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Found 2 results

  1. bensdad

    Please help me achieve my dream

    Hi this post is for a very good friend of mine who is not yet a member on here, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could give us some advise on obtaining a visa. Age 46, Fire Alarm Technician , we know it is covered by Electrician Special Class anzco code. All the necessary work experience but unfortunately no degree. When the age limit was raised we thought it was the answer to his prayers but he still falls short on points. Under the new criteria, taking into account an 8 score with ielts etc, etc i think he falls about 5 points short after taking into account state sponsorship etc. We have now seen that you can get additional points for partner skills. His wife has an AAT in Accountancy, can anyone be kind enough to advise what the criteria is to gain the additional partner skills points. Sorry for rambling on but any advise or pointers would be greatly received. Thanks in advance. Chris:notworthy:
  2. I WANT TO START A NEW THREAD TO HIGHLIGHT Maitys Post from the thread Lets go By Boat. Originally Posted by maity guys, we were on boat, but now in sri lanka. Yes! I admit issues cannot exclude the originated countries. I must admit this thread has revealed so many new information about history, politics of sri lanka. Being an india i will say it’s a great country of its individuality and singhalese are fighting for it right from ancient days. We read about this in our epic stories such as ramayana, mahabharata. But, sensibly, we are not here to know about all these and we can start an association after we are in “the great australia”. i suggest, we spend quite noticeable hours in searching and answering forums. Why not we collect email-id of big shots of aus and write to them. But our main intension should be making them feel guilt. No harsh criticism please. other may say they know it and will not brink any mark on them but, i think it’s going to be effective in future. Only, if we can put it accordingly. The ideas should be--- negative sides- - immigration is an opportunity not a privilege. - it’s your responsibility of taking a decision for immigration. - it’s take time and need efforts and one need to undergo so many linked process. - no one guarantees for your success. we all agreed and ready to face all these. positive sides- - we were guided by the departments and the process started on the day we started walking on the way, i.e. The day we sent our application for skills assessment. Where? Again they had told us the respective authority. So, those are your departments and we have nothing to do with your internal legislative arrangements or contracts with these departments. - now, who had given us the positive result? Again your sister departments. And why it has taken long (3 or more months) time to process. Here again, it is your department and you had planned for the duration. - you need ielts, money to prove we can sustain in your country? Well! We have learnt your language and met all you need. Now what if you get into rectifying your earlier faults (showing us the doors of your country). We are already in the process and stepped onto the ways you said right. - it is our problem and no one had told you to think about migration? yes! You told us. On your websites information are furnished accordingly and left no way to think twice for us, who dared to think about a better world to live in. “auatralia needs you skills”, “your skills are in our csl list”, “you are in modl list”, “you will be awarded fifteen bonus points since we need your skills badly” etc. Etc. These are the words they used to call us or make us to step into their shop of dreams. After that, “no stock please” wait till we solve the mess and plan for a new trap. - so your past activities and intention compared to present actions are no way can be differentiated from the activity of a fraud. Who provokes common man to dream about and takes our most valuables. No it is not only money, since, we will earn it again and every one of us is skilled, employed and earns enough money to survive happily with family. Our only fault was we get into your words and believed you to be truth. several more users are there in this forum whom i believe to be very good in make arguments. If i am wrong please rectify so that we can reach at result. Even i am eager to hear from you to put this matter to the court of justice and convert it as an international issue. Just mass movement is required. I request all to remember the saying… believe it to achive it. :idea: