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Found 33 results

  1. Just wondered where everyone is when they use PIO, I understand it could be from home and work if so, where do you access it from the most.
  2. Not sure if this is the right thread to post this. Quote from the website: FREE ACCESS Immigration records - 29th August - 5th September We’re giving you a ticket to follow your travelling ancestors all over the world, absolutely FREE! From 29th August to 5th September, you can search and view all our immigration records – without paying a penny! http://www.ancestry.co.uk/
  3. Hi all My hubbie and I are at the very early stages of thinking of moving down under. Unfortunately our plan was to have a couple of kids and then go.. but life hasn't worked out like that and instead we are struggling to conceive. So to get ourselves out of our miserable rut, we think sod it let's look into going moving to oz first. I'm just a bit concerned that if, and i hope we don't, but we do need fertility treatment, what would happen? do they have an nhs equivalent? is it all private? would we be allowed it if we came over with an exisitng medical condition (i.e. if myself or my other half have a medical reason for struggling to conceive). I know its a very random question, but it is one that worries me. Don't want to end up in oz and be stuck with no help in having kids. As i say, very very early stages. I would hope that one of us gets a job first (457 agreement i think it is), but we are also up for applying for skilled migration. if anyone can offer any sort of advice, has anyone emigrated and had fertility treatment over there? any ideas would be great! cheers:cute:
  4. I am applying for a Visa and need to have a clean SAR. I have never been convicted of an offense but I was cautioned years ago when I was a kid for kicking a ball through a window. I hope it doesn't show up? Can anyone tell me what a clean SAR would say exactly? Would it just be one page saying I was not on the Police National Computer or would there be another separate page stating no convictions? I am utterly confused !! I need someone with a clean SAR to tell me exactly what one would say. If anyone can answer this you are an absolute star:hug:
  5. On June 18, 2011 since 3.00 am GMT, I have been trying but unable to acess 176 online application despite trying numerous times. Does anyone else experiencing the same problem. Thanks
  6. This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later any one else facing the same prob?? :twitcy: PS: its been for the past one hour :wubclub: Thank you :jiggy:
  7. Anyone have any idea what's going on with DIAC website?? Haven't been able to access it all day?? Thanks :wacko:
  8. I just thought I'd share what's turned out to be a bit of a lifesaver. We moved over to Oz last Sunday, and spent the first 9 days in a friends' flat, where they had home broadband with WiFi. That was a huge help, as we spent a lot of time on the property websites looking for rentals - in fact, 8-10am every morning was spent going through domain.com.au and realestate.com.au, plus other sites, pulling out new properties, phoning agents, making notes and scheduling on an online Google spreadsheet, and then hitting the road. The first thing we did was get an Aussie prepay SIM - an Optus pack from a newsagent for $30, which is still going strong on the original credit despite a lot of iPhone internet/local call use. I then got another one, and put it in an unlocked MiFi that I bought on eBay before I left. One such auction here, although this isn't the seller I used, and I have no affiliation with them. The MiFi is the thing that's been the lifesaver... you pop a local SIM in, and it connects to the 3G network, and broadcasts it out to your Laptops/iPhones as a private WiFi hotspot. I have it sat on the sideboard in our new house, and it's giving us decent broadband speeds to both laptops and both iphones, for the cost of one prepay SIM subscription. It worked just as well out and about - such as in a cafe while we were reviewing our days' viewings. It should hopefully serve us until we get home broadband ordered. So - if you're preparing to move, it's definitely worth getting one of these and setting up the WiFi part before you come out; make sure it's unlocked to any network, of course. Sure, you can use internet cafes, wired USB dongles, share Wifi from your jailbroken iphone, from your handset via bluetooth, etc. etc... but with this thing, you turn it on, press a button, and it works: End Of. I have enough on my plate without having to be IT support as well! D
  9. Guest

    Train access to Eagle Farm

    Hi Just wondering if anyone commutes to Eagle Farm by train...it looks like the nearest station is Ascot. Does anyone make this journey from any northern suburbs? Thanks Louise
  10. Cerberus1

    Slow access to forum

    Apologies to everyone for the current slow access to the forum. It appears as though another site at the data centre where the forum is hosted has been the subject of a large DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. As the effected server is on the same switch (piece of network equipment) as our server, it's having a knock on effect on us at the moment. The support staff are working on the problem, so hopefully the problems should dissipate soon. Thanks Rob
  11. nik_kershaw

    Early morning Fox Sports access - Canberra

    Is there anywhere open at that time on a Saturday morning with access to Fox Sports 1 so I can watch the Preston North End v Hull City? I am living in Queanbeyan but happy to travel anywhere in Canberra area
  12. The Australian Taxation Office (Tax Office) will request and collect names and addresses and other details of entities who have applied for Visa Subclasses 417, 457, 462, 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 580 between the period 1/7/2008 and 30/6/2009 inclusive from the following source: Department of Immigration and Citizenship It is called: DIAC/ATO Student and Temporary Working Visa Data Matching Project http://www.ag.gov.au/portal/govgazonline.nsf/C0B47A1DBD927C7DCA25774B0004C112/$file/S%2098.pdf As I understand, this is providing data from DIAC to ATO. Does it work the other way around? Not that I have anything to hide, but am woried about my privacy. I have heard roumors that DIAC has access to tax data. Is it true?
  13. If i want to transfer from 457 visa to permenant visa once in australia will i need a police check once there or will the subject access form I used for the 457 visa be enough? Michael
  14. nik_kershaw

    Subject Access Report - Met police

    Hi everyone, I am currently in Australia looking to join the New South Wales Police over here. As I am English and my last address in the UK was the bomb disposal unit located in Ruislip NW london I have to get a Subject Access Report. I spoke to 2 people who answer the phone number for general enquires for the Met Police. On both times I told them I am trying to get in contact with the data protection team and told them that the NSW police require a subject access report for my application over here. The first girl i spoke to told me to contact the CRB and get a CRB check, so thats what I did. They informed me that I need to speak to the data protection officer at the met police as they only provide information that relates to children and vulnerable adults. The 2nd time I phoned the same general number for the met police they said I would have to go into a police station in Australia and fill out a form there, then they could get the information. If this was the case then the recuitment people for the NSW police wouldn't ask me to get one. Does anyone know of this report or the data protection officer and how to contact them? Cheers Nik Kershaw
  15. Hi guys I have literally just lodged and paid for my e457 on the diac site. I have not uploaded any documents as yet, so I have tried to go back into my application through the continue application link but it says application already lodged and wont let me in. How can I access it to upload the required documents, or do I have to wait for diac to contact me and request what they want?
  16. Hi, wondered if anyone could suggest one or two areas to live around Brisbane with good access to the Mater hospital. Needs to be good for kids with schools, uni and kindy all within good distance. We are looking at going up the Sunshine Coast, but if OH can't get a job and needs to be nearer Brisbane we haven't really looked at any areas in the region to live and I also have a job offer at the mater hospital. Thanks Vicky
  17. Hi, I'll be moving to Brisbane in May next year by which time my daughter will be 2 1/2 years old. She has been in part time nursery here in the UK since April and as I intend to get a hob over in Oz I will be looking to place her in over there. Can anyone provide any information about how it works, rough costs etc?? Also, are there any official reports like (OFSTED) that can be accessed on nurseries etc? Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Nat
  18. Few short term rentals have internet so our plan was to use a usb dongle and buy a pre paid wireless allowance. Question is, how easy is this to do. Can you either get it all setup before you leave the UK or need to do it when you arrive. Ideally it would be done before you leave. Not exactly sure why we need the USB dongle anyway, maybe there are public 802.11 access points etc. We'll if anyone has an answers let me know.
  19. We are planning to move to Sydney in 18 mths and trying to register for schools and look at areas. We are applying to schools in the Mosman, Kiribilli and the Northern Beaches area. Is it unrealistic to live in N Beaches eg Clontarf if we send our kids to schools in Mosman or Kiribilli? We don't want a long commute would prefer a short journey. Is the Spit bridge a nightmare and too stressful to consider with young kids on a daily basis? Can anyone recommend a good Catholic primary school state or private school in North Sydney or East ? am I right in understanding that you need to register your kids for catholic secondary schools as soon as they are born in order to get them into a decent one? I was shocked when I phoned one or two to discover that we didn't stand a chance of getting our 5 year old in as it was too late and they are booked up to 2019!!!! How do other catholic expats get there kids into decent schools if this is the case? I expected them to have to sit exams and to stand an equal chance with their peers not a first come first served basis for secondary schools- HELP?
  20. Can anyone access the immigration site to upload documents as I'm having problems. Saying its not available:confused: My application has been submitted and they've took the money, just can't upload the documents. Me thinks everyone trying to access it before the fees go up (just like me!:laugh:) Julie
  21. Hi I wonder if you can help. We obtained a skilled migration visa three years ago (full skilled migration, with sponsorship by a relative - subclass 138 - sponsored). We are moving to NSW in October and are wondering whether we will be entitled to medical care under medicare when we arrive. I thought there might be a clause saying you needed to have been resident for two years to claim, but am not sure (is this just social security benefits). If this clause exists, I also wondered what classified as residence and how this was tested (i.e. what documents you would need to indicate residence). We made our first entry to Australia 18 months ago but have not been living there. Any help (links) with this would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Andrew
  22. Guest

    Ongoing access problems

    Hi all, We seem to be having ongoing access problems on the site for a large number of users or the site running bvery slowly. I am looking into is but if you are experienceing anything, please do contact me and let me know what it is! It seems to have started yesterday at some point. In particular those accessing from the UK. Cheers Tim
  23. We have been trawling the internet for an Agency to start the ball rolling on our immigration application. So far we have received some very helpful advice from Access Migration and Go Matilda. There fees are comparable. If anyone has any knowledge of these agencies, we would be really grateful for your help. So far, Access Migration are tipping the scales in our favour.
  24. We are off on our hols from today and wont return until 25th January. Have a great Xmas and a Brill New Year. To all those in OZ/NZ/Singapore/airports in between we will see you as arranged by pm. regards TACD
  25. Been in our rental in North Lakes for 5 weeks now, and today we finally got our internet sorted out! Anyone living in North Lakes will understand the problems with getting internet here! We tried countless companies for moblie broadband, but were told by them all that there was no guarantee that it would work, so ended up getting ASDL with BigPond, which is working fine! Anyway, so much to do now!! Emails to catch up with, threads to read, etc. OMG! Can't believe it's Christmas next week! It so don't feel like it! It's summer for god sake!! Only started my Xmas shopping yesterday! :laughxmas: Will post an update of what's been happening very soon! Mags x