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Found 48 results

  1. Hello all, New to this forum and hoping you can help me with my endeavours! I am a practicing doctor in the UK, and have the ambition to move abroad to Australia to practice there, and hopefully specialise at some point also. I have experience in emergency medicine, general medicine and general surgery, and have preferences to work in emergency medicine and/or medicine. I would hope to start work in Australia from March 2022 onwards, and was just hoping for a summary of information of how it works, and when is the best time to apply for my desired start date... Thank you for any help! Rikki
  2. Hello so I've recently lodged a citizenship application and one of the pages required me to fill out any possible future travel, with exact dates (which I assumed was for emergency/urgent travel that was deemed absolutely necessary). I've heard rumours of how "you're not allowed to leave Australia in the timeframe between your application lodgement and the response date (AKA the date when they organise the test)". I wanted to know if this was true? - The Department of Immigration site isn't too clear and only stipulates that you can't travel before your ceremony, as your PR will be cancelled thus requiring you to return to Aus on a RRV (correct me if I'm wrong). It's been over 4 years since I left England, I'm becoming very homesick and 10-14 months is an awfully long time.
  3. Having just received confirmation that my PR has arrived, I now want to remortgage my property in the UK. There are no financial issues (thankfully) which should cause issues, but I'm struggling to find a lender with decent rates who doesn't require me to leave Australia when the new mortgage application is submitted. This seems entirely bizarre to me: needing to go abroad (from Australia) in order to apply for a remortgage in the UK. Has anyone else experienced this, and/or could anyone please suggest a good company to use? Many thanks
  4. DO YOU KNOW OF ANY BRITS WHO ARE CONSIDERING RETURNING TO THE UK? ITV1 are making a new documentary series about British Ex-Pats who are considering moving back to the UK. We’re keen to hear from Brits who have lived abroad for years without (or very rarely) visiting home, but who are now thinking about returning permanently to Britain. Perhaps you miss your family and friends, maybe schooling is a problem for your kids, or you simply yearn to step back into British culture. We'll help you explore the reality of coming home, and prepare you for deciding whether to stay abroad or return to your roots. If this sounds like you, or if you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Amy Robbins as soon as possible by email: amy.robbins@fevermedia.com Or call (+44) 020 7697 1425.
  5. Hi folks! I've received my visa few days ago and now I think about to start looking for a job. I wonder if it's possible to apply for a job before actually arriving to OZ? I mean is there such a practice at all? I'm looking for a QA Engineer/Linux Admin/Linux programmer kind of jobs.. I will be great if someone who've done that could share some info.. Thanks in advance! Eugene
  6. EX-PATS IN TROUBLE ABROAD Are you a British ex pat in trouble abroad? If so you might be right for a brand new series we are making. We are looking for a range of diverse British ex-pats in Spain, Florida, Australia etc who are struggling in this economic down turn or just generally finding things hard. Maybe your business is struggling, or the value of your home has dropped or savings worth a lot less? Or maybe you’re just finding other things harder than you ever expected compared to dear old Blighty? e.g. lack of close family nearby, tired of beach-apartment-beach life, heat etc. How has it affected your life, relationships etc? Where is paradise for you? We are always on the look-out too for potential stories that are happening or unfolding now over the next few months e.g. an ex-pat about to try or do something new – this could be anything from an ingenious game-plan to survive the recession in their adopted country to those planning to repatriate back to the UK. WE DO WANT LIGHT AND SHADE!! Love to hear more about your situation and any plans or ideas you have up your sleeve to triumph over adversity.. So we are looking for stories like these: - Ex-pat Brits who are staying put and have a new game-plan to survive the recession.. - Ex-pats who now want to repatriate and return home to the UK - Ex-pats who have found living abroad much harder than anticipated or found themselves in an unexpected situation abroad e.g. recently divorced, missing the UK, the lingo too tricky, lonely, feeling you're never quite at home - Ex-pats who have sold up back home, and have no choice but to stick it out. ABOUT US: I work for a documentary company in North London called Wild Pictures. In brief, we have a strong reputation in factual UK programming. You may have seen some of our stuff - we make the ITV1 prisons series - Strangeways, Holloway, Wormwood Scrubs as well as strong, well-made series on the Fraud Squad, Baby Hospital and Smugglers. We'd love to hear from you at this stage, whatever your story. To find out more, please send a brief para about your situation and PM us We look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Guest

