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Found 26 results

  1. zycotic

    travelling to nsw

    I am a 24yr old irish male currently backpacking across Australia. At the moment I am in emerald VIC but no regional work available hereso hoping to move to nsw in next month to try and find work to extend my visa. I am looking for a backpacking hostel in nsw. I don't want to be near Sydney. Want a place where I can enjoy my stay and make friends. Any help would be appreciated?
  2. Thatguy

    Banjos Backpackers - Perth

    Booked my stay at the Banjos Backpackers in Perth for when i arrive on the 1st of October. Review say it's really good so was just wondering if anybody else has stayed there whilst on their travels in Perth? Leigh
  3. Hi guys was wondering if someone could advise me on any good clean holiday apartments/homes or websites to find them in Brisbane or Ipswich area for a 3 week holiday in September to get our P.R validated and do a bit of research on suburbs etc before we move permanently next year. thanks Tony
  4. Guest

    Accommodation in WA

    Hi, I will be landing in Perth Jan 2013 on a working holiday visa. I plan to take tools as I am a bricklayer. Can anybody advise me on what I am best doing for accommodation?e.g. flat share, hostels, etc. Cheers, Ian.
  5. Guest

    Travel Lodge - £12 rooms

    Just in case any of you are planning a visit back to blighty in the not to distant future ..Travel lodge are doing £12 rooms http://www.travelodge.co.uk/
  6. Guest


    Hi Guys. Myself and my partner are travelling to Perth in November to validate our visas and we are wondering has anybody got any recommendations on Reasonable Cheap Accommodation in Perth city and surrounding areas. Thanks in advance guys. Liam :biggrin:
  7. Not sure where to put this so I will try here :biggrin: We have had our visa granted this week, it needs to be validated by April 2012. We were going to wait until the house sold, freeing up the equity, before validating it/moving, however as the market is slow at the moment we are now planning on going end July 2011 for 2 weeks to validate, have a look round, and hopfully a bit of a holiday. We are going to WA in the Rockingham to Mandurah area as my wife has a job offer in Armadale. Would it be best to book a package holiday type thing that includes flights, accomadation, car hire etc or would it be better(cheaper!) to book them seperately? Any recomendations on accomadation, flights , car hire? Accomadation dosent have to be 5star was thinking along the lines of a holiday home. Car would only need to be a family size like a Mondeo/Vectra. Any links or websites would be gratefull. Sorry its a long post and if you got this far thanks for reading. :v_SPIN:
  8. Guest

    temp accomadation

    Hi I have had my permanent work visa now since 2007 and it expires 2012. Due to come out next May to work in a nursing post ,after my daughter has had her baby (fingers crossed they will come too, she too has a visa..... this wasn't planned as she is only 18, but eh oh, when is life ever to plan , I hope she can get a visa for her little one). Looking at Bussleton, can anyone tell me what it is like and where I can find out about short term accomadation until we are sorted. I am also hoping to apply for defacto visa for my partner this year, can I do this before I arrive in Oz on my permanent visa, we have been together 4 years. Thanks for any help from you all
  9. Guest

    Temporary accomadation

    we have been looking into temporary accomadation in the rockingham area, for when we land in perth in september, and have found several that are all around the $600 a week mark, is this about right? what we have been thinking is to rent somewhere short term for about 4-6 weeks research areas/ buy car ect then once we have found an area we like, rent somewhere more long term! has anybody who has been through the same scenario got any tips/advice or recommendation. cheers Terry:wink:
  10. Guest

    pets and rental accomadation?

    hi, we are planning on moving out to perth in the (hopefully) near future we are transferring over to the austrailian forces. so may get forces quarters but may rent privatly (will def be renting though, one way or another) we have a big dog though and are wanting to take him with us. most of the properties we have been browsing, just being curious, have a no pets policy or small pets only. so my question is. do any of you rent homes and have been allowed to take your larger animals. i'm really worried about this as i couldnt bear to have to leave him thanks in advance jen x
  11. HELP we need accommodation Travelling to Adelaide on the 29 of march and finding it difficult to secure accommodation 2 adult 3 children non smoking no pets References Trustworthy Help me before i go nuts HAvee the movers coming next week and getting a little stressed
  12. kellyjay

    sydney accomadation

    hi all. really need some help here. im in perth so cant do much from here, but my friend is travelling to sydney and cannot find anywhere to stay that doesnt cost the price of re-mortgaging her house. if anyone knows of any websites she can look at or better still a house or hotel that would accomadate 4adults and 2 kids from 18th jan 2011 for 4 nights then please contact me a.s.a.p. time is running out for here and flights and all other accomadation is booked. come on pomsinoz lets get this pom sorted. many thanks kelly.x:notworthy:
  13. Hi All, Have just been booking our flights and shipping and we have 3 weeks left until we leave the UK! Just wondering if anyone knows of any short term accomadation in the Buderim/Caloundra/Mooloolaba areas (or anywhere near the Sunshine Coast Uni). We are looking for somewhere (unit/townhouse/house) for approx 3/4 weeks while we sort out a long term rental. I've had a look on the Stayz.com.au/takeabreak.com.au websites, but not found what I'm looking for. Any advice, contacts would be appreciated. Cheers James and Jodie
  14. Hi all, Im looking at possibly accomadation for when we arrive, proberly be in May :chatterbox:sounds so close now, cant book yet as need to wait for the house sale to go through, Would like to be close to Emerald, Berwick or Mornington. Any one have any suggestions or good links, found a couple of good ones but already gone, Looking for 1 month stay, got to be self contained. Any help would be great, Cheers all Tracey
  15. Guest

    flights and accomadation

    hi everyone does any 1 know the cheapest flights we can get to melbourne and the best place to stay we are wanting to live there any suggestions we would like to be able to explore so sumwhere central so we could go to the beach and city maybe check out schools and things thanks :biggrin:
  16. hi i am looking for temporary accomadation in the Goldcoast relocating from Adelaide anyone recommend. thanks
  17. KangarooJack

    Accomadation in Singapore

    Hi all We are moving to Aus in March and we are staying 2 nights in Singapore to break up the journey. Can anyone please give me any names of good inexpensive accomadation in Singapore.Don't need all singing and dancing just clean and comfortable please Thanks very much
  18. hi just need some help. We are trying to put together short term rental properties for familes arriving from the uk. Can anyone let me know what type of Accomadation would suit your needs. Fully Furnished Apartments Unfurnished Apartments Fully Furnished Houses, Townhouses or Villas Thanks for your help Joyce
  19. ozerjon

    need accomadation

    hi could anyone advise on short term rentals in and around perth. we fly out on the 20/11/09 and still have no accomadation sorted. Thanks in advance John
  20. hi all arriving mid october, family of four needing furnished short term accomadation for about three/four weeks whilst we have a scout around and find something more long term. Need to be North of Brisbane for work. have been looking on different sites but finding it difficult, any ideas anyone? Cheers Tony & Marie
  21. Hello all, My partner and I recently was granted Australian PR and I am wondering if you could help me with the following: We have moving over to Melbourne in the second week of April 2009 and we are currently looking for a short term rental for around 4-6 weeks (reasonable priced). Also would you know of any good estate agents for the city (we are looking for inner city suburb apartments) that I could contact in relation to getting a years lease. Thanks very much in advance, PM
  22. Hi gang just need a bit of advice from those who have been there and done it! Could of posted this in this in the renting section but more people read this section!! We cant decide if we are sucessful when we move out to the great Oz whether its best to arrive to holiday accomadation for a few weeks....we plan to rent a property when in Oz but don't know how hard it is to find fully furnished as we wont be taking any sort of furniture with us and not sure how long it will take us to get set up e.g..beds/chairs ect ect.. So anyone who has been through this already let me know your experiences. G'day people:Randy-git:
  23. Hi Everyone Im new tonight to this site we have just been granted our visa, hubby, me and youngest son, eldest was refused as over 18 and at uni and we were told my mum wouldnt be allowed on our visa so will have to come out on a long stay, my problem is that we have to go out to activate the visas and cause of kids have to go are limited, been looking at christmas eve for flights but are really expensive for 4 adults and 1 child has anyone got any ideas about accommadation. campervan or unit what will be the cheapeast way for accommadation over christmas. Thanks in advance. Jeanette
  24. Hi all I've just joined and been reading all the pages for the last 2 hrs...... doesn't time fly!! I've got so many questions but i'll start with this one. When you all arrived in Oz, where did you stay? Did you stay in holiday retail / caravan parks? I have heard it can take awhile to find places to rent, as we are going on a student visa we aren't able to buy. Many thanks x
  25. hi Does anyone know of any links to renting furnished accomadation around the santuary lakes/pointcook areas. We are looking at renting for three-four months but would link a short-term contract as still unsure of the area as staying in CBD on last visit. Also any links/advise regarding catholic schools in the area and job opportunities for OH who is a nurse in primary care/community nursing would be greatfully received. Thanks Jock:chatterbox: