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Found 14 results

  1. Bit of a rant, so excuse my self indulgence,:wubclub:. Been having bit of a problem with the old SIL lately, bloody evil woman she is, and I mean EVIL. I also realise that many people dislike me with a vengeance, that is part and parcel of being human I guess, but for our own sanity should we 'just' accept certain behaviours and realise that no matter what is said and done certain people will NEVER CHANGE. I guess I am fairly lucky in the fact that I can to a degree ignore such behaviour when it is aimed at me, but when it is aimed at those I care about the mountain becomes at times insurmountable and I find myself filling with rage and wanting to shove something down the throat of those that 'choose' to be two faced, evil, or just plain bloody hurtful. I have come to a stage in my life where I will NEVER accept certain behaviours but do my best to walk away and not to, let them get inside my head, but, as I said when it is done to someone who is close to me(especially if they are somewhat vulnerable) I find myself filling with rage that I 'thought' I had left behind many years ago. How do you cope with this sort of emotion, do you let it dictate your life, not concerned, or do you cope in a different way. As I said, I am far from perfect, but like to think that I will stand shoulder to shoulder with those who need my help, maybe giving myself way too much credence here, but it is my thread.:wink: Cheers Tony.
  2. Guest

    Do Diac accept debit cards?????

    Hi, Does anyone know if diac accept debit cards? We need to pay for a whv and don't have a c/card. Cheers Andrea
  3. I've read on some threads on here that when it comes to the certified copies of documents needed for the visa applications, colour scans are acceptable without having to have them certified. Would anyone who has done the Vetassess stuff know if Vetassess accept colour scans too? Thanks
  4. Guest

    What house sellers accept.

    This is a very general question so obviously don't expect absolutes but in the current market in the UK what are sellers accepting for their houses ? I mean if you were looking at a 300k house would they accept 280k for instance or are they still holding out for top dollar ?
  5. Hi All, I'm a City & Guilds Licentiateship(LCGI), Full Technological diploma, Advanced diploma & Diploma holder in telecommunications & electronics engineering(2720) & just completed 6 years industrial experience. I hope to apply for assessment as a General Communications Tradesperson, but I have a doubt about these qualifications will accept by TRA? If anyone pass TRA assessment with these qualifications please let me know? :eek:
  6. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone can advise how long after medicals received it took for the DIAC to process them?? This is the final piece of outstanding information in relation to my visa application. I have checked tracking online and they were received today. I have had countless obstacles to overcome throughout my application, I am now on a very tight time-frame for my visa to be processed as I am due to start my job 1st Feb, my agent cant stress enough that the job start date is inflexible, therefore no visa, no job. I am hoping to be in Perth in the next couple of weeks!! Cant book flights until visa granted, cant set up accomodation until I know I am definately going to be able to start work, and I havent even started packing ... I could scream. Anyone?? Nats x x x
  7. Hi everybody, Do DIAC accept to change the nominated occupation in 175 visa application –after SS approval for an occupation other than the one in the visa application– provided that you pay the applications fee once again? One more question,... if they accept to change your nominated occupation will they keep your position in the queue or your waiting time will reset to zero? Thanks, siAvAsh
  8. Hi all, I'm a Singaporean female planning to move to Melbourne alone . I've been offered a job in Dandenong (VIC Melbourne) on a 2 yr contract. The workplace is ideal however i'm disturbed by many comments online regarding the high crime rate of Dandenong. This thing is, the job requires me to work on shifts and even standby duties which means i may have to go to my workplace in the middle of the night. I do not have a driving license. Can i have your views on this? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hubs and I are coming to Oz on the 27th Oct, we need a 3 month furnished rental pref with a pool in Subiaco and one that will accept visa / credit card as payment (best way for hubs to claim his expenses back as his employer is footing the bill) Does anyone have any ideas as we are struggling with the 3 month thing, most are 6 months. Thanks Emma
  10. Hi, looking for a bit of advise. I am a nursing student and have been informally offered a place on a new nurse graduate programme next year. Has anyone actally done this programme? Does it involve much academic work? Is it worth doing or would I be better of doing a year is this country first. Many thanks for any information. XX
  11. Our house has been on the market for 4 months and we've had about 12 viewings and no offers. Originally it was on for £285, we dropped it to £275. We've had a couple view last week who are interested but they have 2 houses to sell to be able to afford ours. They've now accepted an offer on one of the houses and are trying to sort out a mortgage but having trouble as he is self employed. EA rang today to ask if we would consider an offer of £250K, although it wasnt a formal offer at this stage. Hubby and I have different opinions. What do you reckon? Angelcake
  12. Hi all, Now where do we start, if i go on please bear with me anyways, we spoke to hubbies managing director on wednesday morning and LAFHA was discussed but was not clarified if they would be doing it, anyways we recieved the Offer of Employment this morning, and it does not include LAFHA, it does say "just to confirm LAFHA is not offered as part of the terms of employment " now we was really banking on this being offered as we have 4 children and the wages are not great about $55k we have managed to find a school that we do not have to pay the $4500 fees per yr per child and also we can also apply for exemption of govt school fees once we are over there as we have 4 children going to school and husband is not on a high wage, now the question is should we push for the LAFHA before we sign the offer? we hopefully will have about £35/40k when we arrive but we really wanted to use this for a Vehicle and bond etc for rental when we get there, any advice/responce would help me out kind regards Michell
  13. My husband is a Floor Layer and we have just been granted our visa but see loads of questions re. getting the initial referecnes for the TRA when the trade has not formal qualification. The one piece of advice I would give regarding the TRA is: Paul needed refereces from people he did sub-contract work for and the odd couple he was employed by, including the people he did his initial apprentership with over 23 year ago (again resulting in no particular certification).....I too thought that people would not be bothered to type this information up and post it to us so I took all the hard work out of it for them. I typed the references of work experience as they do not need charater details on them, you are only stating the tools used, produces etc. obviously without the associated makes mentioned, and a record of what type of work he carried out whilst with them....I then posted them to the relevant company, inclused an s.a.e. and covering letter briefly saying that : If they agreed to the statement could the transfer it onto headed paper, signe it and return it to me. I got all five back, no questions asked and a couple with notes wishing him luck....
  14. Dear all, we are very curious to find out people's opinions re whether us Brit's ever really get accepted by the Aussies, or would we/are we always just regarded as "pommes?" I would like to think alot of this depends on the way we interact with them, ie with a positive, outgoing attitude...or not, as the case may be... We feel this could be very important regarding our long term happiness, and ability to settle in... Regards Jamie.