    Using phone abroad

    Hey, I was just wondering when I actually leave for oz how do i use my iphone over there? Do i buy an international sim card before i go or do i get an actual Australian sim card again before i go or when I get there?? Cheers guys, Matt
  8. For unhappy expats life abroad can be hell By annanicholas The great conundrum about unhappy expats is whether they were always miserable or became so when they set foot in a new country. Aye there’s the rub. Why are some expats so unhappy? I was pondering this question when a long established expat in my valley pounced on me as I shopped in the market. Rolling her eyes and puffing like a distressed hippo she recounted events of her disastrous summer. The catalogue of horrors included interminable sunshine, pollen in the pool, visitors, lazy workmen and gardeners and the icing on the cake, plagues of insects. Ah, how those invasions of wasps, flies, frogs, mosquitoes and ants had all but driven her to the vodka bottle. It’s of course true. After more than a decade living in rural Majorca, we’ve experienced many of Egypt’s ten plagues, but thank our lucky stars that we’ve so far avoided boils, locusts and bloodied water. As for tardy builders and gardeners, everyone knows here that as soon as the first day of August arrives they melt away like butter on a hot pan. But of course, there was more to come. The traumatised expat told me how awful the local builders were in her village. Oh! Now that September had arrived they were back at the crack of dawn with their drills and hammers, chisels and saws and why, for crying out loud, did they have to sing and shout and whistle so much? And she was being driven to distraction by the constant clanging of the village church bell, the cockerels, the damned dogs barking, the donkeys braying, and the late night music from the local fiestas. The tourists had been so annoying taking the parking spaces and snaffling all the baguettes in the local bakery early morning, and she was furious that lack of rain meant her garden hose was gasping like a dying man in a desert. I asked her if she had any good news to impart. That required some thought. After a a few moments she told me that, thank heavens, she was back in the UK for a week and would have a chance to recharge her batteries and enjoy a little cool weather and some real culture. Perhaps, I mooted, life abroad just wasn’t for her and she really should contemplate upping sticks and hot footing it back to her beloved Blighty. Return to the UK? Had I not read about the riots, the pollution, disastrous economy, appalling state of the NHS, crooked banks, rising costs, and lack of sun? No, she was staying put. Nothing would induce her to return home. And so it would appear that certain expats really are unhappy wherever they are because, quite simply, they are unhappy people. Let’s hope in their dotage they won’t feel it necessary to quote the writer Colette when she said: “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realised it sooner.”
  9. I have seven years experience as a spatial scientist. I was granted a pr in june and plan to arrive in Australia in December. I have tried applying for jobs and apart from two recruitmentt agencies who want me to notify them a couple of weeks before I arrive no employer has ever come back to me. Will I be more easily accepted if I apply for trainee positions? Must I arrive in Australia first for me to get a job? What works?.... making calls, sending resumes or phisically visiting potential employers? Any experiences?
  10. How do I apply for jobs while still abroad without using agents? Will potential employers accept to interview me on phone? Am I possibly going to be ignored until that time I get into OZ? Any one with such an experience?
  11. markstott1980

    Working abroad while in Australia

    Hello PIO My family and I are moving to the Sydney area following approval of our visas. I don't need to look for employment as I am due to start a new job on a drillship in August. This job is a 28 days on, 28 days off rota and is located worldwide, first station being offshore Malaysia. How does this work with regards to tax? In the UK, there are seafarers' tax allowances which let you claim back tax paid at the end of a year if you have been in the country for less than 184 days. As a side note, has anybody used one of these relocation companies and are they worth it? Thanks Mark
  12. The Pom Queen

