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Found 11 results

  1. hi, is academic IELTS valid to DIAC and points should be awarded if its not GT. the requirement of assessing body (Engineers Australia) is GT and they also accept academic but i am wondering whether DIAC accept it or not. plz if some one clearify? thanks
  2. Can anyone throw some light on what level of BP is acceptable for a 64 year old, please? I have taken medication for BP since 1997 which keeps it under control. My last readings with my GP were 134/69 in Feb 2011. However, on the day of my medical it was 168/80 ... white coat syndrome? I had a letter from my doctor which stated "no significant past medical history and gave the Feb 2011 reading. Will this get me a grade A? Before and since my own readings were around 138/65, 148/78, 151/76, etc. Also, has anyone got their results directly from the visa medical before getting a Case Officer?
  3. Boesman

    Is 175 visa still acceptable?

    Hi Probably a very daft question, but I saw in some other threads that one can't sent in a 175 visa application? Am I missing something somewhere? I do have enough points for applying for a 175 and thought that I could still apply for that one even if the waiting time is nearly 2 years?:err: Anybody to enlighten me please?
  4. There is no reasonable excuse for speeding (especially in areas where there are children) but we all drift up a bit at times especailly on Perth's wonderful roads - you should see what the (on-going) winter weather had done to the road surfaces in the UK before we left lat month - but what is an "acceptable" breaking of the speed limits in WA? I know in the UK that most police forces will accept 10% + 1 e.g. 34 in a 30, 45 in a 40 zone etc. Is there a similar tolerance in WA? There are certainly plenty of drivers who don't seem to stick to the limits.
  5. To make the 120 point mark I think I’m going to need 5 points for my OH as a skilled migrant. To claim these I understand she needs industry qualifications equivalent of an Australian diploma. She is an Independent Financial Advisor in the UK. Can anyone advise which finical certifications and/or qualifications in this sector would be deemed acceptable? Many Thanks
  6. Would a first line, IT support helpdesk job be acceptable as professional experience by the ACS? Or would one have to move up the ladder, 2nd line, 3rd line? Would a first line job be considered more of a computing techician job (not assessable by the ACS)?
  7. Hi all, I was wondering, my birth certificate is bigger than A4 so wont fit in my scanner completely!!:confused: Is it acceptble to scan it in 2 parts? then maybe I could combine both parts into 1 PDF file thats 2 pages long. If anyone knows if this is an acceptable way of doing it please let me know. Thanks Sarah
  8. :eek:Hello, i'm due to arrive in Sydney and stay for a year and a half by renewing my tourist visa (fingers crossed) by proving my private income that will fund the time travelling the country in a camper van. However, i need a supply of Tamsulosin Hydrochloride for an enlarged prostate, which i am hoping to get from my GP here in England. Trouble is 18 months supply is quite bulky. It would fill a shoe box easily. So was wondering if i just brought the prescriptions over, could i use them in an Australian pharmacy? Or, if i saw an Australian doctor could he prescribe them to see me through? I have seen them advertised on the internet, but cant guarantee the source and quality. Im sure my own GP would write a letter for an Australian doctor if i asked him, but he will hesitate to issue a half dozen prescriptions at once. He's done it once before, for an extended trip to America, but i think he might baulk at the request i am about to put to him. I'm sure there must be few male readers on this forum that use Tamsulosin (an alpha blocker that expands the neck of the prostate) so any input would be appreciated.
  9. OK, this is a bit of an out there question, but here goes anyway. If and when we get to move over to Melbourne, we would rent first, but dont want to rush into anything so would take our time in holiday rental while looking for house to rent. We wouldnt be putting kids into school straight away as wont know where we are gonna live, so what is a reasonable time to keep kids out of school for? How long does it take to get kids enrolled in school when you have found one anyway? If anyone reading this can advise what they did and how long it took etc etc. Thanks
  10. Please help!!! I am despertley trying to find out whether or not an NVQ level 2 qualification in nails will be suitable for me to get a job out in melbourne. Can anyone help me? Many thanks Heidi
  11. Here in the UK there is definitely a large section of society that is not tolerant of immigrants. Is there a similar issue in Oz just now? In particular towards the Poms? I recall when we moved to Australia back in the 1980's the term "Pommy Bashing" was all the go and my folks repeatedly got snidey remarks from people of their generation. But this was all put down to having a bit of a laugh. It didn't seem so much of a problem for me at high school etc. I suspect that any behaviour like this is still acceptable when directed towards Poms but I suspect that it isn't tolerated in the slightest when directed to non-white ethnic groups? Other Eurpoean groups also got a bit of a time of it as I recall - Italians and Greeks called "Wogs"