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Found 34 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to get to grips with the documents I need to submit to the ACS for a skills assessment, and I'm wondering what exactly is meant by a "certified copy", as in: * Certified copy of birth certificate or passport * Certified copy of academic qualification certificates * Certified copy of academic transcripts * Certified copies of detailed employment references I live in Slovenia at the moment. If I were to take these documents to a notary here and have the notary sign and stamp them, would that be sufficient and recognised? Or are there special places one needs to go in order to get these documents certified? Many thanks for any advice you can offer. Cheers, oidara
  2. Guest

    Advice gratefully accepted

    Hi there! Would be very grateful if anyone could give me advice on tiling opportunities in Australia. Have just started the Visa process for my family, and hope to get work in Australia. Currently looking at Qld and WA. Have been self-employed for almost 20yrs here in residential and commercial sector. Any words of wisdom would be great. Thanks a million, Kevin
  3. We've finally had our application for State Sponsorship from Victoria accepted and now it's time to actually apply for our 176 visa. Any tips on what to include and anything else etc. We've already gone through this once in the last year when I got a 457 company sponsored visa but now going through it again to try to get PR. Fingers crossed!
  4. Hi there everyone! I have just accepted a job offer from a company located in Sydney and cant wait to get over!:jiggy: I have a few questions and would relish any help/input you can provide :- -What is the general process that you need to go through for the 457 visa and what you need to provide etc? -I am relocating without any assistance so would like to what you would recommend and how other people have typically gone about finding somewhere to live before or after arriving in Australia? Do you think I should find somewhere to rent before arriving or stay in a hotel etc and then find somewhere? -Where would you recommend living - area, etc. -Do you have to do tax returns or is it similar to the UK where the tax is taken out of your salary? Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!:smile:
  5. Hi everyone, Thought i'd checkup on my online application for a 457, and am comign across an issue. The TRN i have is not being recognised by the site. Anyone else come across this before? Is this an issue with the site? :confused:
  6. Can someone please tell me why someone with Aspergers will cost the Australian economy? Cheers.
  7. Hi there, We are in need of advise on bridging visa B. My parents came to Sydney in November to visit on a 3 months visa, we applied for the Aged parent visa 804 onshore while they were here, they are still here , return tickets to UK in 2 weeks. A lot has happened faster than expected and we are quiet niave to visas etc. Their application was quickly accepted and they are now on a bridging visa - we are assuming A but exact one is not stated in the letter of application acceptance. The letter states " if you need to travel overseas you may need to apply for a different bridging visa please contact the dept for advice" Assuming this is bridging visa B, not exactly stated Ideally they would like to use there return flight to go home but then want to come back in May, as I'm pregnant and grandchild due, then go back again to UK after about a month, sort out house, money etc and come back in Dec to stay permanently We think this is now not possible due to visa restrictions. But would like to know, how long is a bridging visa B granted for ? Can you have more than one a year ? how fast is a bridging visa B granted ? Is the above situation possible ? Thanks in advance for reading and replying
  8. Hi all, I'm a newbie so please be gentle with me! OH had been in touch with a company in Melb who have offered him a job and a very generous relocation package, which includes flights, visas, accomodation etc. After sending us a copy of the contract, he has accepted the job, but I'm just wondering what happens now? Am I right in thinking that the company applies to the gov for the visa etc, and so we just sit back and wait to be contacted? Will there be a breakdown of what needs doing when, i.e. medicals etc? We need to arrange our house to be let out, and so we are wondering how long (generally, of course) the whole process from this point can take? Should we wait until we hear about something specific or just go ahead and instruct a letting agent regardless? We have the option of moving in with family until we fly out, but dont know how quickly we need to get organised with everything! Sorry if I'm rambling, but I'm excited and a teeny bit scared of what needs doing and when! Thanks for reading and I hope you can shed some light for me. Emma x
  9. Advice needed please! I went to a furniture auction last week in Melbourne (Croydon). I was looking at some things and unknown to me my 10 year old was bidding on a crappy china bird! I thought he was behind me as I was looking at stuff. Now it was only $12 however, my son did not have the auction number I did. The auctioneer would not take no for an answer, so I paid as it was only $12. I am just so glad it was not $10000'ss!! Does anyone know if this is legal to accept a bid from a 10 year old? The acutioneer seems to think it is. Thanks.
  10. ..... now what ? Got our visas in July 09 and validated them in May 10, we've had the house on the market for what seems like an age but have just accepted an offer on it today :biggrin: I cannot hand my notice in at work until we have completed and then I have to serve 3 months notice, however I would be grateful for any advice on the key things we should be considering from now on? Thanks
  11. Like many of us here I am currently in limbo waiting for the info on the migration process to become clear. I was looking at applying for a 175 gsm visa once I had completed my third year as a teacher. Was at the very early stages of gathering all the info needed in order to lodge an application as soon as I possibly could. Very happy that secondary teacher is still on the new SOL and that I have not had my dreams dashed like many others. I am in the process of applying to the AITSL for my skills assessment and I am hoping to book my IELTS for the summer holidays. I had even spoken to a cuple of schools in Perth who had agreed to allow me to come and spend a day with them on a reccie. However I am holding off completing these at the moment as with all the new information coming out from the DIAC. I am unsure of whether to plow on and spend the money or hold on and wait. Its probably the case that my brain is just fired as I am trying to write end of year reports for all my pupils, organise all my lesson plans for the next half term, whilst trying to make sense of the migration changes. So my question to you all is, is it likely that migration application will be accepted again from July or are we all going to have to wait until 2011 to lodge an application? Just a little confused at the moment and wanted some clarification. Even if its we don't know. Been working towards migrating to Australia for 10 years and wanted to migrate since I was 14 (now 31). It feels so frustrating to be working towards this for years and now after all the hardwork the goalposts are being moved.
  12. Department of Immigration and Citizenship has announced today that they will not accept any new application from 8th May to at least June 30. 2010. All applications lodged or received by DIAC between this time will be returned along with the Visa Application Charges. The following Subclasses are affected by the announcement: 175, 176 and 475. Please check out the department's website in the what's new page of the Skilled migration section.
  13. If anyone can help me with this question I’d really appreciate it as you’d save me the ridiculous fee of 1GBP per minute calling the UK Visa Line! I am a UK (and also Canadian) citizen, living in Dublin. My partner of 2 years is Australian and I am going to apply for the Off-Shore De-Facto Visa. We are going travelling this October 2010 for 8-12 months (depending on finances) and will then be going to Australia. This puts me in Australia June-Oct 2011. I’d like to apply for my De-Facto Visa now, but want to know this: Once the Off-Shore De-Facto Visa is granted, how much time do I have to enter the country? Is it matter of months? If so, can you postpone date of entry? I’m concerned that the Visa will be approved even before we leave for travelling or perhaps while we are travelling and we will have to cut our trip short or not go at all. Should I wait until we are already travelling to apply? If so, can I go for an interview/health check abroad? Sorry! So many questions! I’d really appreciate any advise on this!! THX
  14. Hi All, Thank you all so much for hearing me rant and cry over the house selling business.. Today OH accpted an offer from a First Time Buyer moving here to be with his GF and they want to exchange before Christmas but not complete till end Jan/beg Feb! So Oz here we come!!! crying with happiness now, but soo nervous it will all come true - OMG what next!! Julie xxxx:biggrin:
  15. Hello everyone, Like many others I haven't been able to login with the password I supplied to attach documents. I rapidly switched to plan B, which is to send the by e-mail. I had scanned everything into 31 files, all of them jpg or pdf. I zipped them and sent them in a huge e-mail. A couple of days later, I got a reply from adelaide.gsm.documents saying this: Dear Sir/Madam You have attached documents to this email but we are unable to view some of them as it is not attached to the email. We require documents to be sent as an attachment using either JPEG, WinZip or PDF format. Please resend these documents using one of the preferred formats. Kind Regards Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre Department of Immigration and Citizenship I checked the files and found out that some of them were lacking the extension (i.e: Bla_Bla_Bla-passport_photo instead of Bla_Bla_Bla-passport_photo.pdf) I fixed this and sent everything again, this time without compressing them, all 31 files in one e-mail. I just got the same answer as before. The subject of the e-mail has always been in this form: "Applicant: MyFirstName MyFamilyName TRN: MyTRN Permission Request ID: MyPermReqId" The largest file is 800Kb and total is 9Mb. Any ideas as to what may be happening? Any advice from someone who has been on the same boat? Thanks in advance, Andres
  16. Hi, my wife has just had a Text from Go Matilda to say her visa application has been granted and accepted. they only sent it off just over a week ago, the money came out beginning of last week and text through today. OMG! that was fast. We just have to sell the house now and were off, fingers crossed. anyway, bye for now. regards Glynn, Wendy and Fa:spinny:mily
  17. I have been here 2 months now, finally sorted my trade cert , got my blue card , done my cpr and low voltage rescue , i have my restricted license and now i cannot get work because it will take another 3 months to get my full license. does a south australia license still only have to converted? does anyone know the costs involved? is this route worth doing? If i do not get work soon , i will have to take my family back to UK because the savings is running low . Please help!!!
  18. Guest

    Not accepted for a 175!! :(

    We have just been told by an emigration officer that we will not be accepted for a 175 because my husbnad didn't study for his Stonemason NVQ level 2 at college. He had an assessment on site to qualify for it. Aparently you have to have done 900 hours at a college. The only option it seems we have now is to go on a working visa and hope that the employer that he gets a job with will sponsor us, which seems quite risky to me because you can't work for the same employer for longer than 3 months. Otherwise w have ot be sponsored before we go and find a job from here which i think seems quite impossible as i doubt any employer would do that without seeing what you can do. Am feeling rather upset and down about it all now, but trying to stay positive!
  19. Hi Guys, We have applied for SS to get back on the priority processing list but were over 45 when we did it. I know that's OK as the ss sites just say its the age when you apply to DIAC that matters and our agent has confirmed that. But I was just wondering if anyone over 45 when they applied to a state has been successful ? Some encouraging stories would be really good at this stage ...please.
  20. We have been driving ourselves mental with house hunting - looking at everything from townhouses to complete reno jobs on 1000sqm blocks & changing our minds a million times. Quick check of reiwa today, viewing tonight and offered on the spot! It's in Willagee & had everything we wanted, even a powered workshop for OH (though I've got that space in mind for a pool ))) Would love to post the link but probably a dodgy idea. It's lovely though, 8 years old and everything's been done & pretty much to our taste. Just hope we get FIRB approval & finance now! Jules
  21. TaniaColin

    Offer accepted

    Yes today we have finally accepted an offer on our house. It was the guy who came to view last Thursday and he has agreed to our price today. He is sorting his mortgage out today. We are still letting another person view tomorrow, but we are staying with the original person, but it might be a back-up just incase anything happens. I just need my visa now, so yes i am very happy, and all being well we have a rented property lined up. Tania X:jiggy: Good luck to everyone else who is selling
  22. Hi everyone, i received a formal job offer this morning - which i have accepted :jiggy:. just have to go through all the visa stuff which fortunately the company will look after etc. i just have a few questions so if any helpful PIO posters can help us with we would be very greatful 1)i am on a 457 visa; the company dont do the LAFHA so what kind of tax etc would i be paying. 2) the salary is $120000 - what kind of mortgage could we get for that? 3)on that salary what approx would be the take home; i get a car or car allowance - is this taxable like in the UK? 4)the office is based in silverwater. i dont really want a huge commute to work everyday but we would really like to live ideally near the beach or waterfront - which suburbs are best for this. 5)our daughter will be just over 1yrs old when we go so my OH would be looking to meet other mum's etc so hopefully would be posting on here to arrange meet ups etc. we are a young couple and cant wait to get over to sydney and start our new life. thanks in advance for any help that comes our way, and you never know we may end up meeting up sometime :yes: cheers Rod
  23. Guest

    Once You,ve be accepted.

    Hi To All, Im going to sound really thick now but, If you are accepted is there a time limit on your visa? how long have you got before you have to leave the uk? :wacko:.Oh and does anyone know where my partner does his skills assesment? Thanks Anna.x
  24. Yes after a year on the market and 4 sales falling through we have accepted a offer on our house:jiggy: £50k below 1st asking price but we thought if we dont go now will we ever go:skeptical: Only down side is we fly out to validate our visa in 3 weeks. So OH will fly back to the UK to sort out sale and ship our stuff over and then fly back and if sale falls through I'll be flying back with my 5 year old somethink I'm really not looking forward too. For all those still trying to sell don't give up hope. Marge xx
  25. We have been accepted for SA state sponsorship and our agent is sending off our application Monday. Someone has mentioned that the normal 5years to take up residency does not apply for state sponsorship and that we will only have 2 years. any advice greatly appreciated :wubclub: THANK YOU