    British Expats Abroad

    For those of you who are moving from a different country or have decided to try somewhere else because you can't get the visa for Australia why not look at our sister forum: http://www.britsabroad.com :wubclub:
  13. :confused:Who out there has been successful (recently rather than a few years ago) in landing a job in Oz whilst not in the country? I have a skilled independent visa and am a Civil/Environmental Engineer with good experience in the water and renewable energy industries. My experience with agencies has been rather disappointing and recent direct applications don't seem to get past the first hurdle (probably time to get someone to tweak that CV). I'd like to make the move, and time is running on, but wife and family would like the reassurance of having a job to go to. Anyone got any top tips on landing that job whilst not yet in Oz?
  14. As many of you know, finding long term rent in Australia from abroad is almost impossible! I feel that it heavily depends on the area your are looking at as the demand and supply will be different. However, I have just managed to do it!!! This is how... 1. Extensive research on where you want to live (I mean the area) 2. Check out the best areas which suites you and your family (proximity to work and play, children's school etc) 3. Use Google maps! Zoom in the area you like. You'll get an idea how it looks! 4. Once you're happy with the area and are sure of it, go to domain.com.au and realestate.com.au and get an idea of what's available there and the rent pricing 5. Now here's the trick! Forget real estate agents! There is no way you can get an answer or even be considered for rent. I have tried....the feedback was null! 6. Now begins your extensive research on what renting house/complexes/units/apartments etc are out there which you can deal directly with land lords or complex managers. 7. If you research well, talk to people, ask on forums, you'll find some contacts. 8. Make sure that these contacts are not fake but real and if possible try to get some info on the place. Maybe you can send a friend to check? 9. Call them!!! Call many of them! I called many of them and all of them told me that its too early, need to be there or otherwise. 10. But if you get lucky, you'l get one Make sure you get photos of the house! 11. Be prepared to fill a few paper work online. You'll receive a few application forms as images or pdf, you'd need to fill them up, sign them, scan them and send them back. 12. You'd also need to send scanned copies of your passports, ID cards, utility bills, reference letters etc 13. Be prepared to transfer the bond and a few weeks rent in advance. In my case, I sent the bond and 2 weeks rent in advance. You don't need to sent them immediately, but this will depend on the landlord. 14. If possible, ask someone to go and check and speak to the landlord. If not, call them, once, twice and have a few chats. Usually you can tell if they are genuine. Downside? 1. There is small percentage of risk 2. What if you don't like the house/street? Photos lie!!!! 3. Are you dealing with a genuine landlord? If you do your homework right, you should be fine. 4. Most house are unfurnished, especially long term. So be prepared to sleep on a mattress on the floor and eat out until you buy/ship in stuff Advantages? 1. You save money on hotels/motels/short lets! 2. Less stress looking for a house! 3. You'll feel more settled on arrival, more home... NOTE: I have not arrived in OZ yet, so I still need to pass through this experience. It might end up a bad one, not sure. Maybe it will be worse. I feel it won't. I felt I should share this with you, just in case some of you prefer my approach. So, I'll let you know how it went in a few weeks time :wink: Good Luck out there! Cheers B!K3R
  15. Can anyone give good advice on the best way to transfer money abroad, from experience? There seems to be lots of different ways and they all say that their way is the best way. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. scmercer

    Ordering books from abroad

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew of UK book companies that ship to Oz. I have tried Amazon but most things they wont ship. I find the book selection here really limited and also extremely expensive especially for children's books. Thanks:biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Moving abroad UK Expo

