of acknowlegdement. Just would like to know they have it safe and sound!!! Thank you Emma
  18. As the title says, we got our acknowledgement today. I have been so desperate to get home and post this. I wanted to shout it out in the playground at school but no-one would have know what the hell I was talking about, but you all do. We are so excited. We did our meds back on 29 February and Dr was holding them until we got our file no. Now he has he is going to write it on forms and send them off. What a fabulous day. Love you all! Claire:jiggy:
  19. Just wondering if anyone had an acknowledgement or receipt this week? Been on PIO but probably not read all threads/posts. ASPC email still has not been updated so do not know how far along they are. Any ideas? Claire
  20. Guest

    Full Acknowledgement

    We have received our full acknowledgement today ...................:jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: That was a quick 12 weeks........ Good luck for everyone else still waiting.............. KP Nuts
  21. We have finally received confirmation today that our agent received acknowledgement from the diac (2 months after receipt and payment taken!). We have not posted much up till now as we were feeling pretty down about the wait and felt that we were stuck.:sad: Feel better now, but agent said 1-4 for co, so another long wait:arghh: Nicki (Mama Koala)
  22. Guest

    nearing acknowledgement.

    hi, after not hearing from our agent for such a long time, we contacted them on friday to see if they had heard any news about being acknowledged, they said they had heard nothing, but yesterday got an e-mail saying they had just recieved confirmation that the australians had recieved the payment on the 08 august, seems a coincidence, probably been sat on there desk for a while, they said they are expecting a full acknowledgement with a case number within the next 4 weeks, i was just wondering how long after this does it take to get a c.o. i just read a thread where somebody put they had theres 3 weeks later, is this the norm???????????????????????.:unsure:. tra sent 23/05/07 tra passed 22/06/07 application sent 26/07/07 payment taken 08/08/07
  23. Guest


    Has anyone had their acknowledgement recently?? This waiting is never ending....
  24. Guest

    TRA acknowledgement finally!!!

    Well it's only taken 22 days to get the TRA acknowledgement and should be another 10 or so for my final decision. The suspense is killing me!!!
  25. Guest


    Hiya Guys, I sent our visa application to DIAC on the 17th July for a 136 modl visa. Can anyone hazard a guess, rough guess even to when i will get a aknowledgment?:goofy: I was hoping to get the visa around December - January time or is that wishful thinking, Please Help! Mia