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Found 6 results

  1. Mylady

    Evidence of language ability

    Hi Hubby is the main applicant and has done the IELTS but on 176 skilled sponsored visa application it says must give evidence of English language ability for all applicants over the age of 18.This means me as his wife.Do I have to do The dreaded IELTS. My first language is English but how do I prove it to them? I do not have any school papers or reports as it has been years since I finished my schooling. What do I do? Please help Kind Regards Mylady
  2. Visa conditions that myself and husband both have functional English for this visa, we both are uk born with English as our first language. The notes state if you have a uk passport and speak English this is enough but worried they will want some other evidence. I have my AHPRA reg which I had to prove English for but we haven't done IELTS as we havebeen told we don't need to. Just wondering what others have done if anything Thanks
  3. Hello, Sorry for the long post, I hope you can help me my questions. I have decided to move to australia as a qualified secondary school teacher. I qualify for enough points under the 176 skilled sponsored migrant visa. My concern is over something I read in the application form that your sponsor must fill regarding being able to support you financially and with accommodation if necessary for two years. My aunt (an Australian citizen) is divorced and recently started living with her new partner. She has been unable to work for a long time and receiving disability benefit for many years. She is also not far away from the age of retirement. I have no doubt that she would be honestly willing to state that she would support me as best she can if needed (along with my partner who will emigrating with me) financially and in terms of accommodation if needed as the application for asks. I have made it clear that I will not be a burdern nor take her up on the offer as we have enough funds saved to look after ourselves and I would rather go home than be a burdern on her if that situation arose. My concern is will my application be rejected because the migration official might be fussy over this clause stating that she will be willing to support us financially/accommodation wise given the fact that she receives disability benefit and is unable to work? Are they that fussy about the financial/property position of your sponsor? I know that my aunt is financially secure with the sale of her house recently but she has not purchased any property since so where she is living now with her partner is not in her name. Will this affect the sponsorship? My final question regarding this is does the sponsor send off the sponsorship forms before I apply for my visa to see if they are eligible to sponsor me or do they send this off after I have applied and paid the application money. I hope not to waste £1600 only to be turned down because my sponsor is rejected. Thanks for your help. Best Regards Pete
  4. IMPORTANT NEWS: Changes to the time of provision of evidence of English language ability There are new arrangements for the provision of evidence for English language ability. Applicants for the following GSM subclasses have until the time of decision to provide evidence of their English language ability. * Skilled – Independent (Residence) visa (subclass 885) * Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) visa (subclass 886) * Skilled – Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) * Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) visa (subclass 176) * Skilled – Provisional (Regional Sponsored) visa (subclass 475) * Skilled – Provisional (Recognised Graduate) visa (subclass 476) * Skilled – Provisional (Graduate) visa (subclass 485) (where the application was made on or after 27 October 2008). Applicants should not delay in providing their evidence of English language ability. The department will not delay finalising applications where English language test results have not been provided at time of application. Applicants will have 28 days from the date of application to provide their English language results if they did not provide them at time of application. At this point in time, if evidence has not been provided the application will be refused. There is no change in the requirements for Skilled – Provisional (Graduate) visa (subclass 485) where the application was made before 27 October 2008 or the Skilled Provisional (Regional Sponsored) visa (subclass 487). The applicant must either provide evidence of English language ability at time of application or provide evidence that they have made a booking to undertake an English language test. Source: What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Does anybody know if this applies to you if you are from an English speaking country. We didnt have to take IELT's because we have enough points but we havent lodged our app yet as we are still waiting for SS from the ACT Cheers Suzanne
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  6. Does anyone know what evidence you need to provide for a 136 visa for english language ability? It states in booklet 6 that you need to provide evidence that you are a native english speaker but doesnt specify what. I am British,lived all life here.....will a degree cert from a UK uni be suffice and professional membership certs.or a British passport??? Surely it isnt necessary to have to do an IETLS test???