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Found 26 results

  1. I am not an Englishman, I'm an Australian interested in the experiences of Australian immigrants. Presently, my honours thesis revolves around examining cultural adaption, religiosity and mental health in Australian immigrants (i.e. international students, immigrants in Australia or Australians born to immigrant parents). In order to gather data I am using a survey, which takes 10 minutes to complete and is anonymous, which asks about an individuals experiences in Australia, their religious beliefs and practices, and their mental health regarding depression, anxiety and stress. Given that this board is centred around Australian immigrants, I believe it is a reasonable place to post my survey. If anyone is willing, I would very much appreciate it if you could please complete my thesis survey using the following link: https://rmit.au1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0JJkpqRcgj3FIKF. All responses are very much appreciated, and I hope to expand on the current understanding of immigrant experiences and mental health in Australia. You can also share the survey with anyone you believe might be interested in doing it if you wish.
  2. Hi there, I've just downloaded the application form for the IELTS test, but I don't know whether to select Academic or General. I assume General, but is this correct? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, Just trying to book on an IELTS test, does anyone know if I should be doing the academic or general version of the test? I'm hopeful of getting an 8x4 so if anyone has any tips for success that would be great too! Thanks Amy
  4. What was your academic IELTS test result? How many attempts did you take to pass? JOHN
  5. gopsh

    PTE Academic exam

    Hi all, I am short of 20 points for my skilled visa, I need to score more the 79 points in speaking, listening, writing and reading. I have booked my exam on Thursday. Does anyone know how difficult this exam is? Has anyone taken this exam before? I have been revising from the "PTE Academic" practice test plus pearson test of english academic. thanks Gops
  6. i have applied my TR before , 8 th feb 2010.My GT ielts has expired on 18th Nov 2011.I was thinking , may be i could get 7 in reading in academic.can i use academic ielts to apply for PR. thanx in advance.
  7. hi, is academic IELTS valid to DIAC and points should be awarded if its not GT. the requirement of assessing body (Engineers Australia) is GT and they also accept academic but i am wondering whether DIAC accept it or not. plz if some one clearify? thanks
  8. Guest

    Ilets General or Academic

    Hello everyone Am in big confusion. For Vocational education teacher (non trade) we need Ilets general or Academic result? Please help..
  9. Currently in Melbourne on a 457 Want to get my 175 lodged before Christmas for me and my partner. Need to book in my IELTS test. There seems to be 2 choices, General and Academic. Which one do I sit? The other question I wanted confirmation on. - My partner (also from UK, will be a De Facto on with the 175) does not need to sit an IELTS exam, right? Thanks in advance.
  10. tobleroney

    academic assessment

    Hi everyone I have just sent off my application for academic assessment to AEI-NOOSR. I have applied for an academic assessment on a uk BA (hons) degree. I need this assessment for a company to start sponsorship for me and my family. They wont start the procedure until it has been approved. has anyone sent an application into these people that can give me a clue on how long approx it will take. i understand every case is different but some kind of clue would be good so im not watching the post for the next 6 months :biggrin:. i have asked AEI-NOOSR but they wouldnt give any answers. some indication would be good and would settle me for a while :biglaugh:. Thank you xx
  11. Hi I am starting to apply for a 175 Visa and will be applying to get my skills assessed by the CPA over the next month or so. I need to sit my IELTS and contacted my local centre for dates but I am uncertain which module I need to apply for. Please could someone confirm whether I need to sit the Academic or General Training module? Many thanks
  12. Hi does anybody know which type of IELT test I should be taking as it appears there are 2 types?? I'm assuming the general as I presume that the academic one is for uni applications and the like but would like to make sure before I book it Thanks neil
  13. I am going to reapply for IELTS test to get 25 points as I lack 5 points. I scored W6.5 R7 L7 S7 in General exam which was last September. Now I am worried about reading test cus I need to obtain 35 out of 40 which looks difficult while I need to answer 30 out of 40 in Academic module Is Academic easier than General exam ? Is it better to sit general or Academic exam in IELTS to achieve higher score?
  14. Guest

    Academic or General IELTS?

    Hi Everyone Hopefully you can help again...... Which professions need to take the academic IELTS test instead of the general one? I've tried looking on the website but no such luck.... My OH is a quantity surveyor? Kate :cute:
  15. Guest

    IELTS Academic.

    Hello members, I am really tensed now as I have taken the IELTS academic and not the general version. Will this be acceptable be the CO ? Really worried now. :unsure:
  16. I know there are lots of threads on this but wanted to get an up to date advise. We are on a very tight time frame to get our state sponsorship in, we can not get a general ielts test in our time frame but can get an academic one? On the ielts website it states that it is the general one for migration but can anyone confirm if the academic one will be accepted? Thanks
  17. Submitted my 175 visa app on 20th April but read the bit on the website about July changes requiring accountants to have IELTS 7 Not impressed as my understanding was that as a UK passport holder there was no requirement for IELTS (at the time I submitted) but a post lodgement query confirms that I need to sit this in order that they treat me as being on the CSL. That will be over four months wasted by the time I can sit the test and get the results. Rant over! Real question is do I need to do the Academic or General test? My understaning is General is all that is required but I could get an earlier date in Edinburgh if I do the academic. Does it matter? I believe the Academic is harder!!
  18. Guest

    General or Academic IELTS?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help clarify something regarding the IELTS? I'm a nurse and have had my skills assessed and am registered with the ANMC. Hubby and I are still 5 points short on our visa application so I'm going to do the IELTS for the extra points. Really looking forward to that! Not!! The question I have is, which do I need to take, the general or academic test? I've just spoken to somebody at the ANMC who said that because I've already had my skills assessed by them that as far as they are concerned it's just the general I need to sit. However the guy I spoke to at the local IELTS centre suggested that I'd have to do the academic. I know I should just take the ANMC's word for it but I'd just like to be reassured that all I need to do is the general test. Call me over cautious but you know what it's like :wacko: Thanks, Lou
  19. Johnny Kash

    Academic Transcripts

    Hi all, Been reading from afar, decided to actually post something.....:err: Doing this without an agent, Im currently at the Skills Assesment stage. Vetassess are asking me for certified copies of the complete academic transcripts for my degree. Now theyve agreed that I sent them the complete transcripts but are stating theyre not official copies. Having gone back to my Uni, they are saying that what they sent me was as official as it gets, with Uni stamp and all. Im kind of stumped with this and also flockin frustrated TBH :wacko: Any advice from anyone in similar boat much appreciated. where am I going wrong?? Cheers, JK
  20. Guest

    Academic Research & Age

    Hi All I'm a newbie so apologises if I mess this up. My partner and I are looking to migrate to Oz next year (I am from the UK). I have just passed 45 - yep stupid I know (he is just under 40). To increase our chances I was wondering if I might still apply for some type of Visa given that I could do so as an academic researcher (PhD and research experience) - if I was to get a research grants with a University in Australia - or whether my age completely cuts me off and my only option is as a partner? Thanks - any advice would be welcomed. T
  21. one of my friend applied 136 skilled visa.he is a trade person.accidently he done ielts academic but he got all 5.0 band each.but he really scare to submit the result because in 966i form it says only to sit on gt module.need senior member advice plsssssss . its very urgent . save him. he already got down date from his case officer .plsssss need valuable advice
  22. Guest

    academic ielts ok?

    i did academic ielts .i got 6.0 band each.i applied 175 visa.anybody know may submit for immigration .i need advice
  23. Guest

    IELTS Academic Test - help!

    I have to do the IELTS Academic test next Saturday! I can't get into a General test until November and my OH really wants to get the visa app in before then so he's booked me onto the Academic version in Portsmouth. Does anyone have any experience of doing this version? If I don't get the 25 points we can't go! I have got a degree and I'm a teacher (primary) so at least I'm in the world of education but somehow that isn't making me feel any more confident! Would love to hear from anyone who's done this test. Alex
  24. Hi all, My boyfriend is from the UK and thinking of the option of skilled migration to AU. I understand for his skills assessment he will need to provide a copy of his Uni certificate. Are academic transcripts a must? Or would the Uni certificate suffice? Trouble is the Uni he went to changed to a different name and he graduated something like 15 years ago so we are not even confident we'll be able to get the academic certificate back from the Uni administration - we will try that - but very skeptical whether the transcript records will be available for retrieval as well. Any advice if transcripts are absolutely essential? Thanks!
  25. Hi ya Peeps Can anyone help with what is probably a daft question. My daughter and her boyfriend are aiming to apply for student visas and are currently preparing their applications for the Uni and TAFE courses. On the application forms it states 'full academic transcripts' are required along with completion certificates. l know they will get their completion certificates when their courses are completed but what is meant by 'academic transcripts'? Sorry if this question means l am having a 'senior blonde' day :unsure: :confused: Thanks, Lyn x