    Thought some people may find this useful. Working Abroad Expo, Jobs Abroad, Jobs in Australia, Jobs in New Zealand, Jobs in Canada Their doing the rounds at the moment and will be in Birmingham this Sunday.
  18. Hi all, just wanted to share with you this site that I have just found by accident!! Its called working abroad virtual expo (link below) I've only had a quick browse but it looks pretty much like a one-stop-shop as it has all sorts of links to various other sites. although the title inferes that the site is only about work it seems much more than that with all the other links to things like education, banking etc. I haven't had chance to take part in any of the live chats but there appears to be certain times of the day when you can speak to representatives from a variety of different organisations. Working Abroad Virtual Expo | Emigrate to Australia, Canada, New Zealand | Working Holidays | Volunteering and more. You need to register a few details which takes just a few minutes and then complete a 'compatability test' which just asks you a few more details about any specific information you may be looking for. Hope you find it useful :idea: Tracy
  19. Hi All We have a lads night and girls night out Lads Night Out - Saturday 27th March, 6pm, Starting Point - The Windsor Sth Perth. [/url]Grils Night Out - Friday 26th March, 7pm, Starting Point - The Canton Lounge Bar, crner Hay St & Pier St Any questions please pm me Cheers Karen
  20. Hey all Just and update we now have 92 members of the group for our meetings once a month. Current RSVP's indicate that 40 people are a 'yes' and 6 are 'maybe' for the next event. If you would like to come and join in the details are below...all very much welcome! (N.B. The event is suitable for kids, I believe there is some shade there but you might want to bring a pop up sun shade or something of that nature) Brits Abroad group meetup is on Jan 23rd at the Perth foreshore. Details at the website. http://www.meetup.com/Brits-Abroad-M...ndar/12034849/ Please bring your own food to bbq and drink to..... well... drink! BBQ will start at 1pm, we will probably head into perth for a few beers after as well. Any questions let me know or contact details on the web site.
  21. My partner and I lodged a 176 SS non CSL visa application from a HR country in June 2009 but had no case officer assigned previous to the 23SEP09 debacle. We are now stuck in limbo and although there seems to be hope for us in Cat5 we are still filled with uncertainty and trying to move on with our lives. In this context, my partner's company has offered him a full time job in Europe. Given that I am the main applicant for our 176 visa, 1_ what effect would it have on the application if I quit my current job, which matches my nominated occupation, and possibly take up another job which may not match the nominated occupation? 2_ Also, would the fact of changing country of residence affect the visa application? 3_ Any other effect on the application arising from this situation? Thank you very much for your help, Steve
  22. Hey all Next meetup for Brits Abroad group is Jan 23rd at the Perth foreshore. Details at the website. January Meetup - Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com Please bring your own food to bbq and drink to..... well... drink! BBQ will start at 1pm, we will probably head into perth for a few beers after as well. Any questions let me know or contact details on the web site. Karen
  23. Hi All I am holding the December meetup at my house in Mandurah. WIll be a BBQ, BYO meat and drinks (I will provide salads, rolls, condiments etc) Please RSVP at my site if you are interested so I can monitor numbers. Further details/address etc is available there also Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com:biggrin: Any questions let me know Karen
  24. Hi All, Due to the PR Oz Visa re-shuffle on the 23rd September, I have decided to get a job in Sydney (am an experienced investment banking IT Project Manager) on a 457 visa, rather than wait the 2/3 years for my PR Visa to go through. If I am unable to secure a job from the UK, I plan to visit Oz for 2 weeks in February to try and get a job, and then, move the family over...Has anybody done this approach and/or could offer any advice about good IT agencies etc? I have been told my skills are in demand, but am finding it hard to secure OZ roles from the UK. Any advise or your experiences would be welcomed? Thanks Nick
  25. Hi I run a monthly meetup group for Brit Expats and Anglophiles. If you would like to attend a meeting the next one is the 7th of November and will take place at 7pm at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in Northbridge. The December meetup is a BBQ at my house in Silver Sands (nr Mandurah) from 1pm till late. If you are interested in attending a meetup details can be found on the meeting website at Brits Abroad Meet Up Group (Perth) - Meetup.com The group is relaxed informal and attendance is as and when you feel like coming. If you would like to be kept informed of meetings and info about the group please go to the website and join or just keep your eye on the website each month. Any questions please email me Cheers Karen :notworthy: