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Found 43 results

  1. Asking on behalf of a close friend who is looking into applying for a 457. He has a fantastic little business highly relevant to the mining industry but last year's accounts show a loss (previous two show a profit). Will this scupper his chances of his business getting a 457? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Im unsure if I should close my Uk bank account? :unsure:
  3. can i keep my uk bank account open to keep paying my uk pensions, then if needed to can i still pay uk pensions with oz account. can i also transfer money from oz account to uk account to pay uk pensions
  4. fossda

    SS funds in different accounts

    Hi Does anyone know if the funds for state sponsorship have to be in one account or can our funds be in 2 or 3 bank accounts so long as they add up altogether to the required 35k. Thanks x
  5. Hi, My husband is a self employed bricklayer, our agent has requested his accounts for the last 3 years. Today we received an email informing us they were concerned as last years accounts showed a significant drop in earnings. I have replied this is due to the recession and my husband had to reduce his wages and hours dramatically. We are both very worried now it could interfere with our 176 application or at worst, end it! Does anybody know why this is so concerning? If it helps this years accounts show a significant improvement as work has increased. Thanks
  6. Hi again, just a quick one, Could anyone please advise on how many bank statements from joint accounts should be sent with spouse visa application? I have only got i or 2 but would a CO want to see as many as possible for the amount of years a joint account has been held between us? This is just to put my mind at rest. Thanks.:err:
  7. Guest

    Sterling bank accounts

    Any one got a stirling bank account ??? If so who with, Is it worth it?
  8. I sure there are more than a few here who still have property and or savings in the UK and will be reluctant to move any of those assets across to Aus due to the current exchange rates. I was given some information lately that you can park your money in a sterling account and use the this cash to raise a mortgage here, has anyone used this option and what are the positives and pitfalls, the obvious advantage to me is not having to exchange the cash in the current enviroment.
  9. Title says it all really, we're just moving accounts from Lloyds TSB Premier to HSBC, seems to be a very seemless way of moving from one country to another without some of the Australian account pitfalls, and no problems with a credit history as it travels with you. Be good to hear if anyone else has experienced them. Kind regards, Andy. :nah:
  10. Hi There, We got our PR visa this week and I am now intending to open a bank account in order to transfer our savings into an account that will earn more interest than we are getting over here. I have had a look online at the high interest internet banking accounts that are available in Australia and one i am currently looking at is with Virgin. My question is - do the internet banking accounts work the same as they do in England? i.e. would i have to open an australian bank account and then transfer our money from the bank account into the virgin internet account? Cheers
  11. I am 10 years experienced in Accounts ranging from Payroll,purchasing, sales ledger to general accounts, I am AAT Qualified and I am currently studying CIMA. I would prefer SA, perth and surrounding areas as I have family out there. I am prepared to study any Australian degree if necessary to secure a sponsorship. Once a visa is secure I am available immediatley. If anyone can help please reply.
  12. Just thought people might be interested to hear of my experiences with banking and credit cards. Like many new immigrants to Oz, we decided to leave some money in a UK bank account and retain a UK credit card to meet the cost of any unexpected UK bills and also to give us a credit card to use until we were in Oz long enough to get a credit rating and be able to apply for a credit card here. Before we moved from the UK in December, I visited the two banking establishments and gave them details of our temporary address in Oz. Each one needed to see my passport, but the experience was pretty smooth and statements have been dribbling through since we arrived. HOWEVER, once we moved from our temporary address to our new address, it was a whole different ballgame. It seems that UK banks have no process to deal with this eventuality and I started to receive letters telling me that I would need to "drop into my nearest branch" to get the change made. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to explain over the phone that my nearest branch is 13,000 miles away! Eventually, Barclays were able to change my address if I registered for their phone banking service. They duly sent out a PIN code to my "old" Australian address and I was finally able to get them to make the change. However, we also have the credit card with Santander (formerly Abbey) [we got this one as they offered commission free transactions in foreign currencies]. I have phoned them 3 or 4 times, emailed them, followed the directions on their website (sent a change of address form to their team with a copy of my passport) and STILL they have not accepted the change. Last night I called them and the "offshore call centre agent" even told me that the card details I gave him were incorrect and therefore he would be unable to help me (he was not able to validate the card expiry date and/or the CCV1 number on the back). I pleaded and demanded to be put through to his manager to sort this out, but eventually we reached stale-mate and he hung up on me! So they are still sending my private statements to an incorrect Australian address! Surely a breach of privacy legislation? So, if there are any UK bank executives reading this, please learn something from your Australian counterparts: When I wanted to change my address on my Australian (ANZ Bank) accounts, all I had to do was to log onto the secure online banking system and click on the "change my details" link. It was all handled smoothly and seamlessly. For anyone contemplating a move over, I can only suggest that you get all of your UK assets into as few banks as possible in order to limit the pain! If you happen to bank with Barclays, make sure you register for their PHONE banking service (both partners need to register separately if you have a joint account) before leaving the UK.
  13. Guest

    bank accounts UK & OZ

    :chatterbox: Hi Im concerned about the fact that my partner who is still married to a woman in the uk has done off shore banking as to close down his and his wife's joint account here in Oz. She went back years ago and and has been getting payments from DWP as she said she got nothing from her husband and has been also been living off account here in Oz with out Uk knowing over $130,000.00.....now this is fraud ,as she has failed to tell DWP and now it will affect me as i have a joint account with him and he moved what was left of her money into that account. So he has now put me in it too with out any concern for me and the fact he pays no child suport to UK children this could get nasty. Do I protect myself and let DWP know story as its not my fault and do not benifit from this money they have moved all the money with out paying tax's on in either country :arghh: Im madder than hell that he would protect her over me ....any one else in this situation or anything like it.
  14. When we arrive in OZ in June we will be looking to purchase a family car and i was wondering if we will qualify for a car loan as we will be needing to use our savings for rent deposit and other stuff. also any advice on opening bank accounts would be great
  15. How much do you pay? We're moving to Sydney in Feb 2010 and I want to know how much of our salaries we'll have left roughly at the end of each month. Water, gas, electric, TV, council tax, phone, mobile, internet? (I know there's a sticky on Cost of Living, but it looks like that's a couple of years old...) We're savers, so I'm keen to get an idea of whether we'll be able to save when in Oz. I expect our joint gross income will be $150k. Thanks!:hug:
  16. Guest

    Bank accounts

    Hi all, We are looking at opening a bank account soon, ready to activate when we come over in January,which bank would you recommend in Canberra.We are looking at westpac or NAB at the moment, are there any good reasons to sway towards one of these - amount of ATM's or branches or bank charges/fees for example, I am sure you have had good and bad experiences with the major banks so any advice would be helpful. Thanks, Martin
  17. Hi all, We're headed down under next week for our validation trip, and really want to open up a bank account while we're there. Can anyone tell me what ID etc I'll need, we're staying with family so can put their address if necessary?!! Not sure what to bring with me, other than passport, driving licence.... Thanks Lisa x
  18. Hi All We haven't been onto this site very often, been checking and posting on, can I say it, The Aussiemove site. Could anyone out there in Oz inform us on the job situation for either my hubby, a self-employed bricklayer, or if I have to work, for me, part qualified accountant, at present working as an accounts assistant for a small business. We are looking to move to Perth, SOR, around Baldivis or Secret Harbour. We are looking to be there by the start of 2010, if we can sell the house. We were issued with our visas in Feb 2008, and we validated them in April 2008, and can't wait to get back out there. Any info or help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Jackie :smile:
  19. I am arriving on a 457 visa in two months, any ideas on who to bank with? I have looked at so many different sites and now just getting confused. Which bank has the best deals? Thanks.
  20. Guest

    Westpac E-Saver accounts

    Westpac currently have an introductory offer of 4.40 % for e saver accounts. I rung the bank this morning as I already have one of those so only on 3% not introductory and asked about other accounts. Basically if you ring the bank as an existing customer they will still apply 1.4% extra based on the introductory rate even if you are an existing e-saver account holder on top of your variable rate for four months but they dont advertise it. The only way to get the extra interest is to call if you have one of these accounts. Every little helps...
  21. Guest

    Oz bank accounts

    Hi can anyone recommend a bank in oz - we will be living near warnbro, waikiki & rockingham ? Take care rachel
  22. Guest

    Banks and bank accounts

    I'm travelling to Oz a few times over the next 6 months prior to relocating in July 2009. What would be a good bank to get an account with that will allow me to transfer monies now for my travels but will be ok when i have to transfer everything from the UK. I've come across Westpac, NAB and HSBC but not sure which to use (if any) Ta
  23. Guest

    Bank Accounts????

    Hi everyone!!! We are heading to Oz in february and would really like to open bank accounts before we go. Does anyone have any advice on who to use??? :spinny:
  24. Guest

    .co.uk accounts

    Hiiiyah Everyone, If i have a .co.uk will i have to change it when i go to Oz? Thanks :notworthy: Charlotte :cute:(Sean and Maries Daughter)
  25. Hi Now we have the visa! we want to open a bank account over there from here and transfer money whilst the exchange rate is good can anyone offer any advice on how to do this and which banks we should approach thanks. x