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Found 19 results

  1. Hey guys I'll be be qualified AAT in about a year and looking to move to Oz afterwards. Does anyone know if it's a recognised qualification or can it be used to get a skilled migration visa? Thanks Rachel x
  2. Hi, Has anyone applied for a skills assessment with the ICAA (or another accounting body) with a non-accounting degree? I am happy that the skills assessment can still be positive based on my membership of a fully recognised accounting body. However, I am wondering if my non-accounting degree needs assessed to get points for my education qualifications? Given that a minimum of a bachelor degree is required to sit the chartered accountancy exams and this is the case in Australia as well, and the chartered accountancy exams meet core knowledge requirements to prove a bachelor degree level, does DIAC regard the accountancy exams as comparable to degree level and thus should qualify for 15 points? Any ideas? Or, do you think that I will need to apply to another assessment body to verify my non-accounting degree is comparable to an Australian bachelor degree? Any feedback or prior experience you may have had with this issue would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you.
  3. I am a recently arrived accountant looking to start up a business here similar to the one I had in the UK where I used to provide book keeping, accounting and financial planning advice and services to small/owner managed businesses. I am a fully qualified Chartered Accountant in the UK and qualify for reciprocal membership of the Australian accountancy body equivalent (although without the local experience). Anyone out there on the forum done the same or have experience of something similar? I am particularly interested in whether you have been able to find sufficient work without going the down the route of qualifying as a BAS Agent or Tax Agent and what are the limits of what you can do without those registrations.
  4. Dear Citizens, First of all HELLO! I've been trying to find specific threads regarding the Finance Job Market in Brisbane; however I must have two left feet because I cant see any threads this specific. And perhaps Accountancy in general in Oz. So hopefully like a moth to the flame the title of this thread will attract those of you who have already landed in Oz, and have been trying to get that job of a lifetime [apparently there's a skills shortage ??] in the Brisbane area. What's been your story??? My background, hence the reason I ask. Briefly here's the boring science bit: EDUCATION: I have a B.Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering, and am now a Management Accountant; qualified member of ACCA in the UK [and now certified via CPA]. VISA: 175 permanent res. started May12, which means 18mths later before granted, circa xmas2013. WORK: 17yrs in Manufacturing. 4yrs Production Supervisor, moved company. 6yrs Analyst in Sales, then Supply Chain, 7yrs Management Accountant. ASPIRATION: to move into a more commercial/business partnering role than pure Accounting. People who have met me think I work in Sales lol I hope that's a compliment & I think I have missed my calling. Eventually General Senior Management probably in engineering/manufacturing as I do miss it. BUT....and from what I am reading from other threads, the real-life experiences of those of you in Oz [in various jobs] has been dire. No job, hundreds of CV sent off, no one getting back to you, being an immigrant means you're perhaps immediately excluded...all the while paying rent & living in a place more expensive than home, man I feel for you..... Is this the truth of it? where cost of living cf UK is alot higher; even read 1:2.2 how is it getting work, honestly? Hope I've included everything & hope it attracts my fellow Accountants. Remember if Accountancy gets too exciting; try Audit. KR
  5. Hi can anyone help is an AAT in accountancy recognised in Australia. I have checked the relevant skills assessment website but it's not clear. Thanks
  6. Hi All I am currently researching the opportunities available in and around Brisbane / Sunshine Coast areas for a qualified accountant and business development consultant (with 22 years experience commercial and practice). My family and I anticipate making a move around March April next year (we already have visas!). Any help, advice or assistance in building a good picture of what opportunities exist in the area would be most gratefully received. I current own and run my own accountancy and business development practice here in blighty, so would class myself as senior and/or very experienced in my profession. Thanks everyone Take care Adam
  7. We are hoping to move to Perth in about 12 months - we have just submitted our 176 visa application under OH's occupation. I am currently on maternity leave (I am a School Business Manager) and have been thinking about completing my AATs to brush up my skills. Howver know that we are looking to move I am wondering if I'd be better looking into AQF but have no idea if I can or where to start Can I? how much does it cost? how long does it take? :eek: Est
  8. Hi Has anybody transfered their AAT qualifications to Australia. I see there is a Au website for AAT but is there a refresher/gap course for brits to do, to get up-to-date with the Australian Tax System. Glad for any info, especially an e-courses. Many Thanks Mel:hug:
  9. BenandLou


    Hi I have studied my AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) in the UK - Not sure if it is recognised in Australia - It does say worldwide. I currently work in the UK as a company accountant - i run the accounts for 7 group companies, two of which we have just set up in Australia. I have been looking at jobs (my work have said there may be a job for me there once we are ready to leave depending of how the companies have grown) and want to look good to potential employers. I have thoguth about doing a review course on the Australian Accounting Standards or something similar to show these potential employers that i am willing to learn off my own back. Can anyone recommend something i can do to show this? I am very good at my job but i cant prove that until i start working and would like to get interviews (instead of being pushed to the bottom of the pile, once i start applying. Thanks Lou
  10. I am an FCCA with 15 year PQE currently working as a divisional FD for a major UK residential developer, an industry I know loads about having worked my way up from Mgt Acct to FD over the last 15 years too. My specilaity is business planning and the understanding the operations side of the business. Having passed all the various tests (digging up my old quals and modules, etc) I got a family 175 visa late last year for me, my two young boys and my wife who is a nurse in the mental health field. We went over to have a look-see and holiday in December to Sydney and Melbourne and just got back, but obviously took the opportunity to validate our visas and now have 5 years to move - either before we get too old, or depending on what people advise here. So where to apply to, how to go about it, and what city or state should I be trying? (Bearing in mind my speciality is residential / construction) Sydney though beautiful was way too expensive but Melbourne looked good. Any ideas or advice please?
  11. terry & Melanie

    Accountancy job - Wanted

    Hi, We are planning on making the move down under in July 2010. My OH is an accountant and we were wondering how easy it would be to secure a job before we leave, or will we have to go out blind. If so how easy will it be to secure a job when we get there? We are looking at Brisbane. He is 15 years post qualified ACA. He has specialised in both Financial and Commercial Accounting with large retailers on high street, internet, catalogue and telephone selling, currently in information technology sector as a Group Financial Controller. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated. Melanie x
  12. Hey there, Can anyone offer me some advice?... Please? I'm considering completing all the paper work and submitting the Pre-application Skills Assessment form for Accountancy myself in preference to using an agent (e.g Go Matilda).. I have passed my Acadeic IELTS (8.5,8.5,9,9) and the next step is to complete the PASA. The form looks pretty straight forward (ish) https://www.charteredaccountants.com.au/The-Institute/Migration-assessment/About-migration-assessment/~/media/Files/The%20Institute/Migration%20Assessment/MA_PASA_form.ashx Should i go solo and cut out the fees or are the agents value for money and make the process simpler? Thanks in advance Stu
  13. Hello everybody! I am hoping somebody will be able to give us some advice before my head officially explodes!! My boyfriend and I are currently looking to come to Australia in Feb 2011. We hold working holiday visas already so will be initially coming over on that. However, we have been looking into ways to stay permanantely if we decide to stay!! I am a veterinary surgeon with 18 months experience and he is a chartered accountant who qualified in September this year. It is basically his work experience that is confusing us a lot! We have found NSW have released a very small number of 176 Sydney specific visas: Skilled Sponsored Migration: Business Migration: Industry & Investment NSW One of the occupations on this is chartered accountancy - risk management, which is the job my boyfriend has been doing for the past 3.5 years for one of the 'big four' financial firms. Is this enough relevant experience as he was doing the job whilst training for his qualification or do they require the work expeirence to be post ACA chartered accountancy qualification?? I was previously looking at 175 and I know that work experience for that is post qualification......but the 176 seems a bit hazy! If anyone could help it would be fab as everything being up in the air is starting to stress us a lot!!! Thanks again Julie and Tim x
  14. Does anyone know of any training courses I can take (probably by correspondence) to learn about australian tax and accountancy rules before leaving the UK? I'm a UK qualified chartered accountant and already have PR so I don't need this to get a visa but purely for my own interest. I'm looking for a Financial Controllership type role (which is what I do over here) but would like to know the differences in my job between here and Oz before I go.
  15. :eek: Hello my husband is a FCCA qualified accountant with experience in both practice (about 15 years) and industry (about 5 years - financial and treasury accountancy). He is 40 this year and we have been talking about taking the plunge and moving to Oz. I am a CIPD qualified HR Manager (although I am not expecting to work although this would be nice and we have two sons, aged 8 and 5. If we came over, it would be on the strenght of Nicks' points (which he is delighted about - finally got one over on me!). I was just wondering where the best place to be is bearing in mind that he would certainly need to get a job within 3 - 4 months of us arriving. Is there any way we could research the types of accountancy jobs available before and which State offers the most opportunites! Some big questions here, but this will all help with the deliberation process. Am currently booking a reccy trip to take in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, but we are really open about location. For me it is about making our lives balanced and taking advantage of the great outdoors as the boys love it. Any comments or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Guest

    Potential Career

    Hey guys, I am just writing for some information regarding migrating. I am a 3rd year maths student at the University of Manchester, looking to a career in Finance and Accounting. I am ultimately looking to emigrate to Australia, and was wondering what was the best way for me to do this. Ideally I would like to get out there as soon as possible, and was wondering at what stage that would be possible? I am looking to live and work in Brisbane at some point in the future. Cheers, any advice is very welcome as im just exploring my options at the moment.
  17. I am CIMA qualified and need to apply to get this recognised, but I'm a bit concerned as what I've read so far says you should have a degree as well! I don't just went straight from AAT to CIMA... is anyone in the same situation or is there anyone who has had CIMA recognised without a degree. Help.. really getting worried now Thanks Jules
  18. Hi I am a 3 yrs qualified CIMA accountant thinking of moving to aus. I have researched jobs using hays.com.au and it appears that in queensland brisbane is the best bet for a job. What is the job market like outside brisbane, for example on the sunshine coast, gold coast? Would it be difficult to get an accountancy job in these areas? Thanks,
  19. Hi We are just going through the start of visa submitting under SIR. We are open to where we go as long as there is work. We have heard that Brisbane is not the best place to go if you are in accountancy. Is this correct. We would prefer to go to the Queensland area but only with good possibilities of work. Regards Steve and